My Sweet Peach Liberty


Written By. Le’Terris Burney



School has just ended on a clear Friday afternoon and I'm still upset about the fact that i have to move outside the city to go live on the outskirts with my parents after my grandma's passing i don't get it i like it here it’s where i grew up there's very little crime everyone knows me so why leave? all because mom is depressed and dad just lost his job and don't get me wrong i'm depressed too but moving will only make it worse so far just thinking about it i can only hope that it's well worth it. Walking home with my only best friends Rebecca and Orton the best sidekicks I’ve known since junior high don't want me to leave especially Becky as i we've been through it all with her from arguments to invites to having bad days together to having cherished moments and still today hold our friendship Becky: Dang Liberty why you have to leave so soon? we're not even in college yet and your already bouncing on us) Yea i know but after my grandma passed my mom decided it was time for a change i wish i didn't have to either but hey that's family for you right? what can i say. Wishing i didn't have to she leans on my shoulder as we walk down the sidewalk like the sister i never had and wanted since I'm an only child and she's the closest i'll get to a sibling you can tell by the way we dress somedays that we can be seen as related as of today she wears a jean jacket and skirt with a pink shirt as i am wearing a purple shirt (my favorite color) with black jeans and matching jacket we're almost as compatible as the Olson twins except she's a blonde and i have jet black hair Bi-racially mixed my mom is mexican and my dad is italian so you could say i was born with the best of both worlds wearing black framed glasses over my dark green eyes Orton:Don't worry Becky you'll still have me irritating you)Becky:Yea but it's not the same without Liberty being around she always had my back) Orton is another friend of mine quiet with a sense of humor he's tall with short spikey hair a big fan of skinny jeans and small shirts looking like a punk rocker 24/7 his parents come from North Korea having and raising him in America i've known him since the 7th grade always had an answer for everything and sometimes came up right come up right i wonder why sometimes but one thing is for sure i can say he's got quite the IQ for a 14 year old not bad for his age. When reaching the road crossing we say our goodbyes and share a group hug together before parting ways Becky:I'm gonna miss you girlfriend please don't forget to call we have to keep in touch that's a must and if you get a boyfriend see if he has a brother i could use cutie to do my homework)me and Becky chuckle while Orton rolls his eyes with a smirk as he watches us as girls get a little emotional then wave with goodbyes as cross our ways of the road Orton: just keep in touch is all i ask) he says shouting across the street you got it, i reply back as i make my way home.Walking with little pace i approach Theasall Drive walking while playing while doing tricks with my yo-yo ball my favorite toy in the world as i call it entering my middle-class neighborhood where most of the residents are either elderly or middle aged with a little attitude i live four houses down where i see my dad loading boxes onto a moving van while mom dressed in a pink dress decorated with flowers sweeps the front porch yelling"hey honey, as soon as she sees me approaching the steps Mom:If you have homework now would be a good time to get to it if not pack up what's left of your room and dad will put it in the van for you)she speaks with a small mexican accent with her hair blowing in the wind my parents have been married for 12 years only having me in their life they make a good couple when they're not arguing amongst themselves as far as i know i've seen them hold hands and kiss like they had no worry in the world just seeing eachother and not what's around them i guess that's how strong love can be between two peaple maybe it's stronger then what i've seen but I'm only 14 so i wouldn't know anytime soon.I got to my room falling back on my bed looking up at the ceiling fan then pull out a small pocket photo of my grandma with me blowing out the candles on the cake of her 61st birthday with me on her right-side celebrating along with her as she kissed me on the cheek yeah that was one of the best times of my life with her and now with her gone it makes me wish she didn't have such an early departure there were still so much we had to see in the world together there were so much i wanted to learn from her but she always said god works his mysterious ways and can always show you the way to the light if your willing to follow.My cellphone vibrates in my pocket with a text message from Becky reading:Just keeping in touch) I chuckle then reply back with:Thank you girlfriend) then she writes back with:Lol) oh geez what a crack up she can be at times i haven't even started packing up yet.Dad walks in on my mobile conversation smiling saying i should loosen up about the whole moving away idea as if that's easy it makes me wonder if it even matters to him on how i feel about the whole thing Dad:You may not want to leave but me and your mom agreed that it might be best for the family considering she doesn't wanna dwell on grandma being gone I'm sure you'll find new friends along the way honey i promise) ugh my dad doesn't get it when i say quote, unquote:This sucks,but what do i know right? seeing he's not getting through to me he walks off mumbling one day you gotta grow up Liberty the world doesn't pity those who fall behind you should think about that for a minute as you grow older,ignoring him as he walks off i close my phone then rollover on my stomach to see my whole room cluttered with boxes looking up i see my white wooden covert with my grandma's old Raggedy Ann doll inside she gave her to me as a gift for christmas telling me to always keep her clean and keep her safe as she shall do the same for you in return i remember those words like it was yesterday she cherished her doll with love while i just kept her in the covert as a collection with the rest of my dolls thinking about that made me feel bad now knowing how i treated her.I get out my bed and walk to the covert glancing at the doll before putting her in my schoolbag with a kiss.Later that night after dinner i wake up from my slumber and see it's 2:30am with no sign of sunrise my dad talks over mom with an aggressive tone mom snaps back with a with a higher tone while standing her ground arguing about what's best for me and their financial situations yelling and swearing at eachother my dad punches the wall trying to win the argument unable to take it i get out off and sit in the corner of my closet covering my ears praying to God to make them stop not knowing that hearing go at eachother's necks hurts me hurting even more when my mom cries from dad's hurtful words sometimes hearing her cry makes me cry so i hide in the closet from the emotional pain it has on me sometimes for a few hours or until i fall asleep.The sun rises and i just get out the shower putting on my shoes after zipping up my pants my dad pulls into the driveway with the moving van beeping the horn me and mom load up boxes while he leans against the truck smoking a cigarette mom looks at me with a smile as if she had know worries but i knew even at 14 know what's really going on Mom:Well it looks like a new journey for us ha kiddo?)she paces back and forth loading box after box even my dad who looks fed up flicks the bud and lends a hand to speed up the process later then we're on the road with dad driving the van and me mom in the family sedan driving through the city passing by the mall then the bowling alley then the toy store passing by towering city buildings and a beach seeing some college kids surf the waves get tans and play beach volleyball then out the city we drive on the interstate where 18-wheelers were driving behind us in front of us and beside us my mom had a bad case of road rage at times when she got nervous I'm surprised i don't see that part of her coming out as far i see bad traffic normally aggravates and she perfom some kind of illegal turn maybe cross a light or two but today all i see her doing is switch lanes trying to keep up with dad who has his hand sticking out the driver's window holding another cigarette lit me sitting in the passenger seat writting in my diary explaining my thoughts on lastnight's event and how it made me feel while mom listens to some slow jazz on the radio luckily i had my mp3 charged this morning before leaving Mom:think about it Liberty a new school no a better school new friends and less trouble more for the better i know it may seem hard but come on you gotta work with me and your dad on this one we just want you to have more in your life then to settle for less) i respond telling her how dad could've just got another job and still stay in the city (Mom:It's not that easy honey) i roll my eyes and continue writting til i nod off to sleep and in due time by 5:30pm i wake up passing a sign reading welcome to Gavenhill.



The sun is close to setting over the horizon as we finally arrive in town seeing small simple buildings and a few trailors the road itself surrounded by some sand grass and cactus looking sort of like a half texas wild west country town with a little bit of city life mixed with it driving by the historic building of town hall amd a library" yea i can already tell this is gonna be a cheesy waste of my life just by looking at it.We show up at the house my parents call a home sitting in the middle of nothing and nowhere but field road and ranches 5 bedrooms and and 3 bathrooms with a backyard of green grass and more field with the woods out in the distance looking like it stretches for miles there's no telling what could be out there.I wake up from my nap after the driver's door slam shut rubbing my eyes seeing the two story house i get out investigating my surroundings looking around the interior of the house walking through the white double doors stepping wooden flooring chandaleir above my head dad goes out to unload the truck while i go upstairs and find my new refurnished room huge with light pink rooms a walk-in closet a personal bathroom and a window facing the backwoods of the backyard patio looking out of it i see the day slowly turn to night as i go out to get my stuff and begin settling into my new what i call sanctuary and day by day as a family we help get the house in order arranging furniture hanging pictures sweeping mopping and scrubbing two months go by and we're finally finished.Wednesday afternoon after having a good breakfast i decide to go out for a walk after helping mom with a few chores now having free time i feel like getting out the house taking a mile long walk passing by a ranch and a trailor here and there then a gas station where i stop to buy a bottle of water the dry heat can really get to you after a while the store clerk seeing I'm new in town introduces himself with extreme kindness Clerk:Mhm"out of all the kids i've seen walk in my store your very much new to me what they be calling you little lady?) the clerk is an elderly black man with a strong country accent and a few gray streaks in his hair and thick beard on his face.I tell him my name then then introduces himself as Reggie spitting dip in a metal bucket next to his feet Reggie:Well i know new peaple when i see them i been here all my life and love it so with that said Ms.Liberty if you ever need help getting around you make sure you let me know) I thank him with a smile then continue my stroll soon approaching the town flea market where i sit in the food court to rest my feet while taking a few gulps of my water looking around the main street seeing a few attractions i see the same regular peaple just in another part of the world walking on red brick sidewalks historic buildings and old fashioned streetlights ugh" no mall but a flea market i guess is better then nothing .I jump to my feet and go check it out walking in i see most of the shoppers being middle aged or senior looking around and holding hands with their spouses with smiles of enjoyment doing nothing more but shopping around.The market is just a giant barn stretched with different twists and turns from jewelry art and furniture to hair salons and food vendors cellphone stores and computer repair shops pretty much the whole 9 and more choices including item exchanges oh look a boutique thats pretty much all i need to make my stay here alot easier at least i hope depending on what they're selling i hope clothes of today sorry but i can't help it i love clothes it's a girl thing some guys don't get but that's why i'm in no rush for a boyfriend now just trying to enjoy my life for the time being but as far as clothes wise they're just irresistable all it takes for me to see something cut with a little purple or light pink and i'm hooked most of the clothes i got at home are from mom and dad doing some online shopping where they do majority of their shopping for household decorations and grocery shopping yea pure nerds right? yea today is not a very flashy day for me just a pair of jean shorts and a white tan-ktop with a sports bra walking in my hightop converse.I look over to the side of a vendor next to me to go inside a store where i see a line of prom and designer dresses some even being bridal gowns one of them catching my eye was a silk violet and silver long gown with choker with a diamond hanging from it so beautiful i know i may more than enough dresses at home but this one has my full undivided attention not knowing i was catching someone else's as the dress caught mine.A group of three black girls surrounded me from behind one being taller than me and one of the others with long dreads wearing a blue shirt black skinny jeans and white hightop sneakers Girl:Excuse me sorry I'm Ranice i couldn't help but see you stare at this dress and from what i can tell i saw this dress first meaning I'm more fit for it than you are) The girls chuckle giving Ranice a high-five looking at me from head to toe she could clearly see that i was a newcomer then made a few rude comments on my glasses my hair and body Ranice:Seeing that your new here i won't rain on your parade too much but cross me and i do mean CROSS me than you better expect a beating worse than what you see on tv) she bumps into as she walks off and i continue around the store.Later coming home home from a long day I sit at the table with mom and dad eating chicken fettucini my favorite Mom:So how did your day go today honey?) it was good ran into a nice store clerk up the way then ran into my first bully and her minions at the flea market so yea my day was pretty interesting, with a mouthful of food she tells me i start summer school first thing in the morning so she suggests i kick in my hours for an early start,ok great summer school sucks but i guess it's no issue until mom tells me i can't make long distance calls to my old friends Sam and Orton like i want anymore seeing it's running up the phone bill and asks for my cellphone i drop my fork and sit back in my chair with my arms folded Mom:Come on Liberty not tonight just give me the phone i know you guys are friends but for now it's time to move on and put them on hold for the time being) Really mom? Really? first you move me out the big city into a shoebox town enroll me in summer school and now you want my phone? Dad:That's enough young lady as long as your under my roof you WILL do as your told now give her the phone before i do) rolling my eyes i throw my phone on the table then run upstairs to my room locking the door i scream into my pillow while punching the bed with my fist throwing a bad tantrum then roll over with my arms folded mad as hell tap! tap! a dove pecks at my window sill watching me let out my anger as i sit up giving him full eye contact then flies off.Early morning comes and I'm dropped off at a highschool having the summer school program with a kiss on the forehead dad drives off to work telling me to have a good day then get out the car walking through wide cold hallways filled with older kids attending or graduating highschool some goofing off and others just gossiping by their lockers hanging with their friends finding my locker i store my backpack then run to the bathroom with an upset stomach guess breakfast this morning wasn't as good it tasted Girl:You ok in there?) I come out the stall to see a young native girl standing at the door dressed in a black jean dress a dreamcatcher necklace with long black hair down to her waist introducing herself as Latiya.



