In Califorina where there was a girl with long curly black hair and she was seventeen years old. Her name is Chrissy Gordon. She is very popular at her high school Jefferson High. She gets good grades shes a cheerleader and she has a football player as a boyfriend.

starting from Chrissy's locker
Hey Lanessa, Chrissy says
Hey girl do you got your notes from english and science. Lanessa
yeah here you go. Chrissy
thanks ill give them back tomorrow. Lanessa
okay. Chrissy
Lanessa walks away and Chrissy is standing at her locker looking through her purse for eyeliner until Rashawn sneaks up on her.
Chrissy screams and drop her purse
Rashawn you jerk ! Chrissy
I'm sorry baby i didnt mean to scare you. Rashawn
Yeah watever. Chrissy
Why you always got an attittude reserved for me. Rashawn
I don't know. Chrissy
Well you better figure it out. Rashawn
Actually thats why. Chrissy
What? Rashawn
You got a smart mouth. Chrissy
Oh sorry. Rashawn
Yeah so are you going to drive me home. Chrissy
Ummmm. Rashawn
I guess i'll ask someone else then. Chrissy
No i'll drive you home, and plus why you ask you know i always drive you home.
Well you gave somebody a ride home yesterday.Do you need me to remind you who it was. Chrissy.
What she asked for a ride home and i called you and waited for you to get out your class but you never came so i took her home then i went home and called you and you aint answer. Rashawn.
Lets leave now. Rashawn
And go where. Chrissy
To get some icecream. Rashawn
Ok. Chrissy.
They leave school and go get some icecream then they go to Chrissy's house.
What up Rashawn. Chrissy's older brother
Wassup Lamar.Rashawn.
Bye Rashawn. Chrissy
Dang i can't stay for a couple of hours. Rashawn
No. Chrissy.
Well can i have a kiss atleast. Rashawn
Chrissy gives him a kiss on the cheek.
That wasn't the kiss that i was hoping for but okay, see you later. Rashawn
Why you home so early? Lamar
I got out ten minutes early from my classes. Chrissy.
Ohhhhh well i'll be back i'm going to Shanell's house. Lamar
You going to leave me alone? Chrissy
Yeah sorry bye. Lamar.
Oh wow i'ma call Rashawn. Chrissy.
Chrissy calls Rashawn
Where you at? Chrissy
Down the street. Rashawn.
Turn back around. Chrissy
Why? Rashawn.
So you can spend some time with me.Chrissy
Ok. Rashawn.
three minutes later there's a knock on the door.
Hey Shawn. Chrissy
So you couldn't resist me huh? Rashawn.
Hahaha my brother left me here alone so i called you to keep me company. Chrissy.
Oh so i'm your second choice. Rashawn.
Kind of. Chrissy.
Oh dats cold, real cold. You always my first choice. Rashawn
I wasn't your first choice yesterday now was i? Chrissy.
Are you still on that. How many times do i have to explain nothing happend you can even ask her and she'll tell you the truth. Rashawn.
I bet she will tell the truth. Chrissy.
And what is that suppose to mean.Rashawn.
Excalty how it sounds, you know what i don't even care i believe you ok. Chrissy
Good now lets watch a moive and eat popcorn. Rashawn.
I'll make the popcorn. Chrissy.
I guess i'll pick a moive. Rashawn.
Don't pick a dumb moive. Chrissy.
How bout a scary moive? Rashawn.
Ok. Chrissy
They watch a scary moive and eat popcorn then it starts getting dark.
That was a good moive. Rashawn.
Yeah. Chrissy.
Well i guess i should get home see you tomorrow. Rashawn.
Ok. Chrissy gives Rashawn a kiss and a hug.
Chrissy's brother comes back.
Did you have fun? Chrissy.
Yeah did you? Lamar
Yeah we watched a moive. Chrissy
Oh cool we went to get some pizza. Lamar
That sounds real fun. Chrissy
Well goodnight. Chrissy

The next day
Wake up Chrissy! Lamar
What its saturday. Chrissy
Rashawn is here. Lamar
Tell him to come up. Chrissy
Get dressed girl. Rashawn.
Ugh shhh i'm tired. Chrissy.
Were going to the mall, but if your tired then we don't have to go. Rashawn
What i'll get dressed give me thirty minutes. Chrissy.
Thirty minutes later Chrissy comes out the bathroom dressed and ready to go.
Ready. Chrissy.
Okay lets go. Rashawn.
It takes them twenty minutes to get to the mall. Soon as Rashawn pulled in a parking spot Chrissy hopped out of the car.
