who is my inspiration?

Hey so we all have an inspiration in our lives who we love, adore and look to 2 as they are so amaing and stuff :P 

so most people in this world look up 2 their parents, siblings, friends or a family member basically well this actually come to a suprise to you when i say that my inspiration is a DRAG QUEEN, yea thats right i look up to a man who dresses as a woman who preforms and has fun. 

ill tell you why? its becuase shes beautiful and is one of the nicest people i actually know in this world. i wish i could be her or be her best friends as she would be awesome to hang out with when shes not preforming. 

She is the only drag queen i have met in person and once i met her i instantly could not take my eyes off her becuase she looked so beautiful, the day i met her was October 31st 2012, halloween night and she was dressed as the wicked witch from wicked and she looked amazing. 

Her name if your wondering is PRADA CLUTCH 

like the brand of a bag from the shop Prada. 

About Prada

well you want to know more about her well i cant really give out personal information about her but i can say some things. 

She is famous all over Australia and travels around to places to preform, shes all over google if you type in Prada Cluch drag queen and she will pop up. 

Prada Clutch does many shows ajd hosts at different palces such as:

Prada has performed at & hosted:

- American rock band The Eagles Private Party

-  After Dark 

- Priscilla by Leave it to Diva at Ayres Rock

- An Intimate Night with Prada Clutch at The Midnight Shift, 

- Retro Gras with Bob Downe at The Oxford Hotel Supper Club,

- Mundipharma Australia - Coca-Cola Australia

- LivingSocial Australia

- Leedham Creative

- Travelscene American Express - Harvey World Travel 

- Myer  Christmas Party

- Apparel Group Christmas Party 

- The Opera Bar Christmas Party 

- Sex in the City Premiere at Fox Studios 

- Dykes on Bikes Black & White Ball

- Karaoke at Stonewall Hotel, 

- Boys Bar Up at Stonewall Hotel, 

- Karaoke at Tandoori Palace,

- Tranny Bingo at Mansions, 

- Tranny Bingo at The Red Lion,

  - Queer Out West 89.3 FM

- Prada's Raunchy Richard's Bingo at Richard's On The Park

- Showtime at Richard's On The Park, 

- Kaleidoscope Social Dance,

- Drag Time at Norton's on Norton, 

- Prada's Naughty Norton's Bingo at Norton's on Norton,

- Prada's Naughty-Cal Bingo Cruise, 

- The Mediterranean, 

- The Sly Fox Hotel, 

- Sydney Mardi Gras

- Sleaze Ball at the Entertainment Quarter, Fox Studios

- Fair Day

That list is everything she does and all of those places you have to be 18 or older to go as they are in pubs and bars so as you see i cant really see her much and havnt seen her since march 13th 2013.

Halloween night 2012

So the first night i ever met her she looked like this: 

This photo is of me and her on the first night i met her at bingo, yes i went to play bingo which was hosted by a drag queen which was Prada Cluch and i also won bingo that night :)

She is amazing to awesome talk 2 and is quite understanding. i heart her <3 

From the moment i met her she was NOT my inspiration, i didnt actually have one but over time i would say on the 6th of december 2012 i would say was the time she became my inspiration, but she grew to be in inspiration and i have always loved her from the first moment i saw her, she would be an awesome friend :P i wish i could be an awesome friend of hers but im just Tay who looks up to her and thats all it will be, im okay with that i guess. 

December 6th 2012

This was the next time i had seen Prada Clutch which was a Thursday and the date was 6/12/2013 and this was bingo on a boat for 3 hours. i loved it as Prada was always in my view, she always looks amazing and i got to speak to her which i loved <3 

This is the photo i got of me and her on thet night. 

*Peace* "Are we taking a selfie" are her exact words to when i was about to take the photo. 

3 hours on a boat for bingo, it was the best night i had ever had, i got to see Prada and talk to her so it had to be the best night i ever had, especially as it was on a boat. Smaller area than at the pub for bingo and i could go anywhere so i could go up 2 Prada if i wanted to. 

This was the first time i ever sked Prada for a hug and i was scared to ask, and Prada makes this noise like she didn't want to hug me but she did and it was the best lol!

i still remember what she said to me after which was "what you smelt was my BO" but Prada it was your rubber boobs i could smell :/

December 22nd 2012

it was the last bingo for the year, which was pretty sad for me as i had only ever seen her 3 times this year and i really did miss Prada and still 2 this day i miss seeing her face. 

Here is a photo from that night. 

Her wig was a christmas tree and had a yellow star at the top and had nights in the hair, it looked amazing and the dress she is wearing she made herself and it was amazing i tell you. 

That night Prada handed out a picture which was a christmas card to people and i got Prada to sign it. 

She wote "To Taylor Be a good girl Love Prada Clutch xxx <3" 

The card before

The card after she signed it

i was sad once the night ened as i knew it was time to go back home and never see Prada again for the rest of the year. 

January 16th 2013

This was the first time this year i had seen Prada Clutch, but i was only dropping off some napkin flowers i had made for her birthday. 

Here is a picture of the flowers i made.

They were the best flowers i had ever made in my life and i didn't really want to give them up but i did make them for her so i let them go. 

Still to this day those flowers exist and havn't been killed off (Thanks Prada for not killing them) 

On that night Prada looked AMAZING as usual heres a picture of me and her. 

Never has Prada ever looked ugly as she is beautiful so thats why shes amazing and always looks amazing, she puts eaps of effort to make herself look amazing. :P 

we were goint to take another selfie but my hands were shaking soi couldnt do it

so my nan saved the day and took the photo, thought it look her about 30 seconds to learn how to use my ipod to take photos :P

i thought this ws the last time i was ever going to see Prada in my life which made me sad inside as i never se her anymore and it sucks so i message her on facebook ( none of you should add her, ill cry) but im pretty sure i annoy the hell out of her because of who i am which makes me sad inside but o well its life :)

March 13th 2013

Turns out 13th of March 2013 was the last time i have seen Prada this year and it really sucks as i really miss her.

here's 2 phots from that night.

Here is another photo

If you guys could not have guessed she was dressed at Rhonda and Prada had been on sunrise one morning and was amazing i woke up early to watch her andyways back to what i was saying Prada was walkng around saying "so hot like on sunrise" made me laugh <3

January 22nd 2014

this was infact the last time i see her, as this night was the last bingo ever.

it was nice to be able to go and see her one last time forever.


she look amazing as always

here is a picture of me and her on that night.

 i wish i could tell her everything i want to but.... something stops me as i dont wont to bother her, 

i guess what i want to say can stay within me. 

ill never forget her, best memories i could ever ask for 

thanks <3

end of the book :)

I miss prada so much

She is my number 1 person i would go to

of she would listen to me :)



Peace out!

also guys Prada Clutch did a parody about Rhonda and Ketut its on facebook

thats the link!


we all change

i guess because i never get to see Prada anymore and because im silly adn done things i shouldnt have in the past shes still awesome and amazing but i guess ive lost my inspiration 

i dont look up to her anymore but im still thankful i met her and she showed me wats it like to be happy and wear a real smile again so 

prada im not sure if you will read this but thank you for being you and shwoing me life can be fun and smiling is good :D 



Publication Date: 05-20-2013

All Rights Reserved

To the divine Miss Prada Clutch

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