Latiya:I seen how Ranice did you at the flea market yesterday she's just being a showoff because your new hope that doesn't surprise you if she got in your face once she'll do it again and again until you swing on her my advice would be use your head not your fist trust me no fight is worth it these days) walking together to our first class Latiya was very soft-spoken telling me she's a junior soon to be a senior she seemed pretty cool with a low key and calm attitude about herself and very wise with sense..We enter the library sitting at a table where she opened a geography book and got a notebook and pen out one of the teachers see me unoccupied asking if i need help with anything looking around i see other kids other kids studying and taking notes and doing paperwork and worksheets i guess there's no chilling out here.Latiya points her pen asking the teacher if he knows where the science isle then gives me the cue to go follow him as he walks off.Lunchtime comes later on in the afternoon with me and Latiya sitting at a table in the corner of the chow hall today's menu a dried up hamburger with lettuce tomatoe and no cheese just boring on the side not even a squeeze of ketchup with half-cooked fries with lumpy sludge called bananna pudding ugh" school food is no different then prison food and i never been to there to know but I'm just gonna guess that as students and prisoners when it comes to food we both would be in the same boat on that one instead of eating what's on our tray we decide to finish our conversation pushing our food to the side talking about the school and some of the kids i should avoid Ranice being one of them.Latiya:Me and Ranice use to be close friends she always had my back of course i had her regardless of anything there was nothing she couldn't tell me i couldn't tell her as girls i thought that's what we do until a few days later she started spreading bad rumors about me and i just cut off all contact and been walking solo since then she doesn't come my way and i don't come hers just keep to ourselves you see that guy over there?) i look over my shoulder to see ranice flirting with a cute young black guy clean haircut and musculant body looking like she's trying to get her way with him.Latiya:That's James have the girls here been crushing him leaving notes and letters at his locker except me why? simple to the only two girls he's ever dated and they say he's quite the woman beater when you tell him no she doesn't know that but hopefully it doesn't get that far)with that said Latiya turns to me asking what's my story and explain my dad's situation and my grandma's passing to me being the newcomer in town nodding her head she shows she's attentive but all talk gets cut short when the bell rings for the next class before splitting we shake hands on a good note before saying goodbye and talk to you later.Mom picks me up picks me up from school and i go upstairs writting in my diary explaining how my day went and my thoughts on summer school alone.I thought it would just be another night going by for me until i hear my parents arguing again i pause the music in my ipod making sure it's arguing i hear and....yes from the way my dad is yelling he's doing his part and mom yelling bout doing the same i just can't take it anymore and sneak out my room going downstairs and out the backdoor looking towards the woods i start walking then walking turns to jogging then jogging turns to running running faster and faster entering the dark woodlands not stopping or looking back i keep going keep running running deeper into the backwoods as if I'm being chased by someone hearing their yellings fade as run further inside the trees fast then faster then my fastest until BUMP! i trip on a rock falling face first unconcious Man:Hey you ok? here let me help you) i open my eyes gaining conciousness to see a man wearing a white cowl of silk around his waist without a shirt or shoes Man:Fear me not for i come from the garden of the heavens sent down by my father as you may call me Aidess) he's young with short wavy brown hair hazel eyes with pure clean skin with a smooth shine and little body tone completely hairless from the face down.Nothing to say i look around my glasses after getting to my feet Aidess hands them to me as if he had them all along taking the frames i put them on my face while adjusting my eyes i ask him why he's dressed like a roman slave Aidess:My father says come as you are and accept me as i am) he looked like he was in his really 20's compared to me cute but creepy speaking with mysterious metaphores back to back.I dust myself off while thanking him for the helping hand then turn around and head home thinking how whacked out he must be or am i just seeing things and need to take a load off for a while Aidess:Why do you hide from your parents when they fight?) i stop in my tracks wondering how he knows that looking back he stares back at me with a slight smirk hard to catch unless you pay close attention not having an answer i just ell him i don't know then keep walking but only a few feet later i stop again asking how he knows that the man walks towards me slowly with light steps with my eyes on him in his pressence it was like talking to a ghost as soft as he spoke and now quiet as he walked with skin so pale but so smooth he was almost glowing through the darkness as we stood toe to toe Aidess:I know more than enough when it comes to the men and women i've seen from the heavens but my father knows it all with a voice of thunder the creator of all things on earth and in heaven) hm" like what i don't why but i just had to test his knowledge since he was already talking like a stoned hippie Aidess:you won't need these anymore) he takes off my glasses properly folding them then touches my right temple then speaks in prayer Aidess:My father and creator of heaven and earth alpha and omega beginning and the end i ask of thee to place sight upon her eyes for she may see the road wich lies ahead of her and that she may follow and follow you guidance for all things good may come to her) my vision being a blur clears up in seconds seeing better than i ever imagined shocked and amazed i see much better than what i could with the glasses much better slowly the mysterious man walks backwards into the wilderness disappearing into the darkness fading behind the trees i think of what just happened for a moment then run home.



On my way home i see my mom as i look ahead standing out on the back patio pacing back and forth with her hands folded meaning i was in trouble just by the way she's bitting her lip.I take a deep breath getting myself ready for the nagging Mom:Where were you?) she pulls my army yanking me her way looking deeply into my eyes wanting for me to explain Mom:You think just because your 14 years old young adult you think it's ok for you to run off when you please is that how it is? and where are your glasses?) I didn't go anywhwere even if i didn't what makes you think i would come back ever thought about that mom? i pull away from her and get slapped across the face then run up to my room looking in the mirror at the light pink bruise on my left cheek wishing i had a way out.I arrive at school just another day as i see it pacing my way to the gym walking pass Ranice who toots her nose at me makes me wanna say I'm glad it's the weekend sitting in the bleachers the guys play basketball on one side of the gym and the girls volleyball on the other.Latiya sits a bleacher above me explaining how she's gonna spend her weekend telling me she's going to her uncle's ranch to help cater to his horses then ride them out to the mountainside sounds like a heck of alot of fun compared to me being stuck at home dealing with complaining fighting and arguing knowing me and my parents i know i have no plans probably just stay home and catch up on my thoughts after lastnight's scenario been rubbing my face since lastnight and now this morning me and my mom haven't spoken since.James approaches us drenched in sweat from playing hard on the court dressed in a jersey and gym shorts smiling in our faces with clean white teeth and well cut body James:Hello ladies care to let me in your little chit chat?) Latiya:Get a life James neither me or her are interested i've done my homework but nice try though i give you that)walking off with no hard feelings and a smile Latiya rolls her eyes then gets on the subject about men as if she's an expert Latiya:You know how it's sad that we as well-rounded ladies always seem to attract the unrounded guys of our generation always having dirty thoughts and ideas on how to use us to their likeing not saying all guys just guys like that whatever happened to a prince charming these days now it's some men's goal to just score like they're on a mission and brag about it later seriously some guys need a life thank god himself I'm still a virgin wish i could say the same for Ranice though what about you?) Oh you better believe I'm an untouched a virgin and proud I'm saving my body for marriage and not ashamed what so ever too many diseases in the world for me to be cool like that we high-five eachother laughing then leaving at the sound of the bell heading to the study hall'' on our way i tell Latiay to go on without me i'll catch up needing to use the ladies room agreeing she takes off as i walk in the bathroom sitting on a stall with my hands on my heads full of stress and anger.I needed relief from someone or something to loosen me up a bit.I reach in my schoolbag after peaking out the door for signs of other kids and pull out a capsule of anti-depresants i snagged of my mom's purse earlier before she woke up i take 3 then sit back for them to kick in and the that moment of a few seconds i feel light-headed and a little dizzy and mellow this is my first time doing drugs and didn't think i would see this coming my head spins hearing voices call my name with whispers and loud cheering like being at a big event with a crowd and laughter hearing the sounds of birds fluttering dosing in and out of sleep Ranice:I know your in there snowflake we need to talk) snowflake am i that white? out of all the names, ugh oh boy.I get myself in order slowly and easy getting off the stall poking my head out the door she catches me by surprise yanking me out the door by my hair throwing me against the wall hitting my head Ranice:Stay away from James he's mine and i refuse to let an out of town white girl take him from me) she says snapping as i feel the back of my head seeing she what she saw in the gym the wrong way but ignoring what i have to say she punches me in the face having me hit my jaw on the sink knocked out cold.I wake up moments later to find myself laying in the bed of my bedroom suffering a major headache and a stuffy nose filled with dry blood hurting when i breathe turning my head in surprise i see Aidess in my room staring out my window as the sun slowly sets i set up on the bed gathering my thoughts facing him as he turns facing me as i am shocked to figure out how he got in and how i got home Aidess:Don't worry your parents are out for the moment they'll be home soon Liberty:How did i get home? how did i get in the house?) Aidess:I saw you from the views of heaven then came down and carried you so that you may rest and while you rested i guarded you) wow this guy is either creepy or I'm still high and speaking of high i reach in my bag finding the pills Aidess stops me from popping the cap his cold hand on top of mine speaking softly as he looks in my eyes Aidess:If you knew the power of god more than you knew your diary it would tell that god once blessed Abraham our elder with blessings of herds and flocks silver gold manservants and maidservants and land he couldn't ask for anything more all given by the heavenly father" if he can do for Abraham I'm sure he can as well for you) speaking with soft words he asks me if i could walk with him, not saying or no i go out the backdoor before him as he behind me with his hands behind his back as we make our way to the back porch where we sit on the steps looking ahead as dusk slowly turns to night Aidess lectures me on the bible giving me a verse or two looking up at the stars as they appear in the dark sky with the fading pink purple arrays of the sun start to disapate Aidess:All that you see before you man woman beast and element was all created in a week's period by my father my lord and my creator and all that he is to me he shall be and will to you in your later future his army of heavenly angels including myself all watch from above as man and woman live their lives most of them live a double life and others live a godly life most of them sin so painfully and so horribly with the mistakes they make having my father weep with hurt seeing even you struggle with your father's anger and your mother's stress i see hoe hard it is so i'm here to open your eyes to the welcoming hands of god himself) he spoke so softly once more oh so swiftly as he had a pure soul sitting next to him made me feel safe and adored and i don't even know him.The wind blows blows lightly across my face with sweet smell of roses blowing off the light tan suit he wore with a white shirt with unbuttoned cuffs and collar with white dress shoes to match.Afirefily passes by me into the palm of Aidess's hand catching it he blows a burst of fireflies out in the open by the hundreds dispercing into the open disappearing into the darkness.I look to see this godly character who kept me occupied for the last half-hour gone in thin air looking around my enviroment i don't see or find a sign of any kind just me.



