Chapter 1

"Crap." I looked at the clock and see I have twenty minutes to get ready. I just got off the phone with Oliver, my boss, who was telling me this guy chose me to escort him to a dinner. Now, I'm running around my bedroom in my condo, preparing for it. I already got finished taking a shower after a long day at work at Dave's diner. I went to my closet and picked out my lime green halter dress that hugs my body with a white shawland white flats just in case I have to run if the man is crazy. I had to do that before and I hope I don't have to do it again. I left my long, blonde hair out and put on some mascera so my thick, long eyelashes could make my hazel eyes would bolden. My creamy skin is smooth. I am ready to go. I look at the clock and see it is 6:30 pm. I am right time. It will only take me 10 to 20 minutes to get to the restaurant and I will be early. I grab my condo keys and went downstairs and got a cab drive to the restaurant.

I walked up to the restaurant and went to the bar where I'm suppose to meet the mystery man. To tell the truth, I never feel like doing this every night, but something has to help pay my bills. The bartender walks over to me and place a glass of white wine.
"I didn't order this." I said.
"The drink came from the man over there." The bartender nodded toward the man sitting at least 8 seats away from me. He smiles at me, showing his perfect white teeth. Oh my, he is so handsome with his black tousled hair and brown, sharp eyes. He is nicely built and he look like he is in his early 30s. His pale skin look so smooth. My heart start beating real fast when he gets up. I turn to my wine and drank half the glass. I have to calm down. I need something stronger.
"Hey." I looked up and saw the guy moved right next to me.
"Hey." I said in a high voice. Shoot, calm down, Chloe. This is not like you, but there is something about this guy that seem mysterious and excite me at the same time.
"I'm waiting for someone." I said quickly.
"I know. I'm Chase Evers, the one you are suppose to meet with."
"Oh, you're Chase."
"Yeah. You don;t have to sound shocked."
"I'm sorry. I'm just surprised, that's all... never mind." I feel myself starting to blush. This is so awkward. Chase starts laughing. I drank the rest of the wine, but I need more.
"Bartender, can I get a shot over here?" The bartender gave me one and I drank it as soon as he put it down. Now, that is better.
"Calm down, Chloe." Chase said while trying not to laugh. How did he know my name? That is when it came to me that he must be the man who chose me and I remembered his name that he told me. I finally calmed down. I turned to him.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me today."
"Don't worry, just calm down." He placed his hand on my hand and looked me in my eyes. All of a sudden, I calmed down.
"Let's just go." He paid for the drinks and we left the restaurant. I'm starting to get confused. I start feeling light-headed.
"I thought we was eating here."
"I changed my mind." He turned to me and opened his car door. I got in the car without even thinking. Chase got in the car and drove off.

While he was driving, I start feeling light headed again as if I were drunk, but I only had one glass of wine and a shot so I shouldn't even be feeling this way. I start blacking out, my eyelids start getting heavier over time. I don't know what is going on or what is wrong. I turned to Chase, but he was focused on the road. Then he turned to me and smiled.
"Good night." he said. That is when I blacked out completely.

Chapter 2

I finally regain conciousness. I can feel someone staring at me. My eyes flutter open and I look around the room. It look fancy. Chase was sitting across the room looking right at me. Everything start coming back to me. He drugged me! I tried to sit up, but I couldn't. My wrist was tied to the bed. I tried to pull it out, but it only brought pain. 

"You kidnapped me!" I yelled

"Calm down." He said calmly.

"I can't believe this. You drugged me! Omg, you probably took advantage of me! You raped me!"

He frowned. "No."

"You had sex with me then. You know that cost extra."

"I did not have sex with you." I felt a little disappointed.

"Why the hell not?!" He rose an eyebrow at me. 

"First you mad when you thought I raped you. Now you mad I didn't have sex with you. You are so confusing."

I blushed. "Whatever. Why am I tied to up?" He didn't even say anything. "Oh, now you going to keep quiet." He smirk.

"You are tied up for a reason."

"What is the reason?"

"I can't tell you... yet."

"You are a pain in the ass."


"It wasn't a compliment."

"I know." I frowned

"Can you at least untie me?"


"Why not?"

"You might run."

"No I won't"

"Yes you would." I groaned. He is right.

