I walked slowly down the street, hoping with everything in me, every fiber of my being that he wouldn't be there. He was everything to me, yet I wished to see him with a bullet thrusted into his cruel and pathetic body. Though if he heard me call him that. I'd surely be dead. He had ruined me. Yes, I had been nothing when he found me. But what he did. I would have been better off in the streets. Cold, alone, striving for my next fix of anything.

I felt the ground vibrate and I ignored the cat calls of the men in the cars next to me. It was something that not only happened everyday but I was used too. I mumbled a prayer under my breath before I opened the door to the restaurant. I walked to the back glaring at whoever gave me the pity filled stares. I grabbed a water and kept moving. If I was late it would be worse. At that thought my eyes went wide and I walked faster to the back door, walking into the ally alone. I heard the music clearly and I hurried to the door with my small bag. The men merely moved to the side, letting me walk in. I looked at the ground, and walked around and through the waves and sea of people. I felt a hand grab my shoulder and I stopped. The music was no longer playing. My blood stopped in my veins and I went rock still. He never came to these. He was going to do it again. But, I wasn't scared of the beating I knew I would have. No, I was scared of the feelings that would come back. The unmistakable attraction and lustful feelings he ignited in me. But he could also ignite fear in my very core. He could paralyze me with it, choke and drowned me. And I would succumb to it at his very command. His aura of dominance and pride. He had the air of a King. No, a dark knight. People quake with fear at his very sight.

That's because he has the power to make them afraid.

Suddenly the music was booming again and the crowd was loud and obnoxious. Still full of rich men with disgusting habits. "Are you alright, Tavia?" I knew that voice and I let out a breath of relief and turned. "What did I say about my name?" I said although I was serious, I was relived it wasn't him. "That you hate it. And I should let you know that you are bumped up. Two." I gasped loudly and hurried to the back, smashing into a few random people. They cursed as there drinks toppled over but I couldn't care less. I burst into the room and dropped the bag and took off my jacket. I sat down on the hard marble.

The thoughts that hit me every night didn't fail me tonight. If he comes tonight what will he say? Will his face still have the scruff that I had always rubbed? Will the white Armani suit be in place, or the midnight black Ravazzollo one? Would his eyes hold desire like they once had? No, they'd hold hate. They'd hold power as he would laugh in his victory of holding me as his trophy. 

His property.

His possession.

His entirely.

I wanted to feel him writhe in pain and pleasure at my hands yet I didn't know which one I wanted more. Flashbacks invaded my mind. The horrid things. They were reminders of the lies he breed and then feed me. I felt anger plush in my veins harshly and I wanted nothing more then to go back to the little shoe box of an apartment. At least I could call that my own.

He doesn't care.

And that last thought had me jumping up and sending my fist into the shiny clean mirror, shattering it. The glass barely cut me and I just hit again even though it was concrete. I let out the anger I felt. But it wasn't enough. Even as I pictures it his face, it wasn't the same. I slumped down the wall, my blonde hair was all over the place. I felt the tears brim my eyes. But they wouldn't fall. He had branded me as his. And what was his wasn't weak enough to succumb to the lonely level of tears. So I sniffled and stood, walking to a mirror I threw my hair into a tight bun and before I put on the face I held with determination. Determination to never let them know I was hurt, broken, torn. I walked to the door and swung it open. I stepped out my sneaker clad feet walked out at a steady pace. I walked into the room with Jules and a few others. They all smiled and waved me over. I let a careless smile flutter on to my lips. "Are you ready? You're up soon." My eyes wandered in there own to Trey and I smiled. I went to answer but a voice I knew all to well answered for me.

I was standing with my back to the door but I knew that voice. Everyone one was stiff. "Of course she is." My eyes fluttered as though I was about to pass out but I stayed stiff and still.

"Did you miss me, Tavia." I wouldn't let him know I was succumbing to him. I wouldn't let him know I was torn between loving or hating him. So I turned, my face blank.

He was in his Armani suit. His gold Rolex in place along with his cruel smirk. I hated him but I loved him. I hated that I loved him. I hated that I fell for the smirk the messy dirty blonde hair and the vibrant green eyes. I hated that I fell for the Rolex and suit. But mostly I hate that I fell for him.

"Well Tavia did you miss me." He said with a chuckle. I just stood there. Frozen. Paralyzed.

"I missed you. Your purplish blue eyes. Your blonde hair that is so curly long. Longer then when you left."I cut him off, ignoring the same part of brain yelling for me not too. "I didn't leave, you put me here to sell as yours." I spat and his hand swung out and hit my face and I just let my head whip to the side I felt blood gush into my mouth. He was that strong, all he had to do was smack me and my mouth gushed blood. I felt the blood coat my teeth and my mouth. I spat the blood out and one of his body guards tensed. I smiled showing him my bloody teeth.

"To answer your question," I paused and got close. "I missed you. But the old one not this one. This one can rot in the depths of hell for all I care." I said and was received another smack but harder. Most girls would be crying but I had to be tough after all he trained me. I never showed pain never cried, yelled, pleaded or begged. "Fine want to play that way we can do that way all you like." His eyes were cold and hard. I was at his mercy, on my knees in front of him. Just the way he liked it. I ran my tongue over my bloodied teeth before spitting it out harshly at his shiny shoes. I would show him he broke me but not fully. He took me off the streets, but I was still innocent. Now that purity I once held was in his hands. He stole it. Robbed it like a greedy thief. He would know that I hated him. Because I'm sure he already knew that some pathetic part of me loved him. Some dysfunctional part of me did. "Don't fight the devil if you don't know if you can win." His smirk was wide showing his white teeth. With that he stood and walked out.

I felt the others let out a breath. I stood and nodded to the others before walking out into the hallway. I walked to the bathroom and cleaned off the blood on my face and in my mouth. The metallic taste was disgusting yet I knew I would be taste a bit more tonight

I walked around waiting with Jules before someone came in

"You're up Tav." Tom, on of the guards said and I nodded walking out with Jules. The crowd yelled over and over as I walked up. I seen my opponent as I walked up the steps of the cage. I shook my head and hands out and smiled at her even though my mouth guard was in. As cruel as this will sound I couldn't wait to kick her ass. I loved the fight. I loved the adrenaline I felt in my veins as I made them bleed. The cage was the one place I felt good and complete.

The ref yelled for us to fight and she charged. I moved out of the way and smiled at her. "Come on now, I heard you were the best," I said and I hit her in the jaw hard knocking her to the ground and I kicked her in her stomach. "But, that was after I left." I said and kicked her harder in the face. I lifted my leg to kick her, but she grabbed it and dragged me down. She got on top of me and she hit me repeatedly. I grinned in my mind as she hauled me up. she thought she had this in the bag. She punched me in my stomach and I fell to my knees and she used that and kicked my sending me into the cage wall. I sat there and then I turned over and laid there. Well I should add a little touch of me. She kicked me in the face but I didn't move and she looked pissed I felt the blood gush in my mouth and I smiled showing her my bloody teeth and letting my blood that was mixed with my saliva drip down my face. I got up and hit her in the throat.

No rules.

I grabbed her and brought her face down to my knee at least three times. She fell back and I seen the blood gush out of her nose and mouth. I smiled big and the crowd thought I had won. My smile fell. I had to finish this. I kept reminding myself 'Her or me. Her or me' She grabbed me and we rolled around attempting to lock one another. She had landed a few good hits and my vision was being invaded by black spots. She had my head locked in her arms hitting me in the face and I felt my blood run down my face. I started to freak but as I looked over I seen Jules. She yelled to me. "Flip her!" And that's what I did. With the energy I thought was gone I flipped her over my shoulder and got her head in between my legs she was struggling but I got it. I looked to Jules but she looked away. I looked to Sebastian for conformation and he nodded and I quickly snapped her neck in my legs. I kept eye contact the whole time I stood and walked out.

This was me. A killer.

Even though I don't like it, I'm still a killer. When he gave me the nod, I didn't hesitate or think. Just a quick motion and she was dead. But as his prized fighter that's what I was trained to do. No thinking just doing. The hard training. The unspoken threats. He knew I'd never take a life before the way I do now on his commands. He told me If I didn't do as he said, I'd wish for death in the cage. He insured I'd never back out and make him look weak. I often wonder if he was always this way. Was he just acting when he found me? Or did he become this way because what had happened? I slowly swayed on my feet and the crowd all blurred together from my thinking. I grabbed the side if the cage door as I stepped out, the blood and saliva still dripping down, now hitting my chest. I seen Jules walk to me along with a few other people I barely knew. I grabbed into Jules and she helped me out of the cage, whispering something into my ear. "What." I said and she got closer but I still couldn't hear her. It was muffled. I felt a rough hand grab me, but gently pull me to there body. I was twisted and I seen the Armani suit and I tried to get free. I thrashed and hit at him not wanting to be in his arms, but as the darkness crept closer I slowed down and quit thrashing.


"You're so fierce, little wolf." Then I succumbed to the darkness that was trying to drown me, willingly I went.




"Wake up." I stayed still. I wanted to move but I couldn't. I tried to move, get up, even twitch my pinky. But I couldn't.

"WAKE UP!" I knew that voice, it sent a chill down my spine every time I heard it. I could see it coming, the hi-  And there it was. The hit that had my eyes shooting open in seconds, staring up at him in utter horror and fear. Although anger was coursing through me, I knew by now that acting on that would only worsen my punishment. I often felt like a small child with the way I was told to do these things, I was told to fight, because if I did I was rewarded, but know all that I get out of bit is guilt and the burden of having to hold all the weight if the people I've killed. I've never lost a fight, there's a reason in his most prized fighter. I'm his truly and utterly his. And as I look into his rage filled eyes, I know he is pissed I didn't listen. He's going to beat me, show me the only place I can win is the cage. Show me I'm his. And I know I'am.

I'am Sebastian Moretti's. His property. His fighter. His possession.


I could feel it, the pain as I hit her in the face harshly. It felt as if my knuckles exploded, but I just channeled it into the fight. I groaned as she head butted me. One move I'll never do unless it was the only way to get out. I stumbled into the ropes, and as the referee called the end of the round. I was pushed into my corner and sat down in the chair. Jules walked up to me, holding out her hand. I raised a shaky hand to my mouth and took out my mouth guard. The clear mouth guard had my teeth marks in it from me clenching my jaw. It was covered in saliva and blood, but you could see the marks easily. She took it and passed me a new one. I watched as Trey wiped the blood from my gloves and I flexed my fingers. His voice was there, as always. "If you don't end this in the next round" His pause scared me but the terrifyingly cold chuckle that followed chilled me to the bone. "No, you will, but in case you don't, remember this as motivation while you're in there," I smelt his aftershave wafting up my nose and I wanted to be as far away from him as possible. I stood and turned to him. "You'll be wishing you would have died in there, if you don't end it. Soon." I looked him in the eyes and kind of flinched. His eyes only darkened when angry and his were normally a spring green. I stepped closer as he came closer as well. I went to touch his face but my hand dropped as the bell for the next round rang.


I stumbled slightly as I stepped out from the alley way. The music could still be heard and the chants for them to fight, the bell signaling another round. It's nauseating. That people actually like to see this, like to cheer on me or anyone else beating someone to a bloody pulp, literally. It made me burn with anger that I had fallen hard into the trap that Sebastian Moretti had set in motion. That even though he destroyed me, broke me down only to build me up once again just brake me down all over again for his pleasure. But what made me burn with rage was that if I could get out, leave him, I wouldn't. I would stand by him, as his fighter, his possession. In some sick way, some sick twisted and demented way, I loved it with a damn passion that I was his prized possession. That he favored me. And that just added to the rage I felt. I would die his. I would die in that cage. I knew it and he knew it. "I wish I could just leave this shit hole." I spat to myself.

"Leave then." A husky voice said with power radiating off of him. I turned fast and seen him standing there, tense. "I don't believe you." I sneered. I knew that was testy seeing as the bruise on my face was very much visible. I didn't believe him though. He was a man who was confusing and it shook me sometimes.

"You have my word." His voice was steel and my eyes went wide, my mouth agape.

Sebastian was a man of his word.

He didn't give his word easily and if he did you were lucky. Just don't go back on it or you're dead.

"Leave. You have my word." His voice echoed. I stared at him. Half of me was screaming to run. But a bigger part was keeping my feet glued to the floor.

"Why don't you leave." It was meant as a question, but it didn't sound as one.

"Because I remember how we used to be. Before all this. Before her. Maybe it was all a lie, maybe I'm foolish. Hell After all I have a bad habit of feeling bad for shitty people. You are shitty, Ian." At the sound of the nickname I'd given to him one night when I was drunk off of rich wine, he smirked.

"Wrongful hope?" His voice resonated again.

"Probably, I have a bad habit of loving people who never think about me. It's easier to love someone who doesn't know how broken you're mind is or how sad you're soul is." I uttered quietly, standing there. It must look ridiculous, me dressed in sweats and a pullover, him in an Armani suit.

"I do know how broken you're mind is and how sad that soul of yours is. You just push everyone away, creating a barrier so you feel like nobody knows. But remember one thing." He stepped to me, hovering over me. His hand grabbed my chin making me look him straight in his eyes. "I know you better then you wish you could know you." As I opened my mouth a bullet flew past me and into the brick wall. My head whipped to the side, my hair a flurry of platinum blonde as I looked to where the gun shots had came from. My head was pushed down by him and I was sitting against a car as my blood pounded in my ears. Sebastian seethed with rage as he pulled out a sleek black gun from under his jacket and started shooting back . I looked over the car, seeing no one, I made a beeline too the alley to find Sebastian's men. 

I felt it. The hot searing pain as the bullet hit my leg. I gritted my teeth making noises to stop from screaming. Sebastian glanced to me, his eyes widening. I sat against the alley way wall, clutching my leg in utter pain. Rage filled me and I so desperately wanted to watch there blood pour from there bodies as they die. I slowly worked my way down the alley. I was about to swing open the door when Jules came out. "Sebastian's men. Now!" I yelled at her. Her eyes went wide as she dropped the beer bottle she was holding, running back inside. I turned, facing the dark and beat up bricks and rested my head on the cool jagged surface. I heard the door slam open and people shuffle around. Guns being shot was what filled my ears as someone put there hand on my shoulder. My hand still clutched my leg as blood poured from it in a careless manor. "Hey, come on. We have to go inside." Jules voice was soft and caring yet regent and fast. I turned to her and she looked down to my hand and gasped. She took off her jacket and lifted my pullover up, pressing the jacket to my leg making me hiss. My lips curled in as I resisted the urge to scream. I've had worse. That's what I was telling myself.

Foot fall came our way and I seen Sebastian coming towards us, his emotions clear on his face. "Damn it." He said as he picked me up. His pace was fast as he took the jacket off. He removed Jules' jacket before pressing his 2,000 dollar white jacket to my thigh.My eyes looked at him like he had went full on crazy. "We have to get you to the hospital." His voice was rugged and out of breath as he walked to the car. "No, I'm still wanted for murder." I stated. He swore under his breath. He grabbed me up holding me bridal style and carried me through the club and past the cage. We were surrounded by men as we worked our way towards the front to the stairs. We came into the kitchen of the little run down eatery before looking up to one of the guards and speaking in Italian rapidly. "Si." Three men went out front before we were given a nod. He walked through the doors and out onto the street. He walked across the road and to the car. Jules opened the door and he got in, briefly nodding his head at her. How are you?"Was all he said. 

"You're house." I said. "I'll be fine. Just get Markus on the line." I ordered. He looked at me and I swear admiration was shining through his angered expression.

It was a burning pain, and it was getting worse as the adrenaline I had moments before wore off into a oblivion. I clutched it, squeezed it and then I ground my teeth together. I had never felt this pain before. It was worse then anything I'd ever felt. "How are you?" His voice was husky on my neck. I was still sitting on his lap. Bleeding all lover his white pants. "It feels like I could gut someone like a fucking thanksgiving turkey and then carve em'." He grinned at me lightly before nodding. "Yea it hurts like a bitch." I nodded and looked to Jules She was avoiding eye contact of one of his men. Looking down the blood stain on his pants was bigger. "I'm sorry I got blood on your pants. I can work more if you want." He gave a look, like I was crazy or something. "Don't talk like that again." Another thirty minutes of being held and cursing like a sailor, plus rubbing my eyes so the tears wouldn't fall to much, we in his driveway. The car parked in the drive way of one of his nearest houses. I shoved his hand away as he tried to help me walk. I'm not helpless. "Stop acting like a stubborn bitch." He seethed. Just like that our small session of being nice was gone. I glared back at him with anger as sweat fell from my forehead.. I swear being shot gives you new found confidence. He picked me up bridal style and took off towards the door. Jules ran in front opening the door as he walked through the thresh hold of it. "Not how I pictured being carried bridal style through the thresh hold as a young girl." I stated with clenched teeth. He merely chuckled, his black hair sloppy and his suit tattered and stained with blood. He sat me on the couch in front of the fire place. "Maybe one day." His mumbled words caught my attention. "Markus is going to be at least another 20 minutes." He went on telling me what Markus said to do and I just grew annoyed as the blood only got heavier flow. I was getting dizzy as We sat on the couch. The maid rushed in to see me gasped before speaking in rapid Italian. She rushed out of the room and came back moments later with a towel. His jacket was saturated in blood, dripping onto the pristine carpet. He dropped it on the floor and pressed the towel to my thigh. I leaned back into Him and felt my eyes get lazy. "Tavia, open your fucking eyes." Jules was standing in front of me. I chuckled at her and sat up. The sudden movement caused my head to spin.  I was loosing to much blood. "He'll be here soon." Sebastian was getting impatient. "Get him on the pho-" I cut Sebastian off as I wiggled out of my sweats and took a deep breath. "Hand me that." I demanded from the maid. She nodded fast, coming and giving me the bottle of vodka. I poured it over my leg and let out a dry scream. "Son of a bitch." My voice bounced off the walls. Looking to the rag and bowl the lady had I took it and cleaned off my dirty hands and the blood. I looked at the bottle of clear vodka and debated. "Come on suck it up." I said. Sebastian went to speak but I already poured it over the wound again. I shoved the bottle into the lady's chest and then took a deep breath.

