Introduction: Overview
Chapter 1: What are the best businesses out there?
Chapter 2: How to obtain success
Chapter 3: How to Build Your Business
Chapter 4: Obtaining leads and where to find the
best leads
Chapter 5: Setting some goals
Testimonial: Crazy kid sticks it to Wall Street


This book was written by Darrin Cooper who has written a couple of books and wanting to share his money making secrets. When Darrin was right out of high school he started working and he did get a good job which lasted six years that he worked for the government, then he was about ready to loose everything. This is the best time to make money because of the times we live in, when disaster strikes opportunity arises, no matter how hard you fall tomorrow is a new day, and with that day you can overcome any challenges that come at you. A friend of mine once said if you don’t worry about things that you can’t control. If you can change your money problems by getting a good job then do that, if its network marketing or writing a book or whatever it is do that with all of your heart you can do it! What the author wants readers to get from this book is how to create something out of nothing meaning a lot of network marketing is free to try there is no risk 7 day risk free you cant beat that. The author further talks about when he was searching for a job he confused about his future he doubted himself and also, when we find people that care about us and build relationships with people all over world in network marketing is amazing feeling. If you can do what I just did which is talk about great company you can make money you can make just as much money. Stop trading time for money and leverage your time. Time is money, but when you reverse that money is time and time is important if you have a family or just want to relax, I have worked the three to four jobs and working 100 plus hours a week and you can get burnt out very fast. You should be able to enjoy life family friends not work two or three jobs it can cause stress and health problems the old saying goes the more you make the more you take, but also the more you make the more you spend. It is all about getting on a budget if you can’t afford it then don’t buy the thing you are wanting. My parents and grandparents thought me how to save money if you respect money it will respect you. You can have everything you ever wanted, and you just believe in yourself and in what you are doing once you master the task at hand you can succeed in any business no matter what happens in life just know you can do it block everything else out again it’s a mind set. Just know that everything in life happens for a reason if I didn’t loose my job I wouldn’t have gotten into network marketing and became a success and I wouldn’t have written this book that can help millions of people. My goal is to help others and when you help others you can help yourself. If you believe you can succeed, and just know that if I can do it you can do it its all about applying yourself. Can you do what I just did? So weather you get into a good job that pays you well, or you invest in solar energy which if you go to you can invest your money a smart way and watch you money grow. Whatever you do get out there enjoy life the writer wants to see everybody have their dreams come true because he knows where you are coming from and if you just stay positive do your research you will find a way to make money from home no matter what never give up.

Chapter 1
What IS The Best Businesses Out There?

Hello thank you for reading this book my name is Darrin Cooper and I want to show you how to make money and create income in a recession time. Just because the economy is down doesn’t mean you have to struggle you should strive in making money because when disaster strikes opportunity arises. We all can succeed we all put our pants on one leg at a time like everybody else if they can do it we can do it!! I have seen a lot in my life I am only 26 years old, but I listen to people who have been there and who are wise and know what it takes to succeed, I want to be just like them. I want you all to succeed as well as myself I remember those long hours working pay check to pay check you will make good money working for somebody, but you will never become rich. It is always a trickle down from CEO to your boss to his assistants then to you so little by little that money is lowered the payment scale and you are on the bottom.

I have worked since I was 12 years old I have done landscaping, I help my grandfather upkeep his farm, I helped my dad in his shop, I have done roofing I have hauled lumber. I have worked in three different restaurants I have done security for the Government for six years. They were all great jobs and I did make good money at one time when I was twenty years old I made $80,000 a year which was good for me and I was happy but I had no time to spend it. I remember one time I worked 32 hours straight and it was so tired but I just had the drive to work the drive to make as much money as I could, I was so hungry for it. The sad thing about the whole situation was that I was always trading time for money yes I got great paid holidays, and great vacations but that wasn’t always enough I was tried all of the time stressed out and I made a lot of bills as the old saying goes the more you make the more they take, and the more debt you will acquire because you think you can pay it back. What happens is rates goes up gas goes up food goes up on and on then we can barely make our payments.

