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Late Night


Sitting here at the computer late night.
Was laying in bed earlier, watched two movies and listened to some music.
Had enough then decided to get up.


Not really sure what else to do tonight.
My girl popped herself online, we chatted for a few.
At times we don't have much to say and that's fine.


Other times we sound like a broken record with the same questions and answers.
But neither one of us really care, it's just the communication that's nice.
I know I have always had trouble opening up to people.


I would like to think that I've gotten better with her
At times I think I have, other times I question it.
Have I really gotten better or am I just kidding myself


Just trying to make myself feel better about the situation in my life
Wondering what the future will hold.
As I continue to grow old and my insides grow cold.


I look at the clock and see that it's almost 3am
I wonder what I should be doing next.
Perhaps back to my bed is where


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Publication Date: 07-07-2018
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