I slowly dug my pointer and thumb into the hole in my leg, gagging at the feel of my seared flesh and blood working it's way around my fingers. I squeezed onto Sebastian's shoulder, digging my nails into him as I tried desperately to get a hold on the bullet. I screamed loudly as I finally got it and pulled harshly. "Okay now that that's settled. Let's never do that again." Jules said as her skin went a tinge green from pale. "That's nothing to what's about to happen." I stated. I grabbed the metal poker from the fire and took a deep breath "No!" It was to late. I pressed the hot metal to my leg. The smell of burnt flesh filled the room as it burned my wound closed. I felt hot tears betray me and slide down my face as I screamed out in utter pain. I opened my eyes connecting with Sebastian's and he nodded. I dropped if to the floor and felt my raw voice still scream a dry scream. Settling down I felt them all look at me.

"I'm here! I'm here! Where's Tavia?" I suddenly Let out a dry humorless chuckle. "Markus you my friend are utterly late." I stated.


I laid on the bed and sighed. The pills that Markus gave me kept me from feeling the pain and I was fine with that, however, I knew that Sebastian was going to be mad. Not only was I his best fighter, I also taught his newer fighters. Some of them I was there trainer or corner man. Or in my case women. They ranged from ages, sizes, race and stature. They all were different in fighting. From judo, karate, boxing, MMA which is what Sebastian had made me learn. There ages ranged from 13 to 23. The ones I worked with anyway.

Then it crossed my mind. My eyes went wide and I scrambled out of the bed I've been in for weeks. I had a slight limp but other then that I was fine. It was most likely the pain medicine. I used the wall to stay off of my leg but I none the less was walking on it. I barged into Sebastian's office and I knew I'd get it. His eyes snapped to mine. "Layla's fight. It's tonight. It's her first fight. I have to be there and to help her get ready." I stated but his eyes held nothing. "You can barely walk." He said. "That was last time you seen me which was three weeks ago." I said. I felt annoyance color my tone and my face. "Fine. But you can't fight for a month. I can't risk losing you. If you're gone no one is there to win my fights or to train the trainees." My face fell a little. Although I knew the only thing he needs me for is to win fights and train them it still cut deep hearing him say it. I swear I build my self up to thinking he will change but I'm always broken down.

I should have ran that night weeks ago.


"Have Julie take you." He said his eyes scanning my body. I shivered under his dark, demeaning eyes as they roamed my body shamelessly. Seeing as I was in his house I was wearing his shirt, which ended mid thigh if not a bit higher. "Her name is Jules." I sneered harshly and turned slowly so I didn't mess up my leg anymore then it is.

I hated that his hand shot out and he grabbed my waist tightly, almost in a painful grip. He turned me slightly and I could feel the shirt bunch in his hands, rising up slightly. He was clad in his suit pants and shirt, the tie and jacket carelessly hung over a near by chair. "My shirt on you makes you look ravishing." His voice was cold and I wanted to run far. But yet I wanted to pull him close. Feel every inch of his tanned skin.

"You're body desires me, yet you're mind denies me. Why is that?" His voice was closer on the last sentence, his grip painfully tight now. I couldn't deny the attraction we have, the desire that is currently oozing out of every part of me, every pore. I wanted to hate yet I wanted to smash us together. I gripped his shoulders as he went closer, trying to keep space. Being to close clouds my better judgement. He had a ghost of a smile on his lips and he let me go. I stumbled slightly and then turned fast, leaving him and his dark, cynical chuckle behind. I slammed my door shut as I hurried into the sweat pants I had worn when I had been shot and the pull over. I walked down the stairs and looked for Jules. "Come on I have to go and see Layla." I stated. She nodded and helped me out to the car, I sat there as she went to grab something. It's shocking how different he really is to what I thought he was like.

"Okay, we are off." Jules said with a smile. I nodded and looked to the house. Sebastian stood in the window looking at me with a hard look his face cold and I shivered, rubbing my arms up in down to calm the goosebumps. I felt my phone vibrate. Looking down my breath hitched.

'Sebastian Moretti:

You'll always be mine. Even if you run.'




I watched as her hands sloppily hit the bag, her energy leaving her body. I grabbed her hand and looked at her in the eyes and spoke the truth.

"You're being sloppy. The girl you're fighting may be feather weight, but, she is amazing at getting someone in a quick arm bar and her agility and speed is incredible, almost rivaling mine." I said. I wanted it to hurt, because if it did then she'd realize that she had to fight and she couldn't get sloppy. "When you're in that cage or ring or mat or anything, it's life or death. You choose right now. Do you want to die?" I said my voice raising. "I trained you. Me. I'm not going to have someone I trained ruthlessly go and die. You have worked you're ass off. So tell me now. Do you wanna die?" I said my harsh. She wanted to cry. I could tell. But she wouldn't. She couldn't. "No. I'm going. To win. She has flaws like any fighter and I'll bend and use them." Her voice was raw and I smirked. "Good now get in formation." I said and she nodded. Her fist struck the bag and it groaned and rattled in protest. "Come on, You got more then that. I've seen it." I yelled loudly, my hand hitting the table to my right. She hit it again and the bag swayed slightly from the impact. I watched as she hit ruthlessly. "Channel that anger into it." I yelled. "But don't, let it get the best of you. She known for talking shit. But, if you let it get to you, she can take that as an advantage." I said again as I stood behind her. Her fist was shaking and I knew her anger was in every hit. You could tell by her body posture to her face that she was pissed. "Stop!" I yelled, and her fist stopped mid-air.

"In the ring. With me." I stated loudly. Her eyes went wide and she opened her mouth, to only close it again. she took off the wraps that were tattered and flexed her hand and I grimaced. Cracks and pops filled the room as she put them back on along with the gloves. I stood in the ring with her, ignoring the slight pain I felt.

"Come on hit me." I taunted her. She smirked and I grinned back. "Oh are you scared? Did you're boss brake you?" Thad was indeed a low blow, but I knew with out a doubt that the girl she ol would go against would take and do anything. Her face flared with anger and she lunged. I side stepped, grabbing her throat and slamming her back on the floor of the ring. "I said don't let it get to, Layla." I snarled. She nodded a glare in place. She stood up as I relates my hold and then she hit me in the jaw. I stumbled slightly, but regained my composer. She grabbed my arm as I struck her and twisted it up my back. I smiled at her over my shoulder. I used my other to grab her neck and fling her over my shoulder. She groaned as she lanes harshly on her back. "Be prepared." I said.

The door flung open and a man stood there. "Sebastian is waiting to escort you." His monotone voice was raspy and bothered me for some reason. I nodded and looked to her. She put on a pullover over hers ports bar and spandex shorts. Her strawberry blonde hair was in wisps around her face and her green eyes held dread. I nodded for her to follow me. I too dreaded this. Since his text this morning I was in a mood.

"Will he be hard on me?" Her voice was small and quiet. "No. You're new, as time goes by he'll get harder on you. He's hardest one me so you're fine. He only expects you to win." I told her with a slight comforting smile. Her eyes were calmer but still held dread and fear.

I looked at the dark car in front of the building and sighed. Opening the door I hopped in and Layla followed. I looked up and seen Sebastian looking at me. "Hello Mr. Moretti." Layla's small voice resounded in the small space. His smirk was in place and he looked to her form. "Hello Laylani." he said using her full name. I could see the pain that tugged on her as he said that. "Just Layla please." Her voice cracked and I closed my eyes. "Okay, Layla." His voice had turned sultry and I snapped my eyes open to look at him. I knew exactly what he was doing. Layla's face was red and I shook my head. His hand was in front of me suddenly as we drove fast. He opened it and two white pills laid in his palm. I snatched them from his hand as well as the water. I grimaced at the taste and chugged the water as we stopped. Layla climbed out fast and I went next. A hand on my shoulder stopped me. "Go Layla. end of the alley." I said to her as she looked at me. she nodded her head and I turned around. "What?" I snapped harshly, only to back up at how close he was. "You love me." His voice was husky as his callused hand touched my cheek. I tried to respond, opening and closing my mouth was a far as I got. "Why? Even then you knew I was in deep." He said, and then I found something to say.

"My eyes were like empty moons. Yours like galaxies, so I thought I could get lost and make myself at home in them. But I was oh so wrong." I said quietly to him. His mouth opened and them shut. "You still love me." He pressed on. I scoffed. "No," I said. I want sure if I was lying to him or myself or telling the truth.

His hand slid down my face and gripped my arm making me grit my teeth from the pain. "Yes you do." His voice held icy cold anger. "Why do you care?" My voice rose slightly earning him to slap me on the face. I did nothing as a few bystanders gasped at his actions. My head merely wiped to the side as the sting wasn't much to faze me seeing as the was almost an everyday occurrence that I was hit.

"I gave you everything. And you throw it back at me. Wait till we are alone." His voice was venomous and rage poured out of it. I felt my own anger take over as I stepped away from him.

"I fucking hate you and everything you stand for because you don't stand for anything at all! All you ever wanted to do was break me open and control me then throw me on the ground, that I wish you never stood on!" I yelled as he shoved me in the alley. His fist connected with my cheek and I felt the blood pool in my mouth. I spit it out and laughed. "You're a bitch. Hitting a girl." I said with cold smile. The back of his hand met the side of my red face, that would surely be purple tomorrow. As he hit me repeatedly, I only stood there as he spoke and his hand came down to strike me once again. I felt his hand grab my hair and hit my head against the wall. Blood splays across my face as though it was a canvas. My blood splattered on the ground and his suit as I laughed at him, enraging him more. I shoved his hands away from my bruised body, trying to make him stop as he pressed his foot on my bullet wound. He grinned at me and spoke, "Not so funny now, huh, Tavia?" He wiped the perspiration from his forehead, smearing my blood his face in the process. I stood up on shaky legs. "I was wrong." I said and turned on my heel. When I was at the door I turned and said,

"You never have or will break me."


I washed the blood off of my face in the bathroom. The loud screams and herring was heard from the other side of the door. I looked up at my bruised face. I huffed and turned on my heel. I need to let these emotions out. I need to hit something. I grabbed a paper towel, which was as hard as cement, dabbed the water away. I gave up as the paper only irritated my face more and asked into the crowd. I seen Layla standing by the cage as the fight wrapped up. I walked to her and rubbed her shoulders. "You'll do fine." I said as I sen her eyes the girl she was fighting. She was defiantly not feather weight. "Layla, you use the fact that she's bigger and I'm hoping that she's not as fast as you. That is you're biggest strength is you're speed. Keep you're arms to you're body, and don't let her grab one. Sh-" Layla cut me off and spoke with a smile. "She's does a mean arm bar. I got it." She said although I could see the doubt in her eyes. As the girl glared at Layla, not seeing me I walk to her. I grab her shoulder and whisper in her ear.

"You win, you die." I said my voice venomous. She turned to me anger plastered on her face. when she seen my face utter horror crept up silently. "I'll challenge you. I'll make sure I'm in that cage with you and I'll snap you're neck. Or maybe beat you're face into a bloody oblivion." The sinister smile that laid on my lips made the threat all the more deadly. I knew she'd still fight back. It's natural instinct. Bit her fucking with Layla is only fucking up her head and that fucks up her fighting. I walked back to Layla as she talked to Sebastian. "Just try to evade the arm bar, she does that as an escape goat in a way. It's easier to get them down when they are injured." I heard his voice float to my ears. "Yea, Tavia told me that too. Before, during and after kicking my ass." I chuckled as I walked next to her and took her hand. I took the wrapping off of her hands and dabbed the sweat off with a towel. "They'll slip easier and we can't have that." I said and wrapped them tight making her wince. "It hurts but when you're in there channel that anger into it. Feed off of the adrenaline if you got to." I said as they carried the mans body down and another limped out, his ankle clearly dislocated. I turned my attention to her as they cleaned the blood of the floor of the cage. "Don't worry. You'll be fine." I whispered, trying to believe that she had a good shot. I jumped slightly as a man screamed out the introductions of the two of them and I almost hit the referee as he dragged Layla to the cage. She rolled her shoulders and masked then fear with a deadly lethal mask.


The girl lunged at Layla like I had predicted but Layla side stepped and kicked her in the stomach. She coughed, blinding over Layla took that and grabbed her head, smashing her knee repeatedly into her knee. I grabbed into the cage as she dropped her. The ref pulled the girl up and glared at her. He yelled at her over the crowd and she nodded. She stood up a hard glare on place. I watched as she grabbed Layla's arm and I cursed. She dropped Layla to the floor, Layla's arm in her hold as she bent it, popping out of place. Layla gritted her teeth and swung her body around on her side and kicked her in the face. Blood flew out of her mouth and grinned wildly. the bell rang signaling round one was one and I watched as everyone fought to get in through the door of the cage. I huffed and climbed over the cage wall and landed on my feet in front of her. She spit her mouth guard out into a bucket along with blood that had came from the girl landing a few good hits here and there. Her cheek was already purple and her arm was horrible. "Alright, I'm gonna pop it back." I stated. Sebastian came up and held her and spoke. "On three." He said and I nodded. "1-" he was cut off as I popped it back in."What happened too 2 and 3?" They both asked. "2, 3." I said in a monotone voice.

I was ushered out along with Sebastian and I gripped the cage again as she stood up. Sebastian sat down in a chair and watched the fight with a coy smirk.


Layla walked up this time, fast and quick as she struck at her face. The girl blinked in shock at the quickness if the hit and the power. Layla hit her again and her head snapped back. Layla stood there waiting for an opening. The crowd grew restless and I prayed Layla wouldn't act rashly. The girl was talking and by the death glare on Layla's face and the grin on hers I knew she was taunting her. Layla struck out rashly and got her in the face repeatedly. The girl kicked Layla in the back of the knee knocking her down. The girl was grabbed by Layla and she fell on top of her. The girl got kayaks head in her legs, all it took was a sharp snap. The girl hit Layla over in over in the face, Layla's face pouring blood. When the girl stopped Layla only mailed at her before grabbing her arm and wiggling her way out. She them did something that had the crowd in shook. Layla got the girl in an arm bar. she used her own tactic. Layla pulled and bent her arm harshly and there was a sickening pop but Layla didn't stop. There was a loud crack as her arm broke.

"How's it feel now, bitch?" I managed to hear Layla say with a smirk.

The girl stood her hand clutching her broken arm. Layla then kicked her in the side of the knee cracking it, making her go down. Layla fell as the girl used her good leg to knock her then got Layla's head between her legs. I knew

She wasn't joking. This time she'd kill her. Only Layla kept hitting her cracked knee as she suffocated her. The girl let out a yelp as another crack was heard. Layla crawled away as the girl came after her, crawling. Layla sat on her butt, her hands behind her body, she raised her leg and kicked her so hard in the side of the head her neck snapped and she fell to the floor dead and limp with a thud.

Everyone screamed Layla's name as she fell back, her back against the mat. She was breathing deeply and she was blinking, most likely to stop the black spots from invading her vision. It happened to me all the time. I ran to the door shoving the people as I tried to get to her. She sat up slightly her back against the cage wall as I approached. I took the cloth from the women and soaked it in the water from my bottle, putting it to her head. I noticed she was blinking to stop black spots she was blinking back tears as her eyes were trained on the girls body.

"I killed her." She said in a small voice. I sighed and hauled her up. I was supporting both our weight as I walked to the exit if the building. I felt her shiver as the cool night air hit her skin. Thane stood by me leading me to the car. He was one if Sebastian body guards and in a way mine as well. A sob ripped from Layla's mouth as she cried. I helped her the car, well, limo car. Sebastian was sitting across from us as he greeted her.

"You did great. One day you'll be amazing. She didn't stand a chance." As he spoke her eyes held rage. "That's all you car about?!" She screeched her voice raspy. "You're demeaned and sick!" She yelled again.

There was a harsh loud smack across her face as his eyes held anger. She gasped and looked to him with outrage. "I'll end you just like you ended her. Don't disobey me." his voice was cold and I felt my blood run cold as he spoke. I pressed the rag to her head and helped her out of the car as it stopped at my apartment, that was payed for by Sebastian. It wasn't the best and I knew he did that on purpose but it wasn't horrible. "Tavia." His voice resounded as we were in the thresh hold of the apartment. "Go the last room on the left. Don't come out. No matter what you hear." The last part was a whisper. She nodded and walked away fast. I stood there stiff as a did as I peeled of my shoes.

Grabbing a clear bottle of clear liquid I popped the quirk off and tipped it back.

"It's not lady like to drink vodka or at all. It's even more unladylike too drink it straight." His voice was husky and primal. I dared to shiver as I felt his hot breath on my neck.

"I like to drink my vodka straight," I paused turning to him, his dark eyes piercing mine. He had removed his jacket. "Because it send that humming through my veins, quite like the feel of you're finger against my crumbling remains." He grabbed my neck, stopping me from breathing till it went dark.




I felt the cool night air hit my skin as I stood on the roof top in nothing but a silk robe that met the middle of my thigh. It was well past 2 in the morning but I couldn't sleep. 

 I had woken up, on the couch and him sitting farther from me in a chair on the phone. I was an idiot because when I asked him what happened I was smacked so hard I tasted blood in my mouth and told me to mind my own business then left.

I looked at the lights and the car horns going wild. What caught my attention was a gun shot. It was close. I ran to the edge of the building, my hair a flurry. I looked down and surveyed the area. I let out a scream as I spotted a man in the next building with a gun pointed at me. Dropping down, my back against the wall I looked in the robe pockets for my phone. Pulling out a sleek iPhone I dialed the last number I talked to. I let out a scream as a bullet hi the ground a few feet a way. The rocks were digging into my legs and feet as the phone rang loudly. "Hello?" Jules' voice came through the receiver. "I'm on the roof top. Someone's shooting at me. I can't get to the door!" My voice held worry and I screamed as a bullet came on e again followed by a few others. "Shit! Jules! Please get anyone over here before I'm shot. Again!" I yelled. She complied and hung up as I say there defenseless. It wasn't that I was scared it was that they had guns and I had lathing but a phone and a robe. If they were over here I'm sure I could hold off whoever it was but I made one wrong move I was dead. I don't like the sound of that very much. Police sirens wailed and my eyes widened. "Shit!" I was still wanted for murder. I heard the tired screech but the sirens where getting farther away. I held my breath as another spray of bullets came only these came from another angle and hit me in the hand. A through and through.


