The New Slave (Clari's Pov)

You worthless *itch!” My Master, Aaron Ech, yelled at his wife, Sarah Ech. “You bought a mute slave?!?! She will be almost useless!” ‘That would me’ I thought. “But Aaron, she hears and obeys fine. If you have her… attend to your rooms, she will not be able to tell anyone.” “Maybe this wasn’t such a bad choice… Well done Sarah. You’ve earned your dinner with your wit. Now, my dearest wife, I think you should teach the girl to attend to my rooms literally. And because of her beauty, teach her to cook and to serve, she will attract customers for my black market.” “Yes sir.” I watched as Sarah dutifully curtsied and left to fetch me. “Girl, Come here!” She yelled. Even though Sarah was treated badly, she was still Mistress of this house… and me. She loved taking out her anger on poor girls like me, so it was said. Though I was new and hadn’t felt a whip yet, I knew here it wouldn’t be long before I did. I rushed out to Mistress Sarah and curtsied respectfully. I kept my head down. First rule of slavery: Never look your Master/Mistress in the eye unless ordered to. Common Punishment: Fifty strokes with the whip. “Well girl, at least you’re punctual.” She handed me a pad of paper and a pencil and sharpener. “You will be given a new pad of paper every day. Tell me, what is your name?” I decided to give her only my second name. “It’s Clarisse.” I wrote experimentally. “Well that won’t do. Only the rich have names with more than four letters. What shall I call you?” “What about Clari, Madam? It’s my nickname among the other slaves.” “Clari it is. It’s really quite pretty. No matter. I know the rumors around here and it’s true I have a temper, but only when you do something wrong. I don’t want you to be afraid of me. But my husband… He you must fear. Do you know what he intends to use you for?” I shook my head. “He is going to bed you, again and again. And it’s my fault. It was the only way for you to keep your head.” Mistress Sarah’s voice shook. I nodded solemnly, tears pouring down my face. “I’m sorry dear girl. But, cheer up. Do you know how to clean?” I nodded. I had cleaned at my last owner’s hotel. And I was the only cleaner. “Well you’ll be cleaning his rooms too. Also, do you cook?” Again I nodded. Another one of my jobs from past owners. “Good. You’ll also be serving dinner. I know it’s a lot but you’ll be fine, and at least you’ll only be cooking and serving dinner.” I nodded. I’d live. “Am I allowed to gather herbs in the forest?” I wrote. “Only with an approved escort, like a guard. Every slave here has one assigned to them to make sure they don’t run away. Why do you want to gather herbs?” “Wild carrot seed is a natural birth control.” I responded, “That is necessary.” “You’re right. I should of thought of that. By the way, I think you’re very beautiful.” “Thank you Mistress Sarah.” I wrote shyly. “Well, get along to the kitchen. We need dinner done in two hours. Half an hour before you start serving, come see me for your dinner dress, for when your serving, and your slave dress, for at any time you’re not wearing the other dress.” I nodded and rushed my eleven year old self off, eager to get this over with.

Six and a half years later…

“Clari!” Aaron’s voice called through the halls. I raced toward his rooms, terrified at what would surely happen next. “Come in, come in my dear.” He said lustfully when I entered. “You know what to do.” He stated. And sure enough, I did. I slowly removed my clothes, seductively enticing him to me. I finally finished removing my bra and panties and he immediately tackled me and entered me roughly. “Cry!” He said, “Cry out for all your loss. For being worth the dirt I walk on.” I did, calling out tearfully, in my hidden pain. He had long since broken me in but because I was, secretly, a wolf shifter, and because he wasn’t my mate, it hurt for him to be in me. After about three hours of this, he looked at the clock. “Go get your job done. Have dinner served in two hours, at six. We’re having a guest, an important one. Cook a feast! Boar, turkey, ham, anything you can think of. And the deserts must be twice that! Now go!” I scurried into my clothes and ran to the kitchen, washed my hands, and started cooking. It was going to be a long night.

The Visitor (Alex's POV)

"Mr. Rafiel you must go to Mr. Aaron's house, he's formally invited you and you won't even consider?" "Fine," I snapped at Samuel, my Bodyguard/advisor. "But only because you insist." "Good. I think you should wear the burgundy..." "No, I'll wear a formal dinner suit. No less then that." "Yes sir." 'Oh no, I used my alpha tone on the man. He's new to our pack and I'm gonna scare him away.' "I didn't mean to snap at you Gabriel. I'm just a little short tempered right now." "Thank you, sir." Gabriel said with evident relief. 'Great. I really did scare him.' 'Duh you scared him, he's under you. Your the Alpha,' My wolf replied in a duh voice. 'I quess you're right.' I thought, defeated.'I'm always right.' He grinned. 'Let's get ready for dinner.' I thought. After I was dressed I grabbed my keys and hopped into my car with Gabriel and drove to Aaron Ech's mansion. 'This is... nice.' I thought when I entered the doorway. 'It is, but i wonder how nice it would look if you let me out...' My wolf said. 'What's up with you?' I was on edge. 'I smell meat. Good. They cooked *sniff* boar, turkey, ham, and a bunch of other things.' 'Well you can eat it all at dinner. Through MY mouth.' 'Aw, *Grumbling Stomach* I wanna eat. Now.' 'Too bad. Sit... Stay... Good doggy, who's a good doggy?' I teased. 'Ha ha very funny.' His wolf said sarcastiacally. 'I think I'll name you... Lobo!' 'At least you didn't name me Howl. What does my name mean?' 'Wolf.' 'Great. *Eye roll* My name means wolf.' Lobo said sarcastically. "Hello, welcome to my manor!" An excited voice called out. I turned and there was Aaron Ech. "I'm so glad you came, please, take a seat at the table. Dinner will be served in a moment." Aaron guided me to a chair at the huge dining room table. "Clari! Start serving!" Lobo jumped at the name. 'Huh? What?' 'Just a servant girl.' I told him. A beautiful young women came out balancing a tray of boar on one hand, a tray of bread on the other, and on her head balanced a tray of drinks. She set the boar in the middle of the table, and still balancing the drinks on her head, she walked around the table, giving bread to first me, the guest, Aaron, and then Sarah. I noticed that Sarah got the biggest peice. The woman, Clari, finally took the drinks of her head and walked around the table to me. She took out a pad of paper and a pen and wrote. "My Lord, my name is Clari and I'm mute. What would you like to drink? Wine, water, Sweet tea, Unsweetened tea, or otherwise?" I noticed then that even in the Twentieth Century they were making her a slave to their whims. "I would like water, please." "I don't deserve a 'please'." She wrote. "Why not?" "Because of who I am." "And who is that?" Lobo said through me, lustfully. "Paws off buster. I may be your mate but I sure as heck can't be with you." So thats why I'm attracted. But how did she know? 'Wolf shifter' Lobo answered. "And why not?" I stated. "Because, I am who I am..." "Clari! For lolly gagging, you must... attend, to my rooms toninght." I watched as Clari's face paled, and then she regained her composure. She nodded and brought me my water. After that the meal commenced. Clari bringing the food to everyone and not eating anything. At all. I couldn't get the image of Clari's pale face out of my head. 'Somethings wrong with our mate.' I told Lobo. 'Definetly.' He agreed, perfectly serious.


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