Tomorrow Never Dies

BR Sunkara


People are optimistic. People always think that tomorrow is good. So many tomorrows come and go, yet people believe that Tomorrow Never Dies.


They are very poor. They sit at the entrance of the church and look for some good hearts to show mercy on them. They are Peter and Samson. Peter has wife and small family.  Samson has no family. Whatever they get at the end of late night, they feel happy. If Peter needs some more money, he gets from Samson and he returns that amount on the other day.


These two persons are very optimistic in tomorrow. They purchase every day a lottery ticket to check their luck. They did not get any prize for the last few years, but their hope is always green. They believe that one day, they will win the lottery and they will be rich. They both thought that if anyone from both of them wins a big money, they will share the money with the other of them. They love each other so much.


One day Samsung was told that his lottery ticket won a prize. He was very happy and he wanted to tell this first to his friend peter. The shopkeeper checked his ticket number and found out that it is three thousand rupees. He was happy for he did not see three thousand in his life.


The lottery ticket seller took the ticket and paid him 2850 hard cash after deducting his commission.


Samson is happy. He had hard cash in his pocket. He wanted to buy good dress for him and peter and dine in a good hotel. He did not drink even once any costly whisky. He wanted to have whisky with Peter. He did not say about winning this money, because he wanted to make him astonished in the evening.


It was late night and Samson wanted to say about his winning a lottery ticket, just then Peter’s six year old son came running and said that his mother is wounded while working in a construction and now she is admitted in a hospital.


When Peter was running home, Samson also followed him. Doctor attended on Peter’s wife and she said that she must be in the hospital for fifteen days and around three thousand rupees will be needed for her treatment. Peter was sobbing and he is unable to bring even five hundred also, how can he manage three thousand.


Samson was looking at peter with pity. He took the money he had in his pocket and gave it to Peter saying that his lottery ticket won three thousand the money is less seller commission 150.


“Samson, this is your money. Keep it with you. I will take five hundred for now.”  Peter said.


But Peter did not accept. He gave the total money in his hand and asked him to look after his wife until she returns home.


“How I can repay you Samson, You know my position.” Peter said.


“Forget Peter. Tomorrow never dies.” Samson said.


Peter was so happy thinking that Samson is really a gem. He was in hospital looking after his wife and she came out of hospital early. Peter spent less than two thousand. He returned the balance money to Samson with thanks.


That night, Samson took peter to have a dinner in a good hotel. They had whisky also.


“Oh, life is so sweet if we have money in hand.” Peter said.


While returning in the night, Samson had purchased food for Peter’s family. After that he saw that he has very little money, just enough to purchase to lottery tickets.


“Peter, we are buying lottery tickets for years. But luck did not shine. This time we take two tickets, each one for us. After this, let us stop buying lottery tickets. These lottery tickets are making us very poor.”


As Samson said this, Peter laughed.


“If you do not win that amount, you cannot help me in time. So I believe that tomorrow never dies. Let us hope and wait.” Peter said.


It is correct that a good day will be waiting for each person. The other day, Peter was as rich as nobody can imagine. His lottery ticket won 20 crore rupees. Peter opened a joint account in the names of Peter and Samson. The total amount is in the account. He opened a hotel and that also flourished well. They started helping the poor and teaching them to believe that tomorrow never dies for the needy.


Hope is inner strength and hope make people live happily.




Text: Sunkara Bhaskara Rao
Images: Sunkara Bhaskara Rao
Editing/Proofreading: Sunkara Bhaskara Rao
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Publication Date: 06-23-2015

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