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The Time Keeper's Trilogy

Book 1

Chapter 1

 There was a young red brown fox standing aboard his space vessel on the inside deck. The fox stood tall, proud, and arrogant as he enjoyed the view of space outside the deck's window. He wore a black leathery uniform just like what you would see military officers wear. He had seven metals snuggly tagged on the chest of his uniform in the colors of gold, silver and bronze And his patch on the upper side arm showed the luetennant symbol in green. The Fox glanced down at his wrist and read his watch. 2:15 p.m. it read. There was a slight knocking on the door of the deck a few minutes later. The fox turned toward the door looking tall and in a military stance. "You may enter." He said and the door slid open. Two other furries entered the door in the same uniform, but theirs were a much lighter grey. They as well had ribbons and metals pinned to their uniforms. The kangaroo began to speak as he stood tall and pridefull. "Leutenant Duncan Sir," the kangaroo on his right began. "Yes Corporal Jackson? Please tell me you have a report on that time machine." Duncan stated. "We do sir. We have traced the time machine on a planet called Earth and we believe it's in another time period. 1958 to be precise sir." Duncan thought for a moment. He then turned and looked at Maxwell standing at his left. "Private Maxwell, I need you to locate and obtain the time machine before it ends up the wrong hands. I'll even give you a promotion to corporal if you don't fail me." Duncan bribed with a smirk. "Yes sir I will not let you down. You can count on me!" Maxwell replied keeping his stance. The two officers later turned and left the main deck and Duncan was alone with the control crew. He thought about what to do and thought that the time machine was already gone. In the hands of those who will possibly oppose him. Duncan looked at his watch again. 4:45 p.m. it read. He felt as if time were a stand still. Like things like this were never going to end. A few minutes later Duncan was called by one of his crew members from control center five. "Leutenant Duncan Sir, I have received the coordinates of the traced item from Private Maxwell." Duncan keeping his military stance walked over to the crew member sitting in her chair. She turned and pointed at the radar. The radar showed blue with a red blinking dot and Duncan Smiled brightly. "It's been found!" He muttered under his breath. "What shall we do now sir? should we engage?" The crew member asked. Duncan looked at the screen for a few minutes and was silent. "sir?" the crew member asked again. "We follow that time machine. Get the entire crew on code blue alert! We have ourselves a new mission."

Chapter 2

 It was a clear warm summer morning as Justin a young adult fox awoke from his bizarre​ dream. He had a really bizarre dream of a box, but couldn't remember the entire


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