Angel Sword
©2009, Tyrone Vincent Banks


A massive force bounced off of the hood of my van and splashed into a puddle of fresh rainwater. The sun was beginning to set and since I never wear the glasses prescribed to me, I couldn’t see anything. With a flash of lightening; two large figures appeared briefly and charged towards each other. They were barely visible, but I knew that they were there, they had to be there! What else could it be?


A bolt of lightening appeared between the two figures.


As the lightening struck an object several meters above the ground I thought; lightening is not supposed to do that! The thunder resounded as the lightening bounced off of a surface and was deflected to the right.

I thought: God help me…if only I could see what was going on…

Apparently, I chose the correct words as two figures formed into a frightening vision of which I was not prepared to witness. This was not a thunderstorm, or maybe this was…either way, I will no longer look at lightening or hear thunder in the same manner ever again!

To the left appeared a figure clothed in shimmering white light. I could recognize what appeared to be a breastplate of sorts – unlike any of the historic armor in the small collection that I kept at my home. Upon further scrutiny the light seemed to fold around the figure like a set of large wings. I ascertained that perhaps he may have been an angel sent to defeat whatever he was battling at the time. He wore a helmet similar to the 600 BC Roman Galea that found it’s way into my collection. The one at my home may have been the real deal or an excellent replica – but the one worn by this warrior was definitely authentic. I had the helmet and the breastplate, but I couldn’t seem to find the sword and shield that “matched” the outfit.

This guy was huge! At least 8 to 9 feet in height and at a weight of at least 400 pounds. Even from the vantage point of my cargo van I had difficulty seeing his face. He wore what appeared to be a soft gold tunic and a pair of gold sandals covering his weathered feet. His large shield deflected the continuous blows rendered by his opponent’s war hammer. It looked more like a large bone connected to what appeared to be a tusked elephant skull. That would not be an item that I’d add to any collection. His opponent’s shield appeared to be a large “rib-cage” like structure covered by what appeared to be burnt flesh.

His opponent had a very, shall I say…abrupt appearance. He was a large horned creature wearing a filthy loin cloth over a body of what appeared to be that of fur over charred wood. His feet appeared to be similar to a humanoid foot but each toe resembled a large black hoof. His helmet hid the rest of his facial features but his glowing red eyes and the slimy substance dripping from that helmet conveyed the fact that I probably didn’t want to know what he looked like – if I hoped to ever fall asleep again without that image on my mind.

I suppose that I could have driven away and let these two fellows sort out their differences, however, I was compelled to stay and observe. The two competitors exchanged thunderous blows for what seemed like hours. Some of the battle took place on the ground and some took place in the air – but irregardless they were determined to finish this fight. I was lost in this scene and affixed to the action, but something was about to change.

I could see the beast-like horned creature and the winged creature interlocked in battle with their weapons interlaced and intertwined in a manner that seemed to join these two combatants. The beast untangled himself from the “knot” by releasing his weapons and looked in my direction. With that he charged towards my van with his horns targeted on my windshield. The angel dropped his shield and sword, leaped into the air and landed in front of my van as the massive horns penetrated one of my headlights. The other horn seemed to pass through the angel’s chest and the point appeared through the angel’s back.

With the beast locked in his grasp the angel began to knee the beast in his chest. With each blow the beast seemed to lift several feet off of the ground. With the dazed beast in front on him, the angel delivered an uppercut that propelled him several meters into the air. As the beast descended to the ground, the angel dropped to one knee and looked at me as light poured out of his wound like steam.

I could see the beast approaching and as he got closer to the angel, he rotated his head to an angle that would surely pierce through the angel’s body and probably kill him – if angels could actually die – I had no idea.

I got out of my van and stood next to the angel. Even as he was doubled over in pain I looked like a 5 year old standing next to an NFL linebacker. I thought: what am I going to do? I could make a run for the angel’s sword and try to fend off this beast…or stand between the beast and the angel? I have a bible in the car, maybe I can read a verse or two and the demon would flee? Maybe I can just…and then the thought occurred to me.

I stood next to the angel and looked the demon in his eyes. I could see that his look of defiance was replaced by a look of shear terror. He knew that I figured it out and he knew that he was defeated. He tried to slow down his descent and he tried to back into the air, but it was too late, I had him and something seemed to reel him in.


I clapped my hands once and the beast began to diminish.


I clapped my hands again – as loud as I could and he began to vaporize…




With that final clap the beast swirled into a harmless vapor and dissipated into the air. His weapons de-materialized as well and it was no longer evident that this beast even existed in the first place. However, the angel reached towards his sword and shield and they moved towards him like metal filings to a super-magnet. As the items touched his hand he dematerialized and the sword and shield dropped to the ground in a large thud. I thought that those weapons were much larger considering the size of the angel that carried them – but now they were smaller.

I was left there, in the rain, in pitch darkness, wondering if I was asleep – or drugged.

The rain ceased but the sword and shield remained. I picked the items up and placed them in my van. I scanned the area and there were no witnesses, therefore, those items were mine to keep as a reminder of this day.

As I entered my home I retreated to the basement and placed the items next to my other historical weapons of war. I was tired and as I looked at my watch I saw that it was 3 am. In keeping up with my tradition of foolish choices, I decided to turn on the TV as opposed to getting the 3 hours of sleep that I would need to be somewhat alert as I reported to work hours later.

I awakened at sunrise to the Home Shopping Network’s knife and sword replica show. I figured out that maybe I was asleep and that I dreamed the whole battle that took place between the angel and the demon.

Cautiously, I walked towards the sword and shield that I had collected hours earlier. If they were there – then it was real, if not, well the home shopping network theory was viable. I looked at the space in which those items were placed – and they were gone.

I walked back to the television to turn it off so that I could get ready for work.

Looking out of the basement windows, I could see a patch of green grass growing right before my eyes. I could also see – a large foot inserted into a gold sandal. I walked up the basement stairs and exited the back door. The large wooded area behind my house always seemed to "creep" me out but I felt brave at that time. Yes, he was there. The same large angel from last night’s battle. His breast-plate was still pierced but he was alive and well. His helmet was removed and placed on the ground next to him. He stood with the large shield on his forearm and the sword in its sheath

He knew what I was thinking…

His voice was loud and clear. I was certain that the neighbors would hear his booming voice and charge outside to investigate.

He stated; “You asked Father to allow you to see what was going on, and your prayer was answered. What He speaks never returns to Him void but it will accomplish the thing for which He sent it. I am a warring angel, not often sent to deliver a message to men. I have been allowed to thank you for saving me last night. Your faith and the hand praise offered to Father have saved us both. Your arsenal is far greater than mine and you are a powerful warrior. More powerful that you know at this time but you will soon find out.”

I asked; “What is your name?”

He answered quickly; “you know my name…”

I thought; it would be nice to have such a beautiful sword and shield as a part of my collection though…but I didn’t want to ruin such an amazing moment with such foolish talk.

He placed his helmet on his head, flapped his powerful wings and ascended into the air and then answered; “You will my brother…I will see you soon!”

I knew from that moment on that my life was going to be different and very interesting.


Text: ©2009, Tyrone Vincent Banks
Publication Date: 01-14-2009

All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to God.

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