Chapter 1

I woke up to hearing someone cry, annoyed I tried opening my eyes squinting at how bright the room seemed after having my eyes closed. Looking around the room I tried to figure out who was crying so loudly until I noticed that my mouth was open and that I was the one making all the racket. Was I really this loud I wondered to myself. There was no one else in the room at the moment or so I thought, looking around at my surroundings I suddenly looked down at myself before seeing that there was something underneath me. Not knowing what “it” was, I started feeling this it, but I soon stopped when I heard a gasp before hearing her snoring becoming louder and louder.

Not knowing what I was doing I soon started touching it again before noticing that it was shuddering and shaking. Not knowing what to do I stopped moving my hand and cuddled her. As of this time I still had no idea where I was or who I was, I slipped out of that high thingy that was on this soft and warm ground after hearing it starting to snore again. Damn, I thought to myself this it seems to enjoy snoring a lot especially since it snores a lot, so much for my senses. Not knowing what to do I soon found my self on all fours walking towards this light of some sort coming from another room. Not knowing that someone was about to come to check me and that “it” that snored very loudly, I soon crashed head first into something hard.

Rubbing my head I soon started crying. Startled at first the something that I crashed into soon picked me up whispering something that I couldn’t hear and carried me back to the room with the snoring “it” again. I didn’t want to see this it her snoring sounds were getting noisier. I tried scrambling back into the person that had just put me down wanting to get out of this place and go explore the rest of the place. But the person just gently laid down me next to the “it” not affected by the snoring. What I thought you can’t hear the snoring in this room, this is just crazy, how is this person not affected by it. And then something made my mind feel like blowing up when the person fed the “it” this red liquid thingy in a thin bottle. What, did is unfair. I’m being good and this “it” gets all the attention and gets to drink something while I feel like dying here, I thought to myself starting to pout. As soon as the person saw me pouting, she grimaced and stopped giving the “it” the red liquid thingy and started walking around the high thingy just to put the thin bottle right under my nose.

Well, just then my senses kicked in, the smell of this red liquid thingy was delicious, it smelled so sweet and it was just pleasing. Wanting to see if the taste of this red liquid thingy was just as delicious as it smelled, I put my hands out and tried grabbing the thin bottle. But the thin bottle was just a centimeters length away, starting to pout again at the person moving the delicious red liquid thingy. She hesitated before putting the red liquid thingy in my out-waiting hands before walking out of the door.

Hmmm, I smiled guess I have found something that will make people listen to me, pouting. Happy that I have found a useful skill or so I thought, I started drinking the red liquid thingy but stopped suddenly. Seeing that the “it” started to sit up. Uh oh I thought. Better finish the red liquid thingy before they are put into the “it’s” hands. I started trying to drink fast but swallowing the vile taste of it was to difficult for me to do, so I started drinking it slowly, moaning quietly at how good it tasted but trying to be quiet not wanting the “it” to start doing something that would scare me. Her snore’s were scary already, if she started shouting at me I would probably just be scared and run off to who knows where.

Before I could finish the person that gave me the red liquid thingy came back into the room with another person, they walked right past me toward the “it” ignoring me completely. I really need to think of names for them or i’m just going to confuse my self and saying that everybody is named this person, another person and so on I thought. Thinking deeply I tried to think of names but was distracted when the “it” called the person that gave me the red liquid thingy nurse. Well, guess my time of thinking of names quit. Waiting patiently for the “it” to give me the name of the other person, I looked up and saw that all three of them were looking at me wondering what I was doing.

Wait, why are they staring at me for. Looking down at my hands I soon found out that I was playing with the bottle, making it expand and make it compress by blowing air in and out of it. Oops! I thought. Then the “it” finally said the word that i’ve been waiting for, the name of the other person “Brad”. Oh well, I was expecting more than that but whatever, I had thought Brad’s name would seem more professional like doctor or something but whatever. Thinking to myself had somehow drowned out the others that were talking about me. Not knowing what they said, I tried finding out. I had no idea how to do this but I just focused hard and thought back to when I drowned out all three of them. And then boom, I heard the conversation that they were having just a minute ago. What did I just do I thought to myself.


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