The Reason

“I love you Penny,” the boy declared with a weak voice, his hands trembling at his sides as he waited for her reply. Penelope was the cutest girl in school, with long golden waves that reached her back and light blue sapphire eyes that seemed to sparkle endlessly. Every male in the campus had a crush on her and she didn’t much as glance in interest at the poor souls.

                “Hmn?” She raised her perfect eyebrow and rolled her eyes at his nervous state. “Look here fatso,” she began with irritation laced in her tone. “There is no way in hell a guy like you can ever be with me, you get it? What is the point in confessing to a girl like me when you already know I’m going to reject you?” Her words were so shocking to his ears that he stood frozen as a plank; his eyes widened and mouth agape.

                “Is that so…” his voice faltered as he struggled to grasp the rejection, it felt as if a boulder had descended over him rendering him from speech and movement. He knew that she wouldn’t like him…yet there was that small hope that had flourished the first time she helped him during class. Liam had ever since gazed at her in a new fluorescent light, he noticed her expressions and her gentle hand that was always helping others.

                Even now it was difficult for him to take in this persona that he had never witnessed before; she wasn’t the girl he had harbored a crush on for the past few months…no he didn’t know who this rude girl was.

                Without sparing her another glance, frightened of the enraged expression on her face he turned away and did the only thing he could do…he ran. For the first time he had skipped school and had taken shelter in a tall hill that let him see the sea in its brilliance.

                With his arms on his knees and his head raised up he cried a million of tears until his cheeks were dry from them. He would like to say that wasn’t his first love, but it was and he wasn’t too keen on falling for any girl from fear of being rejected like today.

                If only he was like his brother who had all the women fawning over him and the men look up to him for his abilities in the football team. But he wasn’t like his brother; he was the black sheep in his family and will forever be only that.

                As he stood up on his aching legs he decided to head back home, the sun had been swallowed whole by the sea and the dark sky sent a chill over him. He pushed the thick glasses back over his nose, and crossed his arms over his chest.

                Along the way to his house Alice had run up to him with a worried look crossing her smooth features, she had sweat underling her forehead and was breathing heavily. “Liam, I finally found you,” she let a breath of relief and he blinked in confusion.

                “You were looking for me?” Liam gasped his cheeks blushing at the nice friend he had. She nodded her head her ponytails swaying as she did so, he looked more closely at Alice. And saw the way her cheeks were flamed probably from all the running she did.

                “You weren’t at school or at your house so David and I decided to look for you. Liam you really made us worried,” she scolded in that motherly tone, he was grateful for her concern but he didn’t feel like smiling at her tone.

                “Sorry,” he mumbled under his breath, his head bent low as the memories flashed through his mind. Somehow instead he thought of his deceased parents and wondered why he was so unlucky to lose them and get broken hearted when he was already weak.

                Alice noticed the shaking and her shoulders sank for her poor friend who always seemed to be suffering. She had heard about the rejection but hadn’t thought it would be that bad. Now she wanted nothing more than take all his pain away, after all he is more than a neighbor. He was her best friend, the one who understood her best.

                “It’s alright Liam,” she reassured as she patted his shoulder awkwardly. She hadn’t known of his dark wishes and desires, the ones that included making him disappear from this cruel world.

                He vowed that day that he would eliminate his worthless self, and change into someone who didn’t take pity and bullying. Liam was going to change and he was going to be somebody everybody can be jealous of, have all the girls at his feet. Yes, he will become just like his brother.

[Step 1]: Work to win it


  Liam slouched on his sofa, his head hanging upside down as he tried to concentrate on the drama he was watching. But his mind kept on wandering back to the rejection he had gotten yesterday, causing a slight pain to form on his chest.

            His older brother, David, came in with his hair sticking in odd directions his chest exposed showing defined abs, and his pants hanging dangerously low. How is it that his brother can make even his worst days look attractive and cool?

