jj. that me my real name is jacie Jonson but jj. is just fine. My father died when i was 11 but i need to find his will if i don't my family will be poorer than ever only he can make that decision so what will happen to our family. i will find it as i walked thru the schorching hot heat i saw a snake. i stoped a went arond it to the next mountaiin. when i was walking heard noises and ran then suddenly i fell over the cliff i was fallinga nd falling and then it happend i was in the river stoped and grabbed my self and then climbed the rock i was not hurt not a bruis not a cut not anything at all. i was thinking wow then i saw it the will this is were my dad died he must had hid it here well to then my family was rich


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Publication Date: 07-16-2011

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to my mom dad big sis and Lil sis and baby sis!

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