Do you wonder why people are loosing there house or they can’t pay there bills is yes do to layoffs but before then a few years ago people where maxed out because over the years rates keep going up and up life styles change. Lets go back to 1999 to 2000 gas was 99 cents a gallon some places still 89 cents in the world, in late 2000 I think it was a $1.05 a gallon then just last fall we went as high as $5.00 a gallon in some states and that is 4 times that amount. Of course some people shouldn’t have gotten in debt but life should be free great go do what makes you happy because it is a free country, and lets don’t forget full time people got cut to part time? What about people that after being there so long they we fired or let go because they made too much money down sizing all over. The Economy will come back it will we have went thru 11 recessions over the past 50 years this one is a little bit more on the slide than in years past but people will realize and new businesses will grow in the mean time you say what do I do now? How do I pay my bills how do I eat where I am I going to sleep?

It is stressful times and right now more than ever with the way things are going but just remember it could always get worse. This is where we come together to help one another in every day life they are good people out there and bad people you just need to hang out with the right people and the right way of thinking and you can make a lot of money in any business right now more online home based business on the market today than every before. So many people are unemployed right now more and more each day are loosing there job because of people aren’t spending and banks are leading it is a tough time all over as it has gotten worse over the past six months. After I lost my job I fell pretty hard I lost my Job I didn’t know what I was going to do I had a good Government base job and when I lost that I lost my insurance a good $20.00 paying job and I was stuck with all of the debt I had to pay back with no income. Of course I was stressed out like okay great what’s next I couldn’t go back to a low paying job with how much debt I had not to mention the life style I had obtained and enjoyed the nice things life had to offer.

I enjoyed traveling going to car shows seeing the world as I have family in England friends in Florida I was living the okay, but I wasn’t rich or extremely wealthy either but I did have a lot of fun. I was also invested my money in the stock market in late 2007 I turned $5,000 into $50,000 in five weeks it was awesome. It was being in the right place at the right time, I paid cash for a brand new truck I built the car of my dreams I had a nice house things where going very well for me then I got notice that I was about to loose my job at the base, I knew that things was going to change and what a time to loose my job in a really bad tough economic time where nobody was hiring layoffs cut wages I was like oh great. That was just the start of things to down slide in my life due to money problems a lot of debt I tried to make more money in the stock market I lost a little bit not a lot but it was the money I had left so I ended up taking my money out and I put it into savings.

Well putting your money into savings yes not a bad idea but yet you don’t make a whole lot but yes it is safe. There is a lot of safe stuff out there that I will go more in detail on hot safe stocks that I am trading and where to make money in stocks in a down time and also the best businesses on the planet in Network Marketing or to work for. When rebuilding America takes time I am still proud of the fact we are a free country and we need to create jobs but what do we do in the meantime we can’t just sit around go broke homeless. I don’t know about you but the Government isn’t bailing me out the working citizen’s they are helping the businesses succeed and I understand that and I wish them the best I am just saying it is one of those hold your breath you just don’t know how long pretty soon your turning blue why didn’t the last bail out work? Again you ask yourself these questions and you will find out the answers are right in front of us and we can make money and create money on our on everybody can and we will all learn and go. This is a rebuilding process for us for you and for the world as the money crunch is world wide and is happening to us right now all over.

We can change things for ourselves and for our families if we keep researching daily on what works and if it doesn’t okay well at least you said you tried are you willing to give up? I felt like that lets be honest with ourselves as you read this book right now you are probably saying yes I have been there or I know where you are coming from. It is happening to all of us and if you are wealthy and the bad economy isn’t affecting you it is affecting somebody you know or they know. The things are happening for a reason you know it does suck we take the good and bad and move on let it be your baptism by fire let it create that burning desire for success deep within yourself. Let me ask you are you on fire for your dream? If you had to think about it then you are but your not sure what fuels the fire yet, and that is fine because sometimes we loose our desire if something happens in our life we as humans don’t like change. We like everything to stay simple and easy. Not everything is easy I wish they’d it was because everybody would be doing all the right things and nobody would make mistakes. We need to learn from making mistakes so we try and make less and less mistakes.