            “Yo, what’s up with that pained expression on your face dweeb?” David asked as he raked a hand through his tangled black coal hair. He took a seat next to Liam, and got the remote control changing it from Food Network to the Sports Channel; he increased the volume on the TV and yawned.

            “Big Brother…” he started trying to prepare himself, “can I ask you for a huge favor?”

            “Depends, what’s this favor you want from me? If its money than that’s a no, because you know we have to save on the money our parents left behind,” David leaned his back against the sofa and smirked when the scores appeared on the screen.

            “No, I want you to teach me how to be a player just like you. Please can’t you make me handsome?” Liam begged his eyes sparkling in hope, if there was someone that could help him change it was his brother, the bad boy himself.   

            David glanced at his pleading brother, his eye twitching in irritation at the thought of wasting his time on something as changing his ugly duckling into a swan…wait a minute is it swan or cob? He shook his head and thought for a moment considering the idea and it appealed to him, that this could really be amusing.

            “Sure thing, I’ll make you the most irresistible guy that anyone has seen. You will have all the ladies in the palm of your hands, and be the star in your school,” David smirked and quickly stood up. He looked down at Liam his eyes shining in intent and for a second poor Liam was frightened of the serious expression his brother bared.

            After that agreement Liam’s older brother began to show him all the work out moves to get the body women craved for, day after day Liam sweated all the body fat he had since a child and he was put into a strict diet. David wouldn’t even let him come within a meter of junk food, or anything that would cause him to get fatter. David even resorted into moving to another district as far away from their home town and give Liam secret training.

            Liam would struggle to keep up and let his brother’s words burned into his head, his revenge growing deeper as his brother inflicted him with ways to become more attractive. He had asked to be just like his brother and he was going to put up with everything he got. He wanted to see everyone’s faces as they gazed at the new him, and see Penelope’s shocked face as she took his body.

            In only two years Liam achieved the results he craved for, now he wasn’t the chubby oily skinned boy that coward away from everyone and was filled with dark negative thoughts that roamed into the deep parts of his soul. No now he was the man that made people pause and stare at him with dazed expressions. He was everything he wished to be when he was a boy, just like his brother.

            David had moved him back to their old home that had welcomed him back with wide arms, and he was enrolled in Austin High School, where everyone from his middle school were sure to be.

            Just as he had thought everyone was looking at him with wide eyes and lustful gazes that sent a shiver up his spine. He walked with a straight back and his head held up, no longer was he a geek, but a hot player that was going to make sure to capture every girl’s heart.

            His luscious lips tugged upward and he smirked, that day he made another promise. To make every girl fall in love with him, and then shatter their hearts into a million shards. That was the day the real Liam was consumed by popularity and desires.

        While the small girl who waited for his return had grown up to be a tomboyish girl with so much insecurities, and her flourished love had broken when she never heard about the boy she had befriended since childhood. 

        Gone were the memories that Alice had treasured with Liam, and now she stopped searching for the friend that had abandoned her for his dream. She was tired of waiting for someone who wouldn't even speak to her anymore, and try to make an effort to keep their friendship. 

        Her lips fell downward in sorrow as she walked through the doors of the beginning of her freshmen year, everyone glancing at the new sexy jock that was sure to be the most popular guy in the whole school. No she was distracted about thinking about that small, chubby, flustered boy she had fallen in love with. 

[Step 2]: Get this straight, dumbass


  Liam felt sweat dribble off his forehead as he ran the last lap for today on the football team, his legs moving with lighting speed as he willed himself to finish last. His coach and U.S History teacher glared at him from the bench, his strong forearms crossed over his chest as he watched him finish as always.

            “Good Job, Mike,” he yelled as Liam went over to the bench and got a cold cup of water. Liam struggled not to cringe at the mistake his coach had made.

            “Its Liam,” Liam corrected as he took a sip of his cup and accepted the towel from the random girl smiling widely at him. He didn’t bother remembering girls he didn’t want to bang or go out with; only girls with a high title would do for him. “Thanks,” he told the girl as he cleared his face from the sweat.

