Kelly sat on the cold, black asphalt of the parking lot. Five months,

she thought. Five months since the crash... I wonder why the epidemic hasn't hit Georgia yet. Didn't the Russians have sleeper cells here, too?

A low moaning sound interrupted her thoughts.
I guess I spoke too soon...

She jumped up and spun around to face her zombified attacker. It's blank eyes stared at her, the eyes of a mindless drone, dead and cold. It's lower jaw hung off it's face, it's intestines dangling down from it's stomach, it's face and arms covered with dried blood and flesh. It hobbled toward her, it's left foot dragging behind it, the bone jutting out of the rotted flesh of the ankle. Kelly reached for the small firearm holstered to her waist, ready to shoot.
But something beat her to it. A black mass slammed into the zombie, knocking it to the ground. Kelly heard a sickening ripping sound, and the zombie's head rolled over to her, barely touching her foot. Needless to say, she screamed and kicked it, resulting in blood spattering her trainer and turning the shoe-laces a dark red. She looked up to face her savior, and her heart dropped into her stomach.
White eyes stared into her own brown irises, the cold, soulless eyes of a heartless killer.


Publication Date: 07-08-2011

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