“Elemental Gardens”
You’re just like the blistery wind that sweeps through my hair.
Fast and quick with much despair.
You carry a burden of love in your heart, like the ravens that dwell on Mother Nature’s work of art.
With your envy cut flowers and mask of glorious powers.
The vines wrap and entwined, around the souls that rewind, back to their own time.
With the elements of earth, air, water, fire, and spirit, blessed be the light.
Let the air guide our flight.
Fire give us passion.
The earth whisper secretes filled with abstraction,
And the water creates dreams played in your mind as a faction, memories dancing but you must not fear it,
So mote it be,
Within my spirit.
By: Jacqueline Danielle Hibshman
Poem 1 imagery

“Whisper From The Heart”
She is now the whisper in the wind calling.
In my dreams she is falling.
As I chase her she disappears.
Rain begins to turn to tears.
The wind is blowing.
Time is slowing.
Your no longer mine.
My heart steals the rhyme.
Even though you’re his.
I still long for that first kiss.
The one that would set everything right.
So the moon will still shine just as bright.
I know this may seem wrong.
But this is just your song.
By: Jacqueline Hibshman
Poem 2 We are like
I dedicate this one… to my ex- girlfriend Allison. I really wish you didn’t move so far away!

Tough on the outside,
Afraid that anyone will notice,
Trying to be the strongest,
But you know that sometimes it shows,
Your soft on the inside,
With a caring heart,
War hasn’t changed you,
Not even deaths scar,
You’re my role model,
Royalty to me.
By: Jacqueline Hibshman
This poem is dedicated to my step father that is my best influence in the world. He has always been there for me even though my real father never was. He was in the military for 8 an a half years and is still alive.

As the lightning strikes,
You can hear the cracking of the ground,
Thunder rolling,
The children wake in terror,
As monsters under the bed wither,
The clock strikes 12,
The baby cries,
The dog barks and grawls,
Grrrrrrr, ruffff,
Grrrrrr, ruffffff,
It’s a horror scene without the crowd,
The door bell rings,
Ding, da,
But no one is there,
You can hear the thunder rolling,
As the horror is moving,
Foot steps in the attic,
Intruder in the house,
Now the parents are calling,
Just like the horror film,
People dying,
As police sirens come closer,
The dream is all over.
By: Jacqueline Hibshman
This is just a poem about a nightmare.

“Teddy Bear”
You’ve had my heart,
From the very start,
Just as I saw you,
Our eyes like glue,
As little children,
Never really listening,
Life has changed,
Everything is all arranged,
Soon to be your wife,
For the rest of my life,
I love you as I always have,
You are my other half.
By: Jacqueline Hibshman
This is dedicated to my boyfriend Harley. I’ve known him since I was 7 and I’ve loved him since I saw him.


Text: This book is property of Jacqueline Hibshman. All of the poems inside are under her name so if any are taken by copyright there will be punishments including the law.
Publication Date: 03-24-2012

All Rights Reserved

I have many people these poems are dedicated to.

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