3 years, for 3 years she’s been gone. For 3 years my life has been terrible. Isn’t it just my luck that when I imprint with someone, not only do they g into a coma, but then I almost get shredded apart by a wolf!? Isn’t that just freaking amazing? For that short amount of time all was well, we were talking by the lake, we imprinted, my life was perfect. But those stupid wolves always take everything so… badly. I shouldn’t be talking about the wolves when my umm, girlfriend? Is one, but they do. Well I guess she isn’t actually my girlfriend but she’s pretty close, and she isn’t actually all werewolf, she’s half sprite. Her mom is really pretty, I guess that’s why she’s pretty. Her eyes haven’t benn open for 3 years, but I visit her every day hoping that they will be. My territory is right across from theirs so it’s a really fast trek, especially when I practically race here. Her father says he’s never seen a person change like that, they never experienced pain, it was just a reflex. But whatever Elizabeth went through she was feeling pain, not reflexes. After she finally closed her eyes her body jerked, I can still remember it like it was yesterday, it twitched and spasmed for a while and then her body switched into a wolf. Well not really a wolf, per se more like a cub. She wont be a “wolf” until she hits puberty, the same way I’m not considered a “puma” until I hit puberty. Her cub was beautiful it was black, like the color of my hair, which is strange, her father said. It was supposed to be the color of her hair, but black is just fine. She had a dash of pale blue over her nose and at that her mother cried… hard. That’s when me and my mom decided it was best to go, but we promised we’d be back. Which brings me back to the present, where I’m sitting inside a wolfs den looking at my girlfriends unmoving body, hoping and praying that she would just, move.

So much pain, I was in so much pain. My body has shrunk and grown and I feel like I have to do something. Now if only I could wake up! I’ve been trying to do that forever but every time my body wouldn’t let me. I think I can go now though, I’m starting to be able to feel my toes, I wiggle them and feel the cotton tickle them, I giggle and feel the vibrations go through my chest. Maybe I can open my eyes now, I try it. I focus on my eyes and being able to see everything clearly, my eyes pop open and I’m staring at the ceiling. Theirs soft snoring, daddies snore! They’re a shaking motion and I feel my body shake. I focus on my arms next I imagine being able to grab things, hug mommy and reach up to tickle daddy. My arms start to move next to me and I raise them up, these are not my hands! These are big girl hands, where are my small soft hands, why are these hands big and rough!? I shoot up and bang my head on something, I rub a spot on my forehead I open my eyes and take in a breath. It’s cat-boy! I may not remember much but I do remember him, his eyes were the last thing I saw before the darkness came. He smiles, no wait he smirks, showing off one shiny canine. I feel threatened by him, but safe I feel angry at him, but glad he’s here what is going on?! For reasons unknown to me I smirk at him too, my teeth feel longer and I’m pretty sure I have a canine too. He’s about to say something when I’m sucked up into a giant hug that’s squishing all the breath out of me. I manage to breath in, strawberries and earth, it’s mommy! I wrap my arms around her and feel the wetness on my shoulders and realize she’s shaking with tears.
“mom, it’s ok I’m here” my voice isn’t squeaky, it’s firm and hoarse. She just squeezes me harder and just when the pressure goes down daddy comes on my other side and sobs. He hugs me and kisses my forehead and cries. They both cry and squeeze me to the point of pain and I yelp. Daddy backs up and so does mommy, they both look at me, daddy with green eyes and mommy with blue, their hair is messy and there are black circles under there eyes. I clear my throat and stand up, my corner of the den is still the same but I just don’t think it looks right anymore. As soon as I’m standing to my full length daddy, mommy and the cat-boy all get up too. I’m still wearing grass clothes but these are prettier, they’re made of brown, yellow and orange leaves. So it must be fall, I walk to the mouth of the den and feel the air on my skin. Everyone is out and watching our den with curiosity, they look at me and stop. A few are smiling, a few are crying and a few are jumping up and down with joy. I smile and wave to them, some of them I know like mary and cora and john and some of them are new like two little redheads that stand in front of mary and max’s den. I need to get to water, my mind Is so foggy, as if mommy heard my thoughts, which she probably did, she hands me a bucket of water. I plunge my hand in the water and I instantly feel better,
“how does it do that?” that raspy voice asks, my head snaps up, for a minute I forgot cat-boy was here. I growl at him and continue to put water on my hands.
“not the first time I’ve been growled at” he mumbles
“I’m sorry what was that?” I bite out, is he trying to get me upset? Or is he just gloating about being annoying enough to be growled at more than once?
“I said,” he says louder and clearer “it’s not the first time I’ve been growled at” he yells. I clench my teeth, I want to rip him to pieces but instead I calm down and fight for my eyes to remain their green color.
“why exactly are you here?” I say with as much calm as I can,
“well, let’s see you’re my girlfriend, you’ve been in a coma for the last three years um I guess I’m here to see the sights” he says, too much sarcasm. I blink at him which is pretty much the only thing I can do. His girlfriend!? I don’t even know his name for pete’s sake! I look to daddy and see he has his head down in shame and mommy is just standing there. What kind of help is she?
“ok, whoa, whoa I’m your what?”
“god, you’re my imprintee um significant other let’s see another word… partner! You’re my partner” he says exasperatedly.
“uh, um oh daddy?” my voice squeaks again, he looks up and his face is a picture of sadness. This is when I start to freak out.

