Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Tyrone. I am a fellow athlete who has had his time.


I wanted to share with you the way I increased my jumping ability by 19 inches! I have the real concepts and principles that increased my vertical and running jump. If you are reading this book then 9 times out of 10 you do not have what I call natural hops. Natural hops are just being able to jump with no training at all. I played basketball with guys who could walk outside from lying on the couch all day and jump out the gym. I called myself a unnatural. An unnatural means walking outside and barely being able to grab the rim. When good jumping ability was being handed out, I must have been in the kitchen getting the popcorn because I missed that line! i had to use principles that you will get in this book, to able to flush it. So, If you came here to get an overnight solution please stop reading, because I didn't make that wish or eat magic jumping beans. Unfortunately I didn't know anybody who knew the recipe, but don't think I didn't try.


In this book we will go through my life involving my jumping ability. These principles not only worked, but allowed me to be able to compete against pro level athletes. Also in here lies “the secret “to what stopped me from going to program to program searching for results. I will tell you how I got results, but first let’s go back in time.

He can't dunk


Chapter one:

He can’t dunk


The life of a guy in high school 6’5 185 and does not have natural hops. I walk on the court The first thing people think is that I can jump out the gym. I looked at how they size me up with a slight hint of fear in their eyes. They yell out, “Who got big man”. The older guys say, “watch him he got strong legs”. Keeping their eyes on me the whole time. Only to find out, that on a fast break, I gave them the prettiest finger roll they had ever seen! “Awww man he can't dunk” wham wham whaaaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh the embarrassment and let down, it was written all over my face. I saw that no one cared about a lay-up, its only 2 points. A dunk on the other hand, is demoralizing and everybody on the court sized YOU up to know whether they had to play against the potential of that. Well as pretty as a finger roll was it didn’t strike much fear in the hearts of men. Not only that, imagine guys around


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Dedicated to all the young men and women who are trying to even the playing field

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