Dang slow down. Rashawn.
Come on. Chrissy.
When they get in the mall Chrissy drags Rashawn to Papaya.
I'm going to try this on stay here. Chrissy
Hey. A girl.
Hey. Rashawn.
Whats your name? The girl
Oh my name is Karen.
Oh nice to meet you Karen. Rashawn.
Rashawn? Chrissy.
Yeah. Rashawn
How does this look on me. Chrisssy
It looks good on you. Rashawn says kissing Chrissy on the lips so that Karen can see that he has a girlfriend.
So this must mean that you have a girlfriend? Karen.
Yeahh. Rashawn.
Who's she? Chrissy
This girl I met when you was in the dressing room, but she said hi to me first i had to be nice and say hi back.Rashawn.
She looks atleast thirteen. Chrissy says laughing.
I know thats what i was thinking to.Rashawn.
Well i'm going to buy this shirt. Chrissy
I'll buy it for you bae. Rashawn
Aww thanks, oh and i want these earrings. Chrissy
Ohkay. Rashawn.
Rashawn goes to pay for the shirt and earrings then he sees this ring and neckless that would look good on Chrissy so he brought it for her.
Here. Rashawn.
Thanks Chrissy says giving him a kiss.
Look inside for two other things.Rashawn.
What? Chrissy
Look inside the bag. Rashawn.
Chrissy looks inside the bag and sees a ring and a neckless.
Rashawn! Chrissy squealed.
Yeah i know, you like it huh? Rashawn
I love it. Chrissy.
Now what are you going to give me? Rashawn.
I'll buy you something out of a store. Chrissy
No, thats not what i'm talking about. Rashawn
Then what do you want? Rashawn.
You know.Rashawn.
Chrissy hit Rashawn in the stomach and says that she isn't going to have sex with him just beacause he brought her stuff.
Well ok gosh you aint have to hit me. Rashawn.
Yeah i did need to hit you cuz you need some sense in you head. Chrissy.
We haven't had sex yet whats up with that? Rashawn.
I'm not ready. Chrissy
When will you be ready? Rashawn
Can we just drop this conversation? Chrissy
Yeah for now. Rashawn.
Do you love me? Chrissy
Yes i love you boo.Rashawn
Then wait. Chrissy
I've been wating for atleast four years now were seventeen. Do you want to wait untill were thirty? Rashawn.
Thats not a bad idea. Lets wait untill were thirty. Chrissy
Wait no i was kidding. Rashawn
Well don't say dumb stuff then. Chrissy
I'm tired of waiting and i'm tired of you pushing back the subject. Rashawn
Then how about you go find a girl that will have sex with you since you can't wait any longer and your tired of me pushing back the subject. and the reason that i won't have sex with you now is because i'm trying to see if your the one for me and if you can wait. Chrissy
Chrissy come you know i am the one for you and you know i wouldn't leave you and you know i aint mean it that way. Rashawn
Yeah. Chrissy
Rashawn holds Chrissy around her shoulders. A couple of minutes later two teenagers that look like thier eigthteen looks at Chrissy and smiles. Chrissy smiles back at them.
She's celibate.Rashawn tells the two boys and they walk away with weird expressions on thier face.
Why you tell them that for you jerk. Chrissy says with an angry voice.
Did you see the way they were looking at you? Rashawn.
They were looking at me like they would look at anyone.Chrissy
Yeah if it was a girl they wanted to get in bed with them. Rashwan
Your just so impossible.Chrissy
So are you,you were staring at them like you wanted to get in thier bed and i'm standing right here holding you in my arms while your staring at them and were not even having sex and i've known you since ninth grade now come on! Rashawn
Ok that's how you feel then its over i'll find a way home and heres the stuff you brought me and don't even think about calling me.Chrissy
Ugh Chrissy come on i'm sorry all my anger was bottled up and i just exploded.
I don't care you said what you had to say and now i know how you feel.Chrissy said walking away
Rashawn walks fast behind her.
Wait Chrissy i'll drive you home please i don't want you to get hurt or ride with a stranger. Rashawn
Well you should of thought about that before you exploded. Chrissy
Rashawn grabs Chrissy by the arm and lead her to his car then he puts her inside and he gets in then he starts the car.