            “Oh, sorry son. Well good job you can go to the lockers and leave,” Coach Vegas nodded to him before looking back at the rest of the football players running the laps. Liam shrugged his shoulders and went over to the lockers located over the field. He was beat tired and had to get home so he could study for the upcoming test tomorrow.

            It’s been a total of three years since he has moved back to his hometown and made every girl in school head over heels for him, he didn’t forget his brother’s advice. Be nice and gentle to girls and add a tint of smugness and be perfect in anything including grades.

            He was in the Honors society and participated in activities after school, and maintained the number 1 rank in his grade. Not to mention that he has been leading his high school into the finals on any sport he engaged in.

            But somehow he managed to receive enemies in this case his coach was still upset because Liam had rejected his daughter for the captain of the varsity dance team. And his enemy of all time happened to be his best friend from when he was younger.

            Alice, she wasn’t the sweet cute girl that would run to his side and play with him when he was bored. That girl was gone and every time he tried to contact her she would glare at him and hiss some curse at him. She didn’t hang out with girls her age, but with boys that wore too much dark for his liking and a sense of danger.

            He wondered what went wrong with the girl; he missed that small chick that followed him around. Now he was ignored whenever he tried to make eye contact with her, and couldn’t get her to mutter a single greeting, let alone a proper sentence.

            After he finished taking a warm shower and dressing up in his polo shirt and jeans he went to his car. His girlfriend was waiting beside the car and he went over to hug her, she kissed his cheek lightly and smiled at her.

            Penelope was the girl he had liked when he was younger, and he had finally achieved his first step into breaking her heart. But these past weeks he has been thinking about taking her seriously…until he could find the right moment to ruin everything she ever cared about.

            “How was practice babe?” Penny asked as he opened the door to get in, his mood had deflated the moment she opened her mouth.

            “It was great; I finished as quickly as I could. Just to be with you,” Liam turned the ignition on and waited for Penelope to put her seatbelt on. He was anxious to get home already that it was itching on his skin, but he put his aloof façade.

            “That is so sweet, I am so lucky to have a boyfriend like you,” Penny blushed as she fidgeted in her seat. Liam drove to her house and didn’t so much give her a glance as she spoke about her practice and day. He just couldn’t stop thinking about that other girl he had stumbled against in the hall, she was pretty and he was wondering if she was single.

            He smirked and pulled over near her driveway, giving a kiss to Penny before she got off and went to her home. Finally, he thought with relief. He drove to his house and parked his car next to his older brothers’.

            As he got out of the automobile he happened to catch a glimpse of Alice in the front of her house embracing a tall guy with a cap on and too many tattoos in his arms. He watched as the guy kissed her forehead before saying something and then turning around to leave.

            Unable to resist Liam shouted at Alice, “How’s it going cupcake?”

            Alice glared at him and flipped her red blazing hair to the side, she crossed her arms over her chest and yelled back, “Shut it you weirdo!”

            He furrowed his eyebrows and got annoyed by her attitude. She can’t even take a simple joke, she is such a prick. “What the hell? I was only saying hello, no need to get so pissed off,” he yelled back with the same tone she had used.

            She flinched and for a second he hated using that tone to his sweet Alice, but she wasn’t the same. And he once again was knocked back into reality when she gave him the middle finger, and started to stomp to her door.

            “Why don’t you start hanging out with the right people, before you ruin your life,” Liam suggested trying to be nice but ended up speaking with sarcasm in each word. That made Alice freeze and tilt her head to look at him, her temper as hot as her hair.

            “Get this straight, dumbass,” she began as she gave him a cold glare. “My business has nothing to do with you, the last time I checked you are some guy from my high school,” Alice finished before heading inside her house without sparing him a glance.

            Liam let out a huff of annoyance before walking to his door, but he was still inflicted with the sad memories of when they were friends. Could it be she didn’t know that he was Liam, that chubby boy with so many problems?~♥~

            Alice was welcomed by the silence of her home; her heart was still thumping wildly by the confrontation with the boy next door. The guy who every girl in school worshipped was living beside her, and all she could think was…crap.

