Ugh humans are so disgusting! Here I am sitting in the river and a tire floats to my leaf, HOW THE HELL DID A TIRE GET IN A POND?! But I can’t flip off the person that put it in here or I would blow my cover. I am a sprite just in case you were wondering, you know the ones that live by ponds and turn into a lotus flower. I know its kinda lame but hey that was the gift I was blessed with. Oh great what is this floating to me now? Oh would you look at that a diaper freaking wonderful. How was I supposed to live in this pond if dirty diapers and tires floated to me? Good thing night time was approaching and I could change it was probably 6:00 nightfall would be soon. Night is the only time I have to myself to stretch my wings and my legs, just a couple more minutes to go, I could do this.
Was this the right pond, it better be the right pond. My mission was to find the sprite that lived here and bring her to my alpha. As his beta I had to follow orders but I put up a fight, the pond was on the other side of the city for Christ sakes! A tire floated in the pond I shook my head, what has this world reduced to? Throwing tires in a pond, did they have no respect for nature? I looked at my watch 6:30 thank god night fall was almost here and I could get this mission over with. I looked at my reflection in the pond, despite the litter in the pond the water was still as clear as day, my green eyes standing out on my face. My blond curls curling around my ears, I hated my hair I could hardly tame it no matter how hard or long I raked my hair it would always be curly. I turned my attention back towards the sky where the sun was now beginning to set. I sighed a sigh of relief finally, I looked at the pond where the lotus flowers now gathered together and formed the sprite.
Finally sun down, I focused on my body and felt the pieces come together. My flowers were rejoining and my body was being formed I could feel my arms take shape along with my legs. My transformation being complete and I was fully clothed in my normal leaf attire I walked along the water enjoying the cool surface beneath my feet. I sat down on the bank and just breathed in the midst air, I twiddled my fingers through my black and green striped hair enjoying the silkiness of it. A voice cleared behind me obviously trying to get my attention, I froze it could have been a regular human boy looking at a pretty girl in a leaf thigh high dress. Nope that wasn’t it at all, it was a werewolf and I knew his purpose for coming. I turned around to meet a man, not just any man a wolf, staring at me with green eyes. He had curly hair sand colored hair and a lean build under a faded kiss t-shirt and what looked to be blue jeans in the moonlight. “Yes?”
Really did she have to look like that, did she have to smell like that. She was freaking BEAUTIFUL. She smelled like fresh morning dew and earth, a heavenly mixture that made my wolf want to prance around her. Her black and green striped hair stood out in the light and she was wearing what looked to be a giant leaf that covered up to her thigh. And her voice, GOD it was amazing silky and musical that wrapped around me like warm hug. I shook my head once, the mission you idiot, “I assume you are the sprite I am here to take back to my alpha” I tried to say with the strongest voice I had. She looked around her then back to me with now grey eyes; wait weren’t her eyes brown before? “I’m the only sprite here so I think that’s a safe assumption” she said with amusement. I looked at her expectantly and she looked back at me smiling, she got up and stretched “do you have a vehicle?” she asked still stretching but I payed no attention to her. Her body was amazing she was a little bit shorter than me probably up to my shoulder; she had curves all in the right places. She looked at me with now raspberry eyes, whoa, “are we going to your vehicle or are we walking?” her voice sounding predatory. I walked towards the car and she followed behind me not too far and not too close. We walked like that all the way out of the woods toward civilization, and I spotted my car the red Toyota that I proudly called mine. I reached the car and saw as she walked to the edge of the woods then stopped. She looked at me with one of her eyebrows raised “you expect me to come out of the woods?”
Was he freaking kidding me, I wasn’t going out of the woods to where the humans were. “yes and also get in the car” he said back cautiously as if not seeing the problem with this, “ I can’t they’ll see me and I’ll blow my cover” I told him.” You’ve already been found out remember, that’s why I’m here now get in the car” he tapped the hood of his car and inched forward slowly looking around for humans. I opened the door and jumped in, I had never been in a car before and the inside was leather. What the humans had called the dashboard was brown and glossy. I was very comfortable, he got in and buckled his seatbelt, “it’s a long ride, you might as well get comfortable” he moved the stick on the wheel then we started moving. I didn’t look around because I hadn’t felt the need to and I didn’t want to, I didn’t know what the alpha would do to me. I didn’t know if he would kill me or send me away, and either option wasn’t good for me.