"You mother fucker!" My voice was loud and I was beyond pissed off. I held my hand as the blood poured out as they kept spraying bullets. "You already shot me you jackass's." I didn't think about what I was saying and I didn't really care. The blood was covering my hands making them slip from the squeeze I had in it. It was hot, the blood and I panicked as the bullets came closer. I heard groans and swearing then what sounded like a gun or dropping. The door flew open and I seen Sebastian standing there his hair wild like he just got out of bed with a girl. He fixed his hair before he left. I felt my eyes narrow at his neck, littered with hickeys and bright pink lipstick. he ran to me attempting to help me only I pushed him away. "I don't need you're generosity. Trust me, I do better on my own. I don't need a handsome prince coming to my rescue." I said and walked ahead of him. "This isn't some weird twisted fairy tail. You're sure as hell not a damsel in distress and I'm defiantly not the handsome prince coming to save you." His words annoyed me at the truth behind them. I whirled around to him and spoke with a smile to damn sweet, "Good because the last thing I want to do is hurt you. Don't worry though, it's defiantly still on my list." I walked back down the stairs and seen that my door was broken and half of my furniture was over turned or broken. I cursed loudly as I walked to the hallway seeing Layla being dragged by Treven. I felt a hand push my lower back hard. I stumbled slightly and looked over my shoulder giving the man a powerful glare. I stepped down the last step and into the night air, which was warmer then the air conditioned hallways. I seen three men being held back and looked to Sebastian. "Which one shot my hand." I snapped, still holding my hand that was covered in the sticky and putrid crimson. He nodded to the lanky one with dark shaggy hair and bright blue eyes like ice. I walked up to him and dropped my left hand, the one that had been shot and raised my right. As my hand propelled forward and hit him in the face his head snapped back and hit the concrete wall. "That's for shooing me." I said and hit him again in the nose, smiling as the blood gushed out. I wiped it with my thumb harshly with a too sweet smile.


"That's for just being a dick."




I hated this room. But I felt attached to it. He did this on purpose. Putting me in this room with memory's of it all. The adultery that we committed in this room. I was so naive, I still am. What I did last night was wrong. It was so sinister and dark, but I loved it. How it chilled my flesh then ate it like frost bite. How it burned me, like the branding iron that haunts my dreams.

I walk to the mirror and move the silk to the side and touch the welted skin that would forever hold the Moretti symbol. It had been so long ago yet I could still smell my burning flesh and hear my teeth grinding and screaming of my raw voice.


"Oh I love how that mark meres you're beautiful pale white skin." Sebastian whispered in my ear suddenly catching me off guard. I stepped away and turned to him. "You have a fight tonight. At 11." He said and my eyes went wide. "I haven't trained in weeks. I'm not ready." I said fast and he narrowed his mocha colored eyes on mine. "You're my best fighter and you know it. You know that even though you haven't trained you'll still walk out if that cage. Alive." He said, his voice lethal. "Yea, in a body bag!" I yelled. I knew mistake and I covered my head as his fist clenched. my eyes were squeezed painfully shut. Although I was expecting impact of his hand, it never came. So, I wedged my eyes open to look at him. suddenly he was in front of me, holding my hands above my head. His lips descending down towards mine and I couldn't tell if I wanted to stab him or kiss him. But he surely knew seeing as his lips smashed to mine so harshly. I couldn't this. This hope I had in him was insane. I struggled harshly but he merely grabbed my face holding me still.


It was a bitter kiss.


One I'd like to send to the depths of hell. My life was full of bitter, dark or hateful kisses, when I wanted to be loved, sadly enough by him.


He held my hands roughly before pushing off of me and smirking sinisterly. "You've never denied me. I give you points for resisting the love of you're life." He spoke and I scoffed pushing off the wall and moving far from him. "You were the love of my life. Now you're just a bitter, dark reminder of my naive idiocy." I spat loudly. His eyes went hooded and he stepped closer, slowly though. As if he was trying to scare me. The floor boards taunted me with every creak signaling he was one step closer to me, one step closer to the hit I knew I'd receive, one step closer to the daunting nightmare he brought upon me. He settled a darkness in my soul.


I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and waited for the blow. But something completely different happened. He wrapped his muscular arms around me. My eyes shot open and looked at his calm eyes. "I never wanted to hurt you. I needed you. You know what I've said before. You chose this." He was right. He did in fact give me a way out, multiple times. He said if I stayed with him I'd be a queen. No more fighting or training. I'd be his and his only. One thing was wrong with that, well two. My pride wasn't going to let that happen and two. I don't trust him enough. I may love him in some weird twisted sick way, but, I can't find it in me to trust him. "You're right. You did. But I just don't trust you enough for that." I spoke with furrowed eyebrows. "Smart move. You should never trust a Moretti." His voice was low and primal as his hands shifted to my waist. I suddenly had an inner battle. Do stay here for a moment of pleasure? Succumb to my desires? Or do I shove him a way? Show him I'm not a clueless


small girl?


I did neither.


"You're funny. You want me to stay here when you still have the remains of you're fun on you? When you still share a bed with a common whore? You truly are naive. More so then I thought." As soon as I finished he had me pinned to the bed and he was choking me, his gun to my temple. "Same shit, Different day. Or maybe you'll finally break that and shoot me. Oh if you do, you get an award." I knew it was coming but not that hard as he smashed the butt of the gun to my head. I felt hot tears sting my eyes. "I wonder what you're wife, Ginger would say?" He was livid I could tell. "Oops. That's right she dead I killed her." His eyes were blazing with hatred. "Never put a cat in a lions den."


Ginger was, well, his life. She was high end. From a rich family, also Italian. But then he met me. A young small girl. I never thought he would stop walking and come up to where I sat. I immediately felt this undying attraction towards him. And when he pushed my blonde hair that fell in knotted wisps away from my face he said one thing to me. "You're mine now, little wolf. " I was happy. To feel wanted once again. He stayed with me most of the time, but I knew his work. The way he owner girls, made them fight or dance or even sell them to other men for money. We had an apartment, a huge one. One day there was a knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole and gaped slightly. The women had an aura of power. her beauty was impeccable. Her short black hair, and those fierce blue eyes. "Sebastian!" I slid down the door, remembering his words never open the door. Be didn't want someone to taint his flower was his words. He hadn't touched me in that time we stayed together. She yelled and yelled then I heard the safety of a gun click off. I heard her pleas through the door and heavy foot steps of a man. So I opened the door and dragged her in. She looked confused, baffled. So we stayed there on the floor in speaking just staring. At each other. Until Sebastian came home. He pleaded with her. Said I was just his next fighter. She knew though. The attraction we had towards each other. The fact that he was with me all the time. but as the days went on he became colder and darker. Until one day he took me to the ring I now consider a second home and made me watch as a two girls fought, killed each other. Them he said, "You're going to do that." Just as the girls eyes closed from her neck being snapped. I stood and ran towards the door away from him but I was to late. He grabbed me, his face different to the one I knew, and then he hit me.


I was knocked out of my thoughts as he for in my face. "I should have killed you." He spat at me and then threw me to the ground, walking out. I let my head hit the wall and sighed heavily. I looked to the clock and shook my head. I stood up and walks tic the door of the bathroom, leaving all of my emotions behind me.


I showered and changed into my clothes, black shorts and a sports bra with a sweater. I grabbed sweat pants and slipped them on over my clothes. I threw my hair up and grabbed the shoes that were by the door. My silk robe laid on the silk sheets almost blending in. I walked to the door and opened it to come face to face with Sebastian. his hard face was inches from mine as he spoke, "If you wanted to be close all you had to do was ask." I scoffed at him and turned away. He was right though. I could have him any time I wanted. But what would that make me. A common whore. His hands grabbed my waist that was exposed and pulled me back. My body hit his hard chest and I gulped loudly. His hands slowly worked there way up my sides causing my breathing to pick up as e went. His face went to the crook of my neck and he sniffed deeply. He pulled at my sweats to reveal part of my shorts as I pulled on his tie and jacket. His hands moved my sweater to the side and I pushed my body into him.

This felt so wrong yet so damn right.


A throat cleared and he stood in front of me, not letting the intruder see my exposed skin. "Just wanted to let you know the car is ready." The man said awkwardly. he turned and walked down the hallway.


"God I'm an idiot." I said as I fixed my self. He looked slightly offended and I just looked away. He frustratedly tried fix his tie and I chuckled lightly. I grabbed it from his hands and tied it for him, slightly to tight. I turned around and walked down the dark hallway and cursed as the power went out. I cautiously walked around and touched the walls praying I didn't come to stairs and fall down them. I jumped as a hand touched my lower back. I turned and hit whoever it was. "Dammit. Tav, stop." I jumped slightly at his voice and rested my hand on his chest. "God, you idiot. Why would you do that?" I screamed at him.


I instantly regretted hitting him, not knowing if he'd hit me. But he didn't, he haut chuckled and held my waist tightly before guiding me. The power flickered before dying once again. I huffed but kept walking as he guided me down a hallway. "Thank god." I said as the power came back. I could hear the thumping of the rain hitting the roof of the house and sighed. "Who will I be fighting?"

My voice was steady, although I knew him being him, I wouldn't leave the cage without a injury or six.




My heart stopped. I barely knew anything about her other then the fact that she alway made it out of the ring or cage and that she always had minimum injures. She was huge. Pure muscle. Now it wasn't that I was scared it's that I didn't want him seeing me beaten to a bloody pulp, then releasing rage and killing her. He'd enjoy that. In some sick twisted way, he'd enjoy that.



"Girl relax. You got this." Even though Jules spoke evenly and calmly she still had doubts. She puffed on her cigarette as I tightened my wraps. My gloves were in my lap as I stared at the black wraps with gold and silver Moretti symbol. Seeing as I was the best fighter in Sebastian's clutches I was the only one with these wraps. He said, he wanted me to look the part, which is why I had on black spandex shorts and sports bra with gold and silver. I was flattered at first, knowing he had gotten me something Ginger didn't have, but that was petty. He loved her and I loved him yet she was caught in the middle with him, but falling for another. It was a never ending triangle, or so I had thought. I had been his fighter for years, 4 to be exact and she had the courage to say she wanted to fight me. I took pity on her. She was a lanky girl. Preppy and high end. She had everything on a sliver platter, she couldn't stand a chance, yet, It was the longest fight I ever had. Partly because no one is aloud in or out of the cage or ring until one person is dead and the other is declared the winner. She died a slow death painful, too. Up until she couldn't handle it. I looked up at the night sky from where I sat on the bench in the ally and sighed.

"Hey, take this. Relax Tav. You got this." Jules pulled me back away from my thoughts and a smirked wildly. "Of course I do." Although I spoke confidently it was the opposite of how I felt. I took the cigarette and stared at the burning tip before putting it between my lips. I closed my eyes as the nicotine relaxed my nerves. "Hello?" Jules' voice suddenly went quiet and her eyes shown with unshed tears. I huffed loudly and took the phone from her as tears fell silently. "Sebastian, she just got back. Let her breath." I said my voice shaking. "She along with every other girl has a part. She's an escort, you're a fighter-" I cut him off with a loud laugh. "Say what really mean. She's a common whore and I'm nothing but a puppet in you're hands." I snapped at him. "She better be ready when that car pulls around, He's high paying and he's looking for a foreigner." I could feel my blood boil at his words. "You irk me to my very core. She's got back not even 20 minutes ago, let her relax. She can make up for it. You have how many other foreign girls." My voice was pleading with him as the black Rolls Royce came into view. "Either she gets in that car, or she has her brains splattered on the side of my building." His voice was cold, making me flinch. I watched as she walked down the ally, fixing the dress she wore. She plastered a smile on her face as an old man got out and ushered her into the car. "God dammit!" I screamed and the phone flew at the wall shattering into pieces. My hair fell in front of my face in wisps as I hunched over.


"Are you Tavia?" I looked up at the voice and seen a girl no older then 15 standing in front of me. "Why?" I asked, my tone dry and bleak. "Umm, Sebastian told me to find you. Said that you'd help me. Umm said I'm an escort?" My eyes went wide, bulging out of my head as I started at the girl who barely had anything on her. Jules is 22 she knew what she was getting herself into. This girl is beyond clueless. She had no idea what she was doing, what she was going to do. Her body was extremely small and I knew what he wanted me to do. If I refused she'd be disposed of.


He did all of this because of what I said today. making Jules work and sending a young girl here, to me.


"I've got a few hours before my fight, I'll help you out. You'll stay with me for a while. I'll help you, okay?" I said as my voice changed to soft. She nodded. I lead her into the club and held her hand and led her through the crowd. I walked to the back and opened the door to where the ring was and seen it was quite and clean in here. "Where are you from?" I asked her. She looked a little dark. "I'm mixed, Native American and Arab. But I was born in Arabia." Her face lit up as she spoke and I smiled at her. I walked to the bar and went behind it to the fridge. "This is all I have here, but I'll get you something better later." I said handing her a take out box of Chinese food.


"Thank you." She said as she opened it. She sat on the cage steps and muttered something under her breath before she ate. I furrowed my eyebrows at the action and walked to the open space that would be crowded in less then an hour with hundreds of wild men and insane women. "Where are you from?" Her question was innocent and I smiled at her. "Well, I was born and raised in New Orleans with my family." Her eyes went wide. "What made you come here, to America?" I asked slightly intrigued by her. Her eyes dimmed and went glassy. "You don't have to talk about it. I won't pressure you." I spoke softly and she nodded before slowly eating the food. "I've never had Chinese food. In Arabia we eat rice but it taste different." I smiled at her and looked at her clothes. She wore dark jeans and a black shirt with a pull over. She was covered for the most part, her hair pulled under the hood of the jacket. I slowly unwrapped my wraps and let my red hands breath. "Are you a fighter? As a young girl I dreamed of learning to fight." As she spoke I smiled lightly.


"Yea I'am. I can teach you. But you probably won't fight against anyone. It's better that way though." I said that last line to myself. She nodded before finishing her food. She said something again a bit louder yet I still didn't hear her. I swiveled around as men poured through the doors and eyed her. I scoffed at them and grabbed her arm. I watched as they set up the chairs and the tables, the bartender took the bottles out of the fridge that was behind the door. I walked to the stairs and took her up. "I don't want you around these kind of people, but, they are better then those guys down there." I said as I opened the door and seen my friends coming in another. They weren't really friends. I smiled at them and pushed her forward. "Hey guys, this is-" I stopped seeing as I didn't know her name and she smiled lightly. "Zaynah." They all looked at her with confusion. "Hey why don't you go back there. That's my room where I train, there should be a tv." I spoke to her. She nodded and walked off holding her head low. "She's to be an escort. Although I'm positive she has no idea what that is, Sebastian found her, put her in my hands to get into shape. She's 15. Don't break to her what an escort is. I'll do it." I said in a huff after she disappeared. "She's young though! She'll never understand. Not to mention she's arab!" Sabrina yelled. She was a petite red head. She danced or bluntly put she was a stripper. Sebastian put her in because she had the body, that's what he said to me anyways. "I know, he's, he's well." I stopped as they nodded there heads. I walked to the door and walked out. I looked down at the stairs and walked down the hall instead. I shook my head as I walked slowly, hearing the music start to pound and vibrate the floor. I knocked on the door and heard shuffling. The door opened and I seen a blonde girl fixing her bra. She walked out in her skimpy underwear and bra. "Whore." I muttered bitterly. I walked in and slammed the door hard.


"She's a child." I said and he turned around, his dress pants undone and his shirt wrinkled. "She said Escort." His voice was low and husky, his light eyes stared me down. "Because she has no clue what an escort is. She'll kill herself and you'll be one escort short. Give her a different job." Although it sounded firm and like a statement, it wasn't. I was begging and he saw that, making a smirk blossom on his ruby red lipstick covered lips. He hated red on me. Said it was pure like me. I'm sure as hell not pure now. He walked to me slowly. A predator in his eyes. And I was the prey. "Why? You want her to work in the ring, like Layla? You want her to be consumed by the very darkness that is eating at you? Hm?" His lips were in a sinister smile. "No. But don't make her an Escort. There's a lot of other things you could have her do." I said harshly. His eyes narrowed.


"You want me to sell her? I could. You know, Jake, he was talking about needing a girl in his bed. At least then it's only one guy she sleeps with." He knew exactly what he was doing. Tearing at me. "I'll make you a deal. If she is in shape and looks the part of an escort in three months. She works along side, Roy. If not, she's either disposed of or put as an escort. Depending on her body a that point." I felt relief cloud my body. As I slightly relaxed my tensed shoulders. I nodded my head firmly and he smirked letting me know I wasn't getting out just yet. "You know you're the only girl who can come in here, talk to me like you just did, and walk out without a bullet in the head." I narrowed my eyes. Where the hell was he going with this? "You've become more of a fight." I should've known. I nodded my head at him. Silently agreeing to him before walking to the door. "Make sure you at least take a shower." I said trying to hide the venom that dripped from my voice. I slammed his door, hearing his laughter through the door and walked back to the room. Sabrina was sitting with food along with the others and I grinned at Roy as he walked through.


Roy was one of Sebastian's main higher ups that deals with the drug cartel. Although it wasn't that much better then an escort. Plus, I trusted Roy. He was a friend. He walked over to me with a soft hug and a kiss on my forehead before dragging e to the couch to eat. "Sabrina, go see if she's hungry. I didn't have a lot of food earlier." I said as they popped open the take-out boxes. She skipped to the door like a small innocent child. Which she was far from. I smelled the Chinese food and groaned as Layla walked in with more food setting it next to rest on the table. Zaynah walked out and straight to me, never moving from my side. "They won't hurt you. They'll protect you like me. In this room, around these people don't worry." I said to her and she needed her head slowly straying but still close to me for safety I'm guessing. suddenly Jules walked though the door. Her face red as though someone smacked her and I narrowed my eyes. Sebastian stood behind her and I felt Zaynah run back to my side, Slightly behind my body. The cool air hit my bare stomach and I took the sweater Roy held out. Sebastian whispered in Jules ear and she closed her eyes before he left. Everyone went back to what they were doing before.