Early saturday afternoon me and dad are on our way to the grocery store dad puffing a cigarette tries to stir up convo while taking the trip seeing we had a long drive ahead asking how I'm likeing summer school and if i made any friends latetly all i can say is you have no idea seeing I'm in no mood and focuses on the road.Opening the glove comparment where i keep my lip gloss i see a condom wrapper then look to the corner of my eye as dad stays looking ahead then close it only taking my lip gloss.We park in an empty space then head inside while getting a shopping cart dad sends me off to go get half of what's on the list milk being the first i look around while searching for the dairy isle thinking about what dad could be doing behind mom's back hoping it's not true ugh" it makes me sick to my stomach already feeling it twist and turn like i just got off a bad ride at the carnival or something i could always tell mom but there's no telling how that would go especially when you can tell they're going through some hard life in their marriage it'll only make things worse but then again it could be the case as to why dad comes home so late at night also how do i know? simple I'm a light sleeper i can hear him some nights creeping up the stairs there's nothing i couldn't hear that wouldn't ruin my beauty sleep.Walking down the frozen food i approach the dairy products and grab the milk out the freezer then be on my way to dad who walks with the cart but drop the milk in surprise to see Ranice around the corner in the dry food isle seeing me i reach down to pickup the milk but once again i get cornered with her all in my face talking down at me as if she knows me Ranice:Well if it isn't the big city beluga whale coming to feed hows ur face by the way? i hope your insured) she mocks me with a chuckle her arm blocking one side of me as she is so close in my face i can smell her minty breath as she spoke not understanding what the issue is with me.I ask her with no hesitation the she replies Ranice:Oh i have no issue with you i just can't stand how some of you typical white girls who step into a sister's territory always trying to pull the first brotha you seethinking you can do better for them then we can but no, you can never be us no matter how long you tan in the sun because we are the natural beauty hm'' see you on monday)leaving me in the middle of the isle i breathe with relief while getting my thought s together i pickup the milk then find dad and finish my shopping rushing to get out the store.Monday afternoon me and Latiya sit at a table in the rec hall as i explain my weekend and the incident at the store Latiya:Wow sounds like you had quite a weekend but as i said don't let her get the best of you knowing Ranice to her any black man she is into is treasure and James is what you can call her precious jewel but with that said i want you to come walk with me after school so i can show you something' later that day after school me and Latiya walked to her uncle's ranch where i perch myself on the fence as Latiya goes in the barn walking out with a pure black stallion as black as darkness telling me his name is Royal Thunder allowing me to pet him as she brushes his mane Latiya:I got him when i was 12 my uncle persuaded my mom when my dad couldn't afford me a birthday gift so instead i got this guy)he was beautiful i never been this close to a horse beofre or even on a ranch Latiya stayed on the other side of town near the distant mountains almost like looking at a painted portrait or from a scene of the walker texas ranger episodes except no Chuck Norris seeing this area of town and having Latiya around i can see me and her have alot in common as we talked laughed and shared our thoughts on life telling me even the secret of Ranice wearing the same underwear twice before she showers ugh" too much info but yea gross but all above good times.Petting the horse i look over Latiya's shoulder to see the ghostly image of a pure white horse running across the field in the distance then disappearing i blink twice then give Latiya my goodbyes telling her i'll see her in school tommorow then pace home,getting there i run through the front door and out the back heading into the woodlands as i've done before further and deeper passing and jumping over a log and going under a few leaning branches then stop in my tracks at a halt to see Aidess leaning against a tree dressed in the same suit as before Aidess:I knew you would come i thought it would be my turn to show you something)and together we walk deep into the woodlands stepping on twigs and leaves as birds called out in the treetops with their chirps and squeaks I know following strangers is something we were all taught but what can i say he saved me once so why not trust him especially when he had the opportunity more than once my house being the second and the bathroom being the first and i barely know him but seems to know me pretty well, surrounded by withered grass and that crunches under our feet this part part of the woods was gloomy with no sign or sound of life as we approach a tree with no leaves nor the branches with any fruit just gray dead bark and few cobwebs Aidess gets on his knees putting his hands together in prayer as i stood watching from behind as i watch to see what happens waiting waiting waiting and waiting then the rays of the sun pierce through an opening in the roof of the treetops glistening with glitters like small diamonds raining through and the tree's trunk start to gain it's color as it turns from grey to a healthy brown tone following up to the tip of it's branches as they start to sprout fresh green leaves and blossom fresh fruit wich i see are fresh color peaches seeing the tree come back to life makes me blink twice as i can tell reality hasn't quite set in for me yet as to what i just saw at first i thought this guy was just talking out his backside but after seeing how the miracle of a tree came to life in a prayer it makes me wanna put my foot in my mouth maybe he is the angel he says he really is Aidess:My god has more power than you can ever imagine create miracles you only dream of and bless you with a reward that no man can ever offer he is the kings of kings and creator of all things man woman beast and creeping thing the question i ask you is do you believe?)speaking with his head up at the sky he gets to his feet facing me as i stand with a puzzling expression asking him a deep question from my heart Liberty:If your an angel as you say you are.......where's my grandmother?) picking a fruit off the tree he hands it to me telling me to taste it and see if the answer lies within.I take bite tasting a sweet flavor so good it quenches my thirst and fills me with my stomach and my soul then fall to the ground into a deep sleep having a deep dream seeing myself in a wheat field looking ahead i see an elderly woman in a white gown standing out in the distance waving at me with a smile....Grandma?



I wake up a few hours later to find myself in the same place as i slept with the moon shinning above the replenished tree i hurry home while readjusting my eyes to see clearly.The next day in the late afternoon i sit in the food court waiting for Latiya to show up for a day out so far just as usual another day at the flea market with peaple shopping and looking walking by in groups or as a couple as i sit patiently i get the attention of a young guy who walks by then looks back as though he reconized me Guy:Hey your that girl i seen Latiya hanging with lately I'm Jueleous by the way) Jueleous asks permission to sit down and of course i allow him i just can't resist as cute as he is telling me how he's seen me and Latiya around school a few times thinking i was just another school nerd newbie ugh'' rude but says no offense and i blow it off with a chuckle and spend half the day talking and getting know eachother Jueleous was a mexican with long black hair nice body tall with a necklace of red white and green beads with a cross charm hanging from the way he looked it made me think he played alot of basketball Jueleous:Well would you like a tour of town miss Liberty?)He was cute so why not how could i resist and together we take off to our first stop the town museum where we stood in front of a statue of an indian chief standing in front of fellow tribe some native and some African Americans Jueleous:This is war Chief Osceola head of the seminole indian tribe the men behind him are the black seminoles slaves that escaped plantations were took under the wing of the tribe where they were free to have a tribe of their own as well as have their own Osceola having a black wife himself opposed slavery but died in his 30's of malaria after being caught by American troops after the war over land but his death didn't go in vane as his death had a great influence on his peaple believing to never give up and always keep your head up) i knew only but a little of the war chief knowing that his mom was part seminole and scottish and his dad being an english trader Osceola was born in Alabama but moved to Florida where his legacy begun.After the history lesson we stood making eye contact for the moment then brush it off with a few chuckles then continue the tour then discuss our likes and dislikes our favorite colors mine being red black blue and white his being only one wich is white why? don't know then discuss the history of the town and how it came as it is while walking close side by side we almost come close to touching hand to hand but keep our distances later on walking down the brick sidewalks of town seeing a few townspeaple on horses and most of them driving cars along with a few familiar faces from school surprisingly Latiya was nowhere to be found wich i ignored that matter enjoying my time with Jueleous who was as sweet as can be being the first i guy i actually can say I'm attracted to since being here asking if i have any siblings and where i come from as we walk to the park where kids are playing and walking with their parents and others having cookouts and loud music we stop at a vendor and get hotdogs sitting at a pinic table explaining how his parents divorced split joint custody of him and his little sister a few years back then moved to Gavenhill with his mom while his sister stayed in chicago with his dad now working at a grocery store saving up his money to go see them wich i thought was sweet and from there on every friday of every week me and Jueleous went on a date or a day out together staying in touch from a walk in a park to having a local burger at a diner to helping me study before school starts always coming home with inner joy then letting it out after closing the door to my room then yelling YES! with a pillow a pillow over my face did it last week after bringing me home from a movie when i got my first kiss on the lips nothing long lasting just a simple peck wishing me a goodnight just that moment alone gave me closure Ranice giving me a few looks as i walk by her with a smile from ear to ear but didn't rain on my parade i just kept going and enjoying my day Laitya sees me everyday happy and still hangout together most times during school hours and sometimes after if Jueleous is working overtime i went out to the backwoods one night before looking for Aidess but only stand before the living blessed tree wich alive and well still holding it's fruit but Aidess was nowhere to be found worries i lokked out my window some days waiting for him to show but nothing and no one ever did it was just me and myself no Aidess no Angel.Tuesday after school I was on my way to Latiya's house til dad stopped me at the door Dad:Hey kiddo we need to talk) catching me at a good time before turning the door knob Dad:Everyday i've seen you come home drop off your stuff then take off out the door now i think it's about time we spent some time together) holding a bucket and fishing pole I'm a little stubborn but follow behind as we walk down the country road to the lake half a mile from the house why not take the car? dad said we could use the exercise that's makes me feel much better now yea right.When we get there we take a seat on a rugged dock coated with a few vines and weeds with the water not to far up to our feet as they hang off the edge.Dad with his bait out talks to me about him and mom going threw their hard times and rarely paying me any attention as a kid you've seen your parents fight deep down you wanna say stop,don't do that but when you know it doesn't help what can you do? Dad:I'm sorry if i've put you aside and made you feel left out I'm just trying to make ends meet so we can all live comfortably just as we did when grandma was alive you know when the good old days for us were just right when she was there to keep us in line she wouldn't tolerate negativity in her house but now since she's gone it's like the meaning of family died with her and that's why as family we have to learn to fix things like this and work together but no matter what we go through just know honey that daddy loves you) kissing me on the forehead we get to our feet not catching anything i walk ahead while dad packs up approaching the road i stop in my tracks hearing a loud thump behind me turning around i see dad in pain on the ground with his hand on his chest i run to his recuse reaching in his pocket for his cellphone i call 911 rushing for them to get here then call mom while crying in panic being put in the back of the ambulance on a stretcher mom drives me back home in tears telling me over and over it's gonna be ok tapping her fingers on the steering wheel her mind is on edge as i sit in the passenger seat looking blank and worried with dry tears from my eye shadow thinking back when first meeting Aidess i start to wonder if he planned that or saw it happen if so I'm sure he has the answer.



Day by day i seclude myself from everyone my mom Latiya and Jueleous anything i did i did alone from studying to eating to walking every night that went by i stood at the window staring at the woodlands as the bright moon shined wondering if i should go back there and find Aidess or if i was gonna ever see him again then walked to my dresser pulling the pills Aidess once stopped me from taking i think twice with a pause then pop three and get dressed sneaking out the house wearing my dark purple hoodie and black pants walking down the nightly country road leading into town i wanna see my dad since not seeing him in the last 2 and a half weeks i worry about how he's they're treating him in the hospital mom only visited him once while spending most of her time sobbing in her bedroom drinking herself to sleep that worries me even more somedays i came home from school i even seen her taking rum shots in the kitchen before starting her daily cleaning i peaked in mom's room before leaving to see her in a drunken slumber before heading out.When i get in town i approach the hospital going through the double doors and down the hallway without a line up of rooms some doors open others are closed nurses and doctors walk pace and rush by me getting to patients back and forth who are in need phones ring off the hook and children crying crowded like any other hospital wich made my stomach turn peaking from left to right in and out of rooms i finally my dad's who i see sleeping silently with an air tube up his nose and in his mouth almost coming to tears but keep myself in order then leave kissing him on the cheek '' I love you dad, then walk back on the streets then walk home.On my way back i feel dizzyness come onto me as the pills were starting to kick in as i am just half way to the house.I puke up while stumbling under intoxication with my vision in a blur i roll down a hill unable to stand any longer hitting my head against a tree trunk laying on my back i slowly fall alseep looking up at the sky i see the blurry vision of a dove perched on a branch.Aidess:Good morning) i sit up to find myself in an open field under the tree i fell under seeing Aidess sit next to me still wearing the same tan suit and shoes with the wind blowing through his hair looking ahead as the horses in the distance feed on the grass i tell him about my father's situation but cuts me off before getting half way through the story Aidess:I know of your father's condition i was there seeing how it happened seeing how you two sat at the lake as he spoke with you with concern but it's not that you don't know the meaning of family you just haven't sat down and been one for a while just looking into your eyes i can see your fear of losing him)with all that is said i ask without hesitation''will he make it? Aidess looks forward telling me i have til sunset then walks down into the field walking towards nowhere.I run home and up to my room where i sob into my pillow while punching my mattress letting it all out knowing how i was gonna lose my dad today.Monday comes and my father is dead mom getting the call from the hospital drinks away her life while getting up for school everyday with only silence to my lips the whole day Latiya tries cheering me up but gives up and together we eat and sit silently without words even when we wants to at least make me smile or a little happy telling me how he's looking down at me wanting me to move forward and do the right thing for my life it's funny hearing this from her because i've heard the same lecture from everybody who's ever saw me going the opposite way we've known eachother for only a few months so what does she know anyway? i get up and walk away ignoring her call my name while storming down the hallway Ranice stops me in my tracks along with her crew Ranice:I just wanna tell you that i'm sorry about your father's passing my father wasn't around so that made you lucky and i just....) i push through her and her crowd not thinking of what they would do or say.I pop 3 pills with 2 left in the capsule on my way home.When i get in the house mom is gone and i run upstairs to the bathroom where i sit against the tub with my head leaning back with silence throughout the house while i enjoy my high i fall asleep then wake up in a different bathroom sitting on dirty and wet tile light shinning through a foggy window a small dirty sink and tub behind full of rust and mold i look around in confusion trying to figure what's going on i get up to my feet snapping my fingers in my ears to wake up out this illusion I'm in but does me no good as i hear numerous tapping against the other side of the door approaching with caution i open it duck for cover as a flock of crows fly out at me waking up quick puking in the toilet then get myself washed up for dinner as i hear mom downstairs calling my name later that night me and mom sit at the table as i stare down at my plate mom drops her fork looking at me showing i'm guilty of doing something wrong Mom: i know you have my pills i could tell by the way you walk in here and the way eyes look not to mention i also found puke stains on your shoes when i went in to do your laundry so where are the pills?) i say nothing and mom asks me again i get up to go to my room but get grabbed by the arm mom stopping me from leaving her sight asking me again with a stronger tone and i pull away'' I'm 14 years old mom and like any other 14 year old i have my days so calling me drug addict or a pheen head will only make the way I been feeling lately worse with that said i go to my room locking my door fustrated i go in my dresser to get the last two pills and a dove flies to my window looking at the pure white bird i go into deep thought thinking back on everything that's happened to me in the last few months thinking back on the last words grandma told me (we are an army of one as a family) i go in the bathroom and dump the pills in the sink then look myself in the mirror with a head full of questions''what's wrong with me?