Oh god she looks like she’s about to have a heart attack. Her breathing intensifies and she starts swirming her hand faster in the bucket,
“Elizabeth, baby calm down” her mother pleas
“I’m calm, I’m super calm” she whispers and then she starts to pace swishing her hand in the bucket faster and faster to the point where the water splashes on the floor.
“Elizabeth calm down” her father growls out
“who are you to tell me to calm down” her eyes are black as they snap on her father and she growls at him,
“have you just found out you’ve been in a coma for 3 years? No, have you found out your someones… partner when you just wake up from a coma where the only thing you remember is darkness? no,” she throws the bucket on the floor.
“so unless you’ve actually been through what I have” wings sprout from her back in blue shininess
“back. Off” she growls then flies away.

I don’t mean to be mean but he has absolutely no right to tell me to calm down. I think after 3 years I deserve at least one major melt down. I didn’t even know I could fly, I didn’t even know I had wings! Everything looks beautiful the tree’s are their normal brownish orangeish color. The grass isn’t wilting yet so it’s still green and sunset is about to come. Nobody is outside strange, to my left there’s a huge ocean that shimmers like glitter everytime it moves. I want to go there and just swim in it all day, maybe when I’m older I’ll go.
“it’s beautiful isn’t it?” mommy asks, she almost gives me a heart attack but I don’t chow it.
“very” my voice is starting to squeak up again so I clear my throat,
“I’m sorry, it’s just a lot. And daddy is always so pushy and it’s just…”
“a lot, I know” she sighs and I stop. Somehow I hover in the air and actually look at her. My mom is beautiful, she’s wearing a very pretty grass tube dress that has a few leaves here and there, her wings are shimmery green and elegant. It looks like she’s cut her hair, her brown eyes look at me with concern,
“you ok sweety?”
“yeah I’m fine” I breath in some air and look around.
“I guess we should get back before your father goes crazy” she says, why would he go crazy?
“does he know you came out to fly with me?”
“nope which Is why we should go back” she takes my hand and we fly back home.