Everyone knew to stay out of it when it involved Sebastian.


All but me.


"What-" She stopped me and said, "Later." I nodded as she went to grab a plate. Zaynah's eyes were caster to the floor. I held her chin up and nodded at her. I walked to grab one of the plastic played and handed it to her. "Get whatever you like." I whispered. She smiled as saw the Chinese take out and walked to it. I piled food on my plate and thought about how on healthy this is but shook my head. I put a salad in a small bowl for the both of us and walked to where she sat on the floor. I nodded for her to follow me and she stood. Jules skipped to us plastering a smile on her face. We walked into the room and Roy followed behind. We sat towards the back, on the bench's where I'm supposed to lift weights, though Zaynah sat in the front by the tv. "Who is she?" Jules said as she picked up pizza in her plate. "She's supposed to be an Escort." I said as I twirled the noodles around on the fork. Her eyes went wide as she tipped back her cup of vodka before sneering at the taste. "Well I got Sebastian to lighten up. If I get her into escort shape then she goes and works with Roy," I said gesturing to him. "If not she'll either be disposed of or put as an escort depending on her body. Or him being a dick he might sell her to Jake." She shook her head in annoyance. "She looks way to innocent and naive. She's a Virgin. Anyone can tell. What is he going to let her first time be with some pig? Or will he take her?" I could tell she was pissed. She hated the idea of girls going to be an escort with no idea what it was. "What happened with you and Sebastian?" I asked finishing off half of my plate. I wasn't jealous. I knew she'd never look at him that way.


"The guy I was supposed to Escort. Turns out he was Levi Gill." My eyes widened in shock. "Holy shit! Layla just demolished his top girl!" I said my eyes wild. "Yes well he wanted revenge and he tried to do a lot more then what I'm payed to do. I was able to call Sebastian seeing as he gave me that back up phone," I nodded in remembrance. "Well I called him fast and put the phone behind my back and he heard the whole thing. Then when Gill found out he was pissed. He smacked me in the face. Sebastian showed up seeing as we weren't that far and was pissed. Shot him in the head. Said something about marking me as a higher up so no one would get that idea again." My eyes went wide and I felt relief full me. No one would be an idiot to hurt one of Sebastian's girls, especially a higher up. Then I remembered the pain of it. "It's a good thing he's doing this. Seeing as how fucked up these streets are. But you do know what it is being marked as a higher up?" I said and she furrows her eyebrows. "A tattoo?" I smiled sadly at her. I moved my shirt and she seen my mark. "It's a branding iron." I said and her eyes went wide. Me and Ginger were the only one marked as higher ups. "Of course yours will be on the front of you wrist. Not you're collar bone." She knew why hers would be on her wrist. I was marked as something more then just his fighter. I was marked as his property. I was marked as His.


I felt Roy sit down next to me, pulling me close to him. I wasn't an idiot. I new he liked me. But I also knew he wasn't a fool to try and pursue me. He'd be struck down. Sebastian made it very clear I'd never be with anyone other then him or I'd be single. So having a pride and temper as big as my fathers, I choose to stay by myself. Even though there are times I just want nothing more then to crawl back to him and not think of the next fight and just lay with him. I can't. I know to much. He's not soft like I thought he once was. That was a front for my trust. I was so fucking stupid. So damn naive to him. God, I fell for it all. The shiny Rolex, the suit that fit him so well. I remember how defined each muscle looked. I remember every inch of him. And what's so fucked up about it is that I still want him. "I'll be back. Watch her." I said and walked to the door. I could feel there stares on my back as I walked through the door into the common room. No one was in there and I knew by the music and the screaming, a fight was going on. I looked out one of the glass windows and seen the ring was there. I furrowed my brows. I was in the cage. I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the door and walked out. I lifted the good of Roy's sweater over my head and hid my blonde hair. I walked out and seen hundreds of men placing bets or sitting on the letter couches with a girl beside them. Some were at a small table in the back.


I seen Sebastian standing next to a man and a girl stood beside the balding man, shaking slightly. I seen Sebastian lay a case on the table and the girl was shoved into Sebastian's chest. She had tears on her face, mascara running down in trails. Her hair was knotted and her clothes were tattered, the skirt ripped showing her bum. I walked closer and sen the purple and blue bruises covering her face and arms. I walked over an a seen Sebastian whisper something to her as he gripped her arm. I walked over and took her wrist in my hand. She cowered away from me and I just softly tugged her back. "Tavia." His voice was a hiss. he could tell by my flexing fingers and my glare on the old man I was close to ruining everything. "What do you want?" As the old man spat at me I smiled at him raising my eyebrows. "Get you're help out of here." The man spat at Sebastian. "The help?" I questioned. "I'm worth more then you're whole damn business you dick." His face turned red and I watched as he stood to tower over me. "Just because you're Sebastian's top fighter and side whore doesn't mean I won't hesitate in putting a bullet in you." I could help it.


My fist had struck out and hit him in his jaw. He staggered back and his men instantly had there guns out. The crowd didn't seen to see what was going on and Sebastian pushed us all to the one room to the right. The girl clung to the darkest places in the room and I let her. The man was wiping blood onto his sleeve. He smirked and turned to Sebastian. "How much for you're little toy?" I instantly felt my heart beat rise. I had just started a problem. He'd be pissed and wouldn't think twice about selling me. I knew it. "She isn't for sale." His voice was cold and I could see the other men falter at his tone. In seconds a gun was on me and my breathing stopped in my throat. "Ah, we can work this out." He said with malice. Sebastian glared so hard at him I was surprised he didn't shatter. "Ah no we can't." I grabbed his wrist twisting it to the right angle and I took it the gun into my own hands. I did so fast that Sebastian hadn't even expected it. "How about, you fuck off or you get a bullet inside of you. It wouldn't be the first person I killed." I was suddenly tackled to the ground.


The hit to the throat had me wheezing. The gun was still firmly in my hand but when he smashed my hand into the floor multiple times I dropped it. I looked up through my fluttering eyelids and hit the person blindly. I grabbed at his throat and squeezed. I rolled on top of him and I squeezed harder until he stopped all movement. I stood up and moved back in time to miss the wiz of a bullet going by me. I looked at the old man who was standing smugly as Sebastian was mercilessly beating the shit out of one guy while trying to refrain from being chocked by another. The man turned to walk away. I seen the girl from before raise a gun and shoot the man on Sebastian's back. She stood there shaking and I was surprised she managed to hit him in the head. Everyone was sanding hand the man was still walking to the door. In a haste I ran up and snapped his neck. He fell limply to the ground at my feet.


"You're so fucking dead." Sebastian seethed at me before gripping my arm and dragging me. "Stay here or you're fucking dead," He spat at the frightened girl. He dragged me through the crown and to the stairs. He pushed me up them and I almost fell on my face more then once. I turned to glare at him only to realize I shouldn't. As soon as we were alone in his office I was slammed into the wall, my head


Smacking against the brick making stars momentarily cloud my eyesight. His fist hit the wall next to my head and I flinched away. "You've been testing me. First with having a loose mouth. Then with bringing up Ginger. And then pulling a stunt like that. You're lucky I don't sell you off or put a bullet in that pretty little body of yours." He spat at me. I could feel his gun digging into my stomach and I hissed in pain. He stepped away, looking like he would hit me for the wrong breathing. He pulled his gun out of his waist band and held the front to my head. "One reason I shouldn't kill you." His eyes were blazing with cold hatred. "There isn't one. I don't have kids or a love or anything. There's no reason for you not to put a bullet in my head." I told him. I gripped the end of the gun and put the cold metal to my head. "Do it." I said and he stood blank. "You don't need a reason. Just do it." I said again my voice held a slight taunt and he narrowed his eyes pushing me into the wall further with the barrel of the gun. "You won't." I said and turned away from him. "You need me. I bring in to much profit to kill me. You know that." I walked to the door and he spoke again.

"I'll be busy tonight." His voice was so cold I felt myself flinch and slip out if the room. I felt a since of relief that he was busy. I was suddenly grabbed and my eyes went wide. "Hey, you're fights soon." Roy. That little fuck. I nodded and yanked my arm from him, ignoring the look of hurt in his face. I walked towards the doors and seen him shake his head. "Sebastian is moving where the cage fighters fight. Down in the basement. Up here is being renovated into a club."

I hated the basement.


I nodded. I stepped down to where the fight had ended and a man was being carried out. The other was literally a bloody pulp. I walked to the door on the far back and walked to it. It was wide open and a tall man was standing there, his gun clearly visible. I pushed by him making him grunt and me glare. I watched as we entered down the stairs and I seen the bleachers that were filled with men and women around the cage. It looked real. I was shoved into a room and I almost turned around and hit the guy in the face. I shrugged it off and sat down as the door was swung shut. I took of the sweater and was only clad in shorts and a sports bra. I took the wraps from my bag and eyed them carefully. I held out my hands and seen the ragged scars in my hands from previous fights. I knew how tonight would end and the slight worry I felt came crawling back in such a sadistic way. I knew I wasn't leaving that cage with out injuries and a battered pride. The door swung open and Sebastian came in, his face hard with hatred and anger. He walked to me and snatched the wraps from, wrapping my hands tightly. "End it harshly." I didn't think anyone could speak so coldly till I met him. I nodded as I was pushed to the doors. Sebastian walked out and I was left waiting for an my Escorts.




The girl circled me, eyeing me the way a predator would there prey. But she was oh so wrong in this case. In this cage, right here and now, I was the predator and she was the prey. And as we glared so harshly at each other, I could see the fear flash brightly in her eyes. So as she lunged at me, I couldn't help but notice the small inkling of guilt in knowing she would die here, in a blood stained cage tonight.

I shot up in bed and winced when pains shot to my ribs. I pushed away the dream, well memory, of me beating the girl from a few hours before into oblivion. "Damn it." I cursed softly. I can't remember getting here. I remember collapsing into the cage wall, Jules terrified face and Sebastian's blank face coming at me. There were to many dark dots to tell who's arms I fell into but I purposefully fell towards Jules. I walked down the stairs  to the living room only to see Jules, Zaynah, Layla and the girl I'd defended before my fight. She shot up when she seen me and I rose an eyebrow. She looked like she could hold her own in the streets, but against me? That'd be cruel. I held no doubt that she was a dancer. Her body oozed sex appeal. Curves that'd drive a man insane. But at the moment that was rather hidden if you didn't look for it. She had blood splattered on her as well as black makeup covering her face. I wasn't sure if she had a black eye or if she had cried and rubbed her eyes so much that she smudged her makeup that badly. She sized me up.

"What is she doing here? She's with him." It was pretty obvious she meant Sebastian. I rose my eyebrow even higher, a slight smirk on my face. "I'm not with him. Sure I have history with the bastard that doesn't mean I'm with him." I turned and walked to my room. I could here Jules talking to her as well as Layla. I yelled back. "Take a damn shower. That's leather you're sitting on."

I walked to my dresser and pulled out random clothing and headed towards the door. My eyes met the bloody wraps that covered my hands only hours ago. My eyes swept to my hands and the bruises where enough for me to squeeze my eyes shut. But they shot open in lightening speed when her broken and bloody body flashed in my mind. I shook my head and took a deep breath as I walked down the stairs.

I shivered slightly as I walked down the hall and into the living room. "You cold?" Turning to Jules I shook my head. Even though she asked understanding was in her eyes, flashing slightly. I walked to the bathroom and pushed the door open. "The clothes are here on the counter." I called out and she poked her head out and tried to smile but it came out as a grimace. I nodded.

Jules swore loudly as she burned her finger on her lighter trying to light the stove. "It's not a gas stove." I said and felt a genuine smile cover my face. It felt odd. But I think I like it.


I tossed in my bed and squeezed my eyes shut. You could here the girls bickering, but that wasn't the reason sleep had yet to come. All I could I picture behind my dark eyelids was the horrifyingly mangled face of the girl I'd beaten to a bloody pulp with out so much as a protest. Her eyes. Her green eyes.

They were beautifully broken.

Yet they had fire burning in them fiercely. It was begging someone to come play with it. Her hands were actually rather small, yet I'm positive at least one of my ribs is cracked. She wasn't the hardest I fought. But there was something in her face, her eyes.


I saw my own fire in her eyes. Pure determination. It was raw. And maybe it was the fact that even though I didn't know her. I knew her through that fire and determination to walk out of that ring. It felt like destroying my own flame I thought I'd lost long ago. I thought mine had sizzled out. But I felt it last night. The spark was there.

And I saw it reflect in her eyes.

She wasn't a threat, yet I killed her. And I don't know how to deal with that.

I had just fallen asleep when I heard a slight creek of my down stairs floor. I paid no mind and looked out at the moon. It was blue.

"June 31." I said, but I flung around because of the voice that said it with me. I stood from my bed in a hoodie that used to belong to him. His eyes traced my legs slowly. His eyes created a heated path. His eyes trailed over my chest and I was glad the hoodie was rather big on me. I tried to avoid his eyes but when he took one step forward and the floor board creaked, my blue eyes flung to his in alarm. My senses were on high alert. He never came here. Not unless he was bringing me. Never in the middle of the night.

And that's when it clicked. He wanted something. Though I was sure it wasn't to beat me. I'd done my part of making a show out of the fight. He had appraised me after the fight. Something that was rare. "What do you want?" Even though the last few days I'd been extremely ballsy with blurting out whatever came to mind, I couldn't do that now. Something was holding me back. Maybe it was because of the fight he forced me into. But I just couldn't. The fear was gripping at my throat. I felt like clawing at my throat.

Maybe I had finally cracked. It wasn't an unreasonable thought. I mean men bigger then me cracked just watching my fight before there's.

He took another step. Then another. And another. And another. Until he was firmly planted in front of me. I didn't dare to look up and meet his eyes. My eyes stayed glued to his chest that was defined by his shirt. He lowered his head, his lips just barely brushing my ear, and said, "I love when you're terrified."

My stomach churned.

I felt my blood run cold as his heated hand touched my chilled skin. Goosebumps arose around his touch. His hand trailed around the back of my neck, pushing away my hair. "Tavia. You're helpless to me right now." It irked me to my very core that he was right. I didn't dare object his word. Suddenly his hand wound in my hair, pulling my head back so my eyes met his. I was biting the side of my cheek, surely drawing blood, to avoid him hearing my cries of pain.

He burrowed his nose into my neck and inhaled, making me shudder.  His lips lightly touched my neck, placing a gentle kiss on it. I felt confusion hit me. Then it dawned on me what he wanted. Sex. He wanted sex. I felt myself pull away. A part of me was kind of happy he wanted me. But most of me knew it was wrong. I watched as a smirk plastered it's self on his mouth. His jawline clicked and his eyes darkened. He loved when I used to put up a fight. It made him feel superior in some sick way. I felt his hands slide down my sides to my hips, He gripped them tightly. His grasp was both warm yet cold. I felt his hand slide between my legs softly touching my thigh. I gasped and tried to jerk away but his other hand pulled me tighter to him. His hand held my thigh in a tight grip making me bite my lip to hold in my gasp. He made me feel insane. Each time he touch me it was like it was my first time. I was no saint, I'd been with more times then I'd like to remember. But he had the power to make me quiver at my stomachs core just from that one look.

He trailed his hand higher to my hip, where the band of his old boxers laid. His gaze fell down and he smirked at me. "You keep my clothes I see." I felt my cheeks go red and the girl who I was in the ring or around Jules was gone. I was Tavia the girl he found on the streets. The one he could sway with a smile. "Good. Because you look ravishing." His lips fell to my neck and his lips lightly brushed my skin. He held my hip and squeezed. My sanity was gone. Every Atom in my body was telling me this was right. My hands roamed up his chest to his tie. My hands yanked it off and lifted it laying there as I worked the buttons of his shirt. A gasp creeped from lips as he bit at my neck. He suddenly gripped my thighs and picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He looked at me and the lust was shining brightly at me and he grinned at me. His husky voice spoke and his words turned me on even more, "I'm going to devour you. "Tavia." His words were firm and there was no question in it. I grabbed each end of his tie, wrapping hands around it before using it to yank him to me. Our lips collided and it was over. I yanked at his shirt and the buttons flew in every direction. "Tell me how badly you want this." His voice was getting horse as I ground my hips into him. "So bad." My hand felt there way over his chest to his torso, every dip and curve of his muscles were a reminder I'd always have him if I wanted him. My mouth strayed from his down to his neck. I opened my eyes and seen the mark of where a girl had tried to leave her mark. I became territorial. He chuckled at me and spoke. "I'm your's baby." His hand went lower to my most intimate parts. Through my panties he drew a moan so loud from me I was embarrassed. I came up and put my head back against the wall, my neck bare to him. He placed kisses on me and I let out a groan as he removed his hand from me. He yanked at the zipper of the jacket I wore until it fell loose. "How I've missed you Taviana." To hear him say my true name was like a bucket of ice water on me. But I was already in so deep I couldn't stop now. So as he ripped the jacket from me and laid me on the bed I gave no objections to him other then to take his belt off and fling it to a corner into the room. He held me tightly at the waist before looking at me. The look that asked me if I was sure. Sebastian Moretti may be abusive and cruel and a cold blooded killer but one thing the man was not was a rapist. I nodded at him and I let the neighbors wish they were us till sun rose.


