The End of the World Strategy Guide

Have you ever wondered how the world will end? Well, I know exactly what will happen!
Most expected catastrophes
1. Earthquakes
2. Tornadoes
3. Floods
4. Tsunamis
5. Hurricanes
6. Meteoric Showers
7. Volcanic Eruptions
8. Avalanches
Least expected catastrophes
1. Zombie Apocalypse
2. World War III
3. Extreme Production of Diseases
4. Toxic Wastes/Infections
5. Radiation Sickness

I have great unthinkable solutions to those 13 catastrophes. And I made sure that this advice was tested in many ways. And it WILL work.

Advice for Earthquakes

Earthquakes aren’t fun, and aren’t easy to survive. It all depends on the earthquake’s size and strength. It has been said that the earthquakes that will occur during judgment day (world’s last day) will be 8:0 – 10.0. A rated 10.0 earthquake never occurred in history, not even during the Prehistoric age! Trust me, a rated 10.0 is not very fun, and nearly impossible to survive. If you want to survive an earthquake like that, you MUST be in an empty place that has no buildings, mountains, vehicles, etc. If you were near those, then there would be a 1% chance of you surviving. However, in order to have a higher percent chance of surviving, you’ll need to be in a place like a desert, or a field that doesn’t have buildings, etc, in sight! And if there is an earthquake, don’t hide under places! Don’t hide in a building or under a bridge. Like mentioned before, stay in a crowd-less area that is NOT placed on cement. If you’re on cement during an earthquake, then you’ll most likely survive with broken bones. Instead, stay on grasses, sand, dirt, or any ground that is soft. But, the best way you can escape an earthquake is by plane or helicopter! If you were inside a plane or helicopter, you would be off-ground, meaning you’d be safe.

Advice for Tornadoes

If you want to survive a tornado, then please use this advice. If there’s a tornado, don’t start running around, panicking. Stop and think! If you were in a building, and there was a tornado nearby, you wouldn’t want to go outside and suffocate! So, just hide out in a basement with the lights out if there’s a tornado. Don’t hide on the first floor or anything above, because the tornado will make the building collapse, and/or will suck everything in its path! Stay safe, stay on the lowest ground as possible, just like a basement. But if you’re not in a building, nor near one and you see a tornado, you should run away from it as fast as possible, whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle. Don’t be a hero and try fighting it off by holding on to something, because that “wind-monster” will suck you in, make you suffocate, and will throw you 150 – 250 feet into the air. You will NOT survive if you try being a hero. Instead, find the nearest place to hide in. If you’re in a vehicle, you’ll have a 73% chance of surviving. If you’re a pilot, and you see a plane nearby and there’s a tornado coming, DON’T take it. Being in the air during a tornado is the WORST idea ever!

Advice for Floods

If there’s a flood, stay on the highest ground possible. You never know what’s in the water, and you don’t want to drown if you can’t swim. If you’re in a vehicle, and there’s a flood, please exit the vehicle and climb the biggest thing you can find. If there are buildings nearby, run into the building and run to the last floor, even the roof top if you feel safe that way. You wouldn’t want to be in a vehicle during this catastrophe because the flood will eventually get to your vehicle, and will sink your vehicle. If you’re in your vehicle, sinking, you won’t be able to open your doors because of the pressure in the water. Instead, break the side windows with your elbow or heel. Don’t try breaking the windshield because it was made not to break. If you can’t swim, then you should have exited the vehicle during the flood. But if you can’t swim, and you’re trapped in your vehicle underwater, there’s not much you can do except take your pants off, tie the 2 sleeves, blow into the pants, once the pants are filled with air, tie the waist of the pants. Then break your window of the vehicle, and you will float right to the surface if you’re holding on to the pants. If you’re on a boat, exit it depending on the height of the boat and flood. If the boat is taller than the flood, stay on the boat. If the flood is taller than the boat, grab a life-jacket from the boat and prepare yourself. Or run onto highest ground available. If you’re on a plane or helicopter, you’re in luck!

Advice for Tsunamis

If there’s a tsunami, there’s not a lot to think about before it hits you because if a tsunami hits you, you’ll most likely die from the impact. Tsunamis can travel in the speed of 500 miles per hour, and they can grow up to be over 100 feet tall! So, you don’t have much to do! So, if a tsunami is on its way to your area, don’ try evacuating the area because you’ll NEVER make it. Just go on the highest ground you can find. If you’re looking for a building to hide in, find the tallest one that is near you, run inside the building, and find your way to the roof top of it. Don’t worry; every buildings have roof top access. And don’t panic when a tsunami comes; just find it in your instincts to survive!