If you are learning something new I think that is great keep doing that don’t give up I promise you it will happen just keep thinking positive keep believing all dreams will come true I can promise you that. Life is like a tennis match he who serves best usually wins. If you help others weather it is in life or Network Marketing it comes back to you because believe it to be Karma or down the road you might need help as well so when your in need and somebody helps you out just remember and help the next person out so we can all gain knowledge and make a difference one person at a time. One man can make a difference and succeed at any level and we all can come together and help each other make money in life network marketing or in general because that is the right thing to do.

Life is great and I want say a special thanks to Jim Schell who has taught me a lot over the pasted couple of months and that is the guy I want to talk about later on in this book this guy has been in network marketing for 14 years or more. He is a great guy a close friend and just a down right great guy who I am still learning from to this day he is here to help and he has a lot of the best network marker’s in the world, he also has a lot of great ideas and he always tells me the world is a big place if people turn you down don’t worry about it tomorrow is a new day don’t be afraid If somebody tells you no. If somebody isn’t interested in your business then maybe it isn’t there time for change or maybe they like working 50-60 hours a week and working more because they got there benefits taking away or they are working more because there wages got cut. I do feel very sorry for people like that they are always trading time for money time for money. I want to make as much money as I can and work for it but have time to enjoy it while I am young life is supposed to be fun not stressful and mad all of the time.

Network Marketing is like dating you have to get yourself out there brand yourself out there let them know that you are out there and that you want to help. If they choose to come to you fine if not fine there are 300 million people alone in the United States Billions of people all over the world and the internet is getting bigger and bigger as we speak. I have a friend who still works at the Government site and he wonders each day how much longer is his job going to last his insurance doubled they took away his overtime and also they are going to cut his wages next month it is sad I tried to help him out to talk to him and right now he is too stressed and is just all worried about money how am I going to pay my bills? Well first off take this advice to heart because this is a big one, don’t worry about something you can’t control why would you do that to yourself? Again don’t worry about something you can’t control what good is that going to do? Nothing so why would you worry about that and let that get you down? Don’t worry dream big think big and you will get big don’t settle get out there do research make things happen!!! If I can do it you can do it I really truly believe that you can succeed with the right people in your life and the right drive you can do it I am sure of it.

Everything happens for a reason and the reason why we don’t know but everything is timing or being at the right place at the right time. I believe in life we have three chances in life to make it really make it become successfully what and how you do with it is your choice. I am always thinking up ideas and ways to help others because in turn you gain knowledge and you can help others in the process and by helping others succeed you just created a team of people to help you and others succeed in the world we live in today is fast pace. Whatever you are doing you can achieve success because you are your own person who can change things with a shift of your actions and you can put in motion and create success for others. When you help others make money of course you make money right? Be a teacher become a leader show everybody that you meet how to lead, and develop with all of the secrets that you develop share give free information I can’t thank my friend Jim enough on how he has helped me over the last couple of months, he is amazing.

When you are there for people they are there for you because it is a chain reaction and with that you get respect and people want to follow in your foot steps you create success thru your people we all create thru each other that is why success in Network Marketing is going to be the new way to make money on and off line. If you can think it you can achieve it and I truly believe that because I have been there down that and I have seen that I have been in your shoes. The things are wonderful right now in my life I am less stressful and making money and enjoying working from home and meeting new people each and everyday has been a blast words I can’t explain it is a feeling a emotion a dream a dream to succeed. Do you have the dream to succeed and create relationships? Or are you just building a business and just think money? Well if you are that is the wrong way of thinking because if you do that you risk not being a people person and not building a relationship with people and you could actually hurt your business. People want good and honest people who teach us how to make money and will go the distance.

People like Jim have really helped me out in my business and when he talks I listen because he has been there he inspires me and if I can do what he has done I can be successful as well and that is what we all want in everyday life weather its business or with our families or building friendships with others. When you can find out what people want and how hard there drive is you can set them up with the right program and with the right program they will find out your system and what works best with them. Also how do you become affective? Is put together a good peace of information telling them about your business and how it works for you and the benefits of getting involved in your business. You have to brand yourself and get yourself out there weather it is writing articles massive post on websites or networking sites you really have to cover all your bases that way there are no loop wholes. If you follow steps that people who have succeed if you can do what they just did hey if isn’t broke don’t fix it.

