Ok there is only one reason for you to pick up a book like this. You want to be successful in playing basketball. You have reached out to me to see if I have some secrets or insights that will and can help you achieve that success. Let’s be honest it is the reason for me writing this book and the reason for you to read it . I had some fancy introduction written at first talking about how today’s game has eliminated the low post player blah blah blah . I am not here to bore myself or bore you. So since I am not here to bore you these chapters will move quick and I will not use filler to fill this book up with mumbo jumbo .  If I use bad grammar get over it that’s not why you are here.  A misspelled word or two it’s good that you caught it now use them in english class or something this is basketball . On the block is where the dirty work is and it aint pretty down here. Oh this is for the women players I am not spending a whole lot of time saying him/her When I say your man or him


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Publication Date: 04-21-2016
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