She was tense the whole ride there; I couldn’t console her that wasn’t part of my mission. But every bone in my body screamed for me to help her, she had her head hung in defeat as we drove closer. We reached the drive that lead to the packs’ houses and it would take 5 minutes to get to the alpha’s house. Her head popped p when we reached the fork and her eyes were now a clear blue “are we closer” she whispered sounding scared and… worried? “Yup just past this fork the alpha’s house is right there” I didn’t look back at her afraid her eyes were a different color, what was up with that anyway. We arrived at the two stories Victorian and I unbuckled my seatbelt and looked over to her as she watched my hand unbuckle myself. She looked at me and her eyes were grey she smiled at me then got out the car, straightening her leaf dress. I shook my head and got out I walked to the drive and she followed close behind me then I realized she was barefooted I look at her feet and were astonished to see everywhere she stepped flowers and grass grew.” It’s the gift that comes with being a sprite, nature follows you” she said absent mindedly twirling a finger around her hair. I shrugged and continued to walk and she continued to follow, we were in front of the big burgundy in no time. I knocked and instantly Cora opened the door and enveloped me in a hug.” we were so worried about you” she looked at the sprite and grimaced “I see you finished your mission” I nodded and she turned back into the house. I looked back to the now smiling sprite “you’re a touchy bunch aren’t you”
One look and she didn’t like me, I had just smiled at her and she grimaced. He looked confused and I waved him off, he looked at my feet “don’t worry nature won’t follow me into your precious house, it only follows on ground” he shrugged and walked in the house. I stopped at the door that led to a hall that looked like it separated into three sections. I assumed one was the kitchen; the other the living room and I could tell that at the end of the hallway was a gate to the backyard. I walked in and felt the glossy hardwood underneath my feet, I had never felt wood like this before “ are you coming” he said from one of the separations, I walked to him quickly and stopped when I realized we were now in front of a whole living room of werewolves.” Ah there the sprite is” a deep voice said from the other side of the room. I looked at him and could tell he was an alpha he had strong features and had dark blue almost black messy hair. He had piercing green eyes, as did all werewolves for some reason unbeknownst to me, and a strong jaw line. I nodded at him and took one step in and relaxed a little “how long have you been here?” he asked “for quite some time and you haven’t noticed” I answered back. I was not his kin and I did not fear him like all others did, “exactly how long” he asked he smiled “a long long time”
Oh god we were gonna be here forever, fairies had a naturally playful demeanor especially sprites. They could joke and joke forever without a care in the world but get one pissed at you and all hell would break loose. I hoped my alpha would know that “exactly in time how long have you been hear” he asked a more general question “a lot of minutes you can’t count and we would be here for a very long time if you tried” she said with obvious humor “answer him FAIRY” Jared said and I knew all hell would break loose now. Her eyes changed from grey to red in a flash and green wings popped from her back “what did you just call me” she said slowly standing up. Jared stood up too “fairy” she closed her eyes and blew out a breath “if you call me a fairy again I will break both of your legs off then feed it to your pack mates for dinner” she stated way too calmly. She turned back to the alpha “what is it that you want with me” jokes and fun were over “I want to know how long you have stayed here” she looked at him debating it. “Three years” she said then her wings receded into her back again slowly and she turned to walk away from him. I stood in front of the door blocking her “move” she said with force her eyes threatening to swirl purple “no”. She took a step back and closed her eyes again “if you do not move I swear to you tree limbs will come in here and rip your body apart” she said pinching the bridge of her nose. When I did not move she looked at me her eyes now a deep violet I heard a tapping at the window and realized the maple tree outside the house had grown its limbs and it was now tapping the window, I looked back at her and she was smiling. I moved out of the way and she walked by I tried to grab her by the arm but she was too fast and moved away from my hand “ don’t touch me” she said simply and left out the front door, leaving it open so I could watch as she flew off gracefully into the sky without another word.
