When I first learned about this system 2 years ago, I thought it would be impossible to earn any decent income when you only make money as much as a penny per task. I had no education or strategy on this system and so I moved away from it. However, some time later I found an online Strategy Guide that explained how to properly work on it and to begin to view this system as a scalable business and not just a "paid to click" network.


In the following System Guide, I will share and guide you through the basic principals of this system, how to manage your personal group, how to have FREE Direct Referrals added to your account automatically, and other System Tips & Tricks.


Established users may find some of the information trivial, but new members to this system will find most of the data critical to their success. Every member should read the guide as I have developed solutions for many of the common issues that 'System users' have


Let's move on to chapter 1

Chapter 1


Part 1: Getting Started


What is Neobux?

Neobux is the world's largest and best known PTC (Pay-To-Click) site out there. Thousands of people join everyday, and millions of dollars have been paid by the company already. If you are not a Neobux


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