I remember my first day of kindergarten. I was late so when I walked in room 8 for the first time of course I was the center of attention while all the other kids gazed into my dark brown eyes as I was trying not to make it so obvious that I was dying to find out what was going on in their heads. “Well hello there!” Ms. Garza startled me with her high pitched voice. “Umm… hi” I whispered back at her in a shy tone. “Why don’t you take a seat on the blue square?” I stared at the large carpet in the center of the classroom filled with different colors, shapes, patterns, then quietly put my purple back with enormous pink butterflies down on the colorfully tiled floor and glided over to the blue square at the end of the five rows the kids were arranged messily in. “By sweetie!” my mother said in a sort of relieved matter. “By mom” I quietly said trying to act as non-chelant as one can act when you secretly want to say “Don’t go mom! Please stay for another few minutes!”. “Victoria, right?” Ms. Garza questioned me. “Yeah” I answered slowly “Well Victoria, why don’t you tell the class your favorite color and your favorite activity?” (This is something the teachers like to do to get you to feel more comfortable with the students, but quite frankly, it just made me feel a little awkward). “My favorite colors purple, and my favorite activity is to… swim”. That was a lie considering I don’t even have a pool. Besides my real favorite thing to do was to… well was to think, think about all sorts of things like what I was going to wear for today or how to do my doll’s hair when I get home from school, but how weird would that sound “My favorite activity is thinking.” I simply thought, hey, who’s actually going to come to your house and remember that on the very first day of school you said you liked to swim yet you don’t have a pool. Anyway, I stopped thinking about that for a while and looked at Ms. Garza, trying to read her expression. She smiled, then looked at the class and said “That was a popular answer in this classroom isn’t that right students?” A slow, quiet “Yes” went through the room. Alright! I thought to myself. I was so excited because I had picked the “popular” answer. Once again Ms. Garza interrupted my thinking with her shrill voice as she said “Okay class, let’s all go the rainbow tables behind you. By that I guess she meant the four round tables behind us. One was green, one was red, another blue, and the last was yellow. As I watched I saw most of the girls had sort of glided over to two main tables- the yellow and the green. In the yellow table, there were very… high class girls I guess you could say and around the green table, there were girls more like me- quiet, shy, and really didn’t want to be here. One, two, three, four, we were five in all. I walked over to the green table and sat down on the last available chair. Ms. Garza came to our table and handed us each a piece of paper and a few crayons. “Today I want you girls to draw what you did for summer vacation. Do you think you can do that?” she said in a slightly more calm voice than before. “Yes Ms. Garza” we all said in a kind of minion voice. She stared at us, grinned, and then jogged to the next color of the rainbow. I grabbed my blue crayon and started to draw the ocean because my family and I had gone to the beach this summer. I decided to draw some sharks in the ocean just to make me seem a little more edgy. When I was done my drawing was complete with me and my two sisters playing in the shark-infested ocean, my mom, and brother were making a big sand castle the size of a house, and my dad was grilling some juicy delicious hamburgers for lunch. I looked at my drawing, then I took the purple crayon an wrote in my prettiest hand writing “the beach” at the top of the page. I was very proud of my drawing. I thought it had outshined all the others in the green table. Another five minutes had gone by and it was ten thirty or so it said on my Power Puff Girl’s watch


Publication Date: 08-04-2011

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