I don't want you taking me anywhere Rashwan let me out.Chrissy
Calm down i love you and i didn't mean to hurt you please don't break up with me i need you please i'm begging you i never begged a girl to take me back ever and now im begging you soo please i'll do anything i'll wait another year if you want me too just don't leave me. Rashawn
Ok Rashawn ok. Chrissy
Rashawn leans over and kisses Chrissy
Pull over there. Chrissy
Why? Rashawn
Just pull over there.Chrissy
Rashawn pulls in a vacant parking lot.When he stops the car Chrissy pulls him in the back seat and takes off her shirt then she takes off his shirt.
Woah Chrissy.Rashawn
What isn't this what you want? Chrissy
Yeah but i don't have a rubber. Rashawn
So. Chrissy says when she pulls off Rashawns pants and he pulls off her shorts and panties then her unsnaps her bra and she takes off his boxers.
This isn't how you imagined you first time is it? Rashawn.
No but if it makes you happy then ok. Chrissy.
We don't have to do this right now if your not ready.Rashawn
Were already naked so lets just do it. Chrissy
Six hours later.
Are you sure you were a virgin before i met you. Rashawn
Yeah im sure. Chrissy says laughing
Man i'm all tired and stuff.Rashawn
I'll drive if you want. Chrissy
No what i want is some more candy.Rashawn
Not right now. Chrissy said rubbing Rashawn's leg
Rashawn leaned over and kissed Chrissy's neck because he knew that was her favorite spot.
Mmmm. Chrissy
Feel good don't it. Rashawn whispered in her ear.
Chrissy and Rashawn went in the back seat for three more hours. When they got home it was around twelve at night..
Where have you been little girl! Lamar
Umm we went out to eat after we went to the mall. Chrissy
Girl where have you been? Lamar
I just told you Lamar. Chrissy
You better not be lieing to me. Lamar
Why would i lie to you.Chrissy
I'll see you tomorrow. Rashawn
You can stay over if you want.Chrissy
Chrissy and Rashawn go upstairs. Rashawn takes off his pants and shirt.
What are you doing? Chrissy
This is what i wear to bed. Rashawn
I mean why your on my bed. Chrissy
What, then where am i sleeping? Rashawn
On the floor.Chrissy
What after i made love to you in my car your going do me like this. Rashawn
Yeah.Chrissy says taking off her shirt and shorts.
Fine i'll get in the floor.Rashawn
Thankyou.Chrissy says when she takes off her bra and panties.
Woah you sleep like that? Rashawn
Sometimes. Chrissy
Can i sleep in the bed please? Rashawn
Yeah but don't try anything funny. Chrissy
Ok. Rashawn
Rashawn takes off his boxers and gets in bed with Chrissy.
What are you doing? Chrissy
Nothing. Rashawn
Your too close to me scoot over. Chrissy
Rashawn gets on top of Chrissy.
Can i have some more candy? Rashawn
No get off you had enough candy today.Chrissy
Rashawn kisses Chrissy's neck and licks her stomach then he kisses her thighs.
Woah Rashawn stop. Chrissy
Rashawn goes down lower.
Rashawn! Chrissy screams out.
Lamar comes rushing to Chrissy's room.
Whats going on? Lamar
Nothing. Rashawn
Whats wrong with my sister? Lamar
I'm ok.Chrissy
Oh ok. Lamar
Good thing i locked the door.Rashawn
Chrissy rolls over.
Why you roll over for? Rashawn
I'm tired. Chrissy
Rashawn grabs Chrissy and pulls her close to him.
I'm glad we did it. Rashawn
Yeah now go to sleep. Chrissy
Rashawn lets go of her and goes to sleep.
The next morning
Hello? Rashawn
Hey Rashawn can you meet me somewhere? person on phone
Who's this? Rashawn
Sara Croker.
Oh! Rashawn says almost jumping out of bed.
What do you want? Rashawn
Can you meet me somwhere? Sara
I'm sorry but i can't i'm busy today spending time with my girl and i would appreciate it if you don't call me again.Rashawn
But i thought you were coming over today. Sara
I have a girlfriend.I don't mean to upset you but whatever we had going on its over. Rashawn
Who are you talking to? Chrissy
Nobody go back to sleep. Rashawn
You haven't told her did you? Sara
Don't call me again. Rashawn says hanging up.
Who was that? Chrissy.
Look i have something to tell you. Rashawn
What? Chrissy
I had sex with Sara Croker a week ago and its been going on for three weeks now but i broke it off with her i only did it because we weren't having sex. Rashawn.
I have to tell you something to. Chrissy
You do? Rashawn
I had sex with Greg Massey four days ago. Chrissy
What! Rashawn.