At my father's funeral dressed in a black strapless dress and matching heels mom sobs on my shoulder while clinging close to me as the priest speaks in prayer and good things of my father he gives blessings over the well polished black coffin in wich my father's body lays seeing it i've already got the sobs and hurt out my system the tears are gone and sobs are faded all i can do now is watch and remember.Aidess stands behind the crowd across from me while keeping me in his sight no one else notices him but me as if he was ghost to them and an angel to me then disappears behind my uncle Vladameir after the funeral i walk to the car with my mom but get stopped by Jueleous who asks for a minute of my time mom excuses us and goes to wait for me in the car Jueleous speaks apologizing for the passing of my father Jueleous:I can't say i know how you feel but i can say i too lost someone close to me and it hurt as much as it hurts you to lose your father) we hug with light touching then i walk to the car getting home i go upstairs while mom goes to the kitchen where she pops the cap off a bottle of rum and starts taking shots one after another in the bathroom i stare at the tub for a brief moment then get myself undressed from unbuckling my heels to pulling over my dress turning the cold water on i dip one foot in getting a slight chill to the spine then the other standing in the tub i slowly sit down shaking with shivers i lean back against the tub trying to relax then hold my breath and go under the surface crossing my hands with my eyes closed my heart beats steadily then with a pace then beats fast then faster faster faster faster and faster til i open my eyes and come up for air breathing heavily jumping back in surprise i see Aidess sitting on the toilet next to me with a look of sadness on my face catching my breath he brushes some of my hair away off my face speaking softly Aidess:it's not your time you can try to end it but you won't get far seeing that my father will spare you once again you can't question why he does the things he do for it is a sin to question him but it is also an unforgiveable sin to take your own life as well) asking him what to do he gets up walking out the bathroom telling me to pray.Early wednesday comes for me i arrive in school same as always nothing changes i walk down the hallway with Jueleous stopping me once again with a fresh smile on his face as if he was really that happy to see me Jueleous:Hey beautiful) he says so smoothly i blush and we hug with him givng me a simple kiss on the cheek then take my hand as we walk down the hall together.I see Ranice then close my eyes in prayer for her not to say anything to me I'm in a good mood today and don't need the headache praying that she don't turn her ugly side towards me and that this day shall be a good one for me so far the morning went well with Jueleous taking recognition towards me time slows down as i walk into Ranice's direction lockers and chatter cease at a pause around me not seeing it but feeling it feeling no wind no air no touch just silent and still time itself just stopped.After walking by her she says nothing only glancing and i open my eyes to relief seeing Latiya up ahead holding her books with a smile seeing I'm in a good mood we walk together to our classes in the chow hall me Latiya and Jueleous sit together at the table in the corner asking me how i am feeling i respond telling her i feel better than ever hugging me as we become close friends again things go good for me throughout the rest of the summer going to school everyday coming on time with a positive attitude mom didn't know what was going on but as long as she saw i was happy she was happy me and Jueleous went out every weekend me and Latiya hung everyday again like partners in crime studying together eating together and being pretty much girly girl as always.Finally when highschool starts i run into Latiya the first day i show up dressed with new school gear i comment on her new high heels and native dress thinking it was better than the sandals i wore with my island colored dress Gavenhill high was on the outskirts of town far from home but luckily they have a bus route going my way.Before going to our first class Ranice sees us with a smile awkward to me knowing how she's becoming nice all of a sudden Ranice:I hope there are no hard feelings between us) we shake hands with me brushing off our summer school rivalry then pulls me in for a hug wich was the first time i ever expect her to do leaving me and Latiya speechless then we split off and head to class at the sound of the bell walking in i see Jueleous sitting in the back row of the class where i join him sitting in the back of the first row while the teacher welcomes us to our first day of social studies our teacher a middle aged woman in her early 40's as it seems with dirty blonde hair and green eyes dressed in a bright yellow dress Mrs.Oritch:Hello class welcome to Gavenhill high seeing most of you here are i'll do my best to make this semester as easy as i can for you) me and Jueleous hold hands under the table whispering in eachother's ear with chuckles telling me how he feels being with me and i whisper telling him i feel faboulous being with you Mrs.Oritch sees us then asks Jueleous to sit at another desk seeing she don't allow highschool crushes in her classroom.When lunchtime comes around we all sit together me and Jueleous sitting side by side with Latiya sitting across from us as we talk together about our plans for the weekend Jueleous makes a joke about Latiya's purple lip golss and almost spits up her apple juice chuckling to it without taking it too hard just me being around them made me think we were untouchable as the closest friends i've ever made out here.I don't know what came over me this summer from all that's happened but as good of a mood I'm in i just feel great when i come home i call for mom silence then remember oh yea'' she got that job at the cable company the school did no good in full filling my hunger so i go in the kitchen seeing what there is to eat but no luck from looking in the refrigerator only milk eggs bread and some left over meat loaf ugh'' looking in the cabinets nothing there either just can goods of peas beens corn and tomatoe sauce dang nothing with that said the double doors to the back patio swing open with a strong breeze blowing through my hair the wind whispers calling my name with echoes filling the air in wich i follow walking across the open field of my backyard to the backwoods stepping on twigs and withered leaves and over the rock i tripped on once then going down a narrow path looking around the environment i approach the still fully green peach tree glimmering with the sunlight shinning donw on it as a heavenly light reaching out i pick a fruit taking caution before sinking my teeth into it's sweet juicy flavor



Bitting into the peach i chew it's meat it's flavor so sweet so full fulling as my hunger is conquered and my thirst is quenched taking another bite with a mouth full of chunks i stop for a moment to wait for the unthinkable but nothing happens lucky me and i take another bite the juice was good with the fruit itself just put my mind at ease and my body so relaxed Liberty! mom calling me i finish the peach on my way out the wilderness responding to her call i know in the beginning me and her were rough with eachother but as time went by we've gotten pretty close as mother and daughter less fights more bonding it's just that her drinking problem hasn't yet left her and that scares me sometimes to wake up at night and see her on the couch taking shots then pass out drunk i fear for her more than she thinks even when she smiles in my face i still worry for her i've tried talking to her about it but all she told me was i'll be fine just give me a minute really? a minute? are you serious? i couldn't let that stop me no matter how bad it gets i had to keep my head up all i can do is hope and pray as i have done earlier this morning.Friday comes around and Jueleous tells me about one of his friends having a house party asking if i would like to come at first i hesitate knowing i'm not a party girl then give him a bogus excuse he knew i was lying then gives me the puppy dog eyes i roll my eyes with laughter then tell him sure why not excited he kisses me on the cheek telling me he'll be at my house to pick me up around 8 then runs to his class.I tell Latiya about it in parenting class and even she gets second thoughts about it then knowing we do everything together she decides to tag along after school me and Latiya walk to the buses with Ranice rushing by us saying she'll see us at the party when i get home i start my homework then later on have dinner from there i take a shower and get dressed mom is called into a nightshift telling me there were leftovers in the fridge rushing out the door she was already late.I look out my window to see her drive off as i put on my eye shadow by 8 o clock comes around Jueleous pulls into the driveway honking his horn and i rush out the door getting in the car as we drive we're both excited as we drive listening to rock music driving a little too fast in speed not knowing we passed Aidess who stands on the side of the road with a dove in his hand.We stop at Latiya's house where we see her running out the door trying to get her shoes on waving at us Latiya:I had to persuade my mom that i'd be home early but only lord knows how much fun i'll have or how long i'll be out) amen to the that we said 20 minutes later when showing up the house is overly crowded with kids from school the air filled with marijuana smoke and booze being consumed everyone dancing ranting and screaming with over joy just looking at the audience inside made me think the house would fall through from hard partying Ranice shows up with James dancing in the middle of the living room waving at us Latiya goes off mingling while me and Jueleous get sodas and go upstairs where we talk on the balcony we've dated for 3 months and now i thought this would be the perfect time to have the Talk.Jueleous:Jewels i know we've been dating for a good minute and everyday i see you keep a smile on my face and seeing that my feelings grow for you more i think...)our moment of silence is broken as we look down at what appears to be Ranice being pulled around by James drunk he picks a fight with her while stumbling after her yelling back and forth about him and another girl he was dancing with losing her temper she slaps him across the face James not backing down slaps her to the ground having her bleed out the mouth Juelous runs downstairs to her aid holding James back from doing anymore harm but pushes Jueleous out his way saying racial slurs pushing him again Jueleous reacts with a punch to the face knocking him down to his knees with a nosebleed Jueleous:I don't care how black you are how bad you think you are you just know this and that's we're both in the same boat black and brown)we collect Latiya and head back home after resolving the confrontation with me not finishing what i had to say remaining silent throughout the short trip.The following monday comes and I'm leaning against my locker waiting for Jueleous to show up 1 minute 2 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes now 5 long minutes seems like forever i can't wait no longer and go on my way to class but get pulled into the bathroom by my hair then slammed into a stall door it's Ranice and her two girl crew Ranice:You need to learn to stay out of my business what was going on between me and James lastnight had nothing to do with you or Jueleous we have our struggles and our days just like anybody else but you know what don't worry I'll fix that in a hurry starting with your face.) bumping into my shoulder she walks steadily out the restroom giving me those looks again while i try to catch my breath.I arrive in class 2 minutes late but still no Jueleous i looked all around the classroom for him still no sign tapping my feet and flinging my pen 10 minutes into class and still no Jueleous this was so unlike him he never had an absent day out of school wich makes me worry a little bit until 20 minutes go by and he rushes in with a note sitting at his assigned seat not saying a word nor does he look my way like he doesn't know me anymore or notices me wich makes me worry even more i tried whispering to him but get no response and just give up and focus on my classwork when lunchtime came around he walked pass my table ignoring me once again not giving me any kind of explanation for his silence making me think i did something wrong or something happened that he won't tell me whatever it was i was getting worried after i go to my next class but gets stopped by Jueleous who stops me with a kiss on the lips telling me he loved me then walks out the building as if in a rush Latiya seeing me show a look of concern Latiya:Are you ok? where is Jueleous going school isn't over yet) all i could tell her was i don't know that was all i could say and think for that moment then it was just us walking together til i get pushed into a locker by Ranice who gets in my face picking at me for a fight pointing her fingers and breathing down my neck Latiya tries calming her down but gets pushed out the way Ranice aiming her fist in my direction in fear i shield myself away mumbling in prayer for god to save me protect me and help me bringing her fist down it gets caught from behind by Aidess who stands her and her crew Aidess:no friend nor foe shall lay a hand upon her do so i'll and i shall curse you in the name of my father) pulling away she jumps away in anger he approaches her looking deep her eyes with the voice of god speaking in her head giving her the same warning with a deep voice like thunder Ranice along with her friends walk off as if they've seen a ghost in their pressence.I unveil my eyes to see i'm alone surrounded only by classrooms lockers and silence.



