"Philosophy is like a wake from the dependence on the needs of life," Karl Jaspers said, that does not mean that philosophy will find the solution to all the problems of life, an opportunist will always find a solution for his needs faster than a philosopher. On the other hand, "from the philosopher is required to think, and from the poet the truth," Hannah Arendt said, the poet, the eternal rebel, who makes his own way in life, independent of the society in which he was born, from the antiquity, the poet, is keeping always the same initiative. We see Orpheus, choosing maybe the most daring way, namely the way to the underworld, we see many of them others, independent, who made their living through their writings. And what is the way of the poet?

The poet, the creator of an inner world, is portrayed in his poems, showing aspects of what he has built following his own path, a metaphysical path of the soul in the constant search for the truth. And last but not least, "to be a poet is a condition rather than a profession," said Robert Graves.


Adrian Nicula, 25th of April, 2017





In the holy silence of the caste nature

My soul, carried by the white swans,

Was breathing clean air: he dared

To find himself the peace of the snowflakes,


Thus my reverie became complete.

I do not have any wishes, nothing to add.

The silent, elegant white swans,

Alike the lady of Dante's sonnets,


Suavely relieve the waters of my soul.

Your pure, inborn candour,

Now leads me to blue immeasurableness

And lifts up my soul, to the stars.


In the holy silence of dead nature

Of a January sprinkled with snow,

The white swans, the fairy beings,

Are reassuring the world inside my fantasy.

From You (1)



Even if you feel how the lead of

The sunless day of January, inside your soul,

With apparent lack of love,

Would want to break in, to freeze you,

Let your warmth enliven

Those around you and through it, you will

Prepare yourself for a new beginning,

Which you always delay; open

The soul to colours and flowers,

Leave the illusion of the Snow Queen

To go beyond your heart,

The grey is so elusive.

Passing behind the clouds

And the fog always shines an

Almighty Sun; and if

He is prevented from warming us,

Be the source and ever

Give rays of love for all,

Turn on the candle and be you back again...


From You (2)



Let your sun come out

From the clouds of your suffering,

Overcome your pain and revive again

Full of light and love,

Be you again, you, that you always were,

Do not let the pain darken

Your being, find faith in you

For the love of life, live

Again, much beloved soul, let again

The elán vital to enfold itself,

Be alive, for you, for all of us,

Look without fear of the Wheel of Fortune,

Which everyman fate decides,

We all love, we all suffer,

Twin soul, I stretch out my hand,

Together we will prevail, we will live...


From You (3)



You are mourning for your dead love;

It's been a long time that you locked yourself in, like in a

Mausoleum, or a pyramid in which

You sacrificed yourself alive; still

You mourn for the love that died, and

Was scattered in the smoke of your sacrifice;

You've buried yourself alive and you do not want

To return to the rhapsody of life,

That had so much disappointed you;

And all the beauty of your soul

You closed it with you in the grave

Together with the most beautiful

Memories, the most innocent;

You live further in your pain,

Life that is not life, death

For your sublime soul, sensitive

To all the nuances of communication:

Perfect soul, come out,

Do not let fate master you,

You're stronger than her...

From You (4)



Soul, who through love has grown up

Organically with the soul, that you love,

You felt the ultimate pain when

He betrayed you, he sinned against you,

Did not want you a part of him anymore, he drove you away;

The rupture that you felt, the rupture

Between souls, the indescribable pain:

You felt how his soul killed yours...

Diaphanously you pass through life, a shadow,

Just a piece of broken soul,

The remains of a star destroyed

The extreme suffering of one's own

Energy: try, you have to regain

The consistency of your initial state, you,

Again, in full force, come back...

"Nothing dies, everything transforms."

From You (5)



We travel the world alone, two solitary clouds,

The thoughts we carry with us, the pains,

For ourselves, each of us inside ourselves, isolated,

We silence in us what we are, we are silent

And thus suffer endlessly. From life

We are not expecting anything, we expect, ephemeral

How we are, ephemerally to perish,


Publisher: BookRix GmbH & Co. KG

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Editing/Proofreading: Adrian Nicula
Translation: Adrian Nicula
Publication Date: 05-06-2017
ISBN: 978-3-7438-1129-4

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