            He took the residence that once belonged to her best friend, and took his room which was across hers. Because of him she was reminded of her crush which never came back to her like he promised.

            “I’m back,” she muttered into the dark hall. The rustling of the leaves outside met her ears, and she just walked to her kitchen where as always she checked the refrigerator. On the surface was the post it that informed her that he won’t be back until midnight.

            “There is some Chicken Alfreado in the refrigerator, from Dad,” she read the last sentence out loud.  She sighed and took the food out putting it in the microwave for a few minutes; she happened to glance outside from the window in the kitchen and cached a glimpse of the dark haired player outside.

            It was like a commercial with him in his jacket playing around with his golden retriever, not having the care of the world. As if the bashful smile he wore expressed everything she desired. Liam Cobalt was the girls swooned for and he had a reputation for breaking girl’s hearts, but somehow still managing to keep the girls under his spell.

            She despised him not because of his dashing good looks but because of his personality, he thought himself as a King that you had to worship. And she felt like the only sane one at school for not falling for his façade.

            But sometimes it was hard to when he was that sexy and drop dead perfect; he literally could have her wrapped around his finger if it wasn’t for her love for her chubby Liam. Alice shook her head and stopped comparing them. 

[Step 3]: Who would?

Liam looked over at the house next to his; he sensed that someone was watching him with a deathly glare. There was no need to guess that it belonged to Alice, he chuckled and ran his hand through Tom’s golden fur.

            “Good boy,” he praised the pet as it wagged its tail enthusiastically. He didn’t have to put up a fake front whenever he was in his home, it was the place where he could relax and express his true nature.

            David always seemed busy trying to finish work from the office, and he didn’t want to intrude on his hard working brother. After all he already has it tough trying to maintain the taxes and house, even go far as to spend his money on Liam rather than himself.

            He smiled at his brother who acted more like a father rather than a brother; if it wasn’t for him David would be living the bachelor life enjoying the life he had when he was in high school. But after he obtained his bachelor’s in Business he concentrated more on the money and taxes.

            Liam glanced once more to Alice’s house and wondered how her life was treating her, there was never any noises coming from over the lawn. He barely even noticed her parents car…he really wished that she could open her window so they could talk like old times.

            Tom whimpered as he noticed its master’s melancholy expression, and Liam petted the dog’s head gently. He needed to stop worrying about Alice, they had no connections now and she didn’t want his help.

            His stomach growled and he sighed in frustration, he was hungry as hell. He went back inside the house and went to the kitchen where a delicious aroma wafted through the air. To his surprise a girl he never knew was cooking near the stove.

            “Who are you?” Liam questioned as she turned and gave him a bright smile, he blushed and took a step back. She wore a pair of jeans with a blue sweater her brown eyes sparkling as she waved hello.

            “My name is Cindy, your brother let me in an hour ago,” she explained the smile on her face annoyed him slightly…because it made his heart flutter. He wondered why his brother let this woman in here?

            “What is your relationship with my brother?” He asked as he retrieved an apple from the marble island he watched as she went back to stirring what he presumed was soup.

            “I’m his girlfriend,” Cindy said and he rolled his eyes. Here was another new girlfriend that in a few days would be left broken hearted. Well it wasn’t any of his business…yet he didn’t like the fact that he knew that she would get a broken heart.


            Alice opened her window to let the cold breeze enter her dark room, just a few meters away was Liam’s window, and to her disappointment he was leaning against the window pane his gaze directed at the sky.

            An image of her Liam looking at the sky with sullen eyes flashed through her mind and she stared in curiosity. He resembled him in almost every way, but his attitude was what made her snap into reality.

            “Take a picture maybe it will last longer,” Liam snickered when he caught her staring; she blushed in embarrassment for getting caught. He thought she would close her window and curse at him, but surprisingly she did not.