When i get home i call Jueleous's cell from the house phone but get no answer it keeps ringing until i get his voicemail leaving a message hoping he gets it hoping he's ok 3hours later i still get no callback looking out the front door he doesn't show up calling him again i still get no answer just his voicemail and leave another everyday i called before and after school and still no answer telling Latiya about the situation but tells me to just move on then tries cheering me up with bogus excuses to make it easier on me but the feeling of not having him around really ate at me some nights it drove me crazy and other days i cried even crying myself to sleep i prayed to god to bring him back praying as much as i can and as hard as i could a week turns to weeks a month turns to months then give up knowing i won't see Jueleous again seeing there was no point in trying instead from here on out it was just me and Latiya.Wednesday afternoon after coming home school i see mom sitting at the kitchen table drinking bottled water happy to see me she sips her water explaining how her day was Mom:Today was fully complete for me i mean normally when i get up in the morning of course i poor a drink for goodluck never told you that but anyway i get up this morning and for some reason i don't feel the need to drink and as far as work wise i got promoted to Center manager but then it got more interesting when a when a young man came knocking on my door dressed in a suit and shoes speaking the good words of god now at first i thought ok maybe he wants me to join his church or something from the way he spoke verses from the good book he intrigued me for hours while you were at school we sat at the kitchen table talking about the ways of god then left two minutes later before you walked in the door) hearing that news was good to hear i haven't seen my mom this joyful in long time didn't think Aidess would appear before anyone i knew but me i guess i was wrong on that end later that evening as the sun was setting i just had dinner and now sitting in front of my window writting in my diary explaining my thoughts on today like i do every other day explaining my thoughts on Jueleous walking out my life and if what we had meant anything to him as it did to me and if the way i felt about him even mattered.The first time we kissed it took my breath away making me feel i could never be alone the way he spoke made my heart jump and now without him it feels like I'm falling endlessly into a blackhole where ever he may be all i can say is where ever he may be i hope to see him again.Four years later it was the day of my prom me and mom went out to pick a dress for me some guy named Samuel asked me out wich was thoughtful i didn't think anyone would i was timid but didn't say no he always had his eyes on me in math class passing notes and leaving flowers at my locker how sweet at least i have somebody's attention.Mom picks out a purple silk dress with one shoulder strap with a silver rose hair pn and matching black glittering heels i look at the dress from front and back knowing it's a beautiful look for me matched to my liking.I take it to the counter as mom pays for it with a credit card before i could reach down in my pocket to get the i've saved up for the last 8 months doing odd jobs here and there Mom:No need honey this is your day it's all on me don't worry about it) mom's been waiting on this moment forever now she's treating me like a royal barbie in a way i guess i could say i like it but can be annoying to a certain extent but then again it's motherly love so why complain? we've been more interactive with eachother more often then before now that she's been sober off the booze for the last 5 years that's makes me so happy for her and me knowing how close we are getting she only drinks water and tea and some soft drinks she dumped all the liquor in the sink then called it quits now that is a strong woman....a real strong woman .I walk over to the corner of the store to a rotating platform of shades trying on a few pairs i hear a couple of girls in the background behind me making rude comments about me and the way I look I put the shades back and walk out the store with mom running behind me with concern asking what's wrong I tell her it's nothing not fooled she sees the girls walk out rolling their eyes then gives me some enlightenment Mom:no matter what peaple say no matter how they see you just know your a beautiful lady and as long as i can see it and a good man can see it their words are as brittle as bones remember your mother told you this) just hearing those words brought back my joy and put a smile on my face and we head home early.Later that evening i stand in the bathroom putting on makeup starting with my light violet lip gloss then my eye shadow mom styled my hair in a bun with a curl in the front while checking my dress from front to back just when i thought i was all set and ready my cellphone rings checking it. I see it’s Sam and I answer asking if I’m ready looking in the mirror one more time I get my coat and wait outside less than 30 seconds later Sam shows up in his flashing red classic Chevy nova he steps out the car wearing a black tux with a purple tie and vest it surprised me how I didn’t know we were gonna be matching I guess I’ll count that as a bonus I mean does get straight A’s in all his classes except P.E wich he has a D in as of now how is that possible? Simple everyday in P.E instead of going to dress out he just types on his laptop study for another class or sneaks off to go get high with a few friends smoking pot regular high school nerd but with a little spunk to him.Mom rushes outside with her camera as Sam offers me a rose cassage looking in his eyes I can tell he’s nervous and a little sweaty but all above he’s a great guy we take a picture in front of his car with his arms around me wich was the first time since Jueleous I ever let a guy touch me like that.I still smiled to the camera without worry then we’re off to the dance when getting there we get our picture taken at the entrance then off to the dance floor where we see other students dancing with their partners slow dancing to the country love music Sam:Shall we dance?) offering his hand with a bow I chuckle and take it with s smile and together we dance like the very few others who can’t look their partners in the eyes me and Sam locked our focus on eachother as we not once looked away his footwork was sharp his hands were smooth and he smelled like a real gentleman.The party lights go out for a brief second while still holding our positions’’Gee looks like a fuse blew out well I knew that was coming sooner or later since the cords are half chewed in the girls locker from what you think? I ask him then get the reply in a different voice as the lights cut on and I jump back in shock to see it’s Aidess standing before me in the same black and purple suit looking around no one seems to be alarmed by his presence Aidess:Or it could be the works of the God Almighty) Offering his hand the music turns to Mozart as the background me changes with the walls painted white with gold trim stretching up in the ceiling in the form of a dome the floors in surprise is white marble and my dress is pure white with glass heals shocked and amazed Aidess:It’s ok Liberty no one here is alarmed you see what they can’t while they see what they choose I take his hand with caution and slowly we dance moving our bodies to the cleansing sounds of the instruments playing with smooth tune’’Where am I? I ask Aidess:In a wonderful place where all gold glistens)we dance with our bodies swinging and spinning with a close eye contacts people I see as I dance with Aidess smile with joy towards me and older woman blows a kiss to me when Aidess leans me back seeing her blow it to me upside down he pulls me up then throws me in a spin looking at the crowd as they enjoy our dance I see what looks like my grandma clapping for me in the distance I snap out of it but Aidess catches on:She had to come she didn’t wanna miss her grand daughter’s big day)he says as we dance his smooth cold hands feel clean and smooth as if he lotioned as soft as they were and as the music ended we ended the dance with his arms around me with my eyes closed for a moment I open them to see myself back in the gym with everyone applauding me with cheer I smile with a little fright then turn around with shock and a smile to see Sam holding me Sam:you were great) we hug eachother while waving out to others around us knowing we both had the best time of both our lives in just that one close night .After graduation I took up a job as a library working with the elderly woman Mrs.Halrose now don’t get me wrong sometimes she can be a nice old lady with charm and other times ugh’’ just plain bossy and sometimes rude but what can I say it’s start right? I just didn’t think it would be so much pressure wich is why I make sure I do things right around here and double check on things got yelled at already for just being late ugh’’ not cool 3months after working there I buy my first car an old two door coupe saves mom the gas from taking me where I need to go and while having that I stay working helping mom with the bills and maintance while we as two work as a family and keep a tight bond.



A day at work comes and I’m assembling some books In the proper order on the shelves that just got brought in this morning dressed in a buttoned up orange shirt with a matching dress and and sandals I got up this morning with a minor headache now it’s starting to come back again I take aspirin but that only helps for an hour or two and it’s only getting worse kindergarten and 3rd grade kids sit quietly reading a book or using the computer.I peak out every now and again to make sure they’re not misbehaving and that’s the best thing about my job is that I love kids I love them so much I’ll sometimes help them with their homework or fill in for a teacher that’s the fun part.Putting the last book on the shelf I hear a distant child talking in the background behind the isles in the toddler’s lounge looking behind I see little Kaylama a cute little African black girl with long pigtails to her back dark and brown skin wearing a white tee and jumper leaning back and forth in a rocking chair reading a book out loud to herself thinking how cute it is to see how smart our young children are getting everyday when they come here knowing one day they could be the somebody who makes a real change in this world.I look forward and see Latiya waving at me at the entrance Latiya joined the Military after highschool to save money for college her mom objected to it but joined anyway she departs in a few days so I thought now would be a good time to catch up on things while I still can.Take a break from work for us to go have ice cream while doing so Latiya tells me about her new life and how it’s turned around Latiya:So after mom busted me for having a guy in my bed on graduation night I joined the marines to make up for my mistake so I can come home and give mom the life she’s been wanting her whole life so I thought I’d take this as an opportunity and make it happen even if it means war) war? Latiya once upon was a wise woman of peace why war now all of a sudden? I don’t get it I hope war is not her front line position Latiya has been friend since I was 14 I’m 23 now and she’s just as young as I am and to lose your life to make one is not the way me my family or hers would ever take now she’s all G.I. Jane about this with no sweat.20minutes later we hug and say our goodbyes while she gets in a taxi to visit her family while I wave to her with a tear in my eye worried about what could happen to her but only can wish her the best knowing still within the bravery she is still that wise woman I call Latiya while driving down the road she yells out the window’’Stay strong!.I nod with a wave then go back inside.Home from work I see mom sweeping the front porch as I pull in next to the driveway hugging me with a warm welcome we go inside sitting at the dinning table drinking hot tea mom explains her day while I listen taking slow sips having woman to lady talk as we call it Mom:I know your getting some years on your hand just like I’m getting some off so I thought now would be a good time to step you up a notch she takes off the necklace I use to ask her about as a kids it’s a small gold chain with a cross and angel wings behind it putting it around my neck she kisses me with a happy early birthday I thank her for it as I look down at the charm with a smile then knock! Knock ! someone’s at the door I get up and answer it peeking my head out not shocked I see it’s James drunk and staggering James:Sorry to bother but can a brother use your bathroom I tell him no then he tries pushing me aside but I push back looking over my shoulder I see mom trying to see who’s at the door and quickly shut it with just me and James outside who studders trying to talk with booze breath James:You know that’s the problem with you females today you always talk about a man being a dog then when you get one you don’t know how to keep them and you wonder why they always leave ya’ll for someone else mmm)he hovers over me and I push him hard then before making him stumble a little he laughs it then slaps me across the face making me fall to the ground I crawl backwards as walks to the doorway but stops in his track to see a shotgun barrel pointed in his face Mom:If you wanna keep your head intact I suggest you get it moving) with his hands up he walks backwards to his car mom not satisfied shoots a hole in his windshield telling him to move faster he hurries in his car and quickly drives off mom helps me to my feet then checks to see if I’m ok nothing major but a nosebleed I go in the bathroom to clean up while mom puts the gun back in the storage closet then feeling her heart race she falls to the ground hearing the thud I run downstairs to see mom in pain quickly calling 911 I follow the ambulance to the hospital moments later while sitting in the waiting room as I wait I look at the charm of my necklace hoping and praying all goes well and that she makes it through this the nurse calls my name then explains her condition Nurse:Your mom’s heart seems to be a little weak as far as the results wise we’ll keep her here and do a few tests and see what comes and if anything happens we’ll let you know.Going home I stop at Sam’s house latenight I knock on the door to his apartment… answer I knock a second time……no answer turning to leave the locks on the door unlock and Sam opens it wearing only pajama pants and a t-shirt Sam:Liberty? Geez it’s 1 o clock in the morning what are you doing out here?) I ask if we could talk and he invites me in we sit on the couch where I gather my thoughts feeling emotional I take my time to explain my mother being sick telling I’m I don’t wanna be alone and he holds me close as I lay on his chest falling into a deep I fall into a deep dream.



After work I go to the hospital to check on mom,seeing her in the bed with a needle in her arm she smiles happy to see me while Sam reads a book in the waiting room Mom:I seen that man I told you about he came and brought me flowers praying that all goes well when I’m released)looking over her bed I see a dozen roses in a flower pot with balloons then hold her hand hoping she’s ok while doing so a flash from my dream she takes her hand back asking what did I dream about lastnight with a blank expression on her face I take her slowly and explain Liberty:Lastnight I had a dream of seeing you on a cliff dressed in a white gown standing over the open sea wich was oh so blue with a clear sky I approach as your calling my name even with open arms but you float off the cliff and rose to the sky with the sun rays bringing you up as they are formed in the shape of angel wings you disappeared in the sky and never came back)tears run down my face as I hug mom she herself wipes them away hugging me tight saying she’ll be ok Mom:The man told me that’s what you saw and if me going to the sky is my ticket then let it be that way) Liberty:But mom I don’t want you to leave me here alone what am I suppose to do? Who am I to turn to? I can’t take it) all she tells me to do is pray I haven’t cried this much in years and to know my mother is gonna die is more pressure then ever.Two weeks later mom gets out the hospital walking with a cane me and Sam help her to the door then surprise her with a party consisting of family and friends my uncle kisses her on the cheek then dances to the slow jazz music while mom takes seat as everyone has a good time clapping dancing and cheering for joy giving her hugs and kisses later on me and Sam stand outside on the back patio drinking punch Sam:I’m glad to see you do this for your mom she looks just as happy as you are before me)having Sam there made me think of how good of a couple we are his conversations never get boring his personality is just amazing and the way he talks proper grammer is always a bonuse not saying you gotta talk proper but you gotta have common sense though is all I ask and he makes me feel so comfortable with myself just for listening to me and being at my most need after the party I swept the floor then did the dishes and took out the trash while mom heads to bed I go to my room where I write in my diary about how my day was and my thoughts on the dream I had the other night and how it made me feel afterwards I go to the back and so soak up some fresh air doing so a firefly passes by me making me think of that night me and Aidess sat out here and talked getting to know eachother or should I say me getting to know him.The wind blows swiftly as I close my eyes holding myself putting my mind at ease feeling the wind against my skin.I feel the soft touch of a hand against my face and an arm around my body feeling safe feeling calm feeling wonderful only wishing someone was really there with me and to feel what I feel deep within my soul.A class of 2nd grade s summer school students come into the library the next early morning for class I take the position as a substitute teacher as they take their seats the sat quietly as I taught the lesson most of this stuff they already knew they just had to get a rerun to make sure they knew it all off the bat when asking questions the rude 6 yr old Michael lowmakss he answers one of the questions about the lesson with sarcasim he’s the only kids I have a problem with he known for bullying and fighting other students and so I sit him at a table by himself whenever he comes in.Sam was watching me teach as he sat at a table across the room while reading a car magazine after an hour of teaching he approaches me at my desk where I read my bible to keep my faith in check Sam:I know I shouldn’t bother you during work hours but I was just wondering if you would like to go out for dinner tonight I know just the place just set the time) I get nervous with him asking me out by blushing knowing I haven’t been on a date since I was 14 dating Jueleous I wouldn’t mind having that feeling back so I accept his invite with a sticky note saying: have me home by 12) Sam then walks out with a smile saying he’ll be by to pick me up around 8 the kids hearing our chat yell oooooooo chuckle a few then tell them to get back to work.On my lunchbreak I sat on a park bench reading my bible while sipping hot tea as others around me fed bread to the ducks in the lake relaxing for a minute one the students from the library catch up with me Kaylama:Hey Ms.Maxxx) what a surprise to see her here I thought all the kids were gone by now oh well anyway so me and Kaylama sat down talking about school and what she’s doing for the weekend Kaylama was a quiet child sitting in the same rocking chair but always reading a different book she rarely speaks or raises her hand to learn about the lessons she just sits there clearly focused on it she only spoke when something was really on her mind or bothering her as we sat and talked I gave her half my tuna sandwich and feed the bread crust to the ducks talking about how she’s going to her cousin’s birthday party on Saturday and how excited she is while I tell her about my plans on helping my mom around the house and making sure she’s ok.After work I come home seeing mom in the kitchen slicing tomatoes wearing a tropical blue and green hawiian dress barefoot on the wooden floor asking if I’m hungry for a chicken salad I kiss her on the cheek then going upstairs to wash up.Later that evening mom sees me snapping on my earrings rushing downstairs to the door smiling with nervousness she’s happy to see me get out and mingle Mom:Don’t keep me her out too late I’m gonna need her) she says yelling out at Sam in the car waving as we drove off while she headed back inside allowing me as a woman just this once have some time to enjoy myself.