How dare them! Call me a fairy; do I look like a freaking fairy? Then I have to threaten to get my way, intolerable dogs. I look at the ripples of the pond and calm down. I swirl my fingers around and around in the dirt until I see a duck, right over there swimming oblivious to the litter in the pond. Its pearl white body floats on the water gracefully. It looks at me and shakes its feathers and swims away. I’m a failure a sprite that animals don’t like, go figure “that was uncalled for you know” a familiar voice said from behind “go away dog” I wasn’t able to tolerate them anymore.” You know” I heard and felt him settle next to me “that is a very mean nickname” I scoffed like being called a fairy was any better.” What do you want” I watched the leaves blow on a tree “ my alpha wasn’t finished with you” he told me in all seriousness I looked at him and saw he was staring at me, his eyes got bigger and I knew why. “What do you know about sprites, wolf?” I asked him locking my eyes on his. “That they turn into flowers,” I chuckled, flowers? “That they have wings and now thanks to you nature follows them”. I nodded, he knew NOTHING! “Well sprites turn into a lotus flower, we are basically nature... fairies” he nodded “why don’t you like being called a fairy, and why do your eyes change color?” I exhaled this was going to be a long talk.
My god she smells amazing, here she is eyes all changing colors and she’s explaining to you why but all you can focus on is she smells good?! “Hello are you listening?” she asked me, I nodded “ok well my emotions are mixed with my eye color, it’s always good to have a calm relaxed sprite with one eye color” she took a breath and swirled her fingers in the pond. When she looked back at me her eyes were brown “what color are they now?”
“Brown” she nodded “this is my natural color”. She pointed towards a twig on the bank of the pond “throw that stick at that duck” I picked up the twig and threw it at the duck and watched as her changed to red. I put my hand toward her and her eyes narrowed and softened to raspberry “get your hand away from me” she said softly that only my ears could hear. I snatched my hand away and her eyes turned grey “I’m not gonna bite it; it’s just after you threw the stick at the duck I felt predatory” she looked to the duck that was now pecking at its feathers.” So,” I got up “come along we have to go back” she looked at me with grey eyes again “go back where exactly” I looked at her narrowing my eyes “you know where”. She still stared at me a little smile forming on her pink lips “where could be here and here could be there, so I’m very confused” obvious amusement dripped her voice. “Ha-ha”
I smiled, its fun to tease werewolves they were always so serious.” Come on enough games can we please go to my alpha’s house” I looked at him dubiously. He knew better than to tell a pixie, especially a sprite, enough games.” Ok, but I’m not getting in that contraption you call a ‘safe vehicle’” I told him growing my wings. His eyes bulged and for a minute I thought I heard a growl.” Don’t worry I know which way to go” and with that I flew; it felt great to actually fly without worry of someone seeing me. I knew he was still watching him so I twirled in the air making a figure eight, I swear I could hear his sharp gasp from up here! As I flew closer towards the alpha’s house I slowed a little bit, I must have been doing 90 because I couldn’t find the beta anywhere. I spotted his red car coming down the winding path a couple of minutes later so I decided to beat him there. I landed in the front yard without a problem and gracefully, as always, and met him standing there “bravo”.
How the HELL did she get here so fast, I saw her floating in the sky on my way here. How did she get here that fast without anyone noticing her? I nodded towards the door and she walked to the house without a look back. God she was pretty, I shook my head what is going on with me. She opened the door and walked inside, and she had guts, I followed her curious to see what she planned on doing this time.
I knew exactly where the wolves were so I headed to the kitchen, where they all sat talking of course until I came in. “I hear you weren’t finished with me?” I said from the entry, they all looked at me except for the one that smarted off to me he wasn’t to be seen. “Yes, my beta Michael was sent to retrieve you again,” he looked at me expectantly “he’s outside”. He stared at me for a while then his eyes bugged, strange, my brow furrowed what happened. He got up making the chair screech on the floor and walked to me, he sniffed me and growled. Really with this again did the wolves have one mission in life and that being to only PISS ME OFF?! The sink faucet busted and he stopped growling and looked down ashamed of what he had done “go over there” I told him pointing back to where he came from and he followed. In case you’re wondering why he did so was because all fairies pixies and such are more powerful and dominant, as wolves would say, to werewolves lycans and others. His pack stared at me and I stared back, then I realized I was here for a reason. “What did you want from me exactly alpha?” I asked looking at him as he looked at the ground. “You are supposed to be mated with one of my wolves” everybody looked at him then me, the females with disgust and the men with pride. I cleared my throat “doesn’t matter I do not wish to take one of your wolves as mine” I said with an absolute finality to it. Michael rushed in then and looked at me with glowing golden eyes, crap his wolf was about to emerge, then I looked to the rest of the pack their eyes were glowing too! Crap they could smell my lie.