I look up in the sky, looking for some sort of blue in the now orange sky, I find this entertaining but that’s because I’m used to it. You know the whole cat and mouse game, yes I know it’s a cliché but hey, it’s what I do. But her father on the other hand is having trouble controlling his temper. While he goes around “den village” I watch the skies. She might not come back, she might just run away, I would too if I were her. Something flutters behind me and I turn and bump my head into something,
“ok, really everytime does that have to happen?” she complains rubbing her forehead,
“you came back!” I hug her and pick her up, the grass in her clothes are itchy but I don’t mind
“of course, why wouldn’t I come back?” she wiggles out of my arms and fixes her dress
“because me and your dad were pushy jerks?” I cant help the sarcasm that comes out of my mouth sometimes. It’s a good thing I have good reflexes, because if I didn’t I’d probably have head trauma due to the fact that my mothers paw would go upside my head every time I talked. She waves me off,
“my dad is always a pushy jerk, but don’t tell him I said that” I chuckle, scaredy cat, I want to tell her but wolves are very touchy. She cocks her head to the side and her eyebrows bunch together,
“you look different”
“well, thanks for the update captain obvious”
“your welcome super annoying” I stick my toungue out at her and she catches it, I start moving my head back and forth trying to get it off but she refuses to let go while she laughs hysterically.
“what’s wrong, wolf got your toungue?” it’s a terrible joke but I laugh anyway, she’s cute when she tries to be funny. I bite her finger and she yelps and wipes her finger on her dress, she feigns to be angry and her eyes swirl pink
“your gonna get it now”
“bring it on dog”
“with pleasure cat” she wraps her arms around my mid-section and I think she’s hugging me, until I feel her hands pull my hair. I let it grow a little longer and this is what I get, a crazy wolf tugging on it, I yowl and she giggles
“what was that?” she manages to say
“that was the mighty yowl, my dear, now if you would be so kind as to remove your hands?” I say in a british accent,
“I happen to like my hands where they are and do not see the point of removing them” her british accent is turning into a Scottish one and I start laughing. She lets go and frowns,
“I’m not good with accents” she mumbles, she looks at me again. Her expression clears,
“holy buggers” then she sprints toward the den’s leaving me to follow her.

Im 8! It didn’t dawn on me until now, I’m 8! That’s why everything is so big, I’m bigger! I hear him behind me but I don’t care, running feels so much better. My long legs carry me faster and I’m at the den’s in no time. I have no idea exactly why I ran here, I just felt like I needed to be here. Cat-boy runs up next to me,
“that was fun huh?” I laugh, although his sarcasm is a pain in the butt, he’s pretty funny. Then I remembered I have to ask him something,
“how old are you?” he seems taken back by this question but he answers anyway,
“I’m 12, and your 8” I smile, you bet I’m 8!
“what’s your name?”
“Micah, and your Elizabeth” does he know everything about me?
“what’s your favorite color?” we start walking toward the den’s very slowly.
“black, and yours is pale blue and light pink” unbelievable! Not even my father knew that!
“what’s my element?”
“what are you?” I know it’s rude, but I don’t think he’s a cat.
“I’m a puma, well a puma cub, but in three years I’ll hit puberty and I’ll be a puma” a puma. Wow. I’m about to ask him another question when I smell something. Like me, without the earth part. I look to my left and see the man that I saw before. He’s still pretty, so I smile at him, he smiles back so I deem him safe. I start to walk toward him but micah grabs my hand and hisses at the man.
“he’s not safe” he tells me, his voice is hoarse and his eyes shine a brilliant blue that almost has me hypnotized. Almost. I yank my hand out of his
“he’s like me, he’s as safe as I am” I tell him trying to get him to understand. He shakes his head and takes in a breath, he’s about to opne his mouth when I put my hand over his mouth.
“don’t you dare signal my father” I hiss at him
“too late” he murmurs behind my hand and then I smell him. Fur and earth and strawberries, I know the man is gone but I still turn around to face my father with sparkly green eyes.
“you know,” I swallow hard “you can’t keep scaring off people that I like”. He growls and I growl back at him, this isn’t my father, this is his wolf and he doesn’t like to listen. He morfs into his wolf and I’m confused, does he want to fight me? He isn’t looking at me though he’s looking behind me, on the ground. I sigh he changed too!? I take in a breath as daddy starts to move his shoulders he’s planning on attacking. No, I may not know micah well but if we’ve imprinted he’s mine and no one is going to take him from me, not even my father.

