Chapter 1

I walked into the class feeling scared and nervous but I kept my head up like I was indifferent to the fact that I was moving into a new school in the middle of the term. "Mia Davis?" I looked up and saw a very good looking man probably in his late thirties and I'm totally guessing here but he is the teacher in charge of tenth grade "yes I am" okay he is definitely the teacher in charge. "Okay been expecting you" he said " class, this is Mia Davis and she will be joining us here so show some love" the whole class looked up to look at me and den returned to what they were doing before. I was relieved to see that no one was interested in me and they were not interested in introductions. Oh did I fail to mention that i am a loner. I only talk when necessary or wen with my very close friends, I wear clothes that will make me unnoticed and most of all I stayed to my self. The teacher directed me to where I will be sitting and I went along to my seat. There was a guy there already and I expected him to move to the window side but he stood up and motioned for me to go seat by the window side . I moved in to the window side and it was like a dream come true. I stared outside the window and I didn't notice when the guy sat down or when the class started. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't know when I removed d hoodie of my jacket and brushed my hands through my hair. I felt eyes boring into my head and I knew the guy beside me was staring at me. I looked at him to ask him why he was staring at me but immediately I looked at him it was like his eyes were calling unto me. His eyes were dark and they promised trouble. I tried to look away from him but I couldn't and after a while the only thing I could think of were his eyes. A voice on my head started shouting at me to look away but I couldn't just then I heard the bell ring and I snapped out of it. Immediately the bell rang he stood up and I hurried off forgetting to put my hoodie back on. Great! Just great! New school new lockers new reputation could this year get any worse ? I looked at the map and tried to figure out where my next class was. I got to my next class 5 minutes late. "How nice of you to join us miss ..... ..  Davis" I stopped mid tracks. The whole class burst into laughter "I'm sorry I got lost " he waved his fingers dismissing me . I looked around for an empty seat and got one at the back of the class. I sat down and brought my notes out. The teacher gave us some exercise which I finished on less than five minutes. Not knowing what to do Ieft my note on mi locker and brought out my drawing book . I started to draw the picture of a wand that I had seen in a movie . I had a photogenic memory so I drew the wand just right. It was a pretty wand but it was a waste of resources. I mean in the real world witches don't use wands they cast spells. I saw some of the students dropping their notes at the back of the class so I did the same . I went back to my seat only to find a girl seating there. "Nice drawing but u know wands ain't real" she look up to me and said "the name is Temmy" I knew the moment I saw her eyes that she was a witch just like me or almost like me. I wasn't just a witch , I was a witch and a wolf shifter at the same time. I know you are probably wondering how that's possible but it is. My mum is a witch and my dad was a wolf shifter. He found his true mate and due to the fact that they couldn't do without each other they mated and I was born half witch and half shifter. My mum said that something like that had never happened before but here I am. "Earth to Davis" Temmy's voice cut off my thoughts "I'm sorry " I said as I shook my head to clear my thoughts "its Mia" I told her as I shook her hands. She immediately stood up and told me to wait behind after class. I told her I would not wanting to be rude and knowing fully well that I just got me a friend. The rest of the class seemed to move fast and I wasn't surprised when I saw Temmy at the entrance to the class when I got out. She led me to the cafeteria and practically ordered my food while talking NY ears off about the pros of starting a coven with her and her best friend from the neighboring school. "I'll think about it" I told er softly."there is nothing to think about Mia" she said and gave me her puppydog eyes which got me falling into her succumb. She giggled happily when I told her that I will start a coven with her. She told me to meet her at a cafe and I couldn't help but smile. She was so happy. The rest of the day went on fast and in what seemed like minutes later,I was packing my books into my backpack as I was going home. Hours later I walked into the club Temmy had told me to come to and smiled as I found Temmy and some other girl sitting in dere having only God knows what. I walked forward to what seemed like the perfect idea and the perfect coven. Little did I know that this coven will change my life forever. 





