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 I love you more than words can show.I think about you more than you could ever know.Until forever this will be true,because there is no one i would ever love,the way I Love You




I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion By Alexander the Great.


 Within No Time I Was In LoveI met a girl in a hood...and the conversation started as usual...But within the first few minutes, I was in love…We talked on and on and on…her words were like balls of sugar…I waited eagerly , waited for her reply…got anxious when she took time to reply…Yes, I was in love…I was scared to tell her….I feared I might lose her…….With all my courage and strength I decided to propose to her….My heart was ready to bring a whole world of happiness into her feet…I went on my knees and proposed….every second was passing like a year for me…and then the time came…And then she spoke her decision…Hearing her words, my heart forgot to beat ….it just stopped and then hopped like a bunny…….It was “yes,I love you too”…Oh, my God, It seemed like I'd gotten everything I'd ever wished for…My heart hopped on and on and on…And now you are everything for me…you are my are my night….you are my dream, you are my reality…you are my life and am ready to die for you…Yes, I was in love!…Yes,I am in love!…I love you, Princess!


 One day you will miss me,one day your eyes will tear up at the memories,one day you will try to find me. But it will be too late cuz that One Day I wont be there for what you have to give.That one day i won't be there for you.....That day you would realize why it was so hard for me to go away...


 “I fall asleep to the thought of you, even when I don’t want to. And in those few hours, I’m free. Free from my mind and heart telling me how in love with you I am. Free from thinking of how I will never get the chance to see you smile at my expense. Free from the prison that is you. Free from the hold you have on me. For those few hours I sleep soundly and maybe I even find solace in the movies that are my dreams. My mind forgets, even if just for a short while, how beautiful your smile is and how, for some reason, I can still picture it perfectly. My mind forgets your laugh and just how absolutely beautiful you are. My mind forgets how you are the first person, the only person, that has shown me that I am capable of love. Maybe that’s why I wake up. Maybe my mind realizes that I am forgetting you and jolts itself awake. And so I awake and there you are again. The first and last thing I think about was you.”



 I'm hopelessly in love with you,no pointgiving me advice,I have drunk love poison,no pointtaking any remedy,They want to chain my feet,but whats pointwhen it is my heart gone mad.......
















If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a teardrop because I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.

If kisses were stars, I'd give you the sky.
If touches were tears, I would cry.
If love was water, I'd give you the sea.
And be with you for all eternity.



Though it's only been a short while
I've never had a friend like you
But soon you will be leaving me
And I don't know what to do
Your love and understanding
Have brought me a new hope
I wish that I could keep you here
Tied to me with a rope
Why do you choose to leave me?
I ask with confusion and pain
Don't let me go back to feeling alone
When will I see you again?
The miles soon stretched between us
What will happen to this bond?
Will we reunite to find
That this special tie is gone?
So many questions I have
My heart filled with fear
Dreading you will leave me
And never shed a tear
Unlike this desperate aching
In my heart that won't let go
Which leads me now to tell you
Something you must know
The friendship you have given me
The joy you bring my soul
Has filled me with such strength
And love once unforetold
How can it be so short?
This time we've spent together
I thought you would remain here
And love me 'til forever
Sadly, wishful thinking
As I now have come to see
But remember please this thought
When you think of me
We may soon be separated
But I'll remember, just the same
Forever in my heart
Is where you will remain
I wish that when you leave
We'd remain the best of friends
You'll be in my thoughts
'Til I see you again
How can I say goodbye?
No words, just tears fall
From my eyes and sobbing heart
That knows you after all
The hours spent together
Will soon dwindle down to few
Forcing me to let go
And start this year anew
Without you here to talk to
Searching for a friendly face
That knows all too well
They can never be replaced!

All i wanna say you always will have a important spot in my life


 Memories of past and of people who were special to us are the priceless wealth a person can have.sometimes they gives us a lesson which takes us to our success.
These memories sometime gives us peace and happiness but sometime gives us the pain of loosing those moments and people.
The enormous happiness given by those memories are irreplaceable.
Like when I joined here there were some people who were important for me and meant a lot to me.I had amazing time with them and created some memories too, when I look on those memories they always bring smile on my face but at the same time the make me same because those people are now going away from me.
I miss those moments a lot
My friends here never let a moment go every moment as if that moment is last moment of u life and always protect those amazing memories


Publication Date: 03-12-2015

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