I wasn’t planning on changing, I just felt really threatened, but I almost get stunned by what elixabeth does next. She takes a breath and then her body starts to morf, she doesn’t feel any pain she just stares at her father and keeps her defensive pose. She remains like that even in her wolf form. Her legs are spread apart from each other and she’s my height, she growls at her father and shakes herself. Her father seems taken back but then he takes one look at me and growls, I move to the side and hiss at him. He leaps but she jumps and takes the hit for me, I yowl and morph back screaming.
“what is wrong with you?!” I yell at him as I rush to her side, she’s grabbing her side and is hissing air in between her teeth.
“it’s fine, it doesn’t really hurt… that bad” her voice is so low that even my ears have to strain to hear them. I look up at her father who still has his stupid eyes on me,
“sprite of danhmor hear me, your child calls to you in pain” I say loudly and instantly her mother is there kneeling next to Elizabeth.
“what happened?” she outs her hand over elizabeths hand , the one that holds her side in pain.
“he leaped for me but she jumped in his way, I think he bit her” I clutch her closer to me. That receives a glare from her mother but I don’t care, elizabeth’s in pain and I cant stand that.
“elizabeth, calm down for me to heal you, you have to stay calm” I feel Elizabeth loosen in my arms and I take a breath. She puts her hand over the bruised spot and closes her eyes, I look down and see her hand glowing green, and I feel Elizabeth take a breath. She opens her eyes and smiles down at Elizabeth,
“better,” she sits up and looks at me, her green eyes sparkling. She opens her mouth to say something but then a whimper brings all our attention to her father. Who lays naked and on his side.
I was going to tell him to stop worrying and that he was practically squishing me to death when daddy grunted. I crawled to him and put my hand on his cheek, his face is contorted in pain and he’s sweating.
“what’s wrong daddy?” my voice is squeaky, I really don’t want anything bad to happen to my father. No matter how much smack I talk I woul never hurt him. He’s my father.
“nothing sweetie, I just had to” he grunts and holds his head and I peek inside. I scream out, his wolf is really angry at him, he’s screaming and cursing and it really hurts. I hold my head and grind my teeth,
“stop that, your hurting him!” I scream at him mentally
“you, you little brat, you continue to challenge me! Even when you know you cannot win!” he screams at me, I clench my teeth
“stop that right now” I say out loud, I stand over my father’s crumpled form.
“yes, I will admit you are my alpha and you are also my father. But that only applies to pack rules” I snarl at him
“so that means if I wanted to I could challenge you, and it wouldn’t matter if you were my alpha or not I would still kick your pushy butt” I cross my arms. I watch as my father’s eyes start to glow a brilliant green,
“you challenge me?” his voice is hoarse and very angry
“if it will get you to stop being such a butt head to my father then yes, I challenge you” I say resolutely I really don’t want to fight him,
“Elizabeth you don’t have to do that” my mothers voice says from somewhere behind me, but I don’t break my glare with my father. That would be a mistake I can’t afford.
“I have to, to show this wolf he doesn’t own me, you or daddy” I clench through my already elongating teeth.
“you know you cannot challenge your father, and he’s our alpha, oh god we’re going to die! He’s going to kill us!” my wolf says panickly in my mind.
“relax, ally, he wouldn’t hurt us, we’re his cub” I want to believe this so she doesn’t say anything she just chants to herself.
“let the challenge begin” my father says hoarsely, oh god maybe he will kill us.

Is she crazy!? Is she trying to get herself killed?! Jesus, we just get her back and then she wants to have a fight with not only her slpha but her father!
“Elizabeth, stop this you know he cant beat him” she twirls on me, her eyes are black and very, very angry.
“do you know what I’m sick and tired of?” it’s a rhetorical question so I don’t answer,
“people telling me what I can and can’t do and what I know” she steps closer and pokes my chest with her finger
“you don’t know what I know, you can’t do what I do, so just butt out” she pokes me with the last three words. She twirls to her father, her curly blonde hair flying in the air.
“so are you just gonna stand there screaming and throwing a tantrum or are you actually going to fight me?” oh god, it was good to live while I could.

