5 factors that can destroy your ability to experience self esteem in social conditiong

Social conditing has left many just function like sheeps. It has unfortunately reduced human beings and affected their self esteem drastically. Let me take you staright without wasting any time to the 5 factors that can destroy your ability to expeince self esteem if you are socialy conditioned. 


  1. You have to have a high qulaification else they say you are worthless.
  2. You have to get  job otherwise your life is finsihed.
  3. You have to get a better job than your freinds and neighbours.
  4. If you are girl you are conditioned to deoend on men and made to feel that marriage is the ultimate objective.
  5. If you are a women over 25 and not married then they make you feel as if somethng is terribly wrong with your life.


In the chapters ahead i will be sharing with you tools through which you can remove the effect of neagtivity and power boost your self esteem with respect to the following factors and also in many other areas that have taken a drastic effcet on your self esteem because of social conditioning in many ways. 


Before we begin, i throughly respect you if you becsue you have taken this powerful initiative to power boost your self esteem and immensly respect you for that. 

Job is not the ultimate objective of life

 Many of us have been conditioned to think that our lifes ultimate objective is to secure a job. This reduces the self esteem of many people who don't get a job. Right now jsut close your eys and declare that your life is more profiund than just a job. You are worthy. See yourself worthy. 


Now read the following lines with absolute attention. 


Landing a position and exchanging your opportunity for cash may appear like a smart thought. There's just a single issue with it. It's doltish! It's the most ridiculous way you can produce pay! This is genuinely salary for fakers.


Why is landing a position so moronic? Since you just get paid when you're working. Don't you see an issue with that, or have you been so altogether mentally conditioned into supposing it's sensible and shrewd to just win pay when you're working? Have you never considered that it may be smarter to be paid notwithstanding when you're not working? Who showed you that you could just gain pay while working? Some other mentally conditioned representative maybe?


Wouldn't you say your life would be considerably simpler on the off chance that you got paid while you were eating, dozing, and playing with the children as well? For what reason not get paid all day, every day? Get paid whether you work or not. Don't your plants develop notwithstanding when you aren't keeping an eye on them? For what reason not your financial balance?


Who minds how long you function? Just a modest bunch of individuals on this whole planet mind how much time you spend at the workplace. The greater part of us won't see whether you work 6 hours every week or 60. Yet, in the event that you have something of significant worth to give that issues to us, various us will be cheerful to haul out our wallets and pay you for it. We couldn't care less about your chance — we just


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To all those who wish to power boost their self esteem.

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