Chapter 1

Fluttershy watered her plants and fed her birds, then she moved on to her pet Angel.


“Now Angel, please eat your carrot, it’s good for you,” she said, scooting the carrot closer.


Angel considered Fluttershy’s offering, but ultimately kicked it back at her and ran away to play. However before he could get very far Fluttershy flew right next to him and stopped him with an outstretched wing.


“Angel please. If you don’t eat now you won’t get a present this year,” Fluttershy reminded him. Fluttershy had been trying to get more assertive with her often difficult bunny, and this was a good opportunity.  Hearth's Warming Eve was tomorrow, so if she wanted Angel to comply with her wishes that meant she had to do this the hard way.


In response, Angel clutched his chest and played dead in front of Fluttershy.

Seeing Angel collapse, Fluttershy let out a scream “Oh no, oh no are you ok?, maybe I should take you to the hospital” she said worriedly.


His point made, Angel instantly woke up and got out of Fluttershy’s hooves and decided to eat the carrot. He didn't want Fluttershy to make him eat it by giving him the stare.

“Good boy Angel. Now you eat that and I have some presents to go buy,” she said as she waved goodbye to Angel and went off into town.


Fluttershy galloped into town, snow falling as she did. Once she arrived to the market area she went to buy  a special tender twig, it was one of  Angel’s favorite foods.


Puting the twig in her saddlebag she moved on to buying some gifts for her friends. For Rainbow Dash a wonderbolt plushie, for Rarity some threads for her cloths, for Pinkie Pie a new party canon, for Applejack a rope, and for Twilight a new microscope.


When she finished buying her presents she dropped them off at  Sweet Apple Acres in preparation for the groups annual tradition of opening presents together.


She had just closed the door when Fluttershy’s ears twitched as she heard a filly’s voice. It sounded like she was in danger, or maybe she just needed some help. She followed her hearing in the direction of the voice and when she found the filly that needed help it was Scootaloo and it looked like she was being taunted by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.


Fluttershy decided to stay low  and just watch for a minute. She hid behind a barrel and waited to see how this would play out.


“Hey Silver Spoon, can you imagine how bad it must be to have no parents on Hearth's Warming Eve?” she asked trying to make Scootaloo cry; or at least angry.


“No Diamond. I mean what kinda pony doesn't have parents?” Silver Spoon said, excited for what Diamond Tiara would say next.


“Probably a useless Pegasus that can’t fly, like her!” she said pointing a hoof at Scootaloo. “I mean just look at those wings, they’re just so small. You should of been flying along time ago, no wonder your parents left you for dead,” she said. Silver Spoon giggled at Diamond’s brand of mockery.


Scootaloo had enough and pushed Diamond Tiara away with a weak shove. “So what if I don’t have parents? I have Rainbow Dash and that’s all I’ll ever need,” she said beginning to walk away. But before she could escape she was stopped by Diamond Tiara putting a hoof on her shoulder.


“Oh, and how long do you think that will last? I’ll bet she’s getting really tired of having to be your so called sister,” Diamond Tiara said pushing Scootaloo on the ground.


Silver Spoon chimed in, “Yeah I bet she’s tired of watching over your worthless butt. I’ll bet she would rather have Pound Cake as a brother, at least he can fly.” Humiliation complete, the two bullies laughed one more time and turned  to leave.


Tears began to fall out of Scootaloo’s eyes, this happened every Hearths Warming; Diamond and Silver mocking her because she didn’t have a real family.


Watching the scene play out, Fluttershy couldn't help but feel sorry for Scootaloo. [i]She...doesn’t have a family?  If only there was something I could do to help her,[/i] Fluttershy thought watching Scootaloo leave.

And idea popped into her mind, but then she thought more carefully about it. [i]No I can’t adopt her. I couldn’t possibly take care of a [/i][i]foal[/i] she thought. Deciding that maybe she should ask one of her friends for guidance, she decided to go to Twilight’s thinking maybe one or two of her friends would also be there to help her.


As she approached the tree house she smiled brightly and knocked on the door. She waited for a few seconds and Twilight opened the door and greeted her.


Giving Fluttershy a quick hug, Fluttershy and Twilight went inside and sat down on the sofa. Once they did she levitated some hot cocoa over on a tray for her and Fluttershy.


“Twilight, I saw Scootaloo today. I know little fillies can be mean but  she was getting bullied a little too much. They teased her for being an orphan,” she said, waiting for Twilight’s response.


Twilight folded her hooves together and carefully considered what Fluttershy just told her. “I see,” she said, her lips forming a thin line. “This might sound mean but I think you need to let her handle this herself. She needs to learn how to deal with bullies without adults helping her. Is it just teasing or is there something else you’re worried about?”