Sara told me what was going on between you two so i had sex with him and i thought it would make us even and i had sex with you because i didn't want you to leave me and i wanted you to stop seeing Sara. Chrissy
Wow Chrissy, I really hurt you and i'm sorry. Rashawn.
Yeah i'm sorry to i won't do something like this again if you promise not to do this ever again. Chrissy
I promise.Rashawn says kissing Chrissy
I'm going to take a shower. Chrissy
Hello? Chrissy
Hey baby when you coming over? Greg
Ummmmm. Chrissy
Is that Greg? Rashawn
Chrissy nods her head and Rashawn takes the phone from her.
Stop calling my girl it aint gonna happen no more and if i see you talking to her or call her again i'ma kick your butt. Rashawn
Ohh well look who finally got up off of Sara long enough to know that yo girl was banging someone other than you and if i remeber correctly you and her haven't did it yet.Greg.
Well actaully we have been having sex. Rashawn.
Me and Chrissy will be together one way or another.Greg
No you won't now don't call her. Rashawn says
How many times have you and him had sex? Rashawn
You sure? Rashawn
Yeah i'm sure! Chrissy
Look don't get mad were even.Rashawn
Yeah i'm going to go take that shower.Chrissy
Twenty minutes later.
Can i help you put on lotion? Rashawn
Yeah. Chrissy
Rashawn puts lotion on Chrissy's back,arms legs then he lays her on the bed to put lotion on her feet.He gets ontop of her and kisses her.
Uhh Rashawn not right now my period just came on. Chrissy
Aww mann that sucks when does it go off? Rashawn
It goes off on Friday or Saturday.Chrissy
Yeah i know.Chrissy
I better get home and get dressed. Wanna come? Rashawn
They get in the car and drive to Rashawn's
Dang my brothers here.Rashawn
Hey bro! Ralph
Hey lil bro. Richard
Hey what are yall doing here? Rashawn
We came by to vist mom and dad but they're not here. Ralph
They are on vacation for another week.Rashawn
Hey sexy.Richard says kissing Chrissy's hand.
Um hi Richard.Chrissy
Go upstairs Chrissy. Rashawn
Yeah wait for me in my bedroom, you know where its at. Richard.
Richard do you always have to hit on my girl. Rashawn
Oh my bad.Richard
Well i have to do something so see you guys later. Rashawn
Get in the bathroom with me theres no way i'm leaving you alone with them. Rashawn
Ok don't get upset i don't want your brothers or anyone else i want you. Chrissy
Have you had sex with Richard? Rashawn
Chrissy scratches her head.
You did didn't you! Rashawn.
I'm sorry i was in eighth grade i didn't really know what i was doing and i liked older boys i'm soo sorry.Chrissy
You lied to me about you being a virgin. Rashawn.
If you knew who i had sex with you would never date me or talk to me anymore.Chrissy
What other secrets should i know about. Rashawn
When i was in seventh grade i slept with alot of boys and so did my friend but she got pregant so i stopped cuz i aint want that to happen to me. Then in eighth grade i saw you and your brothers at the school for something. Then the next thing i know your brother pulls me aside starts talking to me then gives me his number a month later we have sex only one time but he wanted more and i said no then he raped me so thats why i didn't want to have sex with you and i was pushing back the subject. But i've known you for five years so i thought i should do it. Chrissy
Wow i didn't know about all that i'm so sorry. Now i know why your uncomfortable around him. Rashawn
Yeah but don't bring it up to him please. Chrissy
Ok i won't. Rashawn
Nothing like that will happen to you again beacause i'm going to protect you.Rashawn
You sure? Chrissy
Yeah boo. Rashawn
I love you i really do. Chrissy
I love you more.Rashawn
Chrissy can i talk to you?Richard.
Umm no im good. Chrissy
I want to apoligize to you for what i did.Richard
Thats ok no need to apoligize for raping me. Chrissy says sarcasticly
She doesn't want to talk to you now go away before i do something i might regret. Rashawn
OK have it you way whatever. Richard
See babe i can protect you from anything.Rashawn.
I know. Chrissy
Now i'ma take a shower and don't open the door for them. Rashawn
Ok. Chrissy
Thirty minutes later Rashawn gets out the shower and gets dressed.
When Chrissy looks down at her phone it says Chrissy come to my house later. love mike.
Who is it? Rashawn.
Mike. Chirssy
Don't tell me you did him too. Rashawn
Noo. We were suppose to hook up today but i forgot all about that ugh this is so horrible i'm not doing what i used to do anymore i stopped but they keep asking. Chrissy says crying.