I rolled over and seen Sebastian getting dressed. "Leaving I see." My voice was raspy as I laid on the bed. He looked to me and smirked. "If you want more come back with me." I looked back at him and laughed. "To the compound? Yea I'm okay. I'd rather stay here with that girl Jules is with." Then it hit me, while I was acting like a banchee last night, everyone was in the house. He gave me a look as he leaned over me. "No. Not the compound. My place." I sat up quickly, not caring that my chest was on display. I had two options. Stay here and go back to how were before, or go with him for a day or two. "Lets go." The words flew from my mouth before I could even properly think about it. "You shouldn't have agreed. Your mine now Taviana." He stood to his full height and grabbed one of his old dress shirts. "Wear this. I love seeing you in my clothes. Does something to me." I yanked in from his grip and slipped it on. I stood from the bed and buttoned it up and grabbeda pair of shorts. He walked to the bathroom and I walked out to the stairs. I walked down the stairs and to the living room. The load squeal of Jules was so high pitched I swatted her face. "You and the boss! You naughty girl!" Sabrina of course spoke up from her spot at the table. I shot her a look and turned to Jules. "Stop it. now keep and eye on Zaynab. Get her to eat so I can turn it into muscle." She nodded with a sly grin on her face. "I thought you said he was bad?" Zaynab's voice was curious and confused. "Her and Sebastian go way back. Like years back." I was appalled as I seen Ray come from Jules' room. "Why are they're so many people here?" My tone was getting annoyed. "But still. You said he was bad." Before I could speak Sebastian strolled down the steps and spoke for me. "I'am, but you see when two people have a connection they fuck. Regardless of how 'bad' they are." I looked at him in shock. praying to god she would still be confused. His vulgar mouth was sure to leave an impression. "Just like the connection you have with Liam. One day when you aren't so oblivious you guys will have similar relations." Her face was straight and I realized she'd caught on. The girl Jules had brought came out of another room and I was shocked. What the fuck is this a clown house. "You need to be married to do such things. You are only supposed to give your self to one person. Or you will go to hell." I nodded at her and shoved my way to the door. Pulling him along. "Well I'm just a hopeless fuc-" I yanked him out the door before poking my head in. "Forget everything. Please." I slammed my door shut and realized it was freezing outside. "That was fucked up, Sebastian. She is only 15 and doesn't understand that stuff. She doesn't come from a place like this where sex is a part of everyday conversation." He looked at and smiled. "Funny. I recall you being so naive once too. Before I showed you the blissful things life had to offer. I took you places most people only dreamed of. Lavish life. You were like her before. And she will turn into Jake's bed mate if we don't see results." I looked at his eyes and watch them change. I nodded my head at him and felt his suit jacket drape around me as well as his arm. "I'm fine, you know. The cold isn't anything to me." My voice was low. "I know you are." We walked to the end of the road and there sat his car the shiny black car sat there with mist covering the wind shield. As he fidgeted with the keys he opened the door and I slid inside. I watched as he turned on the car and the mist disappeared from the windows. All eyes were on us. I mean I lived in the neighborhood where if you could afford your electric bill you were rich. So to see a a car like this drive down the streets was a shock. As we road through the streets into the city. I couldn't help but speak. "Why?" Was all I said to him. It was all I could get out. He looked to me and he raised his eyebrow for me to elaborate. "Why me? Why not the girls from the compound?" He turned his head and a ghost of smirk was there. "No girl is like you. Besides they've been touched my so many. And you've only been with me. You're mine, Taviana." The possessive tone in his voice both scared me and excited me. "And why are calling me that?" My voice was growing louder. "Is that not your name?" His smart ass reply had me glaring. I looked out the window and seen buildings pass that were tall enough they got lost in clouds.

This is after all New York City. Pulling up to a man with a black suit on, Sebastian stopped the car and stepped out. The door opened and I was pulled out. As we walked to the doors of the building memories flew into my mind. Good and bad flooded me. The man drove off with the car and I was left with Sebastian pulling me along. People gawked at me and him. After all I was only wearing his shirt and a pair of pants. But I still grew agitated. "Take a picture." I hissed at the people as I was pulled along. They widened their eyes moved before looking else where. "Still the same old Tav." I groaned and stepped in the elevator with him. As he took out a card and slipped it in a slot the elevator moved up. I stood on one side of the elevator and he on the other. He stared at me. And I grew uncomfortable suddenly. He was judging me. I knew that look. The ding of the elevator and the opening of the door made him take the card and walk through into the bathroom apartment. I followed suit and looked around at the floor to ceiling windows and felt nostalgia over come me. My hand brushed over the couch and the table as he laid his gun on another table. His phone rang loudly and he sighed before answering. I ignored most of what he said and thought back to what he said at the house. 'He was fucked'. Meaning he slept with numerous women. I felt jealousy creep up. As I thought back to the car ride I got an idea. I walked along the window and looked down and spoke. "How do you know those boxers were yours." My voice was soft and quiet but he heard me as he stopped talking. I kept walking and walked right past him. He was still. Not moving I turned to him and made eye contact. He hang up the phone without breaking eye contact. I leaned against the glass. Ignoring the prick of fear knowing I was 40+ floors up. He stalked to me and yanked me from my spot. "Who the fuck, fucked you." I looked at him and I relished in the fact that he was jealous. I went further. Just like he does. "Maybe we didn't fuck. Maybe we made love." This provoked a dark laugh from him. "You want to make love?" He came a little closer so the air between us was practically nonexistent. "I'll show you love, il mio segreto." My heart stopped. I pulled back. I didn't know Italian. I sucked at it actually but that I knew. "Your secret?" My voice was low and he smirked at me evilly. I wasn't his 'secret' Ginger. "I want to leave." I pushed past his arms and wakes to the elevator but I was pulled back and into the living room again. "I told you, you shouldn't have said yes. Now your mine." I glared at him harshly as he spoke. "So who did you fuck? Or should I said do you fuck?" His accent was being more prominent and I knew I'd pissed him off. "Ray? No maybe even Gio?" I opened my mouth to speak but I staggered on my words. "You realize you telling me this is they're death. I will kill them and I will look them in the eye tell them why. You are marked," His hand brushed at the back of neck where I was marked with the Moretti family crest. "They should have known and if they didn't, when they were inside of you from behind they would've seen it." I gasped at the way he spoke "No one! I was trying to piss you off! Like you do every time." My voice was rough as I yelled at him. He squinted his eyes and bit his lip before cursing in Italian as he turned from me and walked away. I let out a breath as I shook my head. I really need to think shit through more often. I was expecting jealousy and a little anger. Not that. I sat on the floor. The soft pure white carpet was so familiar to me. He picked out and said 'It's just like you Tavia. Clean and untouched.' The memory was so vivid and real. "Fuck." I said out loud as I stood. I was cold. So I took myself through the penthouse that I used to live in and went to his bedroom. Looking around I saw the bed that was bigger then a king that we used to share. I walked from there to the closet and seen his suits hanging on one wall with his casual clothes on the other. I looked at the shirts and pants hanging before I sighed walked out of the closet. I went to the bathroom and quickly left. He was showering and I wasn't in the mood to be yelled at. Going back the bed I see where he took off his clothes and on impulse I slipped off my shirt and slipped into his old one. The smell of his cologne was prominent and I inhaled deeply. I slipped off the pants and laid on the bed. I felt my eyes slip for second but as I heard the shower turn off i sat up against the head board of his bed. I heard rustling from the bathroom. I looked around the familiar room and seen his phone sitting on his bed stand. Grabbing the sleek black phone I swiped up and seen all of the apps and whatnot come up on the screen. I went to the pictures and found pictures of girls he'd bought and sold. Then I came across one of me. With him. It was when I was 19 I remember the day like it was yesterday. We were in Florence Italy, where he was born. He was showing me all the places he'd loved as a child. And I snapped a picture of us. The phone was suddenly yanked from my grip and I huffed as he walked into the closet. "Why do you have that picture?" I called after him but I didn't get a response until he came back dressed in a pair of sweatpants. "People change. Pictures don't." His answer was meek as he sat in the end of the bed swiped through his phone. I looked over his shoulder only too be blocked by his head. He suddenly handed me the phone. I took it back and went to swipe up but there was a password. "Really jackass!" I threw the phone at him and he caught it effortlessly. I rolled my eyes at him. "Go on do it again. I'll buy a new on." His cocky voice was getting on my nerves as I stood up and walked to were he stood. "Why do you care? That picture obviously means you care." My voice was curious but there was also annoyance in my tone. "Why do you care?"

"Don't answer my question with a question!" I hissed out at him. "I can do as I please, il mio segreto." I could have screamed at him at how angry that made me. "Don't call me that!" I raised my voice louder. "Il mio segreto! I'll mio segreto!" I screamed. I screamed so loud I'm sure he was surprised. My fist flew out and hit his chest I was angry. "She is dead! Stop it Sebastian! Please!" Those were the things I yelled as I hit him. I was suddenly shoved against the wall and my hands were restrained above my head. His other hand made me look st him. "No. I won't stop." His lips came to mine and I swear I unraveled underneath him. "Why?" I mumbled as I kissed his neck, making the bruise he had already become a darker purple. He squeezed my ass and lifted me onto the dresser and spoke lowly as he opened the shirt I wore. "Because angry sex is our thing." And I groaned before kissing him again. My nails dug into his shoulder, drawing blood, his hiss of pain made me smirk and I did it again. And again. And again. Until I was sure he was marked as mine.

Yes I was Sebastian Moretti's property. But without a doubt Sebastian was mine. And I was going to make sure he knew that.




I sat on the bed alone and scrolled through his phone. He had left and said he'd be back later. After he was fighting with someone on the phone in rapid Italian he threw his phone and marched out. So I picked his phone up before the screen went black and I've been scrolling through the messages. It was useless. All of it was in Italian. I wasn't about to translate this shit either. As I decided to get back at him for locking his phone, I changed his password. I chuckled as I sat it on the bedside table. I groaned and laid back into the fluffy v. I was bored. I was here for probably about a week now and each day he barely left. And today I was alone. I discarded the shirt I wore on the bed and walked to the bathroom before pulling off the rest of the clothes I was wearing. I turned on the bath and waited for the tub to fill. I messed with the cabinets and drawers until I came across a drawer full of my old bath bombs. I was obsessed with them before. I silently wondered why he kept these and discarded everything else of mine. My mind pondered the idea a little longer before my hand went for the bright pink one. I set it on the side of the tub and grabbed a robe before walking to the kitchen. I grabbed the bottle of his favorite wine and took it with me. I went back to the bathroom and fell into the tub. Literally I fell. I had slipped on a pair of boxers. I huffed and situated myself before letting out a laugh. I had really just fell into the tub. I leaned over and grabbed the bath bomb and unwrapped the clear plastic. My finger rubbed the side of it before letting it fall into the water. As I relaxed a bit more I watched the rain that fell on the window above me. I grabbed the bottle of wine and yanked at the cork and brought the bottle to my lips. It felt good. To be free. I wanted this. I wanted to be his and wait for him each day. To have the sexiest man in the world. To be with him and not think about the past. But that was the problem. The past was there no matter what. I brought the bottle to my lips again and let the smooth sweet liquid fall into my mouth. He always did know his alcohol. I chuckled lightly and set the bottle down. As much as I wanted this everyday to sit in a tub with expensive things surrounding me and not worry about shit. I still had worries, I knew things. Hell I was things. I knew what I had to do. I had to go home. I had to train like I away did and train Zaynab. I sighed loudly and slipped my head in the pink water and let air bubbles go from my mouth. I brought my head up and yanked the bottle into before guzzling the rest like a man. I sat back against the tub and let my head fall back against the rim and felt the cold air on my face. I closed my eyes for a moment and thought about how it used to be. How we used to be. I shook my head and jumped as little when I heard the door slam shut down stairs. I heard foot fall on the stairs and there he stood. I held up the bottle and he gave me a look. "You know how me and pink bottles are." I said and pouted my lip slightly. "Are you drunk?" He questioned. I shook my head and stood quickly before slightly loosing my balance. "The bottle was only half full." I defended. He shook his head and gave me a towel. I wrapped my body in it and went to his bed. Laying on the sheets soaking wet I rolled over and seen his phone. This would be good. He stood in the door way of his closet and looked at me. "Cover your self or I'll take you right now on my closet floor." I wrapped the blankets around me and watched as he took off his Rolex and put it in it's respected spot. I watched as he waked to his phone and typed in his password multiple times before looking to me. "Really?" I gave my best innocent face and rolled over on top of the blankets with only the towel covering me. "I didn't do anything." He rose and eyebrow and grabbed my foot. I kicked at him with a small smile and stood up on the bed. "Im finally taller then you." I said and laughed at his scowl. "That wine is strong. You must be tipsy at least." I shrugged my shoulders and dropped to my knees and walked to him on them. I set my hands on his shoulders. "Tipsy means you take advantage." I whispered in his ear. He went to hold onto my hips but I pushed his hands away. "Not this time." I grabbed him by his neck and pushed him on the bed. The towel still around me, I sat on top of him stared him in his eyes and gave him a small smile before leaning down to his lips "This is wrong." I said as I kissed him. I myself press against him. His hands went to my hips again. I pushed them off and wagged my finger at him slowly undoing his tie and shirt I seen the black and blue bruise I created and smirked. I then gave it a kiss. "I'm all yours." I nodded my head and watched him as he licked his lips then traced my neck down to my collarbone with his finger. I swatted his hand away again before saying "Don't touch. I'm in charge." He slightly raised one eyebrow and held up his hands and surrender. I now knew why he like being in charge. It made him feel superior. But I was used to being told what to do, I don't know what to do now. He could see this. He suddenly rolled over on top of me and spoke "Cute, but I'm better at being the boss. Besides your sexier underneath me." All I could do was nod my head in agreement. I yanked him closer by the collar of his white dress shirt. Our lips collided and my hand pulled his shirt out of his pants. I slid my hands up his sides. Before slipping them out and undoing the buttons. He slipped the the shirt off and I took that as my chance. He thought he was the boss. Well I want to be the boss for a change. I flipped him over onto his back and sat on top of him. He chuckled at me and said "Are we back to this?" I nodded and put lips to his chest I let my mouth gently trace his tattoos and I slightly dug my nails up and down his side. His hiss was exhilarating. Is this how he felt when he did things to me that drove me insane? Down past his naval my hands wander to his belt. Before I could go any further he sat up held me against him as he walked to the bathroom. My towel was barely on me, my hand held it in place. I was sat on the counter and felt deja vu come over me. He squeezed my thigh and turned to the shower he turned it on and I yanked him back to me. For the first time ever I said something that made him look at me with a conceited look. "Your mine Sebastian. I mean it." And he tackled me back into the mirror. I'm shocked it didn't shatter. He held onto me as if I was his life on line. He picked me up and to the shower. "Trust me baby, I'm yours." And he sat me down I yanked at his belt and pants feeling myself throb. I might not have been with anyone else, but I knew for a fact no other man could excite me the way he did. We had a raw and powerful connection. And maybe we did fuck like rabbits but I knew when the day came we would be together.

"I want you," I groaned as he slipped inside of me. And I screamed. I never got used to the feel of him. I never would. That's what made it so electric.

"So tight." He said through clenched teeth. And I realized as I climbed up there, I was in love with this man. I knew I said that I loved him but it was different. As he came I said words that made him freeze. "I love you Sebastian!" As I slumped against the door of the shower he picked me up. I was tired. And my legs were heavy. He carried me to the bed and laid me down. As he walked to the closet and put in shorts I watched him and waited for him to say something. As he slipped a shirt on and went to the table next me and picked up his phone. "03714." He nodded and typed it in and turned from me. I grabbed his arm and he looked at me. "Don't leave me alone." I said to him. He walked around and sat on the bed, his back leaning against the head board. I rolled over on his chest and hummed to myself. He pulled the blanket up onto me and I felt myself slipping. "Sleep well princess." And before I knew it I was out.


"You tell me what you know or a bullet goes in your skull!" I rolled over and squinted I the darkness. I was asleep for a while. "We have all day Ray!" I jumped up and grabbed a few random clothes before dashing out of the room and down the hall. I looked over the ledge and seen into the living room. Antonio and a few other men stood there around a tied up Ray. "Trust me you should talk before Sebastian comes out here. He isn't as lenient." I stood and watched as Ray stared them in the eyes and said nothing one of them hit ray in the jaw with there gun. I winced slightly. Part of me was ready to go down there and help him but I also knew I couldn't. "Toni was right." There he stood his suit in place as he walked towards him. His Rolex in place as he stood in front of him. "You sold me out. I have cops sniffing around. I have men getting killed. I have property and product disappearing. Hell even a few of my girls." He stopped and leaned down to him "I have one question though." Sebastian's voice was calm but that was why he was so terrifying. "You sold me out, but you also sold out Tavia and her friends. You know very well that she is still wanted for murder." I opened my mouth in shock. How could he? Sebastian stopped and walked to a table and opened the drawer. "That's not a question." Ray was ballsy for even speaking. "Your right. My question is, if you are in love with her. Why would you sell her out?" I squinted my eyebrows in confusion. Yes Ray liked me, that was obvious, but love? I don't think so. "Everyone has to look out for themselves in this world." Sebastian chuckled harshly before taking a shiny knife from the drawer and standing behind him. "She will never forgive you." Ray said in a raspy voice. Sebastian laughed. He really laughed. "Do you think I care if someone forgives me?" He said with a smile on and he looked at him in the eyes and if I were ray I'd of shit my pants. "She won't and you know it." He nodded and then spoke once more. "Lets ask her." Suddenly Sebastian looked at me. Of course he knew I was standing there. "Come here darling." I walked to the stairs and stepped down then and to his side. Ray had look of shock and betrayal on his face. "Would you forgive me?" Sebastian leaned into my ear from behind. I snatched the knife from him and walked to Ray. "Betrayal is a bitch." And shoved the knife into his arm. A scream ripped from his lips. "It's a flesh wound you little bitch." My voice was cold and detached. I walked behind him and leaned into his ear, as Sebastian had done to me. I gripped the knife and twisted it slightly earning a groan of pain from him. I looked at Sebastian and seen his smile. I ripped the knife from his arm roughly and spoke. "Forgive that, dick." And I tossed the knife away. His blood had seeped on my hand. I wiped my hand on his face. The warm blood left five streaky lines on his face and down his lips. "Friends, ey? Well guess what, friend?" I said to him. "We are gonna play a game. Tel me what exactly what you said. Or it becomes more painful," I leaned down into his ear and let my hand fall to his thigh. "Me and you both know, I'm so much worse then those henchmen." My voice was sensual and my hand caressed his thigh. He was shocked at how I acted. "This isn't you Tav." He whispered and I smirked. Holding onto his shoulders I looked at Sebastian before leaning down. "Your forgetting one thing." I said softly before shoving two fingers in his wound. "Sebastian taught me how to kill and not think twice, babe." He squeezed his eyes closed before cursing at me. "So what exactly did you say." He looked up at me before he spoke. "Kill me. Cos the police aren't the only people I told. Expect the Lombardo and Giovanni on you," he looked at Sebastian. "All of you." I ripped my fingers from his wound and snapped his neck without a blink of an eye. I turned around and walked to the stairs and back to the room. I heard Italian being yelled back and forth before I heard swearing. I went to the shower and stepped in without taking off my shirt or waiting for it to warm up. I scrubbed at the blood and felt a flashback hit me I stumbled slightly as I held onto the wall.