On my date Sam and I eat at a soulfood bistro where he orders fried porkchops and yellow rice while I had a baked potatoe with coleslaw and and black beans he enjoys a beer while we talk about the lesson I taught in school today to the students with me giving him lesson on history for that brief moment then laughs in the end to see I’m quite the woman with a sense of humor and cracking a joke back at me Sam:All I can say is my job is hands on and if you don’t mind getting dirty I’ll make sure I put in an application for you).I giggle at the offer telling him no thanks while he looks deep into seeing that I’m a shy person then cracks another joke for me to lighten up wich it worked with me coming back with one of my own making laugh back in his chair getting himself back together for that brief moment and we continue our meal.After the restraunt we went for a walk in the park talking about our days in school and how we first met Sam:remember in science class with Mrs.Reegis because I corrected her on the facts of a gravitational pull and it’s elements she was totally wrong on all her answers just goes to show you can’t fool everybody what was she thinking?) we laugh getting closer as we walked the two of them debated on that subject to where Mrs.Reegis kicked him out the classroom while I just watched them go back and forth not knowing what was going through both their minds as we talk we approach a water fountain he stands infront of me holding my hand Sam:I enjoyed my night with you your beautiful your smart funny as hell and pretty well balanced I love that) he goes in for a kiss pressing his lips against mine feeling soft and warm with a minty flavor on the end shocked.I take a breath not knowing what to think then look in his hands with a thought in my mind saying this can’t be true as his looks and personality are beyond my eyes then takes my hand and walk to the car.We pull in the driveway moments later I see mom’s bedroom light on so I’m assuming she’s been waiting for me inside so I don’t waste time and give Sam a soothing kiss goodnight with a peck on the end then get out the and head for the door Mom:I see someone must have been cooped up in the house to long to be gone for 3 hours I wonder what’s up with that) Mom says sticking her head out her bedroom window I blush a little telling her to go inside as I do the same.I get a text from Sam when I get to my room reading:Sweet Dreams.At work me and Kaylama sit at a small table having bible study her being the teacher she corrects me on the story of Abraham and the three men Kaylama:Actually Abraham ran to the three men offering them water to wash their feet and shade under a tree as they came giving him news of the city God was gonna destroy) wow how astonished to see how her brain works so proud of her even though I’m not her teacher it’s good to know this little girl knows the good book better than any kid her age even better than me but it’s good to get heads up on something you miss she showed me some the palsm pages saying I could read them to keep God in mind or read them when having a bad day then thank her for the suggestion.after studying for the last hour we get up and down the street to the donut shop ordering two glazed donuts and two chocolate milks then sit outside at a small round table just curious I ask Kaylama why she don’t interact with the rest of the class Kaylama:My mom always said it’s better to be silent and speak only when spoken to or if something is really on your mind) Liberty:Well what goes through your mind when your in class?) Kaylama:Nothing really just it just depends on what mood I’m in right now I’m in a happy mood) I giggle at the cute country accent she has it’s so adorable our time together was cut short when her mom pulls up to the curb in front of the donut shop in a frenzy as if she’s in a hurry watching as she jumps out the car Kaylama’s Mom:There your are I thought you two were at the library next you decide you wanna take off let me know ahead of time without me wondering what’s wrong with you teachers these days).The pair drive off before I could get a chance to explain myself then walk back Mrs.Halrose sees me coming in the door wanting an explanation as to where me and Kaylama had gone off to telling her without a long story to it she lets me off with a warning to never run off with the kids without consent of her or the parents then lets go on my way and I’m back to work.Later that late afternoon on my way to the car I see a man trying to sell an acoustic guitar it was it was in an open case in meant fresh condition wich means it was stolen but no worries I thought I’d take it off his hands and bought for $100 then went home to try it out.In my room I sit on the end of my bed plucking the strings on it while reading an old how to play a guitar book I kept on the shelf next to my computer desk with other how to’s and instruction manuals.As I’m taking my time to learn at a steady pace I hear the soft tune of an acoustic guitar outside my window opening it the music outside sounded mellow like someone is playing it to get my undivided attention sounding romantic and gentle with ease having me doze off to the tone of the strings along with a soft breeze of the wind then slowly it fades away as I was merely lost within it then it was gone and nomore did I hear it again the echoe it made sounded like it was coming from the woods if I’m not mistakenwich told me Aidess was still out there watching me how sweet of a guy he is.Everyday after work I practiced on my guitar or when I had time on the weekends it was me and Sam in the morning of every morning it was me and mom get up make breakfast and talk making sure she always has what she needs but only asks for my time every moment I spend with her is every minute that’s worth it sometimes even seeing flashes of my dream as I see her silently asleep most days I have to help her in the kitchen when reaching for something or bending her back wich scares me because I’m afraid of her falling from helping her in the garden to going to the store to pick up what she needs for the house or herself this is my everyday life that while still seeing Sam on a regular basis.



A day off work and I decide to take a stroll down to the open wide field sitting under the same tree I once slept under soaking in the shade with the sun shinning behind me.As I write in my diary explaining my week I each a peach from the still living peach tree with the juices tasting more sweeter then before over the passing by time as I walked to the backwoods this morning looking for the source of the music the other day but sad to say no luck so I picked a peach then went on my way then thought back on the tree it still had it’s fresh green leaves fresh bloomed peahes and the sun’s light above the treetop as if it’s heaven itself keeping it alive everytime one is picked another one grows in it’s place how remarkable never falling to the ground and never spoiling just walking along the trail you can smell the sweet scent of their freshness and be amazed at the color of their ripeness all that I’m saying to you is what I write as well in my diary.While eating the small chunks from the seed I close my diary and walk to the center of the field when finished where I get on my knees in prayer I haven’t soken to god in a while so thought today and now would be a good time first thanking him for my life and my mom’s health as well as my own thanking for those that are close to me and love me as well as thanking him for another I live to see doing so a rose blossoms from the ground with bright red pedals picking the rose I get to my feet then look in the sky for a brief moment thanking him for the rose then get up and walk home getting in my car then driving to the flea market in town where I go look around at jewelry store looking at section of rings one of them catching my eye but was too expensive it was white gold with a blue diamond in the center surrounded by white ones looking at the ring on my right hand.I think about the day I’d ever get married thinking it would be beautiful Man:Excuse me Liberty sorry to bother you like this but do you mind if we talk?) it was Latiya’s uncle Robert standing tall in his middle age with long black hair in a giant braid wearing a plague shirt and jeans with cowboy boots.We sit outside at a small round table pulling a letter out of his shirt pocket written by Latiya as I can recognize the hand writing in cursive saying she’s alive and well telling everyone to stay strong and if you see Liberty tell her when I get back we’re gonna ride on horseback together to the open valleys.It’s a relief to know she’s ok I been wondering how things were across the seas hoping she wasn’t getting into too much action.I give back the letter but lets me keep it and speaks on another subject Robert:Despite our family objected to her going into war we come to respect her adult decision and give her our support I’ve also noticed the angel that’s been watching you for some time as well he’s been following you a lot lately even though you might’ve missed him a few times I see him on your tail every now and again just last week I seen him in a suit sitting at the bus stop watching as you were eating donuts with that little girl as I drove by then again walking down the road from the direction of your house quiet calm and very neat and clean as the great grandson of a former chief and a descendant of my people if you never believed in angels now would be a goodtime) he gets up leaving me stunned by his words not knowing what to say I get up and head back into the store picking out a gift to bring home to mom.I pull into the driveway seeing mom refill her birdfeeder for the robins that and cardinals that come by to snack on it wich she enjoys watching as I approach her with a bag in my hand curious she digs inside thanking me with a smile seeing it’s a yellow dress with butterflies around the bottom then hugs me with a kiss then goes inside with me following behind.Mom looks in the mirror on the closet door holding the dress to her seeing how it looks smiling with full satisfaction seeing as her happiness shine Mom:It’s lovely dear I love it)later that evening before going to bed I read Latiya’s letter onemore time then lay it on my nightstand then cut off the lamp leaving me only with the moonlight piercing through my window as a main source.Looking up at the ceiling I close my eyes slowly drifting off to sleep then hearing Latiya’s voice I start dreaming seeing us as highschool as younger kids in highschool laughing and clowning around like we use to.Dreaming back to me and her first meeting in the bathroom then seeing me and her sitting at the back table of the cafeteria seeing us sit in the gym as she gave me advice on boys like she was the wife of Dr.Phil then the dreams of good times turn to a nightmare as a flash of light takes me to a new place where I see myself standing in a dry dessert in the middle of nowhere just a little breeze and the sun beaming down on me and silence everywhere and no one to be seen.I hear Latiya’s voice call my name sounding as if she’s in danger I turn around to see someone running towards me in the distance at first I can’t make out who it is because of the rays of the sun wich caused a blur adjusting my eyes the person in front of me starts to get clearer in vision it was Latiya she’s running in military gear and uniform she calls my name in head in a whisper and I run towards her as she is to me getting closer closer closer closer and closer til KABLAAAM!!!! A gunshot is heard then another and some more I could tell they were coming from behind her as she falls to the ground crawling with her hand reaching out to me then another gunshot fires off and it ends her life in wich I wake up quick in a cold sweat.