Fluttershy didn’t like that answer, she knew first hoof that teasing was plenty hurtful, but she shrugged it off. “Well, I was thinking of adopting her, but I’m not sure I’d make a good mother. I really want to give her a good home, but I’m afraid I’m not good enough.”


Twilight was so surprised that she spit her drink in Fluttershy’s face. She then wiped her friend off with a napkin “Sorry,” she said quickly, “But listen, I don’t know why you think that you wouldn't make a good mother, because you're wrong, you'd make a perfect mother.

 And I also know that Scotoaloo deserves a home. But this isn't my decision,it’s yours.” Twilight reached out and placed her hoof over Fluttershy’s. “You've got a wonderful heart Fluttershy, what does it say?” Twilight stood up and flared her horn, encompassing the room in a soft glow. “Silence ward,” she explained proudly


Now you can sit here and think without anypony bothering you.” With that done Twilight left the room to leave Fluttershy alone with her thoughts.


Fluttershy took advantage of Twilight's offer and sat down on the soft sofa to think. She knew somepony needed to adopt that filly, and it had been on her mind for a while to adopt a filly of her own. And Scootaloo would be a perfect pony to adopt. Her spunky attitude reminded her of Rainbow Dash. Also she was a weak flier, just like she herself had been at that age. She hated seeing ponies in pain, especially one that she knew, however the enormity of the task was still weighing her down. [i]“Nopony should spend Hearth's Warming alone,” [/i]she thought.


After what seemed like an hour she knew what she had to do.She walked into the main room of the library to find Twilight who was with Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie. “Twilight, I decided what I’m going to do but I need your help….um you know if you want to help that is.”


Twilight put a reassuring hoof on Fluttershy’s shoulder, “I’ll be happy to help anyway I possibly can.”

“We'd love to help as well darling,” Rarity added.


Fluttershy explained the plan to Twilight. While she went to the orphanage to adopt Scootaloo, she had her friends go to her house to prepare her guest room, turning it into a room that a wonderful filly deserved.

As she approached the orphanage she began shaking all over, she was frightened but she also knew this was the right thing to do.


Letting her fear go she walked inside and was greeted by the mare at the front desk. “Um h- hello, I’m looking to adopt a filly,” she said, still shaking a bit.


The matron of the orphanage, Summer Love, was an earth pony with a purple mane. Her cutie mark was a desk, symbolizing her skill at being orderly. She was surprised by Fluttershy’s offer. The yellow Pegasus came by with her animals to play with the children occasionally but  she had never given any hint that she might want to adopt one. But Fluttershy was a caring, kind and patient mare, she’d make a great parent.


“I was wondering if I could adopt Scootaloo,” Fluttershy said walking up to the desk.


“Okay, well before you can adopt anypony we need to do a home inspection.  We need to see if it’s safe, and if you have enough room to care for a child,” Summer Love said getting her quill ready to start the paperwork.


“You’ll need to request an inspection from the adoption agency. Their building is right next to the orphanage; just go outside and you'll see it. I hope the inspection goes well, I’d really like to see her get a good home” Summer said returning to her papers.

Fluttershy stepped outside and took the short walk to the adoption agency’s building. Upon arriving Fluttershy took a deep breath and bravely pushed opened the door. “Um….h-hello.” she said quietly but nopony heard her. She spoke up a little louder, “I’d like to request an inspection of my home. I want to adopt a filly.”


That time one of the pony’s heard her and  got out some papers, “ I  can do the inspection personally, you have one hour to prepare” she said smiling.


Fluttershy put her name and address and other basic information on the form, “I thought you'd be asking me more questions,” she said softly.


“Don’t worry, I will be asking questions once I see your house,” she said taking the paper from Fluttershy.

Process started, Fluttershy simply left and hurried back home. When she arrived Twilight and her friends had just finished with the  room, “Wow you guys are really good,” she exclaimed, marveling over the job her friends did. She saw all of Scootaloo’s things from the orphanage;  her scooter, a picture of Scootaloo when she was only a baby being held by her mother, and finally a few posters of Rainbow Dash and a few of the Wonderbolts. The room had also been painted with a rainbow motif.


“You all did a wonderful job, but I need to get this house cleaned. I only have an hour before a pony from the adoption agency comes to inspect it and I really don’t want to mess this up.”


“Don’t worry, while Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie decorated the room, Applejack, and I cleaned up the house a bit. It actually wasn’t too dirty. I don’t know how you keep it so clean with all your animals running around.” Twilight said with a smile.


Fluttershy immediately started to calm down, thanks to her friend’s efforts.  “Thanks guys, I’m so lucky to have friends like you,” she said pulling everypony into a big group hug.

“Ok, Fluttershy, we need to go, I hope it goes well,” Twilight said as the rest of her friends left  along side her.