Whoa, what the hell is happening, my wolf is going crazy. It’s literally pushing me towards the house, there she is. Standing with her arms crossed, she looks at me and fear flashes in her eyes, I look at my pack and see why they’re wolves are close too but it’s john who speaks in a deep voice. “Sprite of danhmor,” she gasped and her eyes snapped to john who now stood with his hands on the table “you choose to lie; it is against sprite regulations so I would like to know why you choose to do so. She continued to stare at him with now blue eyes, she cleared her throat although when she spoke her voice still cracked “I do not wish to mate with any of your wolf’s john clear” she scowled her face “no I will make it more clearly for you” she stepped forward “I WILL not mate with any of your wolves”. It turned grey outside “and I do not like that you choose to bring out your pack’s wolves for me saying no” if I didn’t know better I would say a tornado was about to come. Out of nowhere my mouth shot open and I could not contain the words that I did not want to speak from going out “ you will mate with me sprite of danhmor” as soon as the last word was out I covered my mouth but my mouth bit me. She turned around slowly and stared at me “what did you say wolf” her eyes purple crap, crap no not good I tried to tell my wolf but the cocky bastard wouldn’t listen to me. “You heard fairy you are my mate and I will claim you” he said with too much confidence. I changed involuntarily and it hurt worse than it did if I wanted to, I looked at her and her eyes were now pitch black. She stared at me her nose flaring with anger and then the windows shattered.
Was this wolf CRAZY!! I knew it wasn’t the man in charge now my lie brought out all the wolves in this pack; they had even used my pixie name. That still gave him no right to be so DAMMED confident, the windows shattered and swirled my black and green striped hair around my face, and I stared at the grey wolf with a dash of white on his nose. So he wanted to be confident huh? Ok two could play at this game. I knelt in front of him and smiled ruefully let’s see how you like this you little dog! I grabbed his left ear with my right hand and tugged, he growled at me “hush” he stopped growling but I could see that he really didn’t like it. I tugged harder at his ear which made him swoon, werewolves and dogs were very much the same. Although his eyes burned like the flames of hell, he was helpless against this one spot this one chink in his armor. “ isn’t that a good boy” I said in a calming mocking voice “ now stop being such a pest and bring back Michael the human” I watched as his eyes went back to green. I nodded and snapped my fingers and pointed him up the stairs, I could see he wanted not to follow but I was far more dominant then he could ever be.
She brought me back; the wolf was furious but followed and did as she said, impossible. She sent me away but I didn’t want to go, I wanted to ask how she had done that but she gave off a vibe of alpha. I padded upstairs ignoring the rant my wolf was going through and thinking about what he said; she was my mate, was that why my wolf wants to prance around her every time I see her? Ugh I got to get this out of my head; I walked up to my grey and blue room and changed. It was painful yes but I had to get through it so I could ask the sprite, I also had to ask her name, how she did what she did. After my change I through on another one of my kiss tee’s and a pair of sweat pants. I sped downstairs to find the sprite sitting on a now wet counter looking at my pack. “Ah there you are Michael,” john’s voice boomed “it’s about time”
I smiled at him as he looked at me confused, cute. He wanted to know how I called his wolf away, but little did he know if I told him I would have to kill him. “Sit” I said pointing to the table and he went but really tried not to. He looked at me after he was seated “how do you do that” his voice dripped with curiosity “I am more dominant than each of you combined because I am a sprite” I told him in the most straight voice I could find. He just nodded solemnly and looked at the table. I looked at all the other wolves as they moved around in their seats, they couldn’t be held still for so long. “So being that I have fixed the mate problem can I go now?” I asked john although I knew he couldn’t really tell me no, I would just leave anyway. “Yes you ma-“
“Wait!” Michael screamed out looking at me. I stared at him like he had gone mad because he must have “what?” I said in annoyance “what is your name” he said in a sad voice “my wolf won’t leave me alone until you tell me” he said guiltily. Everyone stared at him because they knew that was a highly inappropriate thing to ask a pixie. “I will not tell you” I told him simply and nodded my head at john, I turned to leave but I heard a commotion behind me. I looked back to see one of the female wolves had pinned Michael to the floor and something flared inside of me “ get off of him bitch” she looked at me and I stared at her. She whined and got off of him, I shook my head what the hell was that. I looked back to Michael who was now dusting himself off “what were you trying to do?” I asked him incredulously “I was trying to grab you” I gasped sharply. “Don’t you ever touch me are we clear?” I asked spitting venom in my words “I will touch you one day and you will give yourself to me willingly” he said with an also dangerous tone. I looked at him cocking an eyebrow if he wanted war, I would give him war.
