the kingdom of calabiyau

with in the elemental dimension lies a land not like our own-a world that exits in parallel with humankind.
time passes diffrently , magic is a normal as sunrise, and four distinctly diffrent kingdoms maintain control.

calabiyau proper-the kingdom of the fee

ruled scine the beginign of time by kandides family, today, calabiyau is governed equally by the monarch and the representatives of twevel primary farey clans known as the high council.

calabiyau west-the land of banshees

when presicous gems were dicoverd in the year of the fee 88 bt,(the begining of time) the banshees clan split off from the other fee. since that time, hundreds of diffrent monarchs have ruled this sepratist kingdom. in the year of the fee 26, 499 bt, king nastae assumed the throne.

calabiyau east-the viel of the mists

founed in the yaer of the fee 26,851 bt, the viel is presided over by selena and jake as an independent , democraticically governed territory.

calabiyau north- the bardic council

founded in 20,247 and persided over by high priestess viviana, this secretiv land is home to wizards and bards.
tis not so long ago, nor so far away,but indeed a time and place quite near, if only we would see.some call it the elemental dimension,others say an enchanted realm, and still others simply call it faery land. long written about by scholars, long overlooked by all but those with innate percipation, this world is no less real, and its reality is of no less consequence.

king teoyad had only enogh to catch a glimpse of the deadly arrow that pointed directly toward him.although he standing a good fifty meters away, he did not question that its aim would be precise. barley hearing the chilling rush of air that signaled that lethal projectiles realse, the king fell to the ground. the razor-sharp tip had struck its intended mark. a percing scream rang out. crown princess kandide, still holding her cross bow, rushed to her fathers side.
"is nothing here alive?" kandide whispered, more hear a voice than expecting anyone to answer."why would mother have sent me here?"


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