After an hour the mare from the agency arrived and she was ready to inspect Fluttershy’s home. As the mare arrived Fluttershy was shuddering, she couldn’t help but feel nervous about this.


“Hello Fluttershy, let’s just get started, shall we?” she said as Fluttershy opened her door, stepping out of the way.


“Oh, I never told you my name, my name is Daytime Garden,” she said as she walked in to observe the home.

As she looked she saw  a few birds and animals in the home but everything seemed ok. She had to mark one X because of the fact that there were a few too many animals, but she would let Fluttershy handle that if it became hard to have them in the cottage.


“Now a few questions,” Daytime Garden started, “First question, “Why do you want to adopt a pony?”she asked, waiting for an answer.


“I just want to make her happy and I've actually always wanted to be a mother,” Fluttershy said.

“Next question, can you fit a young pony into your life?” Daytime Garden asked.


Fluttershy noded, “Yes I can, if it means I have to spend less time with my friends then that’s okay.”

Daytime Garden smiled but had one last question. “Last one, you live alone, who will care for her if you're gone?


Fluttershy smiled, “I know someone who can, my friend, Discord. He’s great with kids.” she said.

Inspection complete she walked back over to Fluttershy. It appeared that her answers were satisfactory because the next words out of her mouth were; “Everything looks good. I think this is a perfect place for a filly,” she said handing Fluttershy her inspection approval.

“Just give that to the caretaker at the orphanage,” Daytime Garden said. She started walking off but was brought into a small hug.


“Oh thank you, thank you, you have no idea how happy this makes me!” Fluttershy said excitedly she ran off back to the orphanage.


Once she got there she gave the paper to Summer Love.

Summer Love smiled. “I know you’re going to make a great mother Fluttershy,” she said as she went next to the stairs. “Scootaloo come down here, somepony is here to get you.”

Within a few moments Scootaloo came down.


[i]“Another stupid lonely Hearth’s Warming. I don’t know why nopony wants to adopt me. I’m good at a lot of things, I’d make an okay child,”[/i] she thought as she made it down the stairs.

“What do you want?” she asked curiously.


Summer Love simply smiled, “You won’t be alone this Hearths Warming Scootaloo, you're going to share it with somepony,” she said pointing a hoof towards Fluttershy.


Fluttershy walked close to Scootaloo and  gave her the adoption certificate, “I saw how sad you were when you got bullied by today. I couldn’t stand seeing you alone today of all days, so thought I’d ask you would you like to live with me,maybe like my...daughter?” she asked.


Tears began to drop from Scootaloo’s eyes landing on the ground she dropped the paper and ran to Fluttershy giving her a big hug. “Yes! Yes, this is what I've always wanted, please tell me this isn’t a prank!”

“Of course not Scootaloo. I’d never joke about this” she said,  kissing Scootaloo on the head.


Scootaloo smiled, she was happier than she could ever remember being. For once she had a mother, somepony to actually take care of her, “C-can we go home,”

Fluttershy was surprised that Scootaloo would call her mom so easily. “You really want to call me mom? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”


“Try going ten years without a  parent. I am just happy somepony like you loves me,” she said sniffing.

Once they finished the last bit of paperwork needed to finalize the adoption, they headed back to Fluttershy’s place; now complete with Scootaloo’s new room. A welcome home banner was hung in the center, most likely a gift from Pinkie.


Fluttershy smiled seeing that her friends finished with the room. She wanted to thank them but unfortunately her friends were gone. [i]“They probably left to go be with their own families. I’ll thank them tomorrow,”[/i] she thought.


Scootaloo ran straight into the cottage, seeing  her room, she was  surprised. “Wow, this is really my room?”

Fluttershy noded. “It’s all yours.”  Fluttershy put Scootaloo on her back gently. “Hey Scootaloo, wanna help me decorate the tree?” she asked.


Scootaloo’s eyes brightened up, “You bet I would mom,” she said cheerfully .

They made it to the tree and Fluttershy pulled out her box of Hearth’s Warming decorations. A star for the top, a few orbs for the bottom and even some candy canes.


“Let’s start decorating, shall we pumpkin?” Fluttershy said hoofing over a few candy canes and small orbs to Scootaloo.


As the time passed the new family celebrated their first Hearth’s Warming Eve together. Eventually Celestia’s beautiful sun light began to vanish and Luna’s moon  began to shine signaling that it was time for all little fillies to go to bed.


 Fluttershy tucked her new daughter into bed. It made her smile seeing that she was able to make Scootaloo happy. Tomorrow would start their new life together. And the rest of their lives would be great.


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Everypony should be with their family on Hearths Warming Eve. So when Fluttershy sees Scootaloo being bullied for being an orphan, she makes it her mission to give Scootaloo a home for Hearths Warming.

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