No more nice gentleman if she was my mate then I would have her. A prize it would be to have a sprite as a mate, her eyes swirled grey she thought this was a joke. “This is not a joke, I am going to court you and you will accept my hand, fairy” I closed my eyes damn! This stupid wolf didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and not say things! I opened my eyes to find her there with her fingers in a fist and her eyes black, “what did you just call me wolf” her tone shaky and low “fairy” my wolf said through my fighting to be closed lips. When she opened her mouth again I thought my ears were gonna bleed. “You stupid piece of scum, you ugly mutated half breed dog human mixture; I will skin you alive then rip each bone off of your body. I will then make your bones into a bread and force feed it to you” all the while her voice was high pitched which made me and my pack kneel on the floor trying to block the voice from our ears. When she spoke again her voice returned to normal “are we clear” I nodded and she walked away.

Stupid mangy dog, how dare he tell me what I would and would not do and then call me a fairy! I am NOT A FLIPPING FAIRY!!! I have to calm down or everybody is going to think a tornado is coming and daylight is almost coming. I fly to my pond hidden in the woods and I sit on the water. Occasionally a dragonfly will land on it and ripples will tickle my back, this is the peaceful world I remember, back when horses were transportation and diapers were thrown in the trash. I breathe in and out and focus on my lotus flowers, and then I feel the separation. It doesn’t hurt like I imagine the were transformations do but it does tickle, I am spread around the pond and I feel serene and calm. A wave ripples around the whole pond causing me to move around restlessly. The wave doesn’t bother me though it just adds to Mother Nature and I inhale it all. Something is floating towards me but I don’t care what it is, a dirty needle, how that got in here I do not know but it is I just have to accept that. I ignore the needle and just focus on the water, its cool surface doesn’t make me cold it only makes me want more of it. I cannot dive beneath the water I am too light and the water is too dense. For one day I think I would be able to stand being a lotus flower in a litter ridden pond.
Dammit, dammit, dammit. What the hell is wrong with my wolf he knew she would run off if he said that but yet the cocky bastard did it anyway? I look at the crescent moon, why is it that the night has to be perfect all the time? Why can’t my life be like the night sky? I shake my head; I shouldn’t go back to that pond ever again. You will, my wolf told me growling, ok listen hear you little mutt you cost me my mate so you will not dictate how I run my life. Why the hell is my wolf so PUSHY?! I am not pushy; I am simply telling you what you will do. Ugh, nobody else has this problem just me I was born with this stupid bossy annoying wolf since I was a pup. And wonderful times they were, now get your behind up and go to that pond! I rolled my eyes, he couldn’t actually make me do anything, and he was just trying to bully me into doing something I didn’t want to do. Come on man I’m serious, this is your only chance at happiness especially after what happened with Mariel? I stilled he had to bring up Mariel didn’t he? The crazy wolf that wouldn’t leave me alone and had tricked me into having sex with her once, after that she went around telling people we’re mates! Can you believe that? Me neither.
