The mysterious cases of Alescu: The Slender Man

Alescu's paranormal cases


A different vampire detective's mystery files


It was another morning, and nothing was out of the ordinary. I think that I would not expect anything unusual on this day, that seemed to unfold so nicely. But before I would like to share this story, this very bizarre case with you, I would like to tell you a bit about myself, because I truly believe that this could be of some interest to you.

I am a private investigator and detective, who has been working for many decades for the police, but also for the FBI, the CIA, and even the NSA. My background is very unusual, and I normally don't like to share it with so many people, because they just don't understand what I really am, although I try to come off as normal as possible in a society which is according to my opinion very strange and sometimes plainly uninformed about so many real phenomena.

Well, now you are probably asking yourself what I could be if I am not a human? And then, of course, the question arises, whether I could be a demon or some sort of evil creature, and the correct answer would be neither that nor that. I am a different vampire, who has been living in this world for many centuries and have tried to adapt to various societies so that I could simply survive, inspire and help people throughout the ages of time.

My name is Alescu, and I was once a lord of a different vampire clan that has long been forgotten. I am


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Publication Date: 01-31-2020
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