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Earth is like a vivariam and as the animals and plants are under scientific observation, some people are abducted and kept in their labs for observation. Our scientists believe this. As ecosystem for the growth of plants and animals is observed, so the aliens also observe human beings in the labs of aliens. The alien labs are operating secretly somewhere under the sea.

People will be abducted from their place in early hours of morning and they will be taken to their secret research labs for scientific observation. The abductors develop the skills to speak in our language and they even communicate with us in a telepathic way.

I am on my tour on ocean in private boat. I am very much in habit of touring on the ocean and I take necessary help from marine experts for every care needed to be taken. I don’t go in to deep sea and I always near some town or village for help. That day I finished my fishing early and watched some marine movies on the TV. I have three more native people as help on my mini vessel.

3.00 am – meeting on the vessel All are asleep comfortably. The weather is comfortable. Nothing to worry and if any trouble is perceived, we will go to the shore. I don’t know where it will be but the shore is somewhere in African jungle. So my people on the vessel will be always ready.

It is around 3.00 AM that some unnatural lightning sound is heard. I thought some rain may be ahead and the driving crew will look after that, I know. I saw someone flying in the air like a ghost. He is not a human BODY.

“Who are you?” I asked him without getting alarm in my face.

“I am a friend from other planet.” He said.

“Which planet. Can you name it?” I asked.

“I can’t answer now. I want to take you to our space lab.” He said politely.

“How can you take me, without my consent?” I asked.

“Your consent is not needed. We will abduct you.” The flying creature said with confidence.

“What for you need me? I don’t know you. I don’t know, I will be useful for you.” I said.

“We need your help in our research. Your body will help us knowing some real facts about your life.” that alien said.

“I feel it is right that you take my permission for this.”

“I know, but I know that you do not give us permission.”

“How much time you need me?” I asked again.

“I can’t say now. It may be few hours or few days or months in your time line.”

As alien said this, I am getting sleep. I want to ask one thing.

“Tell me, is it safe.. I mean your experiments with us?”

I am so much scared when I asked this.

“Don’t worry. Your life is safe.” The alien said with confidence.

I read somewhere that trust no aliens, so I am doubtful in his words. But nothing is in my hands, when I felt fully in sleep when he reached me. I saw a frightening light and sound when he reached me.

3.10 am – got up in the alien lab All of sudden I got up and found that I am in a space ship. I have my wrist watch and it is showing 3.10 am. I am not perturbed or alarmed as I heard or read that the abductions are common and nothing is in our hands to stop these abductions.

Life reality is interesting and it refers to our paradigm of normal life as human beings. It is well known that very horrific examinations and biological sampling take place at various facilities of aliens or aboard spacecraft. I now see the latter.

However, those who have full knowledge of what has happened to them will tell you what it has done to their lives. The effects are deep and far reaching into anyone’s life.

I want to be more alert to know what these aliens do with me I must be alert at their each and every test to remember well and report to news channel.

One alien smiled. He looked at me as if he is reading my thoughts.

“Why do you smile sir?” I asked very politely.

“I understand that you are thinking about helping your press with your experiences here.”

“You are right. What is there to smile?” I asked him

“You will be unconscious in few minutes. Then you don’t know what happened. We do our observation and speak in our language, not in your language.” The alien said with clear understanding.

As he said, I am unconscious within seconds. But I understood that somebody entered my brain as a wave and spreading on the working system of it. I am thinking that the aliens are not only scientist, but also scientific instruments of testing operation. I am thinking this and I felt a jolt in my brain like shock.

What happened next, I don’t know. I don’t know how much I time I spent on the space ship.

4.10 am – Back in the Vessel I am back in my vessel when the alien is about to go back.

I woke up when I am in my transport. I am on the alien’s back and he is flying with lightening speed. I see all the blue sea under my feet. It is dark and quiet night. As soon as I am left on my bed and the alien is ready to quit, I looked at him and said, “THANK YOU”

He wondered for I am conscious. He thought I will be unconscious till morning.

He too said in whispering voice. “THANK YOU”

“Do you come back for me again? This time I come with my consent” I said.

The alien smiled and said, “We don’t need you again, Be happy without any fear.”

Then the alien is gone with the frightening light and thundering lightening.

After Results on abducted  I am getting severe pain in my head and I am not ready to answer anything to any one.

I read that precious sleep is lost resulting in painful physical ailments like fibromyalgia.

I also heard that people cannot work peacefully due to no rest and no sleep. The health of the abducted is severely damaged. They feel terrible mental stress.

They will be very much frightened at the fact that they will be continuously abducted. The story of their abduction never ends as they are more needed for further test of the life phenomena.

Many people who are abducted got the jobs lost and their marriages are broken.

Abduction by aliens is very common. During the early morning hours, the actual reality is that around 500 million people or more can be available for abduction in high population countries like India and China. So the abduction is inevitable and the aliens are more powerful than the so called the great developed men on earth here. Why is not there any evidence? Stopping abductions is extremely difficult. It is found that shortly before any abduction takes place and during the abduction all the electronic devices stop functioning. This negates the effectiveness of the virtually all electronic countermeasures such as strobe lights, loud sound, RF fields are futile before the advanced measures of aliens..

One question always arises from the skeptics like a pre-programmed statement,

“Why isn’t there any evidence?”  Logic shows that if incontrovertible physical evidence was left behind (such as an instrument or object made of non-earthly materials, it would cause a major problem. People would start focusing on fighting aliens, instead of focusing on earthly arguments. It would become a major obstacle for the alien agenda

Why is nothing done to stop abductions?

Many theories often include some word of a deal gone bad with one alien race after 1947.

In this popular theory, the deal which the governments made was to allow limited abductions in exchange for technology.

We really didn’t get the technology promised but aliens continued to abduct people en masse – for some 60+ years now.

I’m not saying I agree with the story going, but just repeating the essence of it here for reference purposes. Clearly, the military is completely aware of the entire abduction issue and remain silent about it.

Reasons may be like this:

  1. our current weapons technology is not sufficiently advanced to win the battle for Earth’s sovereignty
  2. the demonstration of alien war technology is witnessed, may be, by our military heads and such a demonstration would be designed to instill total fear and submission in their brains.
  3. Too many races of aliens visiting on earth maybe reason not to fight any of them.
  4. One or more aliens control our planet, so fighting is not made possible with them.

I’m not sleeping well. I did not say anything to the crew. I was simply spending time on the vessel.

I know, the aliens will come for me soon.

When I don’t know, but I know that they will come soon to abduct me with so simple style. I am more worried for the abduction.

I am waiting for the aliens. I am not sleeping in the nights on the vessel.

Aliens did not come. I thought, I must stop my tour on the blue waters soon and return home. I am, becoming like a maniac to see the aliens again as if they are my life and I am dying for the.



Text: Sunkara Bhaskara Rao
Images: Sunkara Bhaskara Rao
Editing: Sunkara Bhaskara Rao
Translation: -
Publication Date: 06-12-2015

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