Something bumped up against me, probably litter again, “hey stranger” that familiar voice said. Where did I know him from, I sorted through my memory and found out that he had black and baby blue striped short curly hair a very well defined body and was a blue lotus flower zahfar! “Oh my goodness zahfar long time no… talk?” I heard him chuckle, if you’re confused sprites can talk to each other in their minds. “Yeah it’s been way way too long, how have you been?” if he was human he would be putting his hand through his hair “ah lexy you know me way too well” he said catching that last thought. “Nothing much the usual a wolf thinks I’m his mate, I love in a litter ridden pool and oh yeah the local werewolf pack knows about me after 3 years. So everything has just been hunky dory how about you” I let the sarcasm drip. “Oh lexy I’m sorry about that but how could he think you’re his mate?” I sighed mentally and tried to physically. “It’s not really him it’s his wolf, crazy deranged dog” he sent me a picture of shaking my hair until it was wild looking along with a feeling of shyness. “ you know me too z, probably more than I know myself” I relaxed a little bit and felt his leaf touch one of my flowers, I felt him mentally stiffen, if we were in our human form he would be touching my thigh. I relaxed a little bit more knowing he was there and for the first time in a while I took a nap in the pond.
That’s odd; there is a bunch of green and a bunch of blue. Dummy there is another sprite at the pond; he told me sounding pissed off. Really they come in different colors, I was extremely confused, and yes there are different types of sprites. I looked at the orange sky good sundown was about to come and I could talk to her about it without his help, am I supposed to take that as an insult. I ignored him sometimes it was just good for me to do that sometimes, the last traces of day went down and I watched as the sky turned from day to twilight. That was of course until the pond started to glitter and shine.
To be honest I was sad that evening came I could have stayed like this forever. “Come on zahfar its night” I heard him try to shake me off “come on” I concentrated on my body and felt the flowers come together. First my feet then my legs then my torso and etc. I felt him change too not mentally but literally. I went to go sit on the ground and watched as he finished his change he had nice legs, they were like a swimmers legs and were graceful he had on leaf leggings. His torso changed next and boy did he have a nice torso, he had a six pack nothing special but his tan complexion made everything stick out more. His arms were muscled and long and his shoulders were strong and powerful. His face was absolutely beautiful his natural color was deep blue and managed to trap any human in his gaze. His short black and baby blue striped curly hair covered his whole head and made him look mysterious. “Well that feels different” he rolled his shoulders then pinned his gaze on me, his lip curled up on the right side. He walked to me and sat down he put his arms on his knees and looked at the moon, it was round and as illuminant as ever. “Why can’t life be as perfect as the night sky” he asked softly. “You know” that stupid voice said from behind us “I’ve always wondered the same thing”.
Wow, normally I wouldn’t say this but the guy was hot. His stupid curly black and blue striped hair was bouncy; he had muscles and freaking blue eyes. EVERYBODY LOVES BLUE EYED PEOPLE! “What are you doing here?” she asked without looking at me “I came to claim my mate” why? Why did he ALWAYS have to do that?! I saw the man chuckle and shake his head he looked at me his eyes grey “why I thought you’d never come” she laughed leaning forward holding her stomach. She looked at me wiping her grey eyes “you two make a wonderful couple” she said and he laughed this time. “I’m serious your coming-“NO NOT AGAIN YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME GO AWAY NOW! I felt him shy away “I’m so sorry about that, he won’t listen to me he never has. Ever since I was a pup he controlled when he wanted to and left me to clean up the mess” I pleaded with her she had to understand. She shook her head “apology accepted now shoo I have company” she told me waving her hand. “Excuse me?” I didn’t understand I apologized to her shouldn’t she have come with me? “you heard me I have company now go away” her eyes were threatening to turn blue.”I’m not leaving without you” I crossed my arms and she stood up “ you see him over there” she pointed to the man who was now standing with his arms crossed “ that’s my true mate not some deranged power hungry wolf” she said with one of her eyebrows cocked. I let my wolf out a little bit , enough to let my eyes glow and I looked at him “I can tell your lying it makes no sense to do that” I told her softly. She smirked “well then I’ll just have to make that lay a truth”
I knew he would smell my lie but I was sick of him. It’s time to end this, now. I walked to zahfar ignoring his shocked look “what are you doing lexy?” he asked mentally