            “Who would take a picture of you? As if I find you attractive,” she averted her eyes away and he chuckled at her stammered sentence. He didn’t care if she found him attractive, there was no way he would ever see her in a romantic way. After all she was a selfish, mean, rude brat that never shut her little mouth.

            “I don’t give a fuck if you find me attractive, Alice,” he spoke his breath coming out in white clouds of mist. “I don’t care about anything,” he gave her one last glance before closing his window and going to his bed.

            Alice narrowed her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows; she didn’t ask that self-centered guy about his opinion. “What a jerk,” she closed her window and went to her bed. She was conflicted over her parents and about that jerk’s words.

            “Liam I really wish you would come back,” she mumbled feeling a tear descend her flustered cheek. She may put up a cold front in front of everyone but inside she suffered a doll afraid to be played with. Waiting to be picked up and see her worth, for the right person to tell her... 


[Step 4]: It's alright, everything is fine...


Liam smiled brightly as he walked down the hall, his arm wrapped around Penelope everyone’s gaze lingered on him as he nodded hello. The usual routine that left him exhausted by the time he arrived home and stopped him from acting like someone he isn’t.

            To his boredom he had to put up with being the nice, cool guy everyone saw him as…a Prince Charming. He laughed internally at the thought and almost tripped when he saw Alice being kissed roughly by that same guy from yesterday against the locker.

            He huffed in irritation and Penelope glanced at him in puzzlement, “What is it babe?”

            Liam looked at her and smiled warmly as he replied, “Nothing Penny, I just got a little dizzy.”

            It was the truth though he felt like if he could barf out all his breakfast at the sight of Sweet Alice kissing a ghetto guy. He shook his head for thinking that his Alice was still sweet, he really needed to get her out of his mind. But it frustrated him that she changed and was something she never would have been if only he had stayed with her.

            “Do you want me to take you to the nurse?” Penelope offered but he declined in a heartbeat making up some excuse to escape. He had a valid reason as to why he could miss first period, and stop being the persona he wasn’t for a while.

            “See you later Penny,” he waved goodbye as he dropped her off in her class, and began to walk toward the nurse’s office. The bell had already ringed signaling the start of a dramatic day that was sure to come like a tsunami. “Oh great,” he sighed in annoyance.

            When he entered the room he was greeted by the old nurse Serena, who always had her wiry white hair tied back in a low bun. “My look what the wind brought to me,” she smiled as she stood up from the chair. “What brings you here Liam?”

            “I’m not feeling well; can I lie down for a few periods?” Liam replied giving her his best sullen expression. She giggled and nodded her head directing him to a bed in the corner; it had these curtains that hid the person so they won’t get disturbed.

            He lay on top of the bed the sheets covered his lower body and he took out his cellphone putting on his ear buds, and putting the volume low on the music streaming into his ears. For a moment he contemplated over what he was to do, he was getting tired of being someone he wasn’t.

            But at the same time revenge coursed through him, he wanted to see Penelope’s face when she would get rejected. Liam could still remember those feelings of pain in his heart and he was prepared to break her tenfold. Take in her bewildered cross expression, he chuckled at his thoughts.

            When suddenly Nurse Serena told Liam that she would leave for a conference meeting, he agreed to take care of the office while she was gone. After minutes of hearing his favorite playlist he caught the sound of a door closing.

            He opened his lips ready to speak when he heard the unmistakable voice of Alice; he stilled on the bed and listened in interest. “Mike stop, what if she comes back?” She gasped as a audible thump filled the room.

            “Don’t worry she won’t come that quick, and anyways it gives us time to have a little time to have fun,” the boy Liam is assuming is Mike said with longing in his tone. The rustling of bed sheets and moans filled the office and Liam blushed knowing that they weren’t just kissing.

            To be honest he never went far with any girl, he was still a gentleman and didn’t feel comfortable doing indecent acts with anyone. He always got flustered and received nosebleeds when he gazed at a girl in just a swimsuit, and he was ashamed that he was so weak toward a girl showing skin.

