A Murderous Tale



                                                                       A Murderous Tale


A young woman was in distress after finding some dire wrongdoings. She had to get this off her chest, so to speak. It kept her up at night, because in her heart this was wrong and must be dealt with. But how?


She fretted over how to go about reporting this horrid crime of murder and adultery. Mainly because nobody else saw or knew what this man has done. Especially since he was a man of power; and good standing in the community.


Yet her conscience couldn't let her forget what she knew to be true, no matter what his standing was. But who would believe her; but in the end she really didn't care. She needed to be brave and courageous and report this egregious incident!


The next day she looked up a family friend, a trusted man of God to report this to. Meeting at a coffee shop, she sat down to wait for him to come in. He finally arrived, got settled down and waited for her to speak. A waitress stopped by to fill his cup, and refill hers. She noticed the woman was very nervous, so she smiled at her, then said “Breathe, breathe my dear!”


The woman looked up at the waitress


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Publication Date: 01-13-2020
ISBN: 978-3-7487-2596-1

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