“He’s annoying me” I touched his arm trying to make it look sensual but knew I probably looked foolish. I’m not really good at being provocative and such, he sent me a picture of my hair blowing around me and grey eyes lit by the moonlight. I looked at him he sent with it a feeling of longing and hope, he liked me, he smiled “not even close to like, have you really not noticed it ever since we were blooming I’ve tried to get your attention but you were just always so focused on being free and away from the rest of us” he said out loud. I just couldn’t get over the fact the he LIKED me, every laugh every hug every whisper always meant more to him. “What the hell is going on here” the wolf said, I had forgotten about him “I’m talking to my company why you are still here anyway?” I didn’t stop looking zahfar. “I told you I’m not leaving” his tone was laced with defiance, I sighed did they never learn. “If you go now I promise I will see you later “I told him looking down from zahfar face to the pond ripples. I heard him shuffle and I knew he was gone, I looked back up at green eyes, no oh my god it was true. He didn’t like me he LOVED me this water sprite loved me and had always loved me since we were sent to school together. He sent me a memory of being on a dandelion and I had sat next to him, he looked at me and the only thing he saw was dimples brown eyes and a smile. “Hi” he said breathlessly and then cursing him for it “hey” I told him back then my shoulder bumped his. I smiled I remembered I was trying to move out of the way for a fly but to him my skin was soft and I smelled like lily water and water bean, I heard him mentally sigh to himself. I was a pond sprite and I was cute and I was female! He had never seen a female pond sprite in his whole five years, the rest of the day he thought about me and every day since then. I looked back at his emerald eyes “really ever since sprite school? That first dandelion ride when I was running late and grabbed the first one I saw?” he nodded a little bit. “God z, why did you never tell me?” I asked rubbing my face this was too hard, “it doesn’t have to be, I thought you knew how I felt about you and always assumed you felt the same” he said bashfully. I put down a wall in my mind and he felt it “what are you hiding little lily” I scoffed stupid preschool nicknames. “Nothing water wind” I sneered back at him “nuh uh your hiding something tell me” he bumped my elbow with his. “Nothing and if I was why on this green earth would I tell you?” I asked now looking back at the calm pond. The next thing I knew he was on top of me his scent filling my nostrils water and earth, so wonderful, his eyes were grey “ tell me lexy what is it your hiding?” he said in a motherly voice “ why nothing mother dearest” I said but kept the wall tight feeling him trying to go round it. His lips were on mine and I melted into him, his lips were soft so very soft and he tasted like fresh water on a hot day. My wall slipped and I kissed him back holding his face then felt him seek through my mind to find what I had hidden. He jumped off of me “lexy!” he gasped.
Company pff just because they were fairies and they had their own rules meant nothing. How dare they just blow me off like that because they’re the same species meant nothing, which would be like me going back to Mariel and...? Whoa! I have to clear my mind because my sense is clouded with his judgment. I drove back to the house, my anger barely being contained. It’s not her fault my wolf is an over protective, rude one. That’s right it wasn’t her fault. My fingers loosen on the steering wheel and I actually listen to the song on the radio, it was one that I heard Karen singing around the house, if I die young by the band Perry. It had a nice tone and the lyrics were enlightening. Although they spoke about her dying young she also is explaining to us no one should feel sorry, they should accept her leaving and help her go. I wish my life was like this song in so many ways.
No, he couldn’t have saw right? It was impossible I had put up a wall; it wasn’t my fault the emotions came and the memory. “When?” his eyes bordering on black and the pond making little waves.
“Nothing happened-“
“Stop lying, I saw the memory I felt your pain, just tell me when?” his voice low and guttural. Instead of telling him I showed him, it started the first day of 8th year, when I came home he looked at me with hunger in his eyes, I didn’t know what it was maybe he had saw something that made him hungry? I sent a bitter laugh, I was so young and naïve, but I remembered that look. That was the look he gave mother when she wore a fancy leaf dress. But my leaf dress wasn’t fancy nor was my hair. I felt my own confusion and swallowed. He got up from the pebble that he was sitting on and strode to me, his thumb and his forefinger catching my chin
“You look beautiful” I didn’t know what to say so I nodded and tried to walk away. He grabbed my arm and it hurt, he had never used such force with me like that, I tried to pull my arm away but he was so strong! He pulled me close to his hard muscled body and forced his mouth on mine, trying to send me comfort and peace and tell me not to scream.