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Chapter 2

 I walked up to Temmy and her friend and immediately I sat at the table I smelt wolf. The thoughts that what would I wolf be doing in a coven came into my mind but instead of asking I just kept the question to my self. I'll find out about this even if its the last thing I do in my life. "Hi" I said as I took my seat at the vacant chair. "Hello, Mia this is my best friend Brittany but Britt for short" I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm. "Britt this is Mia" "So Mia we go to school 7am so we can leave together we take a car and we also go home together. We party sumtyms" "I totally understand I'll try to meet you people at seven" Britt finally looked up from her phone "that's okay we'll meet at my house. Why do you smell like... I don't know? Wolf?" Her question really threw me aback and I was almost out of replies "why do you smell like ..... I don't know? Gabbage?" Like I said, almost."I like her sense of humour Britt said while doing something on her phone , is DAT girl addicted to her phone or is she addicted to her phone? "Look I have to go,gotta meet dinner or my mum will go berserk on me ,sooo, tomorrow?" I said as I stood up to go "look here little girl,you have to dress like an actual human or better still like an actual girl if you wanna roll with us. We can't have you dressed like someone who made a deal with the devil" " you can't say that Britt" "why can't I ?" "Cuz its rude" I was finally tired of their argument so I decided to speak up "its okay Temmy ,and Britt, I will make sure to dress well and not to dress like someone who has made a deal with the devil but I won't dress like someone who is a slut" "and what do you mean by that" she shouted at me drawing the attention of every one at the club "I mean that I wouldn't be dressing like you" I said as I stood up and drew my hood down a little more.

I don't know why, maybe because the club was darkbor j was too engrossed in my thoughts, I didn't notice that some one was following me. "Hey" a foreign voice said to me. I wanted to look up to the person but I didn't I just kept quiet and kept my head low "I'm Luke" no reply "what's your name?" Still not replying " soon where do you live" why does he care? "where do you school" "okay, I've heard enough of it jussict reply him" my wolf said into my head. Fineeee. "Are you always this persistent? I ask and look up. Boy he is one hot guy , I feel like whistling already." Only when I'm with a particularly hot girl" he replied me . I could feel the power radiating off him, he is one powerful wizard. He looks up at me and suddenly a strong wind blewcmy hood off my head "and a beautiful one you are" he says and smile at me . When he smiled, I knew it, he is trouble. I looked down at the road and realised that we have gotten to the junction that differentiates between the rich and the poor. I moved to the left side of the road which is where the poor people live. And I looked up at him "Bye" I said to him "I'll see you around" he said to me while skilling " I really hope not " I replied him and turned down the road. When I became sure that he is gone, I went back to the crossroad and turned right. Okay maybe I deceived him into thinking that I'm poor but, nobody needs to know how rich I really am. As I walked down the road, I could tell that I need to stay away from him, he is definitely trouble.


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Chapter 3

 When I got home I looked under the flower vase and found the key. As expected my oh so lovely mum isn't home **note the sarcasm** I opened the door to the house and went into the kitchen, I looked into the freezer snd grabbed some fruit which I began to munch immediately, I then took out the only eatable food in there and I put itvin the microwave. When the timer went off, I took it out and poured it into another plate then I went into my room. I pit the food on my bed gently and went ahead to change my clothes. When I got back into the room I sat down next to my food and began eating. Hmmm, God what wouldn't I give for food? "your life, obviously" my inner wolf chimed in. How nice of hherto show up. I finished eating my food and me being too lazy to go drop my plates in the kitchen made the plate go by its self. Don't ask me how,let's just say its a witch's thing. I did all of my homework successfully even though i found my mind driftibg to tgis luje guy, who exactly ishe and what exactly dies he want? He's probably just some horny teenager looking to get laid right? Right. I decided to sleep, it will get my mind off a lot of things or people e.g Luke.


I literarilly groaned my ass off when I felt a blinding llight comecinto my room. I opened my eyes and saw my mum by the window side " get up and get ready for school" I heard her say as she walked out of my room. I tried Ti get NY train if thoughts together while rubbing my eyes. I finally did and what came to my mind was who is Luke? 



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