Advice for Hurricanes

If a hurricane is about to come, don’t run outside! Stay inside a building at all times! Stay away from windows because not only you might be sucked out, or hit by something, but the glass will break, killing or scarring you for life! Hurricanes could last for a while, so stay inside until further notice. And don’t try evacuating the area, you won’t make it!

Advice for a Meteoric Shower

If there’s going to be a meteoric shower in your area, don’t hide. Hiding will decrease your chances of surviving! A meteor is a “fiery” rock plunging down to Earth from Outer Space. Its speed is EXTREMELY fast and will penetrate and destroy anything it touches. Ditch the area, right away! That’s the only way to survive it. If you could use a vehicle, use that! At least use a bike, bikes are fast and accurate. If you can’t use a vehicle, then run on foot for your life!

Advice for Volcanic Eruptions

You probably think that escaping a volcanic eruption is easy, well think again! A volcano just doesn’t burst out extremely hot lava, but it bursts out ashes which can travel at a pretty decent distance. Best way to survive a volcanic eruption is to evacuate the area immediately! Don’t wait until you see bright, thick, lava bursting out because it will also burst ashes into the air, and will produce a big, thick, screen of heavy, dark smoke that can suffocate you and blind you so you can run around without being able to see anything until the scorching lava reaches you. Evacuate the area with a vehicle at least, and don’t turn back. Escaping on boat is a good idea because water can stop lava and make it turn into a gray, thick, substance. So if there’s any way of hearing about a volcanic eruption before time, you could get ready and escape for your life!

Advice for Avalanches

Best way to survive an avalanche is to avoid being in an area covered with snow, especially mountains covered in snow. Avalanches are not very fun, and it may kill you with thousands of pounds of snow airing you out to death! Avoid being in environments with Arctic regions, because that is not a good idea! If you’re in Alaska, you should get a plane and fly somewhere safer! Anything can cause an avalanche. A loud noise could cause an avalanche; an earthquake can cause an avalanche, anything that gives off a disturbance.

Here’s some advice to some catastrophes that are least likely to happen…

Advice for a Zombie Apocalypse

Ah, nothing can be more fun than killing zombies. Even if it has a 1% chance out of 1,000,000% of happening, it can still happen from toxic chemicals creating viruses and infections! The first thing you should do to survive a zombie apocalypse is to find food, water, shelter, armor, weapons, survivors, a vehicle, and hope. Finding these things could be really easy! The most important thing for surviving a zombie apocalypse is to have a weapon. The best weapon you can use is a fire arm! If there is a zombie apocalypse, your country’s army is most likely to take care of that, but just in case, you should find a local fire arm store, a police station, or any place you could find a gun lying around. The best place for guns you can rely on is Meltzer’s gun shop. You could find armor, shelter, and guns there! The best guns you can pick are a pistol with a large amount of ammunition, a shotgun with a large amount of ammunition, and a machine gun with an EXTREMELY large amount of ammunition. Once you have that, make your own shelter. It could be anywhere, a house, a school, a bank, a station, literally any place that can provide you shelter. But you will also need a vehicle! What don’t have a driver’s license? Who cares! The world is ending, there are no laws! A shelter cannot protect you forever, that’s why you’ll need a new one every day! Always keep a look out, set traps when you are going to sleep. Don’t worry about using a gun improperly, you’ll get better eventually. And remember, always aim for the head if you’re willing to kill a zombie. One bullet into the brain can cause death or paralysis. You should always have a plan ready, and you should always have partner(s) who are willing to help you kill some zombies as well! One more thing, always save an extra bullet, whether it is for a zombie, an explosion, or for you. Yes, if you’re surrounded by zombies, and you only have one bullet, you can either shoot an explosive nearby, or shoot yourself in the head. There is also one more way of surviving a zombie apocalypse, act like you’re a zombie! Get blood all over your clothes, rip up your clothes, use make up for a messed up face, and walk like a zombie. You could fool those mindless freaks if you pretend to be one of them.