“Let me show you how beautiful you look” then all I remember is ending up on the hard ground and him on top of me, hurting me and hurting me and hurting me. If this was what it meant to be beautiful, I never wanted to be beautiful again. I opened my eyes to see zahfar with his fists clenched and the pond up to his head. “Calm down please”
“Why didn’t you ever tell anyone” his voice a hiss, my tears threatened to spill
“He was my father,” I choked out a sob “he just wanted to show me how beautiful I was, I didn’t want him to go away because of that”. His eyes softened to purple
“Why didn’t you show me?”
“I didn’t want you to think I was beautiful, because then” I wiped my tear stricken face “you would’ve hurt me too. I didn’t want you to hurt me. do you know how bad I’ve felt for 10 years I blamed myself because I was too pretty, I was so pretty that my father my OWN father had to hurt me” his eyes were back to blue and the pond relaxed “I was so scared z” I thought I might choke on my tears and he wrapped his arms around me
“You could’ve told me,” he kissed my forehead and rubbed my back “I would’ve understood. Wait,” he pulls back keeping me at an arm’s length “that’s why you wanted to leave so fast”. It wasn’t a question but I nodded “I couldn’t stay after I found out that dad’s don’t do that I wanted to leave. I had to wait it out until I was 20 though” I sniffled “ I had to live with them for 8 years until I could leave, he never touched me again but I’m certain he would have”. I sink to the floor and cry. Oh how I missed crying, I would never let myself cry over what happened but maybe I needed this. Maybe I needed to let this out, maybe everything would be alright… “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER YOU OVER GROWN FAIRY?!?”
I figured I had calmed my wolf down enough to come back, only to come back to see her with her head in her knee’s crying her eyes out! And he’s standing there looking at me like I’m crazy,
“I didn’t do anything to her; she’s just letting something out that she should have a long time ago”
“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN. GOD I HATE ALL OF YOU FAIRIES SPEAKING IN RIDDLES” I pace back and forth, I have to calm down. This is not my wolf rage this is all me and I have to calm myself before I do something I might regret.
“OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU” she explodes up staring at me with brown eyes “GET IT RIGHT WE ARE SPRITES NOT FAIRIES, AND WE DON’T SPEAK IN RIDDLES WE SPEAK IN THE WAY TO PROTECT OTHERS”. She looks weak now, broken down almost, her shoulders are slumped and her skin pale.
“He didn’t hurt me he helped me with something I needed” her eyes turned green
“What did you need help with?” my tone cautious
“Something personal” she purred. That’s it I called upon my wolf and her eyes snapped to raspberry and her nose flared.
“Don’t you dare do what I think you’re going to do” the male’s eyes slipped to me and his eyes snapped to raspberry too
“You can’t have her, it’s forbidden, and your charm won’t work” his voice was strained. He knew this would work so I didn’t call him on it. You see all werewolves have a charm quality to them; we can charm our opponents, depending on how powerful, to do our bidding. I could easily charm her and she would be mine. It couldn’t be forbidden because fate wouldn’t deter her mine. I focused on her and only her even though her eyes were raspberry bordering on red her mouth gaped open; I smirked causing her to giggle. Yeah this would work.
What is going on? He looks amazing and he smells magnificent. His body giving off a greenish glow, his color of his eyes, and his eyes blazing brilliant neon green. He made me giggle, made me GIGGLE! His voice dripped honey and sounded musical to my ears “come now sprite don’t you want to come with me and be my mate” I nodded my head, oh how much did I want to be his mate! “Good now,” he held out his hand “don’t you want to tell me your name?” his voice calm and seductive. “Alexis, I don’t have a last name no sprite or fairy does” I wanted to tell him everything about me. My favorite color, my favorite food I even wanted to tell him secrets I hadn’t even told zahfar yet! An unwanted voice nagged at me inside my head
“Stop Alexis it’s forbidden, you know this he’s tricking you come back to me please”
The voice faded away and I was alone with Michael, my mate. I took his hand and was instantly serenaded by him. His scent overtook my nose, his voice swam in my head and his face forever burned in my mind. Along with a single word that would always stay: forbidden.


Publication Date: 11-11-2011

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