Baby its ok i've been in this situation before myself.Rashawn
Help me Rashawn i don't want to do this anymore. Chrissy
I'll tell them to step off and you need to get your number changed. Rashawn
Chrissy i really need to talk to you.Richard
You sure? Rashawn.
Chrissy unlocks the door and steps in the
Come in my room real quick. Richard
Noo. Chrissy
Come on i won't bite. Richard
Don't try anything funny.Chrissy
I won't.Richard
Chrissy goes in RIchard's room.
Don't shut the door.Chrissy
What you want.Chrissy
Look Chrissy i'm sorry for hurting you i didn't mean it honest. Richard
I hate when you say honest.Chrissy
Why it brings back good memories? Richard
No it brings back bad memories.Chrissy
Wait Chrissy don't leave theres something else. Richard.
I love you. Richard
The feelings i had for you stopped when you took advantage of me.Chrissy says as she walks out the door.
What he want.Rashawn
He said he was sorry and that he loves me but i said my feelings for you stopped when you took advantage of me then he tried to hug me but i walked out the door before he could touch me.Chrissy
Stay away from him Chrissy. Rashawn
Trust me i am.Chrissy
Lets go.Rashawn.
They walk down the stairs
Bye Chrissy Richard says getting behind her.
Rashawn pushes Richard off Chrissy and storms out the house with Chrissy.
Your hurting me.Chrissy
Sorry just wanted to get you out the house. Rashawn.
Yeah. Chrissy
Where you want to go? Rashawn
Do you suck? Rashawn.
What! Chrissy
Come on. Rashawn says pulling his thing out.
No. Chrissy
Why not? Rashawn
I don't want to.Chrissy
I did you. Rashawn
I didn't ask you to.Chrissy
But i still did it. Rashawn says pushing Chrissy's head to his thing.
Rashawn! Chrissy
Come on you might like it. Rashawn
Chrissy starts to suck Rashawn.
Mmmmmm. Rashawn says biting his lip
Chrissy stops
Wait why you stop? Rashawn.
I'm done. Chrissy
I'm still hard. Rashawn
SO. Chrissy
Rashawn pulls up behind a vacant store.
I guess i'll have to get some candy instead. Rashawn says pulling out a condom.
Rashawn no. Chrissy
Chrissy yesss. Rashawn
My period is on. Chrissy
So. Rashawn
That's nasty.Chrissy
Not uh i'll wear a condom. Rashawn says pulling Chrissy in the back seat.He starts kissing her neck and feeling her body.
Wait. Chrissy says pushing him off
What? Rashawn
We can't do this. Chrissy
Why? Rashawn says kissing her on the lips and taking off her shirt.
Can we just go somewhere please i don't want to do this right now.Chrissy
Noo come onn. Rashawn says taking off her panties and bra.
Rashawn stop! Chrissy says hitting Rashawn on his back
Chrissy calm down. Rashawn puts his thing inside her.
Rashawn stop i can get pregant like this! Chrissy
You can't get preagnt if i'm wearing a condom. Rashawn
Yes i can just stop i'm begging you. Chrissy
You're making it sound like i'm raping you. Rashawn
Your not its just that my period is on and its nasty to have sex like this. Chrissy
Ok fine i'll stop but when it goes off i'ma get some candy for a week straight.Rashawn
Ok. Chrissy
Rashawn puts his clothes on and Chrissy puts on her clothes then they go to Chrissy's house.
Wait your not pregant are you? Rashawn
No. Chrissy
Oh okay good.Rashawn
What if i was? Chrissy
Don't put me in that situation. Rashawn
No come on what if i was. Chrissy
I would go crazy. Rashawn
Why? Chrissy
Can we go inside? Rashawn
Yeah. Chrissy says unlocking the door and going up to her room.
Now tell me. Chrissy
I don't want kids. Rashawn
Why? Chrissy says kissing Rashawn on the neck.
Naw Chrissy we aint having no kids. Rashawn
Please. Chrissy says getting ontop of Rashawn.
I thought you period was on. Rashawn
Umm i lied. Chrissy says unzipping Rashawn's pants.
Woah Chrissy we aint having kids. Rashawn says pushing Chrissy off him.
Chrissy pulls down Rashawn's boxers and sucks him.
