A PART OF MY SWEET PAST : HIGHSCHOOL_BEST FRIENDS_ SOME PEOPLE LIKE ME AND I LIKE SOME PEOPLE_ even I couldn't REALLY "fall in love" with any untill now but how happy that time was !
The time in highschool was great when I could live my true self with friends : we said,we did,we thought whatsoever we wanted. We could be crazy whenever we wanted, we didn't have to hide ourself. Ofcourse, we were very nice to each a family...Sometimes one of us got 10, sometimes 0 ( maybe a lot maybe few, LOL), SOMETIMES one of us had lot of money, WE WERE RICH, SOMETIMES one of us had an empty pocket.We ate " mì gõ, chè, trái cây dạo..." on sidewalk, each of us ate at least 2 or 3. Sometimes we had to eat with an amazing speed or the rain would mix with the soup :)). I still remembered this story about BEDE: Lê Tú was the most sexy BEDE I have ever seen since I was borned, haha. " she" is also my very nice friend . Once day, when we finished school and was wandering about the street ( to wait for the classes at 5.45 pm and 7.30 pm at shool), we all saw the woman and cute puppy, then we stoped by and made small talk to that woman, she was very proud when we praised that puppy to the skies ( LOL). Moreover, maybe that was not enough so BEDE played the last sentence " wow miss, your puppy is so cute! IT IS AS PRETTY AS YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHA. He was so smart and clever to say so because after that, we had to run very fast when the woman heaped insults upon us....yup, that was one of our beautiful pictures... nothing was problem because we understood each other. Our relationship was not base on money or strength, it started from our soul...That's why it's lasting untill far I get used to thinking that is it because the shadow of friendship is too big so I can't be in love with anyboy. They couldn't understand me like my best friends, I couldn't feel comfortable as much as when I am with my best friends...I know that is too selfish when I compare best friends and boyfriend but...anyway, these are ways too far to think about bf. Why don't I just live and enjoy myself then,hihi. I feel happy and that's enough.


Publication Date: 05-06-2011

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