Her eyes. They pleaded with me to spare her. She stood up on shaky legs refusing to give up. I nodded at her and she threw a punch and it hit me in the face. I made eye contact with him and he gave me the look. No mercy. My fist shot out and hit her in the throat twice. She choked slightly and kicked at me before tackling me to the cage wall. Her fist came at me, multiple times and stars invaded my vision. I grabbed her neck and smacked her face into the cage and kicked the back of her leg. She looked back at me and nodded. She wants me to kill her. She didn't want to spend another second as entertainment. So I grabbed her face and snapped her neck. Without so much as a blink of an eye.

I slipped down the shower like I had the cage wall and sat there. I kept seeing the blood and felt my head start to spin. I can't do this. It was all I saw. It was on me. My hands scrubbed at my legs and I started to hyperventilate. I can't do this. No. "Sebastian." At first I said his name quietly and kept scrubbing before getting louder. "Sebastian!" I screamed. I hit the door and it popped open. I fell out of the shower my shirt soaking wet. But the water was blood. Her blood.

"No! No! No! I'm sorry! Stop!" I scrubbed at my hands with a cloth yelled for Sebastian again. He suddenly appeared in the doorway. "Make her stop! Make Fallon stop!" I screamed! He came and held my hand. All I could see was the blood that I had caused. He held my hands down. Stopping me from scrubbing the blood off. "No! Stop! I need to get it off!"

"Your hallucinating. Stop." His voice was calm. Suddenly Antonio appeared, needle in hand. He tossed it to Sebastian's who ripped the cap off with his teeth. "I'm sorry Taviana." The needle cut into my skin and I felt the cool liquid spread through that one in my arm. I was getting woozy "Shh." Sebastian was cooing me and it was weird. "No more fighting." I mumbled before I fell into the dark abyss.


I felt weak. Beyond weak. I felt dead. My eyes opened slowly and I groaned lightly. I lifted my hand to my face and rubbed away the sleep. "Jesus." I said and looked around to see I was laying on the floor of the bathroom. I was confused. I looked around and seen bullet holes and dust. It had settled meaning it was a while ago. I stood shakily and walked to the bedroom. I made sure I was quiet. I wouldn't take the risk of someone still being here and getting my ass killed. I looked around and seen that his room was open, there was no where to hide. I walked slowly to the bed side table and opened it, taking the gun that he always in there out and checked the rounds. Full. I walked to one of the bullet holes and felt it. It wasn't hot meaning less of a chance they'd still be here. Whoever they were. I let out a breath and walked towards the door and stood back looking at the mirror in the hallway, seeing if anyone was out there. I poked my head out and looked. The wall was scattered with bullet holes and the floor with shell casings. I walked out and seen the blood that was splattered on the walls. I closed my eye and did my best to suppress the memories as they came on. I continued to walk down the hall and almost let out a gasp. There stood men around a tied up Sebastian in the chair Ray previously occupied, with a gash on his face. I sat down and only poked my eyes out to see what was going on. "You think you can kill me? Trust me, it's not going to happen. Not before I feel your blood on my hands." Sebastian voice was so calm and to anyone else you would only hear how calm he was. But I knew him. Calm meant pissed. He was shaking in anger on the inside and I knew he was close to loosing it. The man laughed at him loudly and blew someone in his face. His beady eyes were full of amusement. "Come on boy, your tied up with men ready to put a bullet in your head. Who would dare come save you?" As the middle aged man said that he took a knife and dragged it down the side of his face. Sebastian didn't move once and I knew if he wasn't tied up he wouldn't shoot him. He'd beat him until he was begging for his life. As he put the gun to his head flicked the safety I stood up and spoke. "You really are old, bet your aim sucks." And I shot him in his shoulder. The small kick of the gun made me stumble a bit before I dove down back behind the wall as guns went off. I ran down the other side of the hall and down the stairs that lead to the kitchen. I stood above the counter and watched as they ran up the stairs. "A girl coming to your rescue? She'll be dead in minutes." I laughed and stood up. "You really should've mapped out the place. Now your alone and I won't think  twice about shooting your brains on this carpet." As I aimed the gun at him he rose his arms in defense and spoke. "Oh we did." I was suddenly tackled to the ground and I hit the ground with a loud groan. I rolled over and kicked him his stomach. He leaned over so I took his hair and smashed his face into my knee. Pushing him over I seen another guy standing there waiting. "Come on, sweetie." I said with a smile and he came at me.  I was getting tired. I was bleeding from my nose and the sides of my face from the previous guy. His fist hit me in the face twice and I looked at him and smirked through the blood in my mouth and hit him in the throat. He choked a little but other wise was fine. He grabbed my fist when I went to hit him and pushed me to the ground. I rolled into Sebastian's leg. Standing up I turned and kicked the man in the face. He fell to the ground and I grabbed the gun from his hip and hit him in the head with it several times. His head lulled around and I stood up. As another came at me I shot him in the knee twice and he fell to the ground. Turning to the man. "Then at least check out who he's fucking at the time." My voice cold and angry. My mouth was bleeding and as another man grabbed my hair I swore out loud. Turning around ignoring the sting in my scalp I looked at him and seen he was huge. I spit in his face and he back handed me. As I fell to the floor. I was kicked in the stomach multiple times. I spit the blood out of my mouth, from biting my check so many times, at his feet and was kicked in the stomach again. I rolled on my back and as he placed his foot above my face he spoke "Say good night." Grabbing the gun from my side I shot him square in the forehead. "Night." I said breathlessly. "Damn. I think I'll take you with me." As I stood up he pointed a gun at Sebastian's head I stood still. Sebastian's face was full of pride. "Good job Tavia." The man let out a breath and spoke again. "You are the famous Tavia!" His voice excited and I looked at him and gave him a look. "Yes. Which means that I can kill you in your sleep." He stepped back from Sebastian and before I could do anything Sebastian stood and fell back on the chair. It smashed into pieces. He struggled to get free of the rope.The man went to run but I grabbed his collar, "Ay, you came into the lions den. Deal with the end result." I was back handed and I was pushed to the floor before getting hit repeatedly. "My best men, you whore." I was kicked in the face. Looking over to Sebastian he was trying to free his wrist from the rope. I looked up at him and laughed harshly in his face. "And I'd do it again." Before he could hit me again sebastian shot him in his side. I closed my eyes. He wasn't going to let him die easily. "I will make a message out of you, Kane." Sebastian was infuriated. His voice so angry I felt myself get scared. My insides were quivering and not from the fight. I looked over at them and sat up against the wall. Sebastian took a knife and carved out the Moretti family crest on his chest. As he finished he said a few words that made me feel uneasy and completely shocked. "Don't ever touch my wife again." Before he drove the knife into his chest. Sebastian stood straight and I could see the muscles in his arms tensing in rage. As I stood he lashed out and flipped the glass table. The glass flew everywhere. "My house! In my house! They have the audacity to touch what is mine!" He laid his hand flat on the counter and he turned to me. "Lets go." He grabbed his keys and my arm and dragged me to the elevator. I didn't know where I was going but I knew I was terrified to say anything. So as we got in the car I said nothing and did nothing. He sped faster then I'd of liked but as long as I wasn't the one getting his anger I was fine. "How are you? You were bleeding." His voice was straining and I softly spoke. "I'm fine. Where are we going?" I couldn't help but ask seeing as we were going farther from the compound or my place. "Call your friends and tell them to meet Toni." I nodded and took his phone and dialed Jules' number.

"Hello?" I sighed in relief at her voice. "Go to the compound now and go see toni. Don't ask questions." She said okay and hung up. "Call Toni and put it on speaker." Doing as he said, the phone rang three times before his tired voice answered. They spoke fast and there was a beep on the other line. Putting the phone on my leg I spoke again. "Where are we going?" My voice was loud and I was being risky. "About time you acted like yourself." I huffed lightly and waited for him to tell me.

"Italia, or as you say Italy." Before I could speak he turned up the radio and headed in the direction of the airport. I swear I hated him.

I was standing by the doors of the airport in only his shirt. He gave me a jacket to hide the blood on my hands until I could get to the bathroom. But I had to wait for Jules to get here with my stuff. I was tapping my foot lightly and felt myself grow even for. I was getting annoyed as everyone stared at me. Turning around I put my face into his back groaned as people walked slower to stare even harder. I wanted spin around and yell at them but I couldn't do that. I sighed in relief as they pulled up and Jules, Sabrina, Zaynab and Toni got out. The girl instantly came to try and cover me from the stares as we walked through the airport. Once we reached the bathroom I sighed in relief that no one was in there. I locked the door and took off my shirt clothes I grabbed multiple paper towels and socked them in the sink. The blood was dried on and it took scrubbing. "You totally got some." I swear

If there were a time I wanted to strangle her it'd be now. "Jules." I warned Lowly a I finally got my arms blood free. I grabbed more of the scratchy brown paper towels and finished scrubbing my hands. I quickly wiped the little bit of blood off my face and grabbed the bag she had. I shuffled through it and grabbed a long sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans. The door jiggled slightly and I stopped and waited for them to stop. "Were cleaning up. Come back in 20." I looked to Jules and rolled my eyes. I quickly dressed myself and fixed my hair into a messy bun. I looked like shit. Taking out a pair of sandals I buckled them and took my purse that she had grabbed. "I should kiss your feet for remembering my purse." I said happily. I took out the perfume and sprayed it on me, a bit more then usual. As we walked out five of his men waited, the second they noticed me I was shoved in the middle of them and told to keep my face down. I was worried. I was still wanted for murder and now we were in an airport it was idiocy. But what could I do. You can't tell men shit. I was escorted to a gate and through a tunnel to a plane. I was shoved past the ladies and to first class. As soon as I was there the door was shut and the men left. I was left standing with Zaynab, Jules and Sabrina. "Why are we on a public plane. Doesn't he own like 100?" Jules was annoyed that there were so many people and so was I. "Try like 200. He probably wants to go under the radar." Toni came from behind a curtain. I nodded at him and watched as the girls sat down. I opened the over head shoved the duffel bag in and shut it. I looked out the small window and watched as more people lined up to board the plane. The curtain was pushed open and Sebastian walked through with a red head. I sat down next to Jules and watched as the girl followed behind him and sat with him. I shut my eyes and breathed out. I heard a scoff and looked over at Jules to see she was sneering at the girl. "She should be careful." I gave her a careful look. "I don't care so neither should you." She turned her eyes to me. "Well I'll hate her for you." I let out a small chuckle and looked over at them. His phone was to his ear but I could see she was shuffling closer to him. She looked up at me and gave a slight glare my way. I rose and eyebrow at her and scoffed silently. She glared harder before leaning against him. Grabbing my phone from my purse I messed around, trying to busy myself. Changing my picture a good twelve times was my limit before putting my phone back in my purse. Looking over at Zaynab, I realized just how skinny she was. She had a gained a little bit of weight but she was still rather tiny. I had to get her into shape, not just her body. I had to teach her what she'd be doing with Ray. I suddenly stood up and almost everyone had there eyes on me. Walking over to Sebastian and the red head. She looked up at me and glared harshly before speaking. "Who are you?" Her voice was possessive. Giving her a side ways smirk. "I need to speak to you." I said ignoring her question. He looked at me and rose an brow telling me to continue. "Not here," I said looking over at her. "Not in front prying ears." She scoffed and went to speak. "And to answer your previous question, I'm Tavia." She shut her mouth and kept glaring as he stood to me. His body was pressed to mine. I felt my body flushed as he stepped closer. He dipped his head down to my ear. "Where do you want to go. After all we are on a plane." I narrowed my eyes at him and walked all the way down to the end of first class. "If Ray is dead, who will she work with?"

"I decided on Toni." I actually felt relief fill me. Working with Toni was better than Ray. He was a body guard. Which meant quiet a bit more work for me but it was better for her. Looking at him I couldn't help it. Grabbing his face I pulled it down to mine. His lips met mine and I felt his hands drop to my waist. I pulled back and rested my hand on his chest. "Thank you Sebastian. For not just throwing her away." I said and met his eyes. "She deserves a chance. Besides I see a fire in her. She spoke back to me." I scoffed and pushed him away. "Go back to your sneering red head. She might summon the devil with that hair." He smirked as leaned against the seat. "Jealous?" I couldn't stop the laugh that flew from my mouth. "Jules, If I ever become jealous of her," I paused to make sure they had there eyes on me. "Then just kill me, please." Jules nodded my way before hollering for someone to bring her food. As I walked back down the aisle he spoke up. "You seem rather jealous of Stella and possessive if I do say so myself. Kind of like when you moaned that I was yours." I swear koo could hear the bloody smirk in his voice. Toni made a few noises and Stella stood up. "You need to back off, sweetie." His smirk widened as he waited for a reaction. "Sweetie," I said as I walked closer to her. "Remember one thing. I'm one person that you don't fuck with. See I killed someone that I was close to less then 24 hours ago." She glared as she walked up to me and she puffed out her chest. "So don't think I won't snap your neck without blinking, Sweetie." As I went to turn around she grabbed my arm. "Just like you did Ginger." I wet stiff. "You're her sister. I'm actually disappointed." I said. I felt Sebastian behind me and his hand grab my hip as if warning me. "Oh really, Why is that?" I shrugged lightly as Jules stood and walked closer to us.

"Thought you'd be prettier. And all around better. Sure I hated her but she seems better then you." Her face flushed red as she cursed in Italian. "Not a clue what you said but if we are offending people, I'll show you what ginger did to really offend me." I could tell as Sebastian tightened his grip on my hip, I was walking on a fine line. "You don't realize the temper we Italians have." She hissed lowly. "You don't realize the temper we Arabs have. Now sit the down and shut the hell up." I was beyond surprised that Zaynab spoke up, I was even more surprised that her long hair was on display for everyone to see.

"Go." His voice short and he pulled me back to the bathroom and shoved me inside. "What are you doing." The space was small and he was making it even smaller for me as he shoved me against the tiny sink. "You really have nerve." He was pissed. "To say her name. But you, spoke of her kindly. For you at least." I felt my skin cut harder as the edge of this sink dug my hip. "This hurts, let me go." He pressed me even harder and I let out a small hiss of pain. "Ask nicely." I swear I was gonna smack his smile off of his face. "Please." He released me instantly. I shoved him into the small area and walked out of the bathroom. "I'm surprised a slut like you wouldn't want to fuck in the dirty toilet. I mean it's not far off from you." I swear I wanted to gouge her eyes from her pesky skull. "Maybe I resemble a dirty toilet but at least I don't live in my dead sisters shadow." I was asking for it. She came at me and her hand sliced through the air and hit my cheek. Her face was beat red. She was angry. "You hit like a girl." My voice and face was voided of emotion but my eyes, they gave away how truly fucking pissed I was. "You're a girl, cagna."

"Oh, I know that one! You called me bitch!" My smile. "Try harder, puttana" I think that last one really got to her. Everyone was surprised. Sebastian pulled me back into him as she turned to and sat down.

"parlare italiano più spesso, il vostro sexy quando si parla la mia lingua." I didn't have a clue what he said all I knew was that when he spoke in Italian it was a turn on. His voice was husky and gravely. I turned to him and gave him a questioning look. "I said, you should speak Italian more often because your sexy when you do." His voice was lower then usual.

"Quello che vuoi bello."

"I'm going to fuck you so hard if you keep talking like that." He pulled me close and I felt breathing hitch slightly. One of my hands held onto his bicep and the other sat on his stomach. He pushed closer despite my hands pushing back at him. My insides were quivering, but they always did when we were close. "At least take the slut down a few aisles. You were raised better then that, Sebastian." I couldn't help how fast I was out of his arms and how fast I had punched her in the face. She held her nose and let out whimpers and cries. Blood was flowing steadily from her nose. I knew his childhood was a touchy subject. And she knew that as well. "Don't speak of how he was raised. Trust me, I'm not afraid of hurting the pretty rich girl." I felt his hand shoot out to me and he pulled me back down the aisles as she cursed at me. "Your words are as petty as you." I said as my hands curled to fists. I was shoved behind a curtain and into a small area that was blocked off. He pushed me into a seat and sat down next to me. I was prepared for a lecture. I was prepared for getting yelled at. I was even prepared for him to possibly hit me. I wasn't ready for him to reach over and pull my head to his chest. It took a couple awkward minutes before I relaxed slightly. It took a couple more after that for him to speak. His words were full of pride. It was different from when I won a fight or talked back a little. He had real and true pride in his voice as he spoke to me. "You defended me without caring of a consequence or a reaction. You took up for me as queen would her king." I sat up and looked at him. His eyes shown with admiration and fire as his hand held my thigh. He put his hand on my head and nudged me to lay down on him. My head fell from his chest to his lap. His hand pushed my hair off to the side and lightly traced my neck. I soon couldn't help the overwhelming tiredness. It felt like if only been asleep ten minutes but I woke up to Sebastian lightly shaking me and telling me the plane had landed. I barely had time to rub the sleep from my eyes before Stella was back with her snarky comments. "Couldn't wait to give him a blow job till we landed I see." I swear her voice got squeakier since the last time she insulted me. "Your not worth my time. You may be daddy's little girl and be made up of diamonds and Prada bags, but let's get one thing straight." I stood up and held onto the seat as I spoke. "You are not worth anything but the grass that grows between sidewalk cracks. So sweetie, stop trying to be all cute. It's clear that you like Sebastian and you were the sister that didn't get him and now you still don't have him. So as you insult me with your weak ass insults, you really just look like the manikin that holds the Prada bags and diamonds your made up of." I shoved past her harshly, and the second I felt her skinny fingers enclose around my arm and I turned around and hit her in the face. Not hard or anything. Just enough to get her to back off. Or at least that was what I thought as I hit her. But when the blood gushed from her nose and she screamed I realized I hit her a tad harder then I thought. "She barely hit you." Sebastian's voice was annoyed as she went to scream again. I rose an eyebrow at her as she stomped marched of with tears in her eyes. "Jeez, Ginger would be disappointed in your ability to take a hit. Even she knew when one was coming." His hand pushed my back to make me walk. His hand guided me down the aisle. He grabbed my arm to let a little girl and her mother through. "Look at them mama, there like king and queen!" Her voice was full excitement. "She even has Cinderella's hair." I got down to her level and put a big smile on my face. "What would you do if I told you my name was Cinderella? And this was Phillip?" Her mother was clearly tired but she was smiling down at us. "Really!?" She practically screamed. I nodded at her and gave her a hug. After I stood up she walked over to Sebastian and rose her arms, clearly wanting him to pick her up. He put his arms under her arms and lifted her up. she latched onto him before squeezing me into there hug. "I love you guys!"

