Another Loves You Too

You say you’re with her.
In your heart you know it’s not true.
Why can’t you see that another loves you too?
You see right through her even when she’s standing right in front of you.
Yet you haven’t a clue.

Another Sleepless Night

At night I lay in bed. Thoughts of you go through my head. I think how it won’t be long. Soon you’ll be gone. You’ll be out of my life, and won’t be there at dawns early light. I’m filled with sorrow. My heart’s desire I can’t follow. If only I could see you one more time, your hand intertwined with mine. Together forever and always. If only that moment could last for days. When I’m with you I feel so right. Without you by my side it always feels like another sleepless night. I wish I could have one last brush of your lips. I would cherish the moment with such bliss. You complete me if only that’s all you would see.

Because Of You

Every night I think of you and, my heart begins to cry. I slowly die inside. My life feels like a knife. It’s such a terrible sight. I can’t sleep at night. I hate seeing mornings light. My heart is in two, and it’s all because of you.

Coming Together


Pain is trapped inside. I broke the promise and lied. As my blood ran I thought, constantly of you. You made me shed a tear. Now I finally faced my fear. I’m always in pain and crying. I cover it up by smiling. My heart is broken. I’m lying here. You’re the only one who can put it back together, dear. The pain it feels right to release. Hopefully I won’t become one of the deceased. I keep going deeper. I’m not much of a bleeder. So much for a happy ending. Without you I can’t stand living. You leaving was a stab in the back. You not calling before you left turned the blade. I’m going to go away that’s a fact. I wish you were there for my last day as I fade. I even prayed. I softly took your name in vain. I hate going down memory lane. I see dawns early light, but them everything turns to dark night. I open my eyes and see your face. I ask what is this place, or is this a dream in my mind or the other lifetime? It’s like a Romeo and Juliet story there’s lot of mourning. I used the blade, I must lie in the bed I made. You drank the poison after I left, there you faded beside me and slept. We both took our last breaths. We’re finally together even if we’re in death…<3

Fairy Tale

Love has broken me and torn me away.
Oh man how each day I hate it this way.
I wish to break away from this cruse.
But everything I do makes it worse.
In this pitch black night.
Someday I hope to find some light.
I wish my fairy tale come true.
Instead my hero broke my heart in two.

From Above

Life is rough.
It has ups and downs that are tough.
But you gotta climb.
An always have a steady mind.
Live a happy life.
Yes, sometimes it can feel like a knife.
Flow on the minds memory streams.
But never forget to make dreams.
Reach for the stars.
Always follow your heart.
Dream and desirer.
Always remember god’s plan is something to admire.
Love is beautiful.
So always stay hopeful.
Stay true to love.
An you’ll always be blessed from above.


I’m guarded and strong, but age with time. At times I am broken and torn. I always stand my ground, but keep my arms open wide. I have got my share of cracks and scars. Sometimes people don’t understand why I’m there. I keep things safe and hidden. I keep my secrets buried deep within this cold darkness behind these iron bars.

Knight In Shining Armor

You’re always making me laugh.
You’re my other half.
Your shy but, always make me smile.
Finding love yeah it’s been awhile.
Even though sometimes you’re gone.
I know we belong.
You’re the one who makes me wish on shooting stars.
You’re the only guy that makes me doodle these hearts.
I hope you know this is true.
I love you.
I think of you all night.
When I see you, you make my day bright.


I wait by the sea at night.
Waiting for the sun’s light.
So its glory can embrace me.
So I can see.
The beauty of love.
It’s like white on a dove.
Sorrow is a must.
But it’s better than lust.
You can’t change the past.
But memories are such a blast.
Keep in touch with friends.
An make letters to send.
Let the moon and stars carry your dreams.
Follow your heart on moonlit streams.
Fly on a magic carpet ride.
Maybe the grass is greener on the other side.

My Last Breath

At night I’m always crying. On the inside I’m slowly dying. I can’t stop thinking of you. I can’t help it; it’s all I can do. At night when I lay in bed memories of you goes through my head. Your present it haunts my dreams. The thought of you always does that it seems. If only you could see me, but I know that can never be. Everything goes wrong, especially since you been gone. I cry myself to sleep. There are too many memories of you I keep. It gets harder each day, even though I pray. I think of you every time I take a breath. It’s going to end up taking me to my death.


To cut it feels so right
As I hold the razor tight
The pain on the inside seeps out
I watch and think what this life’s about
They ask why do you make yourself bleed
But she knows they could never understand
How it’s something she needs

Pretty Little Liar


She’s no ordinary girl
She’ll mess with your head
She’ll twist and turn
Till you crash and burn
To her your pain is her gain
Helping her is a mistake
All she does is take
She’ll turn the blade
Just to watch you fade
She’s a pretty little liar
Who burns bridges with fire.

Romeo and Juliet story


I hate it here. I wish I could be there with you in your loving arms. Where I know there is no harm. I wish I could just run and hide somewhere safe with you inside. I’ve lost your heart. It feels like I‘ve been hit by a dart. I wish it would all end. I don’t want to have time to mend. When I see your face it’s the picture in my mind I can’t replace. All I want to do is cry, but my tears are always to shy. Without you I don’t want to live this life. It hurts, because the words you said that day felt like a knife. So when you’re writing my song I’ll be long gone. Goodbye my love so true. I’ll spend my last moments thinking of you. I’ll write your name on the bullet so everyone will know you were the last thing to go through my mind. The trigger I’ll pull it. I’ll be with you in another life time. This is where our Romeo and Juliet story ends and your journey begins.

Torn Angel

She’s a heavenly thing.
A torn angel with broken wings.
She’s everything she’s not supposed to be.
But she only hopes to be redeemed.
Will she take black wings that have fallen so far from grace.
Or will she take white ones to meet her maker face to face.
Or will she become an angel with no halo and one wing in the fire?
In her heart she must decide which side to taken in the battle between good and evil……. God or the devil?

Why ?

You said you love me.

That you'd catch me if I fall.

I'm on the edge can't you see?

You were my everything, my all.

Everyone was threre even you were around.

So when I fell why'd I hit the the ground?



Publication Date: 01-29-2013

All Rights Reserved

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