There were two families who had been friends since the age of 5, they were now at the age of 32. One day an old friend of theirs came by to see her friends from before. Her name was Micha and she was rich . She came because she wanted to give some money to her old friends ,as they had loaned her with money a few times. So she then gave each family member 1000 dollars. After giving it the two families, the two families talked for a while and decided what they wanted to do with the money. The two family names were Pelan and Hick .

Family #1

The first family was named Pelan .When they first saw the money they went crazy because they thought that they had so much money. This family wasn't that smart and used the money Micha gave them for things that they wanted .The things they brought included a dog(each), a computer, and a phone. After seeing how much stuff they had brought , and yet they had nearly no food at all . After thinking that they didn'thave enough food, they soon saved up the rest of their money to buy food. They soon got poor again and didn't have enough food to eat for a while.

Family #2

The second family was named Hick .When they got the money from Micha, Haba and Casa(The kids) started going very crazy for now had lots of money and could spend as much money as they wanted. Then Sarah and Hank (the parents) said that they shouldn't buy anything they wanted but only the things that they need. At first they brought school supplies , then they brought clothing. They soon went to the market and brought seeds from that money . The seeds they brought grew very fast. They wanted to share the idea of gardening with the entire school, so they did. They contacted the principal of their school and asked to make an announcement of an after school program on gardening. They showed how to do aquaponics and traditional soil gardening because they were the two easiest methods of gardening.


Micha has been staring into the "Pelans' and Hicks' house" the entire time looking at what they had done with the money she got them. She secretly chuckled to herself and then grinned. She then went into the Hicks' family house and gave them more money for things that they wanted.She then said it was fine especially since that Sarah had lended her so much money and was a much better and caring friend than Hima (The woman in Pelan family). So the Hicks' family was soon rich from the money and that they sold some of their vegetables.

The moral of this story is that you should use your money on things you need and not things that you want.


Editing: Maya Tooley
Publication Date: 05-02-2017

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