Chapter one:

Tara was walking through the park, her converes leaving a light indent in the snow. It was getting cold. Tarr pulled her jacket closely around her small torso. She shuddered delicately as the wind blew against her rosey red cheeks. She quickened her pace to get home. She really did need to stop going on her late night walks, expecially so close to the end of vacation. She passed the swings when it came out of no where and tackled her. It hit her hard and knocked her to the ground. She struggled to get the beast off of her. Really, it looked like an over sized dog! She grabbed it by its over sized ear and tried to get the thing to budge but it reached its large paw out and swipped at her wrist, cutting through her jacket, leaving three very large bleeding cuts from its claws. She let out a cry of pain and held it against her chest carefully. With the other hand she swung at it and delivered a blow to the side of its face. It staggered back and she did waste any time. She got up and ran in the direction of her home. She reached the edge of the forest path leading home and faltered in her stride but quickly made up for it. She set out in a dead sprint down the path, but the beast persisted in following her. The slick snow beneath her boot caused her to slip and in seconds, the beast was on top of her lundging at her throat. It's claws dug into her wrists pinning her down. It was going in for the kill. She had one faint hope. She shoved her knee upwards and she heard a yelp. She tried to wrestle free, but before she could, the beast bit into her neck. She screamed in agony and kicked the beast and scrambled to her feet. She ran as quickly as she could with leg all the way home. The beast following at a slower pace than before, but still close behind her. She reached the edge of the forest and ran across the street. To her emence suprise, the creature didn't follow. He stood at the forest edge and stared back at her with expectant eyes. After a moment, he faded into the shadows. She paused a moment before limping home. What would her parents think? They would find out eventually find out. Would she tell them? No, she wouldnt. She unlocked the door and moved silently through the sleeping house. She limped up the stairs to her room. She took off her jacket, avoiding hitting her arm which was now burning badly. She stripped her shirt off and had to cut herself out of her jeans. She went into the bathroom and turned the hot water on and stepped in. She let her muscles relax and let the hot water wash away the pain and worry she felt. She cleaned her wounds and wrapped her leg in bandages after she got out. There wasnt much she could do for her wrist except put some alchohol on it. She dried her hair and managed to get boxers on over her wound but couldnt manage anything else. So she layed in bed in her bra and boxers. She attempted to cover up with her comforter and found it extreamly hard to do. She just layed there until sleep finally found its way to her. She slept for three days.

Chapter two:

She awoke that morning earlier than ushual. She skipped to the bathroom to brush her long black hair. As she went to pick up the brush, she realized she wasnt sore. She looked in the mirror and saw that her wounds were gone, leaving only faint scars. She lifted a trembling hand and softly stroked where she had been biten last nigh. She knew it had been real. She had the jacket to prove it! She went to the hamper and pulled out the bloody, ripped jacket. She pushed it to the back of her mind and went to her closet and got mini skirt and her favorite green and black striped hoodie. She pulled it on with ease. She grabbed her vans and slipped them on. She brushed her long hair and did her make up. She grabbed her backpack and keys and went downstairs and out the door. She climbed onto her Ninja and drove to school. When she arrived, Bridget and Mandy were waiting for her on the steps. When they caught sight of her, they ran up and hugged her. She gave them a small smile and said a soft hello. They talked to her but she wasnt listening. Catching her attention from all the way across the parkinglot were a large group of guys. The tallest of the group was a guy with jet black hair and intense blue eyes. He was watching her. His intense blue eyes stared at her expectantly. She told her friends she would be right back and walked over to them. She walked up to her step brother, Daniel, and threw her arms around him. He hugged her and soflty said, "God, its been too long. How are you, Tara?" He asked. She looked at him and didnt answer. She didnt need to. He could see it in her eyes that she was hurting. He cleared his throat and looked to his friends and said, "Tara, this is Dustin, Jake, Andy, and Jared." They all nodded and said hi. She smiled and said a soft hello. Jared spoke up and said, "Daniel.." in an anxious voice. He just nodded. He pulled her aside and said, "Look, do you think you could miss a couple days of school? We wont be in town long and I want to spend some time with you." She nodded and said, "Sure, as long as I do the makeup work, I should still have strait A's." He smiled and said, "Ok, well lets get something for brekfest, then we can go back to my place." She nodded and climbed onto her bike. All of the guys piled into Jared's car except Daniel. He hesitated. She brought out her extra helmet and rolled her eyes. "Just get on already," she said and he smiled. He climbed on and she said, "Just make sure to hold on," and he wrapped his arms tight around her waist. She pulled out of the parking lot and onto the highway. She picked up the speed and they got brekfest and made it home in a matter of ten minutes.They all piled into the house and went off to do their own thing. Tara took the groceries to the kitchen and prepared to make brekfest for everyone. The only ones who bothered to watch her were Jared and Daniel. She found the biggest pan she could and made six very large omlets. When brekfest was done, she carried the plates to the table where the guys were already waiting. There was an empty space for her between Daniel and Andy. She sat down and Andy put his arm around her. He said, "Welcome to the family, Sis" She blushed and took a drink of Pepsi. "Andy, your going to scare her!" Jared said with a chuckle. Dustin smiled. "Anyone who can cook this good is a friend of mine," he said with his mouth full. She laughed and nodded her thanks. She ate her plate and chugged her drink. She waited while Daniel finished. She let out a huge burp that caused the room to go silent. Jared looked at her with wide eyes. "Did that burp just come out of tiny little Tara?" he asked Daniel, still shocked. He just laughed. "She's always did burp like a man," Jake said. She flipped him the bird and he said, "Just tell me when honey." She stuck her tounge out and they all laughed. Then everything got quiet. "We need to talk," Daniel said. She nodded and waited. And then he told her.