"Bella, come on sweetie." She hopped down before waving as she skipped off with her mother. "You have always been so good with kids." Jules had popped up out of no where. "I can't wait until I have children." She was rambling. "Well hopefully your kids don't talk as much as you." She glared at Sebastian when he snorted in agreement. "You both can piss off." She said as she pulled me along. When we walked through the tunnel and into the airport I couldn't help but try to push her faster, remembering there was at least a 50 foot drop and only glass was under me. "Still afraid of heights?" "No, just memories of me falling through one before." He chuckled lightly and handed me his sunglasses. As we walked out into the open his men came from no where and crowded us. There were murmurs about who we were, if we were famous. I slipped his glasses on and flipped my hoodie over my head. I looked down and felt a little safer with his arm around me, pressing me closer. As we reached customs, I felt panic creep up but when we reached the line I swear I was going to have a full blown anxiety attack. I tried to understand anything anyone was saying but the few people who spoke English. Soon a man came from a small door and smiled at Sebastian widely he approached us so fast I wanted to tell him to stop before he was knocked the fuck out by his bodyguards. But thy just parted ways and let him through. Soon enough I was let go of and he was shaking hands with the man and talking rapidly. Before I could comprehend what was going on or where we were going, our passports were being stamped and we are shoved out the doors to the cars. I could feel myself looking air and become dizzy. I grabbed Jules' arm. The second she looked at me she knew what was happening. She pushed me into the car and held my hair as I puked into a small bin. It felt like I was puking sand, my throat was sore as I started to dry heave. The doors were open and I could see everyone look at me with concern. I lightly wiped my mouth and laid my head on her lap. "Breath." "What the fuck is going on." One of those voices was Sebastian. Can you guess which one? "She's used to one routine. Waking up, eating, training, fighting. That's it." Took the water and before I could even take a sip there were shots. Guns were whipped out, I was shoved onto the floor, and the girls were shoved inside the car. I watched as bullets shit through the window, shattering it to a million pieces. Shards flew in my face as I looked around for Sebastian. He opened his door getting ready to step out. My hands latched onto his arm. "Don't go out there! Are you insane?" He smirked lightly and I swear to you he was the biggest idiot I'd ever met. "I'll be back." And he hopped out the car immediately took off, the shots fading. I sat up and looked out of the back window. All I could see was cars swerving and people screaming frantically. I didn't see any sign of Sebastian.

"Bloody idiot."




What do you think of when you think of death?

Pain? Misery?

I can say, from staring death in the face so many times, it wasn't a, life flashing before your eyes kind of moment. You didn't remember all the good. You don't remember your loved ones. You remember all of the shit you've done, so that you can try to imagine where you will go once your dead?

Heaven? Hell?

When you imagine hell do you picture a red man with a pitch fork and people falling into pit of fire? Or did you imagine that you are forced to live in the cold dark corners of hell remembering every horrible thing you've done as a nerve racking guilt racks you to the very core? What about heaven? Do you imagine pearly white gates among the clouds with angels flying around, your loved ones who have already passed, there to meet you? Or do you imagine a utopia, everything you ever wanted there at your feet because you were a great human and you were deemed good enough to walk through those gates?

I don't know what I believe. But what I do know is that with a gun pointed in my face. I could only imagine that I would be going to hell.


I couldn't help but scream as my head whipped to the side as another car had hit us. I knew we were flipping. My head smashed against the window and stare invaded my vision. Opening my eyes my hands reached for Jules. I held her hand tightly. I felt the blood ooze from head and I knew my hair was stained red. I grabbed onto my head as it hit the window again, this time it broke. I felt the car slow. I was in and out but when I finally came too we were upside down and there was a few men waking around the car. I looked around and noticed we were all laying on the roof except Zaynab, she was buckled and upside down. Before I could do anything else I was yanked out of the car by hair I was pulled up and a gun was put to my temple. "Where is he?" His Italian accent was thicker then Sebastian's but I understood him. "Aw you like it kinky huh?" My voice was dry and I knew I was pushing it. He smirked and moved his hand from my hair to the back of my neck, pulling me closer. "Amor, I like shit your mind can't comprehend." Before I could respond a shot went off and a small scream was heard. My hand shot out and my hand was on his fist which held the gun and my foot connected with his shin. His grip loosened and I took the gun and pointed at him. His face was slightly shocked. "You fucked with the wrong one. Now unless you want a bullet in your head then tell them to move back. My friends go and that's the end of it. Or I kill all of us and Sebastian will be gone from this country and you'll have been fucked by dead girl." I knew I was pushing it, and for all I knew there was five guns pointed at my head and I was seconds away from being road kill. He stood up and came closer, the gun was touching his chest. "I do know who you are." I could but help but feel a chill run down my spine. I faltered for a second and he took that. His hand was on my throat and I was bent over the side of his car. "These aren't for little girls." His arrogant smirk made me want to rip his lips off. I glared at him and tried to stand up but his form kept me pinned. I heard a car but I couldn't turn to look. I heard a door slam. "I'll fucking kill you, Pezzo di merda arrogante." I knew that  voice and it gave me a slight since comfort. He leaned down to me and his lips met my ear before he spoke. "To bad your sleeping with the enemy, Adara." I swear to the heavens my blood ran cold and my heart stopped. I couldn't help that my skin went sheet white and that my breathing hitched. His lips met my neck and I knew that when he turned my back to Sebastian he was looking him in the eyes. His lips moved on my neck slowly. I felt my breathing get faster. I didn't dare move. If he said anything I'd be dead. I was suddenly ripped away from him and shoved into someone's arms. I looked up and seen Toni. My head fell to his chest and I let out a breath of relief. He put his arm around me and tried to usher me to the car. I knew that someone would die. And I knew that whoever that man was, he wasn't fucking joking when he pulled his gun on Sebastian. I pushed Toni away and ran up to Sebastian. I stood in front of him, my back pressed to his chest. His eyes moved to me and he watched me carefully.  "You're not indestructible." He informed me as if I didn't know this. My hands moved behind me. "And your not as smart as you think you are." I pulled the gun from Sebastian's hip and pointed it at the man. "I got to hand it to you Sebastian, your girl is brave." I walked up to him and made my face stay stone cold. I leaned into him and spoke in his ear, "Say anything," I pointed the gun at his groin, "And you'll never be able to all the shit I can't comprehend again."  He smirked and went to step closer but I stepped back into Sebastian. We backed up and I was pushed into the car before I sat on Sebastian's lap. I dropped the gun into his hands. I was pretty sure that I was going to fall asleep. "You drove into the wrong territory. That was Giovanni Lombardo." I was shocked. The Lombardo weren't very top 5. They were always on the down low. "Wait didn't Giovanni die?" I was confused. "And wasn't he like 50 something?" My head was pounding and I was just now realizing I had a gash on the side of my arm. "That's his son. Giovanni Lombardo the third." I groaned loudly, "Can't there be one of anybody anymore?" My head fell back on his shoulder and I held my arm. I was dizzy and I was annoyed, and to top it off, I think I just got my period. Groaning even louder, I moved off of his lap and sat in the seat. "What?" He questioned, I looked at him and gave him a look. Turning to Jules, who was slightly bruised, "Japan's attacking." She let out a loud laugh and I could only glare at her. "Bitch." She only laughed harder. Everyone else stared at us. "What do you mean Japan is attacking?"

"She got her-" She was cut off when I threw a bottle of water at her face. "Shut the fuck up big head!" I yelled. Suddenly Sabrina laughed and I glared at her too. "One word and I'll punch you both in the throat." The rest of the ride consisted of phone calls and Toni asking what Japan attacking meant. When we reached the house I felt nostalgia wash over me. This was where Sebastian grew up and where he told me he loved me for the first time. This was huge. And by house I meant mansion. There wasn't a spot that hadn't been dusted. As I stepped out of the car I squeezed my legs together. I waited for Jules and and latched onto her arm. "Chill out. It's not like they've never heard of a period." She whispered in my ear. Before I could reply I was yanked back into Sebastian. "What the fuck is going on." It wasn't a question. "She has her period." Sabrina was running. I was going to going to punch her in the face. "Really?" He was laughing. This is what I knew would happen. And then there was Toni and everyone else who had overheard it. "Shut the fuck up Toni." His face was red. "It's not even funny." I said. I was sure I was blushing. I was embarrassed. Everyone started walking inside but Sebastian made me stay there. "You were scared to tell me you were on your period?" I glared at him and hoped i could run inside. "No I was embarrassed to tell you that I was bleeding all over myself in the car!" I yelled right in his face in stomped off like a four year old. That wasn't the only thing I was embarrassed about. I walked up to the doors and shoved them open and there laid that impeccable foyer. Both stair cases straight in front of me. I practically skipped five steps and ran into the first empty bathroom. I took my phone out of my pocket. I swear to god Niagara Falls was in between my legs, and not in a good way.

"Jules!" I yelled it as loud as I possibly could. The gross realization was setting in and I screamed again. Jules opened the door as handed me a bag. She squeezed through and sat on the floor, "Sabrina is hiding in the kitchen." I smiled at her lightly. "Thanks. How is Zaynab doing?" I was curious how she had been adjusting. "She's good, great actually. She's been warming up to Toni." I looked at her in surprise. I finished what I had to do and through my now wet hair in a bun before slipping on a sweater. "You know I think she deserves someone like him. He is a good person deep down." Opening the bathroom door I held my bag to my chest and shivered slightly. "I thought she liked Nick?" I questioned her before I wrapped my arm around her. "I'm cold." Was all I said. "I don't know, I guess Toni just left more of an impression. He likes her, but you can tell he tries to act like he doesn't." I laughed and watched as she led me into the kitchen. Everyone was getting ready to sit down to eat. "Take this to Sebastian in his office." I watched as a maid went pale but complied. As she went to pass me I spoke. "I'll do it for you." She looked grateful and relieved. She practically threw the tray at me and ran around the corner. I fixed my hood and walked to his office. I knew he'd most likely be up angry. I opened the door and seen him sitting in his chair. He never looked up but only spoke which was in Italian. "Sorry, I'm not who you expected." His head shot up and nodded me to come over to him. I sat the tray done on a small table near the desk before walking over to him. "How's it going?" I was curious how he was handling all of this. "Like shit. I have no idea how the fuck they knew we were going to be there. This trip here was last minute." He sounded calm. But I knew different. "Calm down." He looked up at me and shook his head. Before he gave me a look. "Why didn't you just tell me you had your period? It's not abnormal." I knew the second he said period my face was flushed and I was bright red. Ignoring what he said I spoke about the incident. "I thought the Lombardo were our ally?" His face was stoney as I changed the topic. "I like when you say 'our' ally. You look good in charge." I smiled softly at him in response. "We were allies, until his brother did something unforgivable." I didn't push. There was two things that were clearly obvious about Sebastian. When he was angry and when he was being private about something. After us talking about random shit and more serious topics he went back to the period thing

"Now again why didn't you just tell me?" His smirk gave away that he knew why. "Your are such a prick." I wanted to kill him. He stood up from his chair and held onto my hips. "Mi piace quando il grintoso."

"I'm not going to lie, you talking in Italian is beyond sexy, but slightly annoying that I can't understand you." He chucked lightly and took my hand. And led me out of the office. It was well past 12 and we hadn't eaten. He left the food on the table to get cold before I'd accidentally knocked it over. "Cook me something." I demanded him as I sat in the chair in front of the island. "What did you forget how to cook?" I asked him when his face contorted in shock. "I prefer Manicotti, but whatever you want is good to." I was grinning and he smirked back at me. "If I ever forgot how to cook, my grandmother would come back from the dead to kill me." I laughed at him and watched as he walked to the fridge. "I know how to cook." As soon as I said that he poked his head around the fridge and gave me a look. "I can." I said and stood up and walked over to the fridge. He dropped the tomatoes and cheese in my hands. "Thanks for telling me or asking me. What if I dropped it?" I said with a some annoyance in my tone. "Then you would have picked it up." he shut the fridge and sat a variety of things on the marble counter top. "I want to chop stuff!" I almost yelled it when I seen him with the knife and cutting board.





"Have you gone deaf? I said no." I stood up and snatched the knife from him. He puffed out a breath of annoyance. He slid the cutting board and garlic to me. I was on my the is onion when the knife sliced my finger. "Fucker." I hissed as I walked to the sink. "I told you." He spoke as I took a towel and held it to the cut.  I looked down at my finger as he towered over me. I was annoyed he was right. "Let me see it." I swear it'd kill him to say please. After all it was my finger. As soon as he lifted the white cloth blood oozed out of it. It dripped into my hand and I groaned. He took my finger slipped it between his lips. My insides tightened. His right hand held my back close to him. I bit my cheek until my teeth stained red. I was scared the inflamed moan he was provoking would slip out. He sucked lightly, his eyes unwavering as he stared into me. I couldn't stop the squeal that squirmed out as he squeezed my hip softly.

"Those sounds drive me crazy." His voice was husky when his mouth relented on my finger. "Yeah?" My voice was breathy as I spoke. "Yeah." He pushed me up against the sink and his mouth was on mind in seconds. I could faintly taste the metallic taste of blood as he deepened the kiss. I earned a groan from him when I bit his bottom lip. He tugged at the sweater I wore. His rough hand roamed up my back. He pulled away, clenching his teeth as he looked down at me. "You drive me crazy, Taviana." I felt my inside quiver as he turned from me and ran a hand through his hair roughly. "A week. One week and I'll be back to playing with you." His smirk made me bite my cheek again.


It was 4:39 in the morning. I was sitting on the roof of an old tool aged. He had long gone to bed, I'd told him I would be with Jules. The dark night skies were so alluring. I loved the view I got from this shed. It was just on the back of the hill. I could see the valley. Well as best I could in the dark. Sebastian said he used to find refuge here from his father. He was a wicked man. I met him once. I'd never forget the look on his face. Like I was last weeks trash. When he found out about Ginger, what I'd done to her. I'd never felt so useless, so disgusting and trashy before. I felt like I was an exposed and common whore everyone at the compound had laid. Hell I felt worse. He was a dick. Like almost every other person I met.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled the white phone from my pocket and smiled.

'Get in up here! Forts.'

I jumped off of the shed and ran. A smile fell on my face as my band spread out. Here in this house, I was able to forget.
I walked into one of the common rooms and seen it filled with forts. I smiled as I crawled inside and laughed at them. There was everything from blow up beds to candy to makeup and hair shit. I took my blanket from Jules and wrapped it around my body.

"Forts are the shit." Sabrina never failed to make me laugh. "They are. Pass the Skittles!" Handing the green package to Jules I leaned back against her. "I think that I'm going to ask Sebastian to make me an Escort." My head whipped to Sabrina. "Think about the danger your put in." Sabrina spoke up against it. "Yes but, I can't pay for my apartment. And I'm not going back to the compound." 

"Why don't we all just move in together. I've got Zaynab living with me and Jules practically lives there as it is. There's a spare room that is kind of small but you won't have to Escort. Beside your neighborhood is shitty as it is." She pondered on the thought before saying she'd think about it before she picked up her phone. "I'm going to start Zaynab's training tomorrow. I need to get on that. I've been slacking lately." I added to the random conversation we were all having. "She seems like she'll be a good fighter. Isn't that what Sebastian is going to make her?" Sabrina asked. "No, she'll be working with Toni. She'll be a bodyguard. Which means I also have to teach her how to shoot a gun with out falling flat on her skinny ass, Which I have to bulk up." Jules chuckled after I was done talking. "Aren't you going to be busy." Nodding I took a red vine and chewed on it. "She'll be working with her boyfriend." Sabrina's voice was suggestive. "She is a virgin, not to mention a Muslim virgin. She's probably waiting until marriage. Which is a good thing." Jules said. "To many girls are out there loosing there virginity at house parties cos' its the new trend or there fooling themselves in thinking they'll be with there high school sweetheart forever. When in reality the world is a fucked up place. I hope she waits until marriage." Jules was upset. rubbing her arm, I held the red vine up to her mouth which she took with a small smile. "Off of that topic. Details, Now!" Jules sat up as soon as Sabrina questioned me. "I have to pee. I said standing up, ignoring there protests. "Okay." I said bending down to poke my head back into the fort. "Imagine a lot of choking and hair pulling, really really angry sex." I said with a smirk. I laughed at there squeals and walked into the hallway. I walked down the hallway and into Sebastian's room. I stopped and watched him for a second. He had hurt me before. But then again, didn't a lot of people get hurt by the people they love? Love. I loved this man. He stirred lightly in his sleep and I walked around his bed and into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I looked like crap. My head was hidden under a large hoodie. The black leggings were slightly big on me. I looked like a hobo. I snorted and shook my head at myself. 

The hot water burned my hand, causing me to hiss softly and withdraw my hand quickly. "Fucker." I whispered. I shut off the sink and left the bathroom. "What are you doing?" Sebastian's voices startled me so much that I tripped and hit my head. "Son of a b-" He cut me off as he laughed. He laid in the bed, his eyes closed. "Are you alright?" His voice deeper then usual. "Yes, Sorry I woke you. I had to use the bathroom." I informed him as I walked to the door. "Come here." I looked over my shoulder at him. "No." I challenged him. "He opened his eyes an looked straight at me. "Come here. Now." He demanded. A part of me wanted to naturally submit to him. "I said no." I looked back at the door and went to grab the door. "I like when you challenge me. It's cute. But I said come here." His words were forceful. I turned around with a huff. "Fine." I said as I gave in. I walked over to the bed and looked down at him. His hand traced my thigh before grabbing my hand and pulling me down to the bed. "Jules and Sabrina are waiting for me." I told him. He looked at me and stood up. He towered over me. "Stop doing that." I groaned. "Doing what." He knew what, that's why it wasn't a question. "You know what." He leaned down to my ear. "No I don't." I groaned again and stepped back. "Nothing." He leaned down farther, his hand caressing my thigh. I leaned up and kissed him, hard and fast. Catching off guard I pulled away. I squealed and ran out the door. 