I know I shouldn’t have said that. But I was sick and tired of standing there having a stare down while my father is in pain!
“as you wish daughter,” he’s testing me
“as it shall be done… alpha” father would be the wrong term. He gives one nod and together we change. I give myself one good shake and look at the blond wolf that stands before me,
“Elizabeth, you don’t have to do this” mommy says in my mind, I look at her
“believe me I have to,” I tell her then I shut her out. I look to my father again,
“you sure about this?” I ask, well my wolf asks him he gives one nod. We start to prowl around each other, growling but not attacking. But he makes the first hirt, it’s a little snip, not enough to draw blood but just a reminder that he could if he wanted to. We start to prowl again and this time I make the first hit. I bite his front leg and he yelps, I speed back before he can hit me. Soon it bcomes a dance, prowl, snip, growl. The rythym flows and flows until my father finally snaps. He snarls and tackles me in my stomach, I yelp this really hurts! He nips my ear, until I relax,
“submit daughter” he says to me, my wolf is fuming inside of me. Is he serious!? She screams at me, which is just making me mad. How can he call us his daughter after he just hurt us!? She growls at me and I growl at him.
“never” we say in unison and we bite his paw, he turns and gets a gash across his paw, while he’s distracted we lunge for his neck. We don’t bite down we just hold it between our jaws and let him feel our teeth.
“submit father” she growls and I sneer. He whines and I let him go. I change and realize I changed and I’m fully clothed. Cool! I turn to look at mommy and micah and see they have huge eyes. My mother’s is full of tears and micah’s are full of wonder and excitement.
“do you know what you’ve just done?” my mother whispers
“I told the pushy wolf to leave my father alone” I say in a “duh” voice.
“no” micah shakes his head “you’ve just become alpha”.

FLIPPING AWESOME!!! Not only am I imprinted, but I’m imprinted with an alpha! Could my life get any better!? I think not. She wrinkles her eyebrows and then her face clears, the same time I smell something. It’s like how her mother smells but instead of earth it’s water. I turn around and see the man that was here earlier,
“please tell me you know him” I whisper to her mom pleadingly. She has to know him, that’s why he keeps coming here right? I smell her anger before I look to her, her nostrils are flared and her eyes are black.
“I thought I told you not to ever come back here again” she says through her teeth, the man is far but he hears her,
“you did, but something tells me you knew I would come back lexy” he says sincerely
“don’t, you don’t get to call me that” she snaps and steps forward.
“leave here creature,” I tell him and his blue eyes snap to mine “you are not wanted here, and this is not your region”
“it is not her region either feline” he spits at me and his eyes swirl raspberry.
“it is truth you speak sprite, but she has been nothing but peaceful. Her and her cub,”
“her daughter is of no concern of yours” he spits at me
“and neither is she of yours, now as I said before leave” I clench my fists. He’s really starting to aggravate me.
“I will stay as long as I want to” he tries to charm be but it doesn’t work, I’m more dominant than him. Felines are stronger than magical creatures, since we ourselves contain magic. It may not be a lot but we have it
“your spells have no allure to me, leave now or me and my tribe will kindly show your face to your hide” I say as lightly as I can.
“Micah stop it,” Elizabeth says to me, putting her hand on my arm, the contact startles me but it calms me down.
“leave zhafar, or I will keep my promise” her mother says, her voice has turned from calm to cold and deadly.
“do your worst lexy” he says tauntingly and I know, that if elizabeth’s mom is anything like her daughter, this will not end well.

I tired to calm Micah down, and then mommy gets upset. How on god’s green earth am I supposed to calm her down. Once she makes up her mind about something there is absolutely no changing it. The man mommy called zhafar looks at me and smiles, I don’t know why but I feel safe with him. Involuntarily I take a step toward him, wrong move. Instantly I have a wolf and a cougar cub in front of me snarling.
“STOP IT!!!” I yell at both of them, they’ve gotten on my nerves, naturally they ignore me so I tap into the power that I felt earlier.
“stop it right now” I say to them simply and they slink down to the floor whining and growling, I look to the man who has now come out of the wooded area and I can see his pale blue striked hair.
“who are you?” I ask carefully, he looks at me for a while longer then answers,
“I am zhafar, water sprite of claren, and you are Elizabeth water sprite of Helen” he smiles, a truly astonishing smile.
“Elizabeth, come here right now” mommy snaps, I can hear the anger in her voice, but I don’t care. Not when someone so beautiful is standing right before me. His eyes are blue, not blue like when I’m scared but a sparkling blue. The color of the sea I just saw. He smiles again, no doubt he heard my thoughtsm I smile back and blink my eyes. Strong arms hold me around my shoulders and lift me up. Micah.
“stop it let me down” I kick against him but keep eye contact with zhafar,
“no, you stop flirting with other people when we’re imprinted” he growls at me. Flirting? Is that what I was doing? I have absolutely no idea.