Chapter three:

"Wait, so your saying that thing that attacked me was a werewolf?!" she said. They all nodded. "For some odd reason, he choose to attack you," Jared said. "Who was it? Who bit me?" she said quietly. "Our previous alpha, Warren. You met him when we were little. He was hunted down and killed the next morning," Dainel said. Dustin walked out of the room. As he left, Tara saw tears running down his face. Jared followed her gaze. "Warren and Dustin were to be mated in a few short weeks." he said, a hint of sadness in his voice. Her own eyes filled with tears. Daniel pulled her into his lap and held her while she cried. When she was done, she found Jared staring at them in wonder. She wiped her eyes and walked into the living room where she found Dustin, tears filling his eyes. She climbed onto the couch next to him and hugged him. He wrapped his arms aroound her and sobbed into her shoulder. They held each other while they cried together. When they finally stopped crying, He looked up at her and said, "Did you know him?" She nodded. He kind of smiled. "He was the best guy I have ever met. I dont know if you knew this, but we were engaged." She nodded and whispered, "They told me. Im so sorry. I understand what your going through. I lost my girlfriend, Natalie." Now he nodded, "I know. Daniel told us not to menchin her. I actually got to meet her when we were younger. Im so sorry." he said. She nodded and hugged him gently. They got up and went to the bathroom to fix their make up and make themselves presentable. They walked into the kitchen looking better. Jared looked up at them as they walked in and in his eyes she saw a new understanding. "How are you," he asked. She shrugged and said, "Im surviving." She and Dustin sat back down and she sighed and said, "What else do I need to know?" He nodded and said, " You've been bitten, so you should be dead. But sence it was an Alpha that bit you, your alive. Your body is trying to fight off the infection. Tara, your body's losing. When it has lost, you will begin the change. Once the change sets in, theres no going back. I wont lie to you. Its a very painful process. It feels like your skull is being split open. You will understand once you change. You'll see the world differently. You also cannot be around humans for a while. You just wont be able to controll your instincts. And you can be away from us while you change. Or right after. It will kill you to be away from us. So you must be with at least one of us at all times. And once you change you must feed on human blood." A tear escaped her eye. Andy walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She leans into him for support and he sits next to her. "What else?" she whispered. "Well, after you have completed the change, it isnt likely that you will continue to develope. But, of course, we wont know for sure. There has never been a female werewolf before. We didnt even know it was possible. You will fully mature during the change but after that, you probably wont ever change. So if you want to change something, do it now. Is there anything you want to change?" She nodded. "I want to dye my hair and get a few piercings." He nodded and said "I'll take you to get them done." She smiled and said, "Thanks Jared." He nodded and said, "When do you want to do that?" "Soon" she said.

Chapter four:

A large group of guys and a tiny girl walked into the Tattoo parlor. Jared walked up to the receptionist and said, "We need to see Mark immediatly." She spoke in a naisly voice and said, "Do you have an appointment?" He smirked, "Tell him his special clients are here." She did. He came immediatly and glared at his receptionist. He led them to a room with five chairs. Everyone sat and she kind of stood beside Jared's and Daniel's chairs. Mark didn't even take notice of her presence. She sighed quietly and sat on the arm of Daniel's chair, putting her legs in his lap. He didnt seem to mind. He put his hand on her knee and gave it a gentle squease. "What can I do for you, Jared?" Mark asked. Jared sat up strairt and said, "Well, for starters, is there a way we could get a chair in here?" Tara started to protest but the look that he gave her told her that even though he adored her, she was needed to only speak when spoken to. She gave a slight nod and he relaxed. Mark had his assistant put a seat for her between Jared and Dainel. She sat down. "Mark, I would like you to meet Daniel's step sister Tara. Tara, this is the only normal company you will be around for a while so you had better enjoy it! You'll be stuck with wet dog smell for a while." said Jared laughing. We all joined in. Mark asked, "What else will she be needing besides a chair?" Jared looked at her. "I was hoping to get a few piercings done and maybe a tattoo.." she said hestitantly. He nodded and told the guys, "You can wait in the waiting area or leave and pick her up later. This could take about thirty minutes." They all nodded and left except Jared. He hesitated and said, "I can stay if you want.." She shook her head and said, "This isnt my first piercing. I've gotten my ears gaged. I'll be fine, Jared. Thank you though." He smiled and walked away. Mark nodded and said, "What did you have in mind?" She said, "Well, I was hoping to get hip dermals.." He nodded as he got the equipment ready. "What else?" he asked. "I wanted to get my lip pierced.." He nodded and continued. "And three claw marks down my back." He said, "What first?" She considered and said, "The piercings." He said he would be right back. He returned with a case of piercings and asked her to pick her favorite. She chose a black hoop for her lip and small diamond studs for her hips. He handed her a stack of low cut shorts and bikini tops. She raised an eyebrow. "Jared told me to give these to you. Your gonna need them. You cant wear anything that covers your piercigns or tattoo. Meaning, Unless you wanna walk out of here with out a shirt, you'll wear these." She nodded. "Jared also said that I am supossed to tattoo this on ur left wrist." he said holding up a laminated drawing. It was small and all of they guys had one so she agreed. He told her to sit down and she did. He brought Jared in and said, "I'm going to need his help. Its ok." She nodded and held his hand as Mark stuck the needle through. "Do you like the bikini tops?" She squeased his hand. "I picked them out. I knew you would like them. Dustin picked out the shorts. I wanted to get you gym shorts. He told me 'Hell no, no one is dressing my little princess like that!' so I let him win that one." She giggled. "Ok, its time to put on the outfit now." She did. She layed down on the bench they had set up. "Ready Tara?" Mark said. She nodded. Jared rubbed her stomach and said, "Just relax." She did. She watch his face the entire time. When Mark was done, she slowly sat up. Jared smiled and said, "They look really good. Im happy Dustin won the argument. Those shorts look great!" She blushed. "Ok, are you ready for your tattoos? Jared will be doing your back while I do your wrist." She nodded and got comefy. Jared told her to put a hoodie on backwards. She looked confused. "I'm gonna need to untie your top to do the tattoo." She nodded and did, pushing up her sleve. He untied it and they worked on her tattoos. When they were done with that, Mark did her hips. Jared then led her out to the car. "I'll meet you at the beach, Tara. I've gotta run some errands. Oh, do you have a blood preference?" he asked casually. She Shook her head and shuddered softly. He patted her shoulder. "Do you want some company?" she asked as he opened the door. He smiled and said, "Sure."

Chapter five:

They dropped Tara's bike off at the beach and she climbed into the passenger seat of Jared's truck. They drove down the highway and pulled into a large white building with a cross on the front. The blood bank. They climbed out and walked inside. It was suprisingly warm inside. She looked over at him in wonder. He just said, "You wont have to worry about getting cold anymore." She grinned and walked at his side to big locked door. He pulled out a key and unlocked it. They stepped inside and he caught her arm. Then she understood. She inhaled and was mesmurized by the scent of the blood. He got what we needed and we left. She stared out the window crying the entire way home. He had a hand on the steering wheel and an arm around her shoulders. He would occasionally say comdorting words but otherwise remained silent. "Why me..?" she would occasionaly say but for that he had no answer. He wondered that too. She sat up and rubbed her eyes when they arrived at her home. She looked confused. "Another thing I forgot to menchin. You wont be able to be with your loved ones anymore. Thats why you havent seen Daniel in a few years. You need to get what things you will bring on to your new life. I know this is alot to handle, but you wont be completely alone. You'll have Daniel. And the rest of us. We're here to support you." he said. She nodded and went into the house. She walked up to the fireplace. She lifted a picture from the mantle. It was a picture from three years ago. A picture of Dad, Mel, Daniel, Jason, and Tara. She took it upstairs and set it on her bed. She went to her closet and grabbed all her jeans and shorts. She packed them all into one bag and went back to get shirts and hoodies. She packed the rest of her stuff and tossed it all out of her second story window. Jared was waiting to catch it down on the ground. She grabbed the frame, her laptop, her ipod, her unicorn pillow pet, and makeup bag and went down stairs and locked the door behind her. They loaded her stuff into the back seat of the truck. They stopped by the beauty supply store and got deep auburn hair dye. They then dropped her things off at the house and he showed her to her room. It was next to Daniel's and across from Jared's. "Im right here if you need anything." he said. They then went to the beach. As they piled out of his truck, the guys ran up to meet them. Daniel paused and looked at Jared before running forward and picking her up. He embraced her and she flipped out momentatily. she looked down at her piercings and was shocked to realize they were healed. Jared and Daniel smirked at each other. "We had to humor the guy. He was human after all." She nodded and relaxed a little. Daniel grinned at Jared and the both of the picked her up and through her in the water. She sure was pissed when she got out. They wrestled until sunset and then went home for dinner.