In down times people at home are always looking to start making money because if there isn’t that many jobs out there then they have to make money somehow. When you find people that are really looking to get into a hot business your business that is when you get people that are hungry because they are on fire for there dream and they know what they want. People who know what they want in life they can have whatever it is they want because they won’t stop till they get to there goal that why goal setting is so important getting the results you do have to put in the time. When you get the people that are looking and they haven’t heard of your business and if it hasn’t been around all that good like Mona vie that I am in this company has went to a billion dollars faster than EBay and Amazon and in 2009 alone it is projected to make over a billion dollars this year alone. In 20 years it is projected to be a 20 billion company and it is only four years old you better believe if they haven’t heard about this great company I will defiantly tell them about it. If you put a great business plan together a great compassion plan together and great people you get great results.

I have been in Mona vie for a couple of months now it is a great business and a great product everybody could and should be healthier and we could always use more money. I know the old saying goes the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. That statement is as true as long you want to believe it but just because a saying goes around doesn’t mean you can’t change it or do something about it. You can do anything that you are willing to do if you just put the effort there and you will see results I promise you on that. Over the next few years there is going to be 79 million more people online more people are searching everyday on how to make money and when they come calling I am going to tell them exactly what I am in and the hottest businesses on the market. In network marketing it all about timing and being in the right place at the right time with the right people you can make all the money you have ever dreamed of.

The Other business I really like and I feel is going to be around for a very long time is GDI Global Domain International everybody wants to have there own website I mean why not make money in the process with so many people using the internet it is a great way to make money and get people into your business and build friendships with the people that join your business. The other good thing about people joining your business is that if you help others and they help others you want to build depth in your business you probably won’t know everybody that John or Sally knows because the world is a very big place that is the great when people come together that is called help one reach one. GDI also is unlimited and every person you put in your business you get a dollar a day for the rest of your life isn’t that amazing? Just think if you have 10,000 people or more by simply sending e-mails out and if you can do what I just did everybody makes money and it is a winning formula.
Now this other business I am going to talk to you about is simple amazing as you can sign up so many people in this business because the internet and network marketing is growing why not have a site for anything and everything that has over a million people going to that site daily. You have press release classified adds for anything and everything, put and load videos pictures information they even have dating on there as well if you can think of it they have it. They have a event category mass mailing contact list do all research on that one site advertise as much as you want promote as much as you want on and off the site. If you refer people to the site and said you get them in Mona vie or GDI that is great both are great business doing great things and making really good money. When you show people how easy it is to market get them to direct matches first because it is the one of the easiest things to promote right now because of how well the site is put together and most people that join the site they want to get into Network Marketing one way or another. The more people loosing there job the better network marketing will become this is going to be a record year in all of the top business out there on the market to date. More and more people are joining direct matches and most of the time you may get them in all three or whatever business you are in get them in that help them out anyway that you can work with them and you will succeed we will all profit by helping others out because we free up and help ourselves.

How do you get your business out there is up to you I can show you how to market and the best ways to market and what I am learning what works and what doesn’t. The choice is yours but I will help you all that I can when I can because if you succeed I succeed and together we can create wealth that you could only imagine and it is real and all of the businesses I have told you are top of the line and are really doing very well in the market today. The reason why a business succeeds is because when you have a business that has a good product or a good comp plain or something that is in demand like GDI and Direct Matches it is a given that people join because they are the leaders in the MLM industry. Let me ask you a question if you had a time machine and you could go back to before Microsoft was big and you wanted to invest in something weather it be in the company come up with the idea or invest in it right? Why would you do that is because look at people who was and are still involved they are reach beyond there wildest dreams again right place right time.

Life is a journey you never know what is going to happen to from day to day in network marketing you will have good days and bad days. For example you have a dealership that has a slow month they aren’t selling very many cars but people next month get there taxes back or interests rates go down and they come to you and you have a record setting month it can turn around like. The people make the difference in network marketing. The more people you know the better you will be at network marketing and please whatever you do don’t say no to something if you haven’t done your homework on what it is that you are interested in or thinking about getting in a business. Don’t let oh well I don’t know that many people I can’t do it you saying you can’t do it is you are lying to yourself because if I can do it you can do meaning its just spreading the word on how great a business is and talking about all the benefits and how much money you can make. In network marketing meet at least two new people a day to your contact list put time into your business go join a gym work out get healthy meet new people go places and I promise you will see results beyond your wildest dreams.