"What took you so long?" 

"You know what took her so long. A certain male." 

I flopped down on the bed and grabbed a bag of chips. "She is a mess of hormones." Jules said shaking her head. "Please. That doesn't even touch it. You know how badly I want to jump him? And it doesn't help when he has to go and touch me all the time." I ranted, shoving a piece of chocolate in my mouth. "And that whole sucking my finger thing. He is such a dick for that. He did that to mess with me even more." I was annoyed. "Oh my fucking god! That is so sexy." Sabrina said as Jules said. "You need to get back at him." I snorted, tossing the bag of chips back in the pile. "Please, not going to happen." She shook her head. "You just need to be confident and hold your ground." She said. "You said he sucked on your finger, do the same to him." Sabrina said. "She's not going to suck his d-" 

"No! His finger you pervert." Sabrina practically yelled. I can't believe this is happening. "We have to get you something cute to wear. We have to take Zaynab to get clothes anyways!" Sabrina was way to excited about this. "I don't know if I can." I wasn't like them. I didn't need to use my body for anything. He taught me everything. Fighting, sex, practically everything. Before I could protest I was being told how to look at him to what I should wear to get him to tick. 

I guess if anything my friends can at least tell me how to get a guy sexually frustrated. Hell what are friends for. 




"Can you help me with my hair?" Zaynab's voice was small and I realized I'd have to help her speak up.  I nodded at her and waved her into Sebastian's bathroom. It was 12 in the afternoon and I hadn't seen him at all so far, And I was trying to avoid seeing him until I was done getting ready. After they broke open a bottle, things got detailed to the point that it made no sense. I thought I would die of laughter at one point. "Today we are going to go get you new clothes and a hair cut, if that's okay with you." I told her. She nodded and watched me in the mirror. I brushed her hair into high ponytail. After I put a small dab of oil in her hair it looked better. "I want to be different." her statement surprised but I nodded for her to continue. "I'm not dumb to things, I want to go with you guys and see how things are. I don't want to wait months then be thrown into something. I want to know now. I want everything about me to be different. From my clothes to me in general." I nodded at her sat her down on the bed. "I can help you learn to fight and I can take you to a club if you want, but you need to understand, the things you'll see will scare the shit out of you. You'll need to be prepared for anything. Your going to change over time anyways. This life style will change you and your in this forever." I wasn't going to sugar coat it anymore. "You'll see people die in front of you, and your going to be expected to kill when your commanded to, even if you know them, hell even if its me. Or you'll be killed. But you do have more protection and immunity from others because you and Toni have a thing." Her face stained red before nodding in understanding. "And the clothes, me and the girls got you." I said with a smile. She took in what I said and stood up. "Okay, I'll be downstairs." I walked back into the bathroom and finished what I was doing. 

"He is going to be pissed." I said in a whisper as I walked down the stairs. "I'm pissed." I said gesturing to the outfit I had on. "It's a crop top." Sabrina defended herself. "It's a short crop top. and this skirt isn't even my size." I said as I almost fell. "Can't I wear boots?" groaning I used her as a crutch. "No and the skirt goes to your knees." She whisper yelled. We came to the bottom of the stairs and she looked me in the yes. He is in that dining room with the others, now you can go in there looking like a deer in headlights r you can go in there and look like a goddess and kill Stella for me." I rose a brow in question at the last part. "She called me a whore, never mind that. You are sleeping with a Mafia boss. You are a prized fighter. Go in there and act like it." She whispered. She fixed her shorts and walked into the dinning room. "Where is Tav?" I heard Jules ask. "She's coming." I knew she spoke loudly for Sebastian to here. I thought back on what she said and realized she was right. I was psyching myself out. I took all of the confidence I could. I knew I'd walk passed him when I walked in and that helped know that I wouldn't have to look him in the eyes. I took a deep breath and started walking. A smirk was plastered on my face when two of his men stared at me. It fueled my confidence. I swayed my hips. "You looked so badass!" Jules said quietly. "I knew you had it in you." Sabrina said knowingly. I pushed my blonde hair off of my neck and took the glass from Jules and sipped it. "Again?!" I exclaimed. "The only way to avoid a hang over is to stay drunk. My head flew back as I laughed. "You make me laugh. I looked over at the doorway as Zay walked in. I was surprised at what she wore. The jeans she wore tighter then a fat man fitting through a pipe and her shirt was a long sleeved crop top that showed about an inch or two of her tanned belly. "I can't believe she wore that." Jules said as she watched make her way to us. "I think it's what I said to her, she's ready to change I guess. "She looks uncomfortable." 

"Look, the Arab girl looks like a tramp." I watched Zay fold her arms around her stomach, trying to hide. "Awe, she's embarrassed. She'll probably die her first day on the job." Zay went to turn around to leave but I stood up. I walked over to Stella and noted that she was two seats down from Sebastian. She looked at me with disgust. "Your kind need to stay down there." I rose a brow at her. "My kind?" I questioned her with a lethal dose of malice in my voice. "Yes. The trash. We don't need to catch anything." I felt my blood boil, especially when she uttered two other words. "Right, Ian?" I could feel nostrils flare in anger. This petty bitch was getting on my last nerve. She stood up and leveled herself with me. "Does the skank have something to say?" She said. She held her ear and waited for me to speak. "Are you scared knowing that I could destroy you?" She stepped closer spoke again. "I may only be the grass that grows in between the side walk cracks," She paused and looked me in the eyes. She was getting annoyed that I wasn't saying anything. "But at least I'm not a hooker or a stripper or a dead girl walking, cos' that's clearly what you are." She hissed directing the last bit straight at Zaynab. She looked at each of them. She looked at me and finished what she had to say, "Or a dirty, caged, fighting mutt." I laughed. I laughed right in her face. She stepped back, completely shocked. "Why are you laughing?" she asked incredulously. "Cos' I'm a happy little fucker." I said before stepping closer to her. She stepped to Sebastian's side. He was leaning back in his chair watching us as if we were CNN. "Are you really going to let her hit me, Ian?" He went to reply but I cut him off.

"Keep it up. You'll be a strange smell in the attic." I said as I pursed my lips to keep myself from smirking. "I should drop you in the Dead Sea!" She yelled. "You know that is the second saltiest thing on earth next to your bitch ass." I seen a smirk play at Sebastian's lips. "Besides, that's so 1950's. Get a little creative!" I said and leaned against the table. "I despise you, you disgusting low lif-" She stopped talking mid-sentence. "What is your dumb ass doing." she asked me as I looked at the ceiling. "Counting the fucks I give, But would ya' look at that! They flew away!" Her hand struck my face and I looked down, biting my lip before I looked up at her, my previous demeanor gone. "Listen here. I don't like you. I want you to fall into a vat of acid actually." I said to her. "Sabrina is dancer, Jules is an Escort and Zay is going to be one of Sebastian's bodyguards. And I'm fighter, mutt." Her face grew red as I threw the insult back at her. "I'll drag you to hell and make sure your screaming the whole way down." She was getting mad, good. "Sabrina has a girlfriend, Jules has a boyfriend and Zay has Toni. Who and what do you have? What are you? What purpose do you have?" Her hand swung out to hit me but Sebastian held her hand back. "Don't touch her, she's mine. Nobody puts there hands on what's mine." He grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him. I turned and looked at her. "Oh, you can't destroy me, someone else already did that." He yanked me out of the room and into the kitchen. He leaned against me and held my hips. 

"Go change." He wasn't leaving any room for protest. I guess I'd have to make room. I shook my head. He put his hand on my jaw to make me look at him when I looked at his chest. His thumb rested on my lip. I felt my stomach flip. Why did I let them talk me into this? "I'm not changing. Your not in charge of me." I said with as much confidence as I could muster up. "Oh, really?" He questioned. I nodded innocently and looked up at him through my lashes. I took two of his fingers into my mouth. Sucking lightly I watched as his eyes moved down from my eyes to my mouth. He licked his bottom lip and pushed me against the wall, his other hand going to my throat. He squeezed and I moaned in his ear, causing him to tense up and squeeze harder. "Do you know what I want to do to you?" I groaned as he pushed himself into me harder and s lipped his fingers from my mouth. "Tell me." I said with a whimper. Sell it. "Whose are you?" He said as his hand squeezed my bottom. I pushed him off of me and gave him a smile. His breathing was labored.. "Myself." I turned and practically ran away. I walked through to the dining room and felt myself develop a red tinge to my face when the girls gave me a knowing look. They both stood up, walking with me to the foyer. "You may want to fix yourself." Sabrina said as we stood by the door. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair. "Should I change?" I looked over at Zay who was still hugging herself. I sighed and pulled her into a hug. "You said you wanted help to change how you are. First lesson ignore what she says. Ignore anything anyone like her says. You look fine Zay." I told her as I pulled away. "For the record, Toni was totally staring at you." Sabrina gushed. "When your with us, you can be yourself and you'll never be judged." She nodded and let go of her self. "Okay, lets get this show on the road." Jules said as she handed us our coats. "I love that you two know your way around here. I'd hate to have a guide show us around." Sabrina said to me and Jules. "Yea. We spent a lot of time here." Jules said as we walked to the back of the house. "Plus we have a GPS." Laughing, I opened the door to the garage. "Taviana." I looked over my shoulder at Sebastian. I nodded for them to go along and walked over to him. "Call me an hour before you leave so I can get you a phone, You said you couldn't find it after the crash." He said as he placed his phone my hand. "Um, okay. How am I going to call you if I have your phone?" I was confused. "I'll be with Toni the whole day." I wasn't at all sure about this. "You barely go 10 minutes without your phone. Are you sure?" I asked him hesitantly. He nodded and handed me his card and keys. "Okay, no. Definitely no. I'm not taking your car and I'm especially not taking your money." I objected, placing them on the table. I couldn't help looking at him like he had four heads. "Take it or your not going." He took the keys and card, placing them both in my hand. "I have my own money. I really don't need it. Plus I have my own car out there." I tried giving the card and keys back but he pushed my hand back. "I didn't ask if you needed it. Besides it's Christmas is in two weeks. Now go get your nails or some other shit like that done, with your friends." I smiled at him shook my head in disbelief. "Thank you. I'll see you later." I slipped the black phone and card into the small crossbody purse I had and gave him a quick kiss. I walked through the door. "Why do they all need such expensive cars?" I laughed, looking at the four rows of cars and walked to the end of the garage. "These cars are Sebastian's. Everyone else parks there cars in the garage on other side of compound." Zay's eyes about popped out of her head. "Why does he need so many?" I opened the drivers side door to the black Mercedes. "Please this isn't even a quarter of his cars." I said as I slipped into the car. "Jesus, Larry long legs much." I said as I adjusted the seat. Jules laughed as Sabrina fell on her ass and Zay gawked at the car as she got in. "Why isn't it shiny?" She questioned. "This is actually the first matte car he ever bought. He customized the shit out of this car. It's his baby." Which is why I was shell shocked that he was letting us take it. "OFF WE ARE!" Jules screamed. "I laughed at her. Only Jules. 


"Can't you get out of a car like a normal person?" Jules asked Sabrina after she fell on her side. "Of course I can. But normal is boring and you are taken, so I'm going to be me. Which means getting out of the car how I want. Thank you." She said and spun around. Sabrina was the one person who could go through it all and remain happy And not just, here's a smile I must be happy. Like really happy. She knew how to take the best of everything. She was a rare person. I knew that when we are old and in wheel chairs she'd still have the heart of a child. That was just how Sabrina was and I envied her for that. "I want to get Zay's hair done before anything." I said as we walked into the mall. "We should all get our nails done. I mean none of us are working." I gave her a hell no look. "Well the only one who cant really have nails is Tav. But please?" Sabrina whined. "Yea please?" Jules added. "I'll think about it." I said, knowing I'd flake out at the last minute. 

"Do you want your hair dyed?" I asked Zay before went into the salon. "You choose. I trust your choice." I nodded and walked into the salon. "Name please?" The bubbly short girl in the worlds tallest heels, said with an amount of excitement I hoped I'd never reach. "Morreti." I replied. "I called today around 8:00." I added. She looked at the computer before giving me the biggest smile I'd ever seen. "This way!" For a second I wondered if she escaped from a mental hospital. "Okay here is your room. Todd will be in soon." I nodded at her and took a bottle of water that was on a small table.

"Okay, whose getting there hair done?" Is everyone in this salon on happy pills, I wondered as Todd walked in. I pointed to Zay, laughing at her worried expression. Ahe sat in the chair, eyeing the man like he was going to kill her. "Lord, your hair is long!"


"I have to call Sebastian." They nodded and walked into the nail salon. 


"Hey, we'll be done in an hour." 

"Okay. I'm on my way."

And he hung up on me. Asshole. I picked up the six bags and walked into the nail salon. Out of no where a women grabbed my wrist and pulled me to a chair. "I'm not getting my-" I was cut off when she took my bags and left me to sit in the chair. "Sorry, not sorry." Glowering at Sabrina I turned and watched the staff. "We have to wait." I huffed and watched as Jules and Zay chatted to each other before someone came and started on Zay's nails. One by one someone came to do everyone's nails until it was just me, sitting with an annoyed expression on my face. "Do you want long or short nails?" Opening my mouth to speak, Sabrina spoke up telling her what I was getting as she went to dry her nails. "Your boyfriend is here. I'll be outside with girls." I gave her a confused look. "What." I muttered under my breath as I turned my head to the door. "What are you doing here?" I asked as the old women started on my left hand. Sitting in Sabrina's seat he spoke up. "Well you called forty minutes ago." I cursed under my breath. "Sorry. Sabrina set me up to get my nails done. I can call you when I'm done here." He shook his head as he placed his tattooed hand on my thigh. "I'll wait with you." Raising a brow I said, "You want to wait in here? It smells like artificial rose and nail polish." 

"How was your time?" He asked, ignoring what I said. "Great up until Sabrina bought me an undergarment set that'd have my grandmother turning in her grave." I inwardly cringed at the thought of it. "Non vedo l'ora di avere la mia strada con te. Sarete implorando pietà quando ho finito con te, Amore." I could make out a few words, but aside from that I was confused. But I knew the way his voice dropped an octave and his hand trailed higher up my thigh that it was sexual. The lady doing my nails gasped. I knew he said something less then vanilla. "What did you say? She probably thinks that we are crazy." I said lowly. He pushed his chair closer to me and whispered in my ear. "I said, I can't wait to have my way with you. You'll be begging for mercy when I'm done with you." That was nothing. His tongue was wicked when he wanted to be. But it still had me squeezing my legs. He smirked, his lips brushing my ear. Jules voice rang through my head. Man up. Show him you can dominate him as well. I leaned into his ear. "Tell me exactly what you plan to do." My voice was huskier. I looked up at him innocently. He tensed his hand on the inside of my thigh before speaking. "Getting daring are we?" I faintly heard the lady snatch my other hand. "I want to fuck you like you've never been fucked before," He paused his hand going an inch higher. I tried to squeeze my legs but his hand wasn't moving. Not unless he wanted too. "To leave you unable to think, only feel and be lost in the moment. I want to be the reason you lose yourself." I felt my insides quiver and my panties pool. His hand went under my skirt, tracing my skin. I clenched my teeth. "You should see what Sabrina is having her do to your nails her do to your nails." I was confused for a second before remembering we were in a nail salon. He was tempting my mind while making my body wait I realized as he removed his hand from my thigh. He reversed it. I hate him sometimes. 


"You need to make a move." Jules said an she threw the lacy material at me. 

"I still have my period." I lied pathetically. "No your not. Its been a week and some change." Sabrina chimed in from the bathroom. "I'm still mad at you. I have bright pink nails." I hissed as I snatched the lingerie from Jules. "This is hideous." I mumbled under my breath. I slipped a robe on before leaving them. "Where are you going?" They asked. "To bed." They protested but I slammed the door and walked to my room. I was agitated and they were making it worse.

I peaked in and let out a breath of relief. He wasn't here yet. I slipped into the bathroom and showered. We were fighting. A huge fight. I remember walking in on the meeting. Sticking my nose where it didn't belong and getting two workers killed. He was pissed. I was expecting the worst. But that's not what happened. He stormed out of his study, left and hadn't come back since. Jules and Sabrina just wouldn't give it a rest. I ringed my hair out and stepped out of the shower. I let out a small shriek. I grabbed a towel and covered myself. "Who the fuck are you and why are you in my bathroom?" I demanded.

"Damn, Farfalla. I see why Sebastian likes you!" I squinted my eyes at him and grabbed another towel, trying to hide myself from whoever he was. "Who are you?" I demanded again. "Come on, Farfalla. I'm sure that Sebastian mentioned me." I pursed my lips and waited for him to tell me who he was. "Valentino Adamo." I let my face light up. "Oh my god, Sebastian has like never talked about your before!" I said sarcastically. "That's not nice, Farfalla." I glared at him.

"Do you have death wish. If Sebastian knew you were in here with her like this, he'd kill you." I gave Toni a grateful look as he told Valentino to shut his mouth and shoved him out of the room. I glanced out into the room to make sure they were gone before I walked into the room. I walked across the soft carpet to the closet. I opened a bag and sifted through it. I grabbed undergarments and I went red. "Sabrina." I said under my breath as I stared at the piece of clothing. I'd die before I wore that in front of him. I pushed the bag to the back of the coast and grabbed the most modest undergarments in the bag. I slipped them on and put on a pair of leggings I've had for two years. "Not exactly what I want you wearing," I spun around and faced Sebastian. His bruised and bloody face caught my attention immediately. He turned from me, walking into the bathroom. I followed behind him, wondering what had happened.


sorry for the short chapter, this id more or less a filler chapter. The next one is going to be a roller coaster!! Get ready!!! Till next time!

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