Dang come on why you gonna do me like this. Rashawn
Ok fine i'll stop we don't need kids and i don't want any AND were not having sex anymore ! Chrissy
Come on Chrissy stop being selfish. Rashawn
Selfish?? Chrissy
Noo calm down ok you know what we don't need to have sex. Rashawn
Ok then we won't. Oh and you might want to call up Sara to have sex with you because i'm not! Chrissy
No i'm not gonna call her we're going to work this out. Rashawn
We don't need to work nothing out. Chrissy
Do you want kids? Rashawn
No i was just seeing if i could seduce you and i can. Chrissy says with a smirk.
You so evil but i love you now come give me a kiss. Rashawn
Fine i'll come to you then. Rashawn says grabbing Chrissy and kissing her lips then he licks her neck.
Ohh stop Rashawn.Chrissy
Say my name. Rashawn says when he gets on top of Chrissy and pulls her pants off.
No remember you said we don't have to have sex.Chrissy
I was kidding now come on. Rashawn.
Noo Rashawn stop ! Chrissy
Rashawn kisses Chrissy on the lips then he goes down and licks her crotch.
Say my name. Rashawn
Mmmm Rashawn. Chrissy
Rashawn goes up to Chrissy's lip and kisses them then he slids his thing in her and moves up and down.
Rashawn you need a condom on. Chrissy
No i don't this our second time doing it without condoms. Rashawn
So put one on or stop. Chrissy
Ok i'll stop. Rashawn says smirking
Wait just put the condom on.Chrissy
Uh huh you want it don't you? Rashawn
Just shut up and put the condom on because if you don't you won't get any more candy. Chrissy
Ok i'll put it on. Rashawn says leaning over to the drawer.
Chrissy starts bitting her lip.
Haha feel good?Rashawn
Just put the condom on. Chrissy
Rashawn slids the condom on and fingers Chrissy then he slids his thing inside her.
AHH. Chrissy.
Say my name. Rashawn says going deeper.
Rashawn!! Chrissy.
Lamar comes busting in the room
GET OFF MY SISTER!! Lamar says grabbing Rashawn off Chrissy and throwing him in the floor.
Lamar stop! Chrissy says covering herself up with a blanket.
Lamar punches Rashawn in the face and Chrissy pulls Lamar off Rashawn.
Get out Lamar! Chrissy yells.
Why are you having sex didn't i tell you not to do this anymore before you get pregant and if mom hears about this shes going to kick your ass. Lamar
Get out lamar now ! Chrissy says pushing him out and locking the door.
Rashawn i'm so sorry.Chrissy says helping him off the floor and putting him on the bed.
I'm ok.Rashawn
Are you sure? Chrissy
Yeah i'm straight just get me some ice. Rashawn.
Ok Chrissy says putting on her clothes and going downstairs.
Look Chrissy i'm sorry you know i want to protect you from having sex because of your past and i don't want you to go down that road again. Lamar
I'm not Rashawn is different i made him wait four years. Chrissy.
Ok i hope he's who you want to be with sis.
Lamar said he's sorry. Chrissy says giving Rashawn the ice.
Oh ok i forgive him only because i love you and want to marry you. Rashawn
You want to marry me? Chrissy says in a shocking voice.
Yeah i do but i have to give you a ring first. Rashawn
Oh my god Rashawn i don't want to get married were still young and we still have to go to college and stuff. Chrissy
So you don't want to get married? Rashawn
No, marriage is a bad idea we should just stay the way we are beacuse were fine this way.Chrissy
Yeah ok.Raashawn
Are you ok with that? Chrissy
Yeah im fine with your idea. Rashawn
Sometimes marriage doesn't make people stay together it drives them away.Chrissy.
I know and i don't want that to happen to us we belong together.Rashawn
-sighs-. Yeah Chrissy
What was that sigh for? What you don't want to be with me or something.
I do. Chrissy says getting in the bed.
Ok. Rashawn says getting up to lock the door then he gets on top of Chrissy and moves up and down.
Aren't you hurt? Chrissy
When you give me some candy i won't be hurt anymore.Rashawn
Stop Rashawn. Chrissy
Rashawn sucks on Chrissy's boobs.
Mmmm. Chrissy
Rashawn goes deeper and Chrissy scrathes his back
Oww girl. Rashawn
Don't go deep then. Chrissy
Dang i won't. Rashawn says going slower.
Don't get it.Chrissy says getting ontop of him.
It might be imporant.Rashawn
Chrissy grabs the cellphone
Hello? Chrissy
Rashawn? Sara
Naw who this? Chrissy
Where's Rashawn? Sara
He's busy don't call him anymore. Chrissy
Rashawn takes the phone from Chrissy
What you want? Rashawn
I'm pregant Rashawn. Sara
Chrissy kisses Rashawn on the lips.