I can’t believe this! First my wall against their magic weakens and then Elizabeth starts practically falling over her feet to walk to him. Seriously, they never warned me about this, they never said that imprinted people would be able to flirt with other people. She starts kicking my shins and I growl low to warn her, instead she just growls back at me but stays still anyway. I take her back to her den and plunk her on the floor, she turns on me,
“you had absolutely no right to do that!” she yells at me, her eyes swirling gray
“you had absolutely no right to flirt with another person while imprinted with me!” I yell back she puffs up her chest,
“how do you even know where imprinted, your way older than me, you’re a cat, and I don’t even like you!” she yells back
“ok, one I’m only three years older than you, two I’m a cougar not a cat and three it doesn’t matter if you like me or not. We’re imprinted and that’s that, it still gives you no right to make googly eyes at another boy!” I know I sound possessive but I cant help it. She’s mine and she shouldn’t be thinking about being someone elses!
“I can make googly eyes at whatever boy I want to thank you very much! And you don’t own me you stupid pushy cougar” she spat the last word,
“well, I’d rather be a stupid pushy cougar then a stupid pushy wolf” she growls and steps closer to me, dangerously close to me
“and what does that mean micah?” she says through clenched teeth. Her eyes are as black as midnight and I know I shouldn’t push her but I cant help it.
“it means that you, your father and your pack are stupid pushy wolves” I tell her matter- of- factly. She pushes my chest and unprepared for it I fall to the floor, she gets on top of me straddling my stomach,
“take it back or else” she says dangerously
“or else what?”
“or else this” she tickles me, she starts to tickle my ribs and to my horror I giggle. Me, I giggle!
“do you give up?” she stops abruptly her eyes green again, I spin over so that she’s under me,
“never” I say then start to tickle her. She giggles and kicks but her attempts are futile, I tickle her mercilessly until she has tears from out of her eyes,
“do you surrender?” she takes a breath
“yes” she nods and I start to get up. Wrong move. she wraps her legs around my waist and hosits her sefl up, then she climbs on my back like a monkey spider and covers my eyes with her hands.
“a future tip,” she whispers in my ears “wolves and girls never give up” she says, she bounces up and down on my back,
“now giddy up, I would like a tour of the den village please”