Two days later on a rainy day I’m at Latiya’s funeral surrounded by her family her uncle Robert chants out loud in an Indian language as others bow their heads in prayer and some others sob in tears she was shot down trying to escape an ambush they tried to save her….but it was too late Sam holds me as let the tears rundown my face that I could never hold back crying miserably to see my best friend in a coffin being put in the dirt she was so young and so smart why? Why so? How could this happen to her out of all people? Aidess unseen by others stands next to Robert with his hands crossed in front of him with his head up at the sky as the rain wets his face and hair as he prays deeply with his eyes closed.I throw the red rose I got from the field on the coffin then walk to the car with Sam behind me.When I get home I go inside ignoring Sam before he could apologize for my loss instead drives off hoping I would get better.In the bathroom I stand looking in the mirror wet and sobbing with my tears black from my eye shadow mom knocking on the door asking if I’m ok by hearing the sniffling on the other side of the door then walks off Mom:I’m here when you need me honey remember that)looking at a pocket photo we took on the ranch I cry to the point of puking in the toilet then take a second to catch my breath feeling sick and dizzy trying to keep calm against the bathroom door moms knocks on the door a second time an hour later to see if’I’m ok but gets no reply, knocking again still no reply concerned she pushes open the door with all her might finding me unconscious on the floor and calls 9-1-1 and I’m rushed to the hospital next morning I wake up with a tube in my nose dressed in a hospital gown mom sitting in a chair next to me kisses my forehead happy to see I’m ok Mom:You gave me quite the scare yesterday thought I was gonna have to prepare another funeral but the doctor thank god said you were just underalot of pressure and on top of that….your pregnant) I blink twice hearing those words pulling the covers back I then rub on my stomach in shock and happiness but fear also then it all comes back to me on that night I went to Sam’s house when mom was in the hospital and didn’t wanna be alone I can’t believe this….i’m gonna be someone’s mother.Mom:don’t worry I told Sam and he’s on his way I didn’t expect you to lose your v-card so soon with a child on the way as a mother and being my daughter I’m here to support you all the way…regardless) Sam shows up later that evening with a dozen roses I wake up not long seeing mom asleep on the couch and Sam rubbing my stomach smiling knowing he’s gonna be a father telling me the words I’ve never heard a man say Sam:I love you) holding my hand I look down at my finger to see I’m wearing the ring with the blue diamond in it shocked but happy knowing what he’s asking Sam:so is that a yes?) I nod in reply and we kiss 6months later Sam and I get married having the ceremony in the backyard of the house dressed in a white dress wearing a tiara Sam wears a black tux with a red tie and short haircut looking as handsome as ever and cute of course.As we are being wedded I look over Sam’s shoulder to see Aidess in the back row of the crowd watching from the backwoods then disappear behind a tree ignoring that I pay attention to the one soon to be my husband holding hands he exchanges his vows for mine with me trying not to cry I hold it in with deep excitement as mom sits upfront being comforted by Aunt daisy who lets her lean on her shoulder as she wipes away tears from her eyes in happiness then wipe eachother’s after saying our I do’s we kiss deeply with the crowd cheering with claps laughs and whistles Sam kisses me again saying he loves me.After our son Axell was born 3 months later I played the role of a stay at home mom while Sam worked a new job in construction always coming home to a shower a meal and love while we both played a role as parents raising our son in a happy home making sure he’s well taken care of as he grows healthy and well after turning 2 mama were the first words he spoke always making home movies me and Sam took turn teaching Axell how to walk and use the potty and learned pretty fast in time when he was 3 he was on his feet and running growing with hazel green eyes and brunette hair unlike his father but more like me the only thing was he acted odd when left alone somedays I’d look out my window to see him walking out to the woods and I’d have to go get him or he’ll sit on the porch looking up the sky as if he sees something else besides the planes and the birds.At first it didn’t bother me Sam says it’s a kid thing something some kids do when they get a certain age and I shouldn’t worry from age 6 to now the age of 17 of the present time he’s talks to himself but doing it quietly for no one to hear my worries get worse so I decide me and him should spend some time together so one weekend on a Saturday afternoon we have a pinic in the backyard where we sit on blanket eating peaches from the everlasting peachtree and to this day bitting into one of those blessed fruits still thrills my tongue even now at the age of 29 the forever fresh flavors still made my day Axell:Wow mom these are really good) I’m glad to hear it he’s not the only one enjoying them I know that much.We enjoy the fresh air as he tells me about school and his grades telling me he’s got plans to join the army when he graduates hearing that almost makes me choke on the piece of fruit in my mouth as I get a quick flashback of Latiya in the dessert I ask him why the military telling he could use the money to help me and his dad wich I thought was sweet but still concerned.i brush it off with a smile seeing that all he wants to do is lend a hand then kiss him on the cheek and we continue eating our peaches’’As your mother I am fully supportive of your decision,now that we got that out the way.Iask him a deeper question hoping to get an answer’’who is it that you talk to when your alone sweetie,he looks down at the ground as if he’d done something wrong but tell him it’s ok and that he shouldn’t be afraid to tell me anything.He hesitates for minute Axell:it’s nothing mom just having one of those moments) moments? I ask him if he’s sure it’s nothing then nods yes then drop the issue and continue our bond.An hour later we go inside to wash up and get ready for dinner heading upstairs to the bathroom I walk by mom’s room then step to see Aidess hold her hand as she appeared silently asleep approaching close I could clearly see that my mother was long gone I look down fidgeting my hands not knowing what to do except let the tears fall down my face Aidess takes my hand and hers praying silently.



A month after the funeral I went visit both my mom and dad’s graves both buried side by side placing a rose on their tombstones then praying silently while sam Axell stood behind me patiently waiting,touching the stones I get flashes of me and my dad fishing at the dock then another of me as a kid with my parents watching the fireworks on the fourth of july remembering the good times we had.I get my thoughts together then head home.An early Monday afternoon I get up doing my daily routines while Sam is at work and Axell at school.I sweep the floor dust the blinds do the dishes care for the garden wipe down the windows and clean the bathrooms and the bedrooms then check the mail but get nothing much but bills and coupons.Walking to the dining room I get a knock on the door opening it I couldn’t believe before my eyes after all these years he came back Jueleous:Hello Liberty I hope I’m not interrupting anything) my feelings come back seeing Jueleous stand at my doorstep tall with short hair clean shaven and dressed in suit holding a bible me standing at the door he leans in kissing me on the lips making me turn away thinking about Sam and Axell knowing it would hurt Sam dearly if he found out about this then step outside with him while he steps down on the porch Liberty:Jueleous I understand how you may feel about me but those days are long gone not saying I don’t have feelings I just have feelings for you as a friend and besides you left me while Sam was there in my struggles I’m sorry but I’m married now and I love Sam and won’t deceive him for you or anybody else)looking down with a sad expression he brushes it off with a smile Jueleous:Your right I wouldn’t want you to do that your too smart and beautiful to do something so fowl what was I thinking? Well I only wish you the best of luck if you ever need me I’ll be around)giving me a card with his number on it he walks off strolling down the lonely road leading into town.I go inside to catch my breath then finish cleaning repeating to myself over and over he’s just a friend he’s just a friend.Later that evening as a family me Sam and Axell sit at the table having dinner like every other nigh Sam telling me about his day and Axell telling me about school so far both brought home good news.sam got promoted as an executive and Axell is on his way to early graduation with a full line A’s on his report card wich makes me as a mother so proud of him and myself after a nice meal of steak yellow rice and peach cobbler sam leans back patting his stomach showing a sign of being full telling the cobbler was better than his mom’s fresh baked apple pie wich I too love Axell seems to be loving it from the way he’s humming yum yum I should probably make peach cobbler more often as though it seems eating it myself soothes my taste buds one piece after another we laugh and enjoy ourselves and our evening as a family.The following night after dinner Axell is sent to bed while stands by the window wearing a taktop and gym shorts as I come out the shower the bathroom in a light blue night gown he seemed to be bothered by something so I ask what’s on his mind Sam:I saw Jueleous today actually I seen him preaching at the library you use to work at….do you still love him?)scared I tell him no even though he knen we use to be together he knew I had strong feelings for him then when I was a kid but it was just lust something most kids go through in their early ages showing doubt he sleeps on his side of the bed with his back turned to me.



For a whole month day ina d day out sam doesn’t touch me instead gives me a kiss on the cheek and goes on with his days taking his lunch with him still saying he loves me but won’t look me in eye when saying it I clean the house as always with no issue but the vibe I get from him makes it’s difficult to from any other day making it seem almost pointless as if doing it won’t change how he’s feeling inside except the condition of the house some nights I tried showing affection with a piece of cake while wearing the perfume he likes to smell on me but does no good as he continues to roll over on me once again turning me down going to sleep.I get fed up and wake him out his snooze Liberty:Honey I understand that you may think me and Jueleous might have feelings but I want you to understand that you’re my hubby and I don’t want the past interfering with what we have and if you can’t see that….) Sam:Do you love him?) I look him in the eye then lean in for a kiss but it didn’t feel like it was saying I believe you it felt more like a goodnight and he rolls over once again turning his back to me and I do the same almost on the vurge of giving up Sam won’t touch or look my way.I go to the backdoor still in my night gown walking to the backwoods following the narrow path leading to the peachtree when approaching it I look up at the full moon that gazes above it with it’s light getting close I feel a soothing warmth on top of my feet as I stood in front of the tree then got on my knees talking to it asking for hope in my marriage asking god if he can let Sam see that it is him I truly love and only him no one else could ever come between that no matter what we go through I pray hard and deep then lay under the tree feeling the warmth of the earth on my body not feeling any bugs or rodents just blessed clean ground feeling safe secure and relieved with the wind blowing softly.I again feel soft gentle hands brush against my face my eyes drift in and out of sleep feeling another brush up against my legs then more at a time caressing my body having me squirm and turn in different angles as I felt the pleasure of the gentle touches it was so enjoyable all the way down to one pair of hands.Aidess sleeps next to me under the tree holding me in his arms as I dreamed and felt his touch.Waking up I see the sun starting to rise as the warm light opens my eyes rolling over on my back I still see the stars and moon visible in part of the sky then get to my feet walking back to the house shivering as my toes feel cold wet grass from early morning dew I make it in just in time to see Sam just waking up rubbing his eyes seeing me at the doorway he feels bad and apologizes for his behavior or should I say acting like a jerk I tell him it’s ok and give him a kiss then wash up and cook breakfast walking mom’s room I see an illusional image of me as a child and mom in her younger playing patty cake.i glance at the scene for a moment then continue down the hallway..I sip a cup of tea while writing in my diary at a local diner explaining the experience I had lastnight still remembering my body swimming in ecstasy the feeling of being caressed soothed excited and relaxed a feeling Sam once gave me and hope I can get it again tonight except with Sam hopefully when he gets off tonight.I look forward a few tables few down to see a father and daughter sitting side by side talking and eating burgers with chuckles thinking how adorable I could only wish my dad and I could’ve enjoyed that day of fishing a little longer I might’ve caught something that night when I pray sometimes I think about my dad and how he told me he loved me and how he wanted us to be closer as a family some nights some nights I still hear him repeating that in my head before going to sleep those indeed were the days for us and that day was the last.when I get home I check the mailbox getting a few bills as always and some coupons of course then get a letter from the military running in the house quickly I open it reading that private Axell Maxxx is scheduled for duty in 3 months and must arrive for immediate training in a week reading it I sit on the edge of my bed looking out my window waiting for Axell to walk in the door then a few hours later Axell:Mom I’m home)he comes in that afternoon seeing me sit in a chair in a corner of my room sad blank and depressed he calls out to me but I say nothing for I was speechless without words Axell sees me the letter in my lap then reads it aloud then looks to me seeing I’m not happy as he is excited but understands my depression Axell:I know you don’t want me to go mom but look when I come home I’m gonna make you and dad happier than ever we’re gonna be fine,I’m gonna be fine) I get out the chair and walk to my window not standing for it I tell him he’s not going until he finishes school he says he has to but I say no once again and asks why.



Liberty:Because you’re my son your still in school and your not 18 wich means your not old enough to make your own decisions yet so no your not going)rolling his eyes he goes to his room when Sam I sit with him talking about Axell’s departure at dinner while Axell hides in his room with his plate getting cold I eat with frustration while talking to Sam stabbing my food with the fork then jamming it in my mouth one piece at a time Sam:I agree he’s too young and too smart to go to war it’s not worth it so why go? We both agree on that so you did the right thing)Axell stumps his way downstairs joining us at dinner looking down at his plate picking at it with neither me or Sam saying a word as he eats one pea at a time next to his mashed potatoes chewing slowly and swallowing gently Axell:Fine I won’t go to the army) still no reply we finish our plates and make our way to bed.Friday comes and I sit on the back patio in the early morning playing my guitar haven’t had the time to play it in these last few months so I thought today would be a good day to do so humming a tune as I play some soft country music with my body moving with the flow.Music plays in the backwoods again then I stop playing hearing the soothing sounds the echoeing tune playing softly in the distance almost as soothing as jazz.I get up to follow it the sound then hear it another direction I look that way heading that way then hear another except it sounds like a violin all together more sounds of guitars playing soft music was all around me playing at one pace sounding gentle and pleasurable the wind blows lightly as I start spinning in a circle with my hands up reaching for the sky I feel Aidess’s presence and many others as well as I dance with joy and a smile and a few chuckles saying aloud’’I want more, and the music gets louder with more violins added to it raising my hands out higher a flock of doves fly out the treetops from all angles by the numbers by the 100’s possibly thousands.The music stops and I stop dancing as I watch the birds disappear into the clouds and towards the sun leaving a storm of feathers staining the backyard as if it snowed taking a deep breath of fresh air.I walk to the house and start my daily cleaning as the sky snowed feathers Axell walks home from school talking to his himself as I sit on the front porch later that afternoon eating a cookie Axell:Hi mom) kissing me on the the cheek before going inside to do his homework I follow behind seeing his room clean and spotless with his coin collection next to his window in a glass frame and his shoes sorted behind the door by color and name seeing me he digs in his schoolbag showing me an A+ on his mathwork putting a smile on my face showing how proud I am this called for a celebration Axell:Me and my friend Trey from school already decided to ask our parents about going to the arcade and hit the laser tag next to the bowling alley) At first I look at him with a look that says I didn’t know you had friends or a friend.I shak it off and give him my permission to go out as long he’s not out too late while he’s out me and Sam take this time to make a latenight dinner for two pouring two glasses of red wine dressing up in along silver dress and white heels withmy hair down ending with a wave on the end seeing me as sson as he walks in Sam smiles impressed with what he sees wondering if theres a special occasion but tell him no.I just want this night to be ours and everlasting he sits on the couch and I sit on his lap sipping a glass of wine while he flattersme with how I look Sam:You are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen from your head to the ten toes on your feet) I kiss him softly on the lips having him taste the strawberry lip gloss running his hand up my dress feeling my soft lotioned skin of my legs all the way up to the thigh and carries me upstairs to the bedroom where make love with passion as he looks into my eyes feeling the warmth of eachother’s body.under the and on the mattress we hold as our grip get tighter as Sam goes deeper closing my eyes licking my lips feeling Sam kiss all over my neck and going down my chest and near my heart as it alone beats steady with a pace feeling him deep hard and more pleasuring then before and I loved evry moment of it knowing I was with Sam.