Hold on baby. Rashawn says grabbing Chrissy's butt and putting her beside him
Not by me. Rashawn
Yes by you.Sara
I slept with you for three weeks straight and half of the time we aint use protection.
You slept with five other boys to. Rashawn
Yeah when i was already pregant but i aint know.
Chrissy gets back ontop of Rashawn
Hang up the phone. Chrissy says kisses Rashawn's neck
Get an abortion ok. Rashawn says in a angry tone then he hangs up the phone and starts kissing Chrissy.
Get a what!? Chrissy
Nothing come here. Rashawn kisses Chrissy again
No what did you tell her. Chrissy
Don't worry about it its nothing.Rashawn
Rashawn what did you say to her. Chrissy says poking his forehead.
I told her to a abortion.Rashawn
WHAT! Chrissy says punching him in the chest and getting off him.
Rashawn slams her on the bed.
Don't put your hands on me.Rashawn
Get off me and go to your soon to be baby mama. Chrissy
That aint my baby she slept with thousands of guys.Rashawn
You better pray to god that the baby won't be yours or else its over with you and me and i'm dead serious. Matter fact i might go with Richard again.Chrissy
Rashawn slaps Chrissy. It aint my baby and you and me will never be over and you and my brother will never be together.Rashawn
Chrissy kicks Rashawn in the balls.
Dont put yo hands on me cuz i aint the one now get out my room and get out my house.
What! Rashawn
The baby isn't yours it's Gregs.Sara
Good now don't call me again lose my number.Rashawn
Greg is her baby's dad not me.Rashawn
Chrissy starts crying and hugs Rashawn
I'm sorry. Chrissy
Naw i'm sorry for hitting you that wasn't right for me to do.
Chrissy gives him a kiss.
I'm going to go home and let you rest.Rashawn
Rashawn leaves.
Hello? Chrissy
Hey Chrissy.Lanessa
Hey Nessa wats up.Chrissy
Wanna come to this party with me? Lanessa
Sure i'll get dressed.Chrissy
Chrissy gets dressed and Lanessa picks her up and they go to the party
You look cute Chrissy. Lanessa
You too.Chrissy
They went inside the club.
Hey. The boy
Hey. Chrissy
Whats yo name? The boy
Chrissy. Chrissy
Cute my name is Daren.
Oh ok.Chrissy
What are you doing here? Rashawn
I'm here hanging with Lanessa. Chrissy
Oh come on we going to your house. Rashawn
Why? Chrissy
Oh nevermind stay here. Rashawn
Don't be that way cuz i know you was dancing with some chick. Chrissy
No i wasn't i just got here cuz someone told me they saw you here. Rashaw
Well i didn't you know had spies following me.Chrissy
Don't be funny now get in my car. Rashawn
Chrissy tells Lanessa that she has to go and gets in the car Rashawn.
Where we going? Chrissy
To your house. Rashawn
For? Chrissy
We need to talk. Rashawn
We can talk right now. Chrissy
Ok then Rashawn says stopping the car in a empty parking lot and pulling Chrissy in the backseat.
Rashawn! Chrissy
What? Rashawn
All you want is sex just lay off for a couple of days. Chrissy
Why? Rashawn
Just get off me and drive me home now. Chrissy
Ok i see how you wanna be. Rashawn says getting up front and driving away with Chrissy still in the backseat.
They pull up in Chrissy's driveway and Chrissy gets out the backseat then she unlocks her house door. Rashawn doesn't get out the car. When Chrissy gets in the house Rashawn drives away without saying goodbye.
A week later,
Chrissy goes to the school football game with Lanessa and her boyfriend Fred.
I'll get some drinks. Chrissy
When Chrissy goes to get in line she sees Rashawn in line with his friends Sam and Kyle.
Aint that Chrissy? Sam whispers to Rashawn
Yeah. Rashawn says trying to look in a different direction.
Hey Chrissy. Kyle says walking up to her.
Um hey Kyle. Chrissy
Are you and Rashawn still going together? Kyle
To be honest i really don't know its confusing right now. Chrissy
You need to talk to him. Kyle
Um thats not a good idea right now. Chrissy
Sure it is, come here Rashawn. Kyle
What. Rashawn
Are you and Chrissy still together? Kyle.
Yeah we just need some time apart. Rashawn says hugging Chrissy.
Chrissy falls in his hug.
Rashawn leans down to kiss her.
I'm sorry boo. He whispers in her ear
Chrissy stands there stunned.
Rashawn tells his boys bye and walks with Chrissy.