            But knowing Alice was that experienced really hit him right in the gut, he should already consider the fact she isn’t his little sister. There shouldn’t be a reason for him to even think about her, but the more she fought against him the more she appeared in his mind. What a nuisance…

            “Wait, Mike stop please I don’t feel comfortable,” she spoke out of breath, for some reason Liam felt his heart skip a beat at her husky tone.

            “Come on babe, it would be so much fun if we do it here,” Mike moaned followed by the echo of a zipper opening. Liam’s fist tightened when Mike ignored Alice’s weak plea to stop, and that was when he did something out of character.

            He stood up and spread the curtains going over to the bed to the side where he caught the guy on top of Alice, her face flushed and her shirt opened exposing a white laced bra. Liam grabbed the guy from the collar and threw him off her without a sweat, his face distorted in anger.

            “If she says no, then that is a no,” Liam growled as he took off his jacket and tossed it to Alice who was closing her shirt in a hurry. Mike glared at him and spat in distaste, “What the hell is your problem? And what business does this concern you?”

            “I just hate it when guys force themselves on girls who don’t want them,” he informed standing above him with his arms crossed over his chest. “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like you to leave before I beat the crap out of you.”

            Mike huffed in frustration and stood up; he gave Alice a look of anger before storming out of the nurse’s office. Liam sighed in irritation and glanced at Alice who was beet red from embarrassment, his jacket wrapped around her torso.

            “T-thank you,” she stuttered her eyes were averted down to her trembling hands. He blinked for a moment and a flash of little wee 5 years old Alice appeared on the bed her body shaking in fear.

            He put a reassuring hand on her head, and she looked up at him with confusion, he smiled gently and whispered, “It’s alright, everything is alright…Alice.”

            Her lips parted and she forgot how to breathe as she remembered her Liam muttering the same words…with the same expression. She let his hand rest there for a while and found herself taking in his aroma from his jacket.


Maybe…he wasn’t that bad. Alice thought silently. 

[Step 5]: Just a measly Thank you


  “I can’t believe I let myself get hugged by that person, ugh it was just in the heat of the moment,” Alice yelled aloud as she walked home from school. She felt like a huge headache was surfacing due to her jumbled thoughts.

                How could she even assume that Mr. Jock reminded her of her Sweet Liam, there is no way they are even the same person…yep no way. Alice sighed as she gazed ahead at the sidewalk, the same sidewalk that she and Liam used to walk together from school.

                “Liam can I stay over at your house?” She asked looking over at her friend as they took small steps forward, the wind caressing their hair and flushed skin. Alice didn’t wish to go home where her mother and father would be fighting and screaming at the top of their lungs, it always made her cry from fear.

                “Of course, you are always invited to my house,” Liam answered with a bright smile, his chubby cheeks made her smile alongside him. “Especially when you feel sad, because I will do everything in my power to make you smile,” he continued noting as her lips fell for a second.

                “Really? Even if it’s the middle of the night?” Alice adverted her gaze away from him her steps slowing as she waited for his answer. “You don’t have to be so nice to me, just because you pity me.”

                Liam blinked and frowned at her sour tone, “I don’t pity you, and I don’t mind if you visit me in the middle of the night because you are my best friend.”

                Alice felt her cheeks burn nonetheless she linked her arm around his and pressed her side against his, his warmness felt nice and it soothed her racing heart. “Thank you Liam,” she whispered as they walked to his house arm in arm.

                She giggled remembering his flustered expression as she glanced at his house, wondering if she was welcome even now. But then she realized who that house belongs to the guy she despised, even now she can’t explain how much she hated him for taking her Liam’s place.

                Rolling her eyes she went over to her house and opened the door, her eyes widened in surprise when she saw her father’s figure near the sink. His arms around an unknown woman’s waist, their faces together like magnets.

