Tyler P.O.V.

Jake?” she mumbled in her sleep. She’s adorable, even though she’s saying his name. Her closed eyes make crescents of eye lashes on her cheeks. She has the most beautiful brown hair. “Hey.” she said sleepily. “Good morning beautiful.” I said, kissing her lightly. “Thank you for staying with me last night.” “Anything for you. How’s your arm?” I asked. She got up and walked away. “I gotta get dressed.” she mumbled. She came back and just stood there. “You want some breakfast?” she asked after a while. “Rebeccah Faith, come over here.” I told her. She came over to me and sat down on my lap. “Now can I see your arm?” She handed me her arm. It looked better, but they were still open wounds. “Please don’t do this again.” I told her, seriously. “I can’t promise anything.” she told me. She looked distant. “Tyler?” “Yeah?” “Do you love me?” “You’re the only one for me.” I told her. She was quiet for a few minutes. “That didn’t answer my question.” she said, looking at me. “Yeah, I guess I do.” I said. She started to get up, but I pulled her back. “I gotta go to school Tyler.” she said. “Oh yeah.” I said, feeling really dumb. “Hey wait. I got you something.” I said, handing her the box. She opened it and saw the necklace. Her eyes lit up. “Oh my goodness! I love it! Can you help me put it on?” she asked. I put it on her and kissed her. Then she was gone. I hope she won’t hate me. That necklace, it keeps vampires away from her. Problem is her best friend is a vampire. He’s really into her, too. It scares me. My phone started ringing. “Hello?” “Hey! You wanna go to the beach?” “Um, well I guess I could go. I’ll see ya in about twenty minutes. Okay?” “Sure, okay.” I didn’t really want to go to the beach, but I haven’t hung out with Chelsea. Or anybody really.

When I got to the beach, it was super crowded. It took me a while to find Chelsea. She was with Kandii, her best friend and mate, but no relationship. Their just connected, it’s weird. “Hey you two.” I said, sitting down beside them. “Hey.” They said. “So what’s the plan?” I asked. “Well, we we’re gonna stay here, but it’s too crowded.” said Chelsea. “That’s true. So, where now?” “What about that pizza place near the mall?” asked Kandii. “That’s fine with me.” I said. “Yeah let’s go.” said Chelsea. We all piled up in her car. I’ll come back for mine. On the way, Beccah texted me. ‘Hey, whatcha doin’?’ ‘Nuttin just hangin’ with friends’ ‘Cool, well, talk to ya later <3’ ‘Kay bye’ ‘bye;)’

When we got to the pizza place, we went in and got a booth. I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. When I went to open the door, to come out, I ran into somebody. I looked up, and my heart skipped a beat. It was Aiden, my ex. “Oh my gosh! Tyler!’ he yelled. “Hey Ray!” I said. “You still call me Ray.” “Oh yeah. I do.” “Listen, I need to use the bathroom real fast. I’ll come back there and talk to you after I get done. Okay?” “Okay.” I can’t believe this I haven’t seen him in forever. “Why are you so smiley?” asked Chelsea. I was getting ready to answer when Aiden came up to us. “Hey Chelsea.” He said. “Hey!” she screamed. She jumped up to hug him, do did Kandii. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you since.” That’s as far as Kandii went. We all knew the reason.


I was sitting at my house, watching TV, when he came in the door. “Hey.” I said, turning back to the TV. “I think that we need to go to the hospital.” He said. “Why?” I asked. I looked at him, and noticed the blood. “What happened?!” I yelled. “They told me to stay away from you.” he said. “Who?” I asked. But he passed out. I took him to the hospital, but I left and never came back.

End of Flashback

So, how are you guys?” he asked. “We’re good.” I said. “Well, some of us are fine. Not Tyler.” said Kandii. “Kandii!” I yelled. “You’re not!” she said. “But you didn’t have to tell him that.” I said. “So, you weren’t.” said Chelsea. Just then my phone started playing “Curse of Curves”. “Hello?” I said. “Hey.” said Beccah. “Oh hey whatcha doin’ girlie.” I said. “Nothin’ just sittin’ here in study hall. What are you doin’?” “Sittin’ here talkin’ to you.” “Well, the bell just rang, I gotta go. Love you!” she said. “Oh okay, I love you too.” I said. Then I hung up. “Who was that?” asked Aiden. “Oh, Beccah. You wanna go somewhere else?” I asked. “Yeah, sure.” he said. So we went to pay for the pizza, and went back to the table to tell Chelsea and Kandii. “Where are we going?” asked Kandii. “I don’t know. I said. “How about the mall?” asked Chelsea. “Sure.” We all said at the same time. So we went to the mall.

We got to the mall, went to Hot Topic, and just looked. We took Aiden to his friends’ house. Then we went back to the beach and got my car. “Hey, we’ll see ya later, okay?” said Chelsea. “Yeah, see ya later.” I said, and got in my ar. I almost got home and I got a text message. It was Aiden. ‘Hey can I stay at your house?’ ‘Um sure. Do you need a ride?’ ‘Yeah, thanks.’ ‘Okay, I’ll be there.’ ‘Kay’ I went to get him. I saw him sitting there on the steps with all his stuff. I walked up to him, he was crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He looked up and said, “She kicked me out, just for talking to you.” “Wait!? Why!?” I asked. “She didn’t know I was bi.” He said. “So, that shouldn’t be a reason.” I said. “Whatever, let’s go.” He said, grabbing some of his stuff. I helped him put everything in the car. “Is there anything else?” I asked. “Yeah, there’s a poster in my room, can you get it?” he asked. “Of course.“ I said. I walked in the house, made sure she wasn’t here, and then went around looking for his room. It wasn’t hard to find, it was mostly empty. I got the poster, it was a “My Little Pony” Rainbow Dash poster. I got back to the car, and started it. He put his hand on mine, and then I looked at him. “Thank you so much Ty.” He said. “No problem. We just have to ask Rebeccah if you can stay.” Then I smiled at him, he smiled at me, and we left.


Rebeccah P.O.V.

When I got to the house, Tyler pulled in behind me. I could see somebody in the passenger seat, but couldn’t figure it out. When he got out I screamed and ran to him. “Oh my gosh!” he laughed and hugged me. “Where have you been noodle?” he asked. “Here, where have you been?” he smiled and opened the back door to the car. “What’s all this stuff?” I asked. “It’s mine, is it alright if I stay here for a while?” he smiled shyly. “Yeah! It’s definitely alright.” I squealed. He laughed and grabbed a rolled up something from under Tyler’s arm. “What’s that?” he laughed again and unrolled it. “Oh me lord! I lurve ‘My Little Ponies’!” “Still?” he asked. I’ve loved “My Little Pony” since I was five years old. “Yerp!” I said excitedly. “Well, I know what I’m getting you for Christmas.” He said, smiling. “So, how long are you staying?” I asked. “For a while.” I was probably smiling like an idiot. I helped him get his stuff in the house. After that we got Chinese takeout. “Man, I love Chinese food!” Tyler said. I was sitting on his lap while he ate. He tried to feed me something, but I wouldn’t eat. “Stop I’m fat enough!” I yelled, while he tried to feed me. “You’ve gotta eat something Tiny.” I smiled at my nice name. He frowned at me, but ate the last bite. “Why won’t you eat?” Aiden asked. “I just don’t eat very much.” He looked at me weirdly. “What?” I asked, getting up off of Tyler’s lap. “You should eat.” I grinned, and went to the back door.


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