Are you ok? Rashawn
Yeah. Chrissy
Look i'm sorry i haven't talked to you in a while, i thought about what you said and i agree with you. Rashawn
Its ok and whatever happens it just happens. Chrissy
Yeah but we need to talk.Rashawn
About? Chrissy
Do you love me Chrissy? Rashawn
Of course i do.Chrissy
I mean realllly love me. Rashawn
This is so third grade just tell me whats on ya mind. Chrissy
I wanna marry you Chrissy, i really do but you don't feel the same way.Rashawn
Ohh. Chrissy says turning her head.
I figured you would give me static like that. Rashawn
I never wanted to get married i love you really much but marriage is not for me. Chrissy
You don't know unless you try Christina. Rashawn
You must be really serious. Chrissy
Yeah i am Christina. Rashawn
I don't want to get married so can we please drop this we just got back together. Chrissy
We been together we just wasn't talking. Rashawn
I know. Chrissy
Was you with someone else? Rashawn
No! How could have i when i was crying over you. You know what were not ready to be together we need a longer break. Bye Rashawn.
Wait Chrissy you know i aint mean to get you mad. Rashawn says hugging Chrissy tight.
Please let me go. Chrissy says
Naw i let you go already and i hurt you.
Chrissy: Rashawn can you just let me go i have to pee.
Rashawn: Okay but imma walk you over there because i dont want you to ditch me becasue me and you gotta talk bout something else to.
Chrissy: Okay
5 mintues later
Chrissy: What we gotta talk about?
Rashawn: I want a baby
Chrissy: LOL Rashawn stop
Rashawn: im serious chrissy
Chrissy; i dont want kids i love my body, wass going on with you are you ok..
Rashawn: im straight i just wanted to
see how you would react to what i just said.
Chrissy: Mhm bout im about to go home i have to clean the house before my brother gets home.
Rashawn: can i come
Chrissy: sure
Rashawn drives chrissy to her house and opens the door for her.,
Chrissy: I Have to change before i start cleaning
Rashawn: looks like the house already clean bae
Chrissy: omg who cleaned it up
Rashawn: i dont know
Chrissy goes upstairs and rashawn follows her.
Chrissy changes her clolthes and Raashawn turns his head
Chrissy: you dont like seeing me naked anymore?
Rashawn: Hell yeaa i still like seeing you naked im just respecting you right now cuz you said we dont neeed to fuck all the time soo i gotta hold my hormoans in for a lil while.
Chrissy: Damn boy come here.
Rashawn goes to chrissy and she pushes him on the bed and gets on top of him. she starts riding him and twerkingo n his dick. She goes down licks his cheast,and sucks his meat then she leavess her name in hickeys on his stomach.,Rashwan turns chrissy around and starts giving her backshots and pulls her hair then he nuts inside of her and pulls out three mintues later and doesnt tell her.rashawn kisses chrissys thighs and licks her pussy then he goes inside of her warm vagina really deep then he nuts inside of her four more times.
Chrissy; did you nut yet.
Rashawn: yea bout like six times.
Chrissy: WHAT!
Rashawn: oh shit i forgot we aint using protection damn baby im sooo damn sorry.
Chirssy: move rashawn get the hell off.
rashawn: im sorry
Chirssy: i can be pregant you asshole and you did it six times what the fuck were you thinking.
rashawn: thinking bout how wet and warm dat pussy is.
Chrissy: I can be pregant you fuckneck.
Rashwan:umm you not pregant.
Chirssy: Ugh everytime we make up we always end up fighting again and this time its serious.
Rashawn: i know and if you are pregant just get a abortion.
Chirssy: What the fuck did you just say to me.
Rashawn: Nothing.
Chrissy:Thats it im serious this time we need som time apart.
Rashawn: and what is that gonna do we had time apart and were still back to the same damn thing,
Chirssy: Well maybe we need to break up
Rashawn: stop saying stuff you might regret.
Chrissy: just leave now.
Raashawn: NO im spending the week here with you.
Chirssy goes in the bathroom and looks in the mirror.
Chrissy: i think im pregant tho.
Rashawn: How you so sure.
Chrissy: you nutted in me like six times and after the second time its not no c damn mistake so i could be carrying your child she says crying,
Rashawn: and is that a bad thing
Chirssy: hell yea that a bad thing im not ready to be a mom and be tied down to you lthis way.
Rashawn: we will just go to the doctors in like three days.
Chrissy: Im scared Rashawn.
Rashawn: Baby its okay if you want you could get an abortion.


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