Chapter six:

Jared cooked this time, tacos. She, of course, assisted. He cooked the meat and heated the shells. She sliced and diced the vegitables. When she thought he wasnt looking, she threw a piece of tomato at him. He spun around and caught it with a smile. "You'll have to do better than that," he said and threw it back at her, laughing. She caught it between her teeth and he smiled approvingly. They finished cooking and took it out to the dinning room. When she walked in, every one yelled, "SUPRISE!" She was slightly suprised and she smiled. All the guys were gathered around the table. On the table was a large cookie. It read, 'Welcome to the family' in blue frosting. She smiled when she saw her step brother with the tube of frosting. He grinned back at her. She turned around and saw Jared smirking. She turned back around and ran into Daniel's arms. He seemed suprised. But he hugged her back, none the less. When she turned around again, Jared was no where to be seen. The table was set and the food was there. But where was he? She decided she would speak with him later. At dinner, everyone was laughing and smiling. She couldnt help but join in the good times. By the end of dinner, Jared was still no where to be found. She excused herself and went up stairs. She first went to her room to get changed. She put on some tight stretchy shorts, a tanktop, and her black slippers. She then went to Jared's door and knocked. There was no reply. She waited a minute before opening the door and stepping inside. At first she thought it was empty. Then she saw a large black mass standing on the bed. He growled at her. She sunk into a hunting crouch and a low feirce cry errupted from her throat. The beast lept at her and sunk its fangs into her thigh and her claws (Claws!?) sunk into his back. They simultaniously yelped at at that very moment, Jared came bursting into the room in nothing but a towel. She pulled her claws free, causing a bit more damage, and straitened up but her eyes never left the beast. Jared said something in a russian and the beast walked to the corner and layed down, kepping his eyes on her the entire time. Jared turned his attention back to her. "Are you okay?" he asked in a very concerned voice. She thawed out a bit and said, "I will be as soon as I rip that mut's vocal cords out." He had to laugh at that. "Well then I guess you will never be better because you cant. Thats my boy, Demon, right there buddy. Did he hurt you?" he said looking her up and down for wounds. She shrugged and indicated the scratches on her stomach and legs and across her cheek. He reached a hand up and lightly brushed her wounded cheek. "Well, the good news is that the one on your cheek wont scar. The bad news is that the others might." he said, pulling her shredded shirt up to examine the wounds. "There going to need some saliva to properly heal." He said. She could barley nod. The pain was finally sinking in and she was miserable. "The down side to that is that I would have to turn in order for the saliva to properly work. Would you be comfortable with that? It will take about an hour for me to be able to change back but I can assure you that you will be completely safe." he said reasuringly. She nodded slightly and he walked to the bathroom. He took off the towel and she pointedly looked away. Then she felt it. It was like a rush of pure light entering the room and flowing around them. She had never felt anything like it before. Then all of a sudden the light seemed to brush against her leg. She looked and what she saw made her jump. It was a wolf. One that so resembled the one that had attacked her not even a week ago. The only difference she could tell was the color of the fur. Warren's fur had been brown with a hint of red. the Jared wolf's fur was jet black with purple tips. Just like his hair, she realized! She reached a hand out and stroked the wolf's fur. A low rumbel echoed in his chest. She climbed onto his bed and she automaticly whisled like she would to call any other animal. She barked and it honestly sounded like he was laughing. He shook his large wolf head and lept onto the bed next to her. He looked her strait in the eye and slowly and very deliberatly bent to lick her wounded cheek. She giggled and petted the giant wolf. He licked her other wounds and then, very deliberately, licked her face. She smiled and hugged the wolf. "Im not sure if you can understand me but I am greatful to you for accepting me into the pack. I know its hard losing Warren and im sorry. But thank you." she whispered in his large wolf ear. The Jarred wolf huffed a sigh and layed down next to her, curling up by her side. She held the wolf close and burried her face in his fur. She began to sob softly. The wold whimpered and curled closer. They fell asleep like that.


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