Advice for WWIII

This is highly unlikely to happen but it could still happen. Protecting yourself from WWIII could be nearly impossible! Think about the weapons and technology our world has. This is the 21st century; we have bombs that can destroy the whole world these days. But if you want to survive this major conflict, I suggest you read this survival guide! During a war, nuclear airstrikes usually happen, even in suburban areas. If you want to protect yourself from this stuff, then hide in a refrigerator or a dumpster. NEVER hide in a vehicle, the vehicle will most likely explode. If you hide in a refrigerator or dumpster, you’ll have a chance of surviving the explosion because you’ll be protected from the sonic boom and possibly shrapnel. During WWIII, make your little hide out. Build a little underground home that is very hard to spot. Make sure you bring plants, a huge load of batteries, flashlights, food, and water. You’ll need plants for air. You’ll need batteries for the flash lights. You’ll need the flash lights for the plants. You’ll need food to survive. You’ll need water for yourself, and the plants. Make sure you could keep yourself warm in your little shelter. Because it could get very cold during times like this, it actually depends on where you live though. Then make your little schedule based on the times you would go outside, you can either get shot, blown up by mines or anything worse! Make sure you remain hidden during WWIII. And NEVER try being a hero, think about WWII. Over 70 million lives were lost during WWII, and that was in 1945. But this is the 21st century, and a WWIII could be extremely deadly! Never get spotted by anyone, you should be the only person in your little shelter. No one else!

Advice for Production of Diseases

The best way to survive a disease that is spreading is to stay very clean, and keep your distance away from other people. If the world is near the end, and a big production of diseases has spread, buy a protection suit that can protect you from toxic chemicals, and other infectious materials. Never breathe in the air, just use clean air from your protection suit, or use a gas mask. Stay away from mosquitoes, mosquitoes are the most deadly insects known to humans! Mosquitoes will infect you with a disease very quickly. Stay away from others, animals, plants, and dirty things.

Advice for Toxic Wastes/Infections

This will be a tricky survival challenge! Surviving toxic wastes could be easy if you stay away from them. But infections could be hard to escape as well. The best way to protect yourself from these things is to grab as much medicine as you can! If the world will be in crisis and near an end, you can probably run out of a pharmacy/drug store with medicine without getting caught! Use this medicine to treat yourself! Stay away from living things such as animals, humans, and plants! Make sure you know how to use the medicine. For infections, you are better off using antibiotics. This stuff saves many lives every day! Make sure you also wear a gas mask with a protection suit that can protect you from toxics, poisons, and infections!

Advice for Radiation Sickness

Trying to survive radiation and radiation sickness can be very hard. There’s really nothing that can save you from radiation, except thick and very hard protection. If you hide in a fridge or dumpster, you’ll have a 1% chance out 50% of surviving. If it’s too late and you get radiation sickness, get medical attention right away! But do your best and try avoiding radiation. If you can find out ahead of time about radiation coming to your area, evacuate the area IMMEDIATELY!

Advice for surviving the most expected catastrophes combined!

Surviving all of these things could be very hard, especially if they happen all at once. Well, at least try to survive. The best and most effective way to survive these catastrophes is to use a heavily armored submarine. Now, it may seem impossible to get one, but you’ll have to be around a Marine station that has war machines such as armored submarines! You can usually find them in Washington D.C in the United States of America, the Pentagon in Washington D.C, military bases in Russia, and in bay area’s all over the world. Best way to get to those places is by plane! An armored submarine will protect you from everything! You’ll be underwater, where tsunamis can’t reach you, where lava can’t reach you, where meteors can’t reach you, where tornadoes can’t reach you, and where hurricanes can’t reach you! Being underwater is the best place to survive these catastrophes! Now, I know looking for an armored submarine sounds a little childish and impossible. But trust me, from my own experience; an armored submarine will make you survive by at least 93%! But remember; make sure you bring a lot of food, a lot of water, a lot of batteries, flashlights, and plants. Plants will give you oxygen, and many plants will be destroyed in the end of the world. Plants will give you air, making it easier for you to survive!

Advice for surviving the least expected catastrophes combined!

Surviving the least expected catastrophes could be a very, very hard task. Especially if they’re out in the world, loose. No, don’t go for an armored submarine this time. Being in an underground shelter will help you. But, you’ll have to make one way before you hear of those catastrophes that will take over our planet. In order to make that underground shelter, you’ll need food, water, batteries, flashlights, plants, and 1 dumpster. You can make the walls out of the dumpster. Remember, the dumpster is iron and is hard to penetrate. Some dumpsters could even be bullet-proof! So, make the walls from the dumpster. Remember; make sure you have a protective suit on, a gas mask on, and a lot of medicine! Make sure you have the type of medicine that can treat a disease, infection, and/or illness! Antibiotics are a great medicine for doing those things! One more thing, make sure you have a fire-arm for the zombies! Remember, at least 1 pistol, 1 shotgun, and 3 machine guns would be fine! Why 3 machine guns? Machine guns should rapidly as you all know, so their hammers and triggers might need a lot of greasing, cleaning, and even replacing! Stay safe from the end, and do your best to survive!


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