Chapter 1

A Narcissists Army

By Aidan Rosser

You will enter a psychological zone close to that of a narcissist.

You have been warned. 


What is it that you most desire?

Is it money, Is it power, Is it victory?


I know more than most.

I know more than all.

I am in your head.

Take, Take, Take, cold as Ice

show no mercy.

Never risk your own skin.

Lie, Lie, Lie


A Narcissists Army you possess.

It feeds off your inner greed.

You must control your anger and enter a state of Ruthless ambition.

You might not be smart but you are ruthless and greedy.

You know more than everybody else who crosses you.


Victory “mine”

Power “mine”

 Wealth “mine”


But what are you really?

 Chronically depressed, sad, jealous, and envious of everybody who has tasted the fruit of success.

You have no intelligence, you have no real ambition you are blinded.

You are being devoured by your own psychological stage of greed.

You are consumed whole by your mind.

 An army in your command.

But an army of Lies.


Focus on your inner anger surround yourself, be consumed by it, become it.

Value no one that is weakened by empathy. 

Crave loyalty and respect no one who gives it to you.

Only use those who benefit yourself.

You are eternal.

You are victorious.



Feel the emotion and allow it to flood back into your head and your soul.

Remember back.

Your inner anger what did you feel?

Focus on what that was.

This will help guide you towards what the Monster is in the future, past, and present.

Charisma, Ambition, Resilience, Empathy




Text: Aidan Rosser
Images: Aidan Rosser
Cover: Aidan Rosser
Editing: Aida Rosser
Translation: Aidan Rosser
Layout: Standard
Publication Date: 11-10-2020

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