                “You finally home eh?” Her father questioned her as she tried to walk to her room up the stairs; it was her worst luck to get captured. When she turned to face him her eyes couldn’t help but glare at the woman in his arms. “Diana meet my daughter a worthless junkie that dresses like if she is in mourning, nothing but a waste of time,” he slurred as he scowled at her figure.

                “Darling, she is just a teenager I’m sure she is in a phase,” Diana defended but all Alice heard was ringing, her eyes blinking furiously to restrain her tears. “No she is just a piece of trash just like her mother,” he laughed.

                “Whatever you old geezer,” she scoffed before turning away and walking up the stairs her father’s voice echoing through the house, cursing her. It was just the alcohol he consumed she was sure in a few hours he would be at her door apologizing.

                Going into her dark room she shut the door and threw her backpack to the side, and fell onto her bed her hair falling over her pillow. She just wanted to drown into music and never resurface, not unless Liam could come and save her.

                “Yeah right, he probably forgot about me,” Alice mumbled lowly gazing at the ceiling her head and heart thumping craving for some form of entertainment. These days going to parties and clubs wasn’t helping her live.  Maybe she needed another boyfriend to take her minds off things…or a friend she could converse with. It has been a long time since she experienced friendship.

                She might have friends but they only used her when they were alone or bored, such a shame she even classified them as friends. The only two people she cared about were Liam…and Derek her cousin that comforted her when Liam left. He was always there for her and said the right thing at the right time, and made her laugh till her tears disappeared.

                Maybe she should give him a call; it has been some time since she called him. Grabbing her cell phone she pressed on his contact and called. Not even two seconds passed that she heard the smooth voice from the other end. “Hey Alice what’s going on?”

                She didn’t know where to start but she felt as if tears were already spilling down her cheeks, all the day events flashing in her mind. “Derek, what do I do?”


                “Ugh what the hell is wrong with me?” Liam sighed in irritation as he opened the door to his home and was attacked by a furry monster the moment he looked set foot into home. He laughed playfully and ran his fingers through the mass of golden fur, “Hey boy.”

                For a moment he forgot about what happened in school, in the nurse’s office when he had his arms around Alice. But as soon as he stopped petting Tom he felt his heart accelerate at the soft plump figure he had embraced, and pondered why he felt that way toward Alice.

                She is nothing more than a girl he used to know, yet her womanly figure pressed against his own really brought his mind into…well he can’t help it after all he is a teenager with hormones.  He shook his head and walked to the living room where the television played a drama.

                “How many times do I have to tell David to turn off the TV?” Liam grumbled as he went to the sofa to retrieve the remote control. He was about to turn it off when the boy’s voice met his ears.

                “I hate it, you really drive me nuts,” he told the girl his expression sour mingled with anger. The girl furrowed her eyebrows and was about to speak when he cut her off by grabbing her arm and pulling her into his chest, raising her head up to bring his lips against her own.

                Liam was puzzled by the setting, how the character could hate her and yet kiss her the next moment it was really confusing to understand. But was he to know when he has never liked someone, or experienced “Real Love.”

                “Just a bunch of rubbish,” he scoffed before turning the television off and going up to his room where he went to his window to take a peek at the house next door wondering why he even cared about such a bothersome girl like Alice.

                When they were young she never gave him so much problems, she was quiet and always stayed by his side like a little sister. Growing up sure was tough, he couldn’t wait until he gets into college where he can just relax and have fun.

                He got his cellphone and put “Afraid” by The Neighborhood loud on his speakers, he loved listening to music when he studied it made him serene as he sang along to the lyrics. Music lifted his spirits, like an outlet for his emotions.  

                “When I wake up I’m afraid somebody else might take my place,” he sang as he worked on a problem for Calculus, his pencil writing the formula along with the beat of the music. Out of curiosity he glanced once more at Alice’s window and saw her head stick out the window.

                He froze and watched as she looked up to the sky, her blazing red hair swirling around her face and her rose tinted cheeks pale under the breeze. Liam felt a shudder run through his back as she parted her plump lips and mutter words before disappearing back inside.


                Thank you…


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