The next morning the sun shines clear with the songs of birds chirping it’s rays opening my eyes to a new day Sam must have gone to work earlier than normal as I see myself naked in the bed alone from lastnight covered in the thin bed sheets Sam leaves a rose next to my pillow guessing it was a thought I smeel it scenting it’s freshness how lovely for him to make a goodmorning even better.Axell’’ I almost forgot about him going out lastnight with his classmate knowing I’m use to seeing him everyday and quickly put on my housecoat walking down the hall to his room.Well it looks like he came but didn’t feel the same his room was spotless as always and his coin and his coin was still intact along with his shoes still in the same spot but what drew my suspicion was how neat his bed was made was wich was something he was not good at since I know I had to do that every morning and looking at the clock it’s the weekend so I know theres no school or afterschool programs operating so the question is where is he? Looking in his closet I see half his clothes gone.i had a clue as to where I’m just hoping he didn’t.I turn to leave out the room and see a letter taped on the back of the door written by Axell reading:Dear mom when you get this letter I hope you understand that I’m doing this myself as a man going to the army may not be to your liking but it’s the only way I know to be a man yours truly…Axell)I fall against the wall holding the letter tight in my hand lost and speechless thinking of my son….my only son might not come back home or never at all.I say nothing feel nothing or do nothing just sitting on the front porch holding one of his t-shirts in my hand hurt and heartbroken.I sat at the table that night looking at my plate while Sam tries to enlighten me as he eats with concern, “I understand that you’re upset, but from a man’s point of view he has to grew up they might send him to war I mean come on let’s just wait and see before we get carried away with this.” “Are you serious? He’s your son, my son, our son, and you expect me to just blow it off as easy as 1, 2, 3?” I got up and left the table going to Axell’s room where I lie in his bed holding a stuffed teddy bear I gave him on his third birthday. Looking out of the window at the stars when I notice Sam’s presence standing in the doorway peeking in on me; he goes into the other room to go to sleep holding a grudge against me for the way I was acting at the dinner table. I see a shooting star fly across the sky as I begin to fall into a fitful sleep followed by a dream of Axell. I wake up quickly when I hear him call my name. I look at the clock to see that it’s midnight and realized that I’d fallen asleep in Axell’s bed. I get out of the bed and walk down the hall peeping in on Sam. He’s sound asleep lying on his left side snoring, with drool leaking on to his pillow. I shake my head and continue on my way to the bathroom. I look in the medicine cabinet and find nothing, I look under the sink and again I find nothing. I turn towards the tub and get flashbacks as a kid of my attempt to end my life. Thinking it my work this time I turn the cold water on; as I watch the tub fill I take off my shirt and my pants and step into the shivering cold water wearing on my black undergarments. I slowly sit in the water and turn it off as I see it reaches the top. It comes up to my breast; freezing my toes to the capacity of numbness. I take a deep breath and slide under the water with my eyes closed. My fast beating heart beats faster and faster. At the fastest beat I clutch the rim of the tub trying my hardest to stay under the water, but can’t resist coming up to the surface for air breathing heavily and looking around for a sign of Aidess or his presence. I try to figure out what to do next; an idea comes to mind, but I decide to save it for another day.


Later that morning I see Sam leaving to go to work, as I watch him drive off I run to the back door and into the woods. As I’m running I trip on a rock, and stand up and check myself to just to make sure I’m ok. I continue on my way till I see the peach tree, I look up to the heavens and call to Aidess; no answer. I look around and call to him again; frustrated I call to him once more. Nothing. No sign or presence of him; just a flock of startled black birds fluttering above my head. I drop my head in disappointment walk home with a thought of no hope.


Six months later, Sam has decided that we should separate due to my depression and my mad attempts to knock on deaths door. I sit on the front porch holding the same t-shirt not paying attention to the world, the people or the events that surround me. I only yearn for my son to return home. When I eat, I consume only enough to keep me alive; when I sleep it would only be for about three hours of less and the rest of the day I just sit and wait. Days turn into weeks; weeks into months, months into years, still no sign of Axell, no one but me.

One day I woke up after an hour of sleep I look under my bed and pull out a shoebox with my diary, collection of pens, and my old glasses. As I laid down looking out of the window I opened it up to retrieve a pen; as I flip through my diary looking for a blank page I start to write about my years of pain I’ve felt from losing my parents and my best friend. But as a mother losing my son is the biggest lost of my life, and as a woman bearing a child it feels to me that it wasn’t enough.I know we as women are strong but to lose a child is especially our own is what makes us weak to our feet meaning we have to build strength to stand up again with my husband gone I’ll love him regardless I just wish he didn’t see it as lightly as I did but as a man he made his choice and chose to leave but calls every now and again to keep in touch and sends me money when needed to help with the house he just won’t pay a visit to see if I’m ok but I can live with that as the same with Aidess as well who I have not seen in the last 20 slolwy gone years after all the life lessons and mistakes I’ve made I know now to keep a somewhat clear mind on life now that all that had is gone.A clear afternoon comes through with a clear blue skyand a few clouds I take a stroll down the desserted road from my house with theee wind blwoing in my hair dressed in a lighttt pink dress approaching the same open field as before that I prayed in looking down at the ground I pray with in it once more asking god to forgive me of all my sins as I got on my knees in repent pleading in mind for forgiveness asking deeply for his grace and his glory asking that he watch over Axell and Sam wherever they may be and to protect and watch over those close to me asking that he forgive me of my faults and mistakes and flaws’’during my prayers I hear thunder with the nay of a horse.I look ahead to see the pure white horse I once seen as a kid approach me not afraid or tempted I stand perfectly still as it gets closer with it’s fur whiter than snow along with long mane and crystal blue eyes looking deep into mine as we stand face to face.I reach out to pet him touching the warm skin of his cheeks then down his face seeing that he’s real made my heart skip a beat but kept unning as fit together as I continued petting him gently til he then walks backwards standing there for a moment then disappearing like a ghost leaving me alone standing in the field.



Getting home from my walk I feel a sharp pain in my chest like heartburn except worse I rush to the house slamming the door and upstairs hurrying quickly to the bathroom the pain gets worse as I look in the medicine cabinet and find aspirin capsule. I pop three chewing them down hard then slowly the pain starts to ease up little by little as I stay standing in front of the mirror trying not to pass out unconscious taking deep breaths as my heart my slows down to a normal beat while I put my hand on my head with a sigh of relief (knock knock!) someone’s at the door careful with every step I take my time down the stairs gripping the pole to keep me from falling when reaching the bottom I look in the mirror next to the door checking my heart once more then fixing my hair opening the door I see….It’s Ranice a lot older with longer dreads and a thinner body dressed in a long red and orange dress with black sandals seeing me with a smile and me with a confusing expression she hugs me asking what I’ve been up to all these years’’hm I’ve been better just living life and staying strong Ranice:That’s good I just thought I’d come by and tell you I’m sorry….for everything that’s happened between us and asked for god’s forgiveness and so here I am asking for yours) thinking about it I open my door to welcome her in sitting at the kitchen table drinking tea we catch up telling her about me and Sam’s separation then tells me about her and James’s divorce 6 years ago wich was surprising not knowing she would actually marry the same guy that beat on her I guess she got tired and called it in. I tell her about my son axel running away to the army then looks me in the face with a pause telling me how both her son’s were in the army and got killed before seeing 25 hearing that news brings tears to my eyes knowing she’s lost what I could possibly lose as well Ranice:I got the news when a sergeant knocked on my door holding two folded flags and two dog tags right then is when I knew they weren’t coming home knowing that my only two sons weren’t coming back and it hurt like hell to my soul knowing my babies were shot down cold in that dessert but that’s why I have god because he can show the up so you’ll never have to let look down even when you lose the closest ones to you and that is something worth praying for)hearing her story touches my heart deeply knowing we both have lost people close in our lives. I try cheering us both up wiping away her tears and my own then grab a bowl and have her follow me to the backwoods following me out the backdoor we walk across the huge field of the backyard approaching the woods following me on the trail reminding her to watch out for the rock up ahead wich tripped me once then taking a left turn while staying on the path moments later not too long we see the still living and blooming peach tree still standing in good health with rich green leaves healthy brown bark and freshly bloomed peaches ready to be picked Ranice:Wow) she’s amazed at the sight to see how the tree stands so strong and well not seeing anything like it so colorful and ripe with sun’s light shinning down upon it so heavenly with small particles of glitter raining on it holding the bowl we pick 6 peaches then walk back to the house where we sit on the patio helping ourselves to a feast Ranice:Now that is a real peach mmm so good it make me wanna do a backflip like I’m in highschool again) we laugh and talk while eating the sweet fruits of heaven while she tells me how good they are and I agree finishing 3 of them I let her have the bowl with the last three by the end of the day we hug and say our goodbyes while walking to her car she backs out the driveway waving as I wave back then go inside later that night before going to bed that night I look out the window staring at the moon. I talk to god asking him to relieve me of my pain and allow me to sleep peacefully tonight since I never could get a goodnight’s sleep since my son’s disappearance so I layed in the center of my bed looking up at the ceiling til I close my eyes and drift slowly off to sleep.Ranice comes over the following day calling out for me as she comes up the stairs with excitement in her voice talking about the plans she got for today as she talks to herself coming up step by step til she reaches my room seeing me still in the bed Ranice:It’s a nice day today and your still in bed come on noe I know the lord rose the sun up for a reason)coming closer she sits in a chair with a look of concern seeing that I’m not doing so well as my eyes are Aidessmove she touches my forehead seeing I don’t have a fever but feel cold and look pale with my fingers locked together on my chest telling me I need a doctor digging in her purse she reaches for her cellphone to dial 9-1-1 but I tell her NO’’ I’ve lived all these years and went through enough turmoil lastnight I asked god to let me have a goodnight’s sleep and slept better then I ever have lastnight laying in this exact same spot without nightmares or disturbances and now I’m tired once again and would like one more nap for old time’s sake but before closing my eyes with a silent rest I just wanted to see you one last time. Ranice takes my hand concerned for me as to why I’m saying what I’m saying not knowing what to do as she watches every slow blink of my eyes grow weak to stay open Ranice looks at me with a sad expression trying to keep a smile Ranice:Your gonna be ok trust me your gonna be ok) looking at her with a light smirk she then starts talking about the first time we met and how she felt towards me I listened as she spoke while my eyes were slowly blinking slower then slower then close completely….never to be opened again. Aidess:I’ll take her) Aidess stands at the door wearing only a white cowl around his waist barefoot and bare chested Ranice stands up out his way seeing who he is and what he is mumbling in prayer as he walks in the room standing over Liberty’s body leaning forward he glances for a minute then kisses her on the forehead cold to the touch Aidess:Time to go for my father is waiting for you) scooping her up he lifts her spirit form out her body holding in both arms then walking out of the room and down the stairs Axell walks in the dressed in a military suit and hat coated in badges and medals calling to his mom seeing Aidess carrying her spirit he takes off his hat with tears running down his face seeing that it was too late to say I’m home Axell:Will she be at peace?) Aidess stopps then looks back at Axell replying yes then continues his way out the backdoor wich swings open to make way walking out to the backyard he stands between the backwoods and the house looking at her spirit as it rested in his arms he then looks up at the sky as the clouds above him open for the sun wich beams through shining down down upon them both the bright rays form a pair of wings upon his back as he rises in the sky being brought up by the light of heaven and disappearing into the sky all that stood left was the peach tree blessed by god still standing living blooming and everlasting


The End






Publication Date: 04-21-2013

All Rights Reserved

This is my first book i've ever written got this talent from my grandmother who was always writing in her notebook by day and by night i was 21 now 24 when i started doing it thinking it slow and boring until i picked up a pen and notebook and my mind for adventure in life in books just blew me away and ever since all i know how to do is write and express what i feel on paper if you are a true reader and a person of life read this book and please feel free to leave comments i wanna hear your voice good or bad ill understand writing is my hobby but hope t make it a career for me so i thought why not start here i hope you enjoy

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