Her Love

She swears that things are fine
And that she is okay
when the truth of it is
That she's dying inside
A little bit each day
She puts on a fake smile
To hide all her pain
But when she's alone
The tears fall like rain
How can he be so blind
To every breath she takes
Every move she ever makes
Everything she does
She does it all for him
She gives and gives
And never once takes
But all he ever does
Is forsake her
He's the only one
To break her
But she holds her head high
As tears fall like rain
And she'll always love him
Even-though he's to blame
He's her world
Her everything
And he's the only one
Who can end all her pain
She deserves so much more
To be wanted, loved, and adored
She is kind, loving, and gentle
And she always forgives him
No matter what he does
She never holds a grudge
One day maybe
Once she's gone
He'll finally see
That she was there all along
She's innocent and pure
Like an angel
Always watching
Always faithful
Her love is strong
And will never fade
Maybe his eyes will open
And he'll see that one day


Publication Date: 11-10-2011

All Rights Reserved

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