A little love and openess between family is gonna go a long way
Run away no longer from you truly are
Insist on your rights as a human being and you will be rewarded
Everyday is bringing you that much closer to the changes you've been craving
Slowly but surely your happily ever after is gonna come

Aries, that is your gay horoscope for today!


All you want is just within reach
Quit never trying to grasp your ulimate goal in life
Understand that just because you're gay that does not make you any less of a man
Always stand up to fight for what you want and you'll be almost always sure to get it
Right around the corner the shining light of truth awaits you
Innocent hearts will not be corupted
Unless you let yours be
Save yourself for your one true love and there will be no more scary S.T.D. scares

Aquarius, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Pleasure like you've never ever known before is soon to come your way
I must warn you however to be extra careful of this one
Sex without protection no matter how badly he begs for it must not be granted
Careful you must be this time to not let the wrong one take you with your pants down for
Even the most healthy of lovers can give to you something you do not want if you do not first cover it
So take your time and hurry into his arms or his bed right away

Pisces, this is your gay horoscope for today!


All the way with that stranger at the bar might not be such a good idea after all
Race not right over before you get all the facts
Innocent eyes could be hiding some very big guilty lies
Every hot guy you see and wanna do won't always turn out to be one you can trust
So remember to savor what can get and not to regret what you can't

Aries, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Trouble's gonna be a brewin' if you even think about goin' out and cheatin' tonight
A fight bitter and harsh will end your 5 year long romance if you experiment
Useless to try and heal your wounded ego with this one night of hot but regretable sex
Reach out instead to your man, swallow your pride and his, and be the first to say you're sorry
Until you do neither of you will be happy
Seriously, this is what you must do if you wanna keep that love of his runnin' hot

Tarus, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Gay, straight or bi
Everybody is not gonna be happy no matter what choice you make tonight
Might not be such good time to come out either way when you think about it
If you wait just a little bit longer it might be better for you and your lover
No promises
I'm no psychic, but my gut is telling me that for you.....

Gemini, that is your gay horoscope for today!


Caution is best when waiting to get back those all important test results
A lot of patience is gonna be needed here
Never push away those who seek only to comfort you
Curses and wishful thinking is something you can not be tempted to turn to in this dark time
Empty promises may warm but they cannot promise a cure
Reveal yourself to true friends who will stand by you through it all

Cancer, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Let no one control the life changing choices you make today
Energy and strength will be given to you by the most suprising of sources
One might even be amazed at who come out to stand at your side

Leo, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Virgin trys at love at will first will falter, but soon you will learn and become quite the expert
Instinct will lead you to the right one in time
Revealed to you will be a secret today of a most shocking nature
Got to try not to run away from the bad news this time
Or you might forever regret losing this chance at changing everything in your life for the better

Virgo, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Losers hate winners and those who are different in any way from them
I suggest you be strong and just brush away their cruel taunts
Rather than allow them to hurt you, you must act as an army
An army of one not afraid to stand up and admit who you really are

Libra, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Second chances will be hard to come by when dealing with hurt feelings of both old and new friends
Can't please everyone all the time so don't even try
One day at a time is how you must take this at least for a little while
Put out to pasture those who want to desert you now that your truth has been leaked
In no way are they healthy or good for your well-being
One day but not now they may come around, but I would't hold my breath if I were you

Scorpio, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Slowly but surely this week a change is gonna come your way
A little doubt is natural but in this case completely unfounded
God knows what she's doing
If you will trust in that you will be happy
There will be no room soon for certain people in your life
They will be removed but in time you will quit missing them
As you become surrounded by bigger and better things to come
Reality will prove even sweeter than the fiction you currently pen
Insults will be hurled and rules will be broken, but you need pay no heed to this
Usually calm, a storm will soon enter to shake up all your life you hold dear
Surpised you will be by how much this later comes to please you

Sagittarius, this is your gay horoscope for today!


Can't let a true love turned false get you down for soon a new, sweeter one will come
At long last your aching questions will be answered
Pretty green eyes have been watching you and soon will speak volumes of affection revealed
Romance forbidden will bloom
Inciting family rage and not so friendly stares
Careful you have to be not to let this destory your newfound love affair
One bad mistake in a fit of anger could spell the e-n-d, so don't make it
Rock the world your own way and to heck with what others say
Northern breezes bring forth soon a cooling feeling towards an old friend

Capricorn, this is your gay horoscope for today!

2009 Ramona Thompson


Publication Date: 02-11-2010

All Rights Reserved

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