Sarah lived in a very small village. Everyone knew of each other, and for the most part, were all friends. Exept for Sarah. She was a very dark and strange girl. She lived with her very very old great- grandmother.Her parents had left her when she was a small child. Ever since birth no one had ever witnessed her smile. Everytime she showed her face she always had a mean ugly snarl. She always stayed outside in the woods, for she said that is where her "friends" lived. No one dared enter the woods, but her. There were tales about how the woods were haunted with evil clown spirits who would trick you into staying with them. Some say they wore neon colored clothing so bright they would blind your vision so that you could never see an exit......but if so,how did Sarah always come out safely. That was the question everyone was wondering. Sarah went to a private school. All of her classmates were very cruel to her.They always made faces at her and teased her non stop. No one understood her so she didn't have any friends, exept for those that lived in the woods.She visited them everyday. No one knew of exactly what she did in the woods and no one cared enough to try and find out, exept for her next-door neighbor, Carter. Carter was always in someone else's buisiness. He knew what everyone was doing, when they were doing it, and why. But the only person he was curious about was Sarah.She was very secrective and the only way everyone knew about Sarah was because Carter told them what she did every afternoon.He would peek over the bushes and spot her sneaking into the woods. He had been planning to follow her one day, but could never find enough courage to do it. One stormy afternoon Carter finally decided to follow her. He put on his rainboots, rainhat, rainjacket, and his favorite pair of googles. He kissed his mother goodbye and left. He knew exactly what time everyday that Sarah left to go in the woods. He jetted off swiftly and quietly so she couldn't hear him. He tiptoed behind her, making sure to be extra quiet. After 2 hours and about 5 miles of walking, Carter decided to take a short nap. Sarah was way ahead of him and he knew if he just rested he could wake up in a few minutes and continue walking. He found a tree to lay his head on, sat down, and got comfortable. Shortly after, he fell fast asleep.He was having the most peaceful dream when a loud screeching scream awokened him. He quickly jumped up to go find out what was going on, only to find that Sarah had found him.She was very frightened, so Carter decided to calm her down and introduce himself. "Hey, Sarah, my name is Carter. I am sorry to frighten you, but"......he was interupted by Sarah. "but what? I am very confused as to why you have followed me. No one has ever even noticed me."said Sarah. "Well I am very interested in why you come to these woods everyday. Some say they are haunted and I have seen you come in here everyday for the past 5 years. Please tell me, what is it so exciting that brings you here?"Carter asked. "I have a life here. Many people wouldn't believe me if I told them what I come here for, so I choose to keep it a secret. But, since you wanted to know so badly, and because I think I can trust you, I will show you why I come here everyday." Sarah took him by the hand and leaded the way. They walked for 5 more minutes and suddenly arrived to their destination. "Here, this is why I come here everyday"said Sarah. "Wow, I never imagined anything like this before."said Carter. They had both just entered a magical field of nothing but rows and rows of flowers and butterflys. In the magestical garden, lived 150 people. They were a community of those who were unaccepted in society, so they created a place of their own. " This is where I have been spending most of my time. I was planning on joining in this place. I made a decision to wait until my great-grandmother passed. She is very elderly now and might be leaving this world soon, without her I have no one.So if come here, I am guranteed a life of acceptance and I won't be misunderstood." Sarah confessed. "Oh, I never knew.Why don't you just continue to keep going back and forth. You can still join and live in the real world...right?" asked Carter. "Well, not exactly. If I join here I will have to stay here. I will never be able to return the real world again."said Sarah "Okay, I understand now. Well you should know, whatever your decision may finally be, you always have a friend in me."said Carter, with tears in his eyes. "Aww thanks...ummm Carter.That means alot."responded Sarah. They looked around and then Sarah escorted Carter out because it was his curfew time. As they prepared to say goodbye they hugged each other. "Goodbye Sarah, thanks for showing me the real you" said Carter "Bye Carter. Thanks for coming. I now, for the first time in my life, have a friend." Sarah said. And as they parted each other Sarah felt a smile come upon her face. "I finally have a friend" she said to herself. And from then on, She never frowned in her lifetime again.


Publication Date: 12-02-2012

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