Hah! I fooled him, he thought I was upset, I’m pretty sure I got my eyes to change too. I know wolves are pushy and stupid, like my father’s but my wolf is sweet and timid. Most of the time. He starts to walk outside and I unwrao my hands of his eyes and onto his shoulders.
“onward” I say loudly and he winces “sorry” I mutter, and he starts to walk again. Everyone looks at us, some smiling and some curling their lip in disgust, well I don’t really care
“neither do I” my wolf says. I smile and micah stops, I don’t know why he’s stopped until I see that mommy and daddy are staring at us. Mommy with content and daddy with distrust,
“don’t be afraid” I whisper in his ear
“afraid, me” he snorts “never” I smile and we walk toward my parents.
“hey daddy, mommy” I say when we’re close enough for them to hear me without me screaming in his ear.
“I have my own chariot” I tell them
“I see” daddy grumbles and push inside a little bit and see that his wolf is growling but once I give a low warning growl I hear daddy whine,
“I really wish you wouldn’t upset him like that” he holds his head
“well if I’m alpha,” I say as I get off his back with his help “he has to listen to me and I don’t like him growling and snapping at my mate” I tell daddy. I look up into his green eyes and pat his cheek
“besides it hurts when your wolfs angry” I say simply. Then I look at mommy, who’s eyes are brown again
“what happened with the man?” I try to say nonchanantly but I think micah heard the little hint of want so he gives a low warning growl. I blush and look at mommy who has grey eyes now
“he’s gone now, nothing to worry about” I can tell she’s still trying to keep the motherly tone so I just leave it at that.
“can we go flying again?” I ask her, she blinks once
“sure, umm let me get ready” she nods then walks toward the den. I smile toward the direction she disspaears and then bam! I’m feeling really weird, I take a breath and fall to my knee’s. whats happening? My wolf screeches at me, why are we feeling like this? I don’t know I tell her and then I smell him. He’s doing this, im not sure but I know he is.
“whats wrong,
?” I hear daddies voice say and I feel micahs arms go around me,
“your not gonna leave me again” he says roughly then he yells into the sky,
“show yourself,, I’ve had enough of your games!” his voice sounds really angry, I try to focus on it but slowly I’m going away. I cant move my arms anymore or my legs so I watch as blue mist forms together and I see the man. He’s looking down at me with happiness, why is he happy ooh look pretty colors!
“what are you doing to her?” micah and daddy growl out together,
“im doing nothing, her first sprite change is happening and I think it’s best if you get her near a pond”
“you bastard!!!” I hear mommy yell and I look to her her face is furious as she looks at me.
“how did you do it, how did you get close enough to do it, have you been stalking her? What did I tell you about coming near her?!” she yells rapidly. I start to cry I don’t want her to be mad I try to tell her it’s ok, that im not hurting but the only thing that comes out is a creak and a murmuring sound. Micah looks down at me, his blue eyes sadden,
“is she going to die?” he asks sadly
“pfft no, shes just going to change into pretty little flowers” the man says and looks at the horizon
“and I’d wager we better be getting her to a pond right about,” the sun leaves an orange cast over his handsome face, I want to touch it I think about using the rest of my power I have left just to touch his face when the pain starts. And I don’t think it will ever end.

Her scream is blood-curdling and I will never be able to get the sound out of my mind
“now” the sprite says and I just barely control the urge to change him and rip him to pieces.
“micah take her to the pond” her mothers voice breaks through the scream that has me and her father whining and whimpering. I nod and carry her in my arms. I race to the pond with her father not far behind me, the screaming has just stopped when she starts it again. We reach the pond and I don’t know what to do,
“just let her down, once she’s in the water everything will happen” her mother says calmly. The strange part of this is that she’s clutching the male sprites hand as she and him both walk into the water. I let Elizabeth float in the water and she quiets, instantly her face calms and the tears go away. I look at her mother and I see that she’s glowing now, I watch as her body slowly turns into green lotus flowers. It starts at her feet and then it goes up her body it doesn’t look painful, in fact on her mother it looks peaceful. I don’t look at the male sprite, for fear I might attack him, I just focus on elizabeth’s now glowing body. Her feet break apart into blue lotus flowers and I hear a sigh of contentment from her. And for a moment I think everything is going to be ok, for that moment at least. Her mother screams and I see her head is just changing into lotus flowers when a net surrounds the clump of green flowers that used to be her body. Elixabeth has finished and her body is just being collected into a net, I look to the captor and see it’s the male sprite. Her father screams out and the next thing I know we are both in our animal form snapping and snarling at the sprites who hold our mates.
“calm down, we are only doing whats right” the male sprite who holds her mothers body in the net says, I want to yell at him, rip his arms off, his legs off anything to get them to let go of the ones we love and go far away from here. But even though I’m more powerful then her father I’m still weaker than a sprite, I try to fight it, I do but in the end I cant. So there I sit watching as they fly off with a net holding my mate and inside my head I swear I can hear her scream, yelling for me to help her. I wish I could, but we’re stuck here until their spell wears off which should take about 5 minutes. and for those five minutes i am miserable.


Publication Date: 12-23-2011

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