"Can I at least go to the rest room?"

"I don;t know."

"Come on. Do you trust me?"


" I don't trust you either. So what's the use. You want me to pee on myself?" Chase stood up and came to me. 

"You right." Chase took a handcuff out his pocket.

"You are not putting me in handcuffs."

"Do you want to go to the bathroom or not?"

'sigh' "Fine." He untied me from the bed and handcuffed me. Then he led me to the bathroom. When I was inside, I shut the door and locked it. I look around in the bathroom until I found a window. I ran to it and look outside. We are so high up. If I jump, then I would definitely die. I groaned. I need to get these handcuffs off me. I put the toilet saet down for I can sit down. I have gotten out of handcuffs before. I took a hair pen out my hair. After a few trys, I finally got it unlocked. I took the handcuffs off. 

"What are you doing?" Chase asked

"Nothing. I have to do number 2."

"Number 2?"

"I have to shit." He went quiet. I look around until I see a phone. I smiled and called the main office. On the second ring, they answered.

"Hello?" The person sound like a guy. I turned on the sink to cover my voice.

"I need help." I said


"I was kidnapped by this guy named Chase."

"Oh. Now I remeber you. He carried you in last night. He told me you are his wife and you gotten yourself drunk."

I was shocked. "I am not his wife!. He drugged me and brought me here."

"He told me you probably say that. You two probably... well... I don't want to say it."

I gasped. "We are not having sex! He kidnapped me!"

"Oh. Here is your husband now. He want to talk to you."

"Don't put him on the phone."

"Here he is."

"No!" It was too late.

"Hey sweetheart." Chase said

"Don't call me that! I am getting out of here." I said

"Oh really?"


"Oh. See you upstairs." He hung up on me.  I tried to call the police, but the line was dead. I groaned. I stood up and took off my high heel shoes, then I grabbed a spray of air freshner. I left out the bathroom and ran out the room. I ran past people in the hallway. I was about to go to the elevator, but I see Chase coming out of it and he look right at me. So, I went down the stair well. I was going as fast as I can. It was a long way down. When I got there, he was already there, waiting for me. I sprayed him in the face with the air freshner, but he didn't even flinch. So I kneed him. He didn't flinch. I frowned and stomp down on his foot as hard as I can, but he didn't look like he was in pain. So, I did what I know best. I ran back uptairs to the second floor and went to the window. I look out and I see a bush. I turned around and I see Chase. "Don't you dare."

"Don't tell me what to do." I turned back around and jumped out. I landed feet first to the ground, so I end up twisting my ankle. I groaned in pain and look up at the window. Chase was gone. "Crap." I stood up and rlimp to the front of the building. I called a taxi until they finally stopped. I went inside.

"Where would you like to go?" The taxi driver asled

"Anywhere. Just away from here." I said. He nodded and drove off for a while, until he had to stop because of traffic. Even though I was disappointed when we stopped, I was happyI was away from Chase. I leaned back. Now Chase would never find me. I spoke too soon. Chase open the door and sat down next to me. 

"Can you take us back to the hotel?" Chase asked the taxi driver

"But... she said..." he said. Chase paid the driver $100. "Sure. I'll drive you back." I gasped

"Thanks." Chase said. Chase turned to me. "When I tell you I'm coming upstairs, it doesn't mean you get an invitation to leave."

"Why can't you just leave me alone?!" Chase smirk. I hate him so much.

Chapter 3

As soon as we made it back to the hotel, Chase grabbed my wrist and dragged me back into the hotel. We passed the front desk and the front desk man who I talked to earlier called Chase's name. Chase dragged me to the front desk.

"Say another word about kidnap and you will regret it." Chase whispered before we got to the counter.

"Is everything okay? I saw both of you running out the hotel." the man says concerned.

"Yes, we are fine. It's just a game that my wife and I play, if you know what I mean." I look swiftly at Chase and gave him a look of hatred. He is such a jerk. At first the man didn't understand, but when he got it, he laughed.

"Well, I don't want to interfere. The both of you love birds enjoy your evening." he says

"Love birs my ass." I mumbled, hoping no one heard me, but Chase smacked my butt. "I gasped.

"We will." Chase says before he pull me to the elevator.


Publication Date: 01-03-2013

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