At School and My Friends

This is a story about my love life and my other life if i'm gonna tell you this story right i'll start from the being let me just say this, love is the devil's card game so as he lays that hatred card down love isn't love anymore. The people that hadn't felt that nasty feeling I'm jealous of you. Anyways hi my name is Harry Goodwind and here's my love story or whatever it is.

Everyday is the same I get up at 6:00am get dress and then go to school I go straight to my homeroom Ms. Renave's class. Then I set in my seat which is in the back of the class then when my classmates see where I sit they don't set near me making me look like a outsider which I'm not but I beat everyone else thinks that. Then when Ms. Renave see Mrs.Pyane are principle walks by the door Ms. Renave goes crazy because she tries so hard to kiss up to her so when she leaves the room my classmates throw paper wolds at me then of course I have to make a dumb remark ,and when I do this girl that sits in the front of the class laughs or giggles. I need to know who it is I hope it's Ella she's my dream girl. Of course she dating Liam and hes a jock but if I ever get a chance to date her i'd have to wait till they break up and become his friend.

Speaking of friends Remi she and I were like to peas in a pot or however the saying goes.We would everything together and everyone had the nerve to ask if we were going out. You should of seen the looks on their faces when we said the answer their face.Even one time i even got the never to ask her if we were going out because it was me and her all the time so the answer she gave me I'll tell you Monday unfortunately that's the day she moved never got the answer back. She moved for two years to live in a different state but she moved back earlier this year but she doesn't talk to me all we say is hi or smile at each other in the hall.I don't know wut happen i guess because we never was in touch when she moved she probably forgot about me.

Then there's used to be Conner best bud since as along as i remember. Hes just an awesome guy to be best friends with. He's like my Siamese twin that got surgically removed. Till he started dating this girl, Brooklyn she was my friend also but she started to come in between us. I told him that i didn't like her because of what she was doing. Then he got super mad at and said he wouldn't be my friend anymore. When i saw the look on Brooklyn face I would of slap her but that would be to mean.

So now that Conner isn't my friend anymore just my sisters and me so i went from a freshman to senior year.Tomorrow i get to see if i graduate. Than i graduate within a week.It has been for years with no friends , txting, chatting and no reply's on twitter and Facebook i have been really really lonely. All I had was my family


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