If you ask yourself some questions if you have a job are you really happy there? Most people hate there job some don’t mind there job other people just work there because they have to and are depressed all of the time. Is all of that really worth it? You can make so much money and it is out there for us because if you put the time in it will happen in every aspect. Why go through life upset or unhappy life is too short go out there have fun do what you like to do when you like to do it. Good things to come to those who wait but great things come to those who have a drive for life. A drive for life is what it is all about how driven are you in your life your dreams and goals? I have a million Bill on the ceiling for when I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning it reminds me I have a goal to become wealthy. You put your paints on one leg at a time just like all of the millionaires and billionaires in the world you desire freedom. Yes money is power and knowledge is power money isn’t everything you can be broke and still be happy, but money makes the world go around money has influence.

Chapter 2
How to Obtain Success

Have you ever wanted to gain success or daydream of something you truly want out of life? You can have everything you want out of life. Money, wealth, a loving relationship, radiant health, true happiness anything your heart desires once you know the secrets that I am going to share with you in this book.

The world we live in today is at times puzzling. We get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat the whole process each day thereafter. We never have time to sit down relax or to meditate on a regular basis in order to clear our mind and focus on the things that we want in our lives.

Ever sit and think about what it is you want out of life to the tune of if I had this or that things would be better? The next thing you know you are saying to yourself that you can’t afford the this or that in which you were just thinking about and so you just quit thinking about those things. The key to getting those things that you think about having in your life most is to change the way you look at the things you want. If you think about the things, you want most out of life in a negative way than that is how you will get them into your life in a negative way. To put it simply if you are a negative person than you will bring negative experiences into your life.

For example, think of it like this. If you are a happy go lucky person and for some reason things are going good but not the way you want, the way you think about improving on your current situation will affect the outcome. Let us say that you want a new relationship or a better job. If you keep thinking about these things negatively or get frustrated while thinking about them saying it is not working, than you will slow the process of getting what you really want down due to thinking in a negative way.

Nature teaches us many things in that thoughts are real and that the law of attraction is everywhere around us. If you hang out with wealthy people you will obtain there values and if you follow there lead you will succeed all we have to do is to just stop and think about it. Nature teaches us that things have to grow and build upon before coming into our reality. We have to plant our thoughts just as we have to plant flowers or trees. They have to grow and have faith and they will come about when the time is right and they are ready it will happen keep pushing don’t ever give up and any business that you get into will make you money I guarantee it. Everybody wants to have the perfect life. We all have dreams. That is what gives us hope for a better tomorrow, but the key is to follow your own dreams not anyone else’s. Do not try to live vicariously through someone else. For example if you let others dominate your thoughts you will never develop into the person that you want to become you become a leader not a follower. You learn and become a leader from a leader succeed with the best just like on a basketball team if Michael Jordan makes people around him better they take there game up to another level.
Here is a story that I will share with you. One day a small opening appeared in a cocoon and a man sat and watched for the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress, it appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could not go any further. Therefore, the man decided to help the butterfly, took a pair of scissors, and opened the cocoon. The butterfly than emerged easily, but it had a withered body and tiny shriveled wings. The man continued to watch because he expected that, at any moment the wings would open, enlarge and expand, to be able to support the butterfly’s body, and become firm but neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a withered body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.

The man in his kindness and goodwill did not understand that the struggle required for the butterfly to get through was nature's way of preparing it for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon. Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we went through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us.

I asked for strength and was given difficulties to make me strong. I asked for wisdom and was given problems to solve. I asked for prosperity and was given a brain and brawn to work. I asked for courage and was given obstacles to overcome. I asked for love and was given troubled people to help. I asked for favors and was given opportunities. “I received nothing I wanted, but everything I needed.” Therefore, the point of the story of what nature teaches us is to live life without fear, confront all obstacles and know that you can overcome them.

Gratitude is one of the most important things in attracting what you really want because it brings more into your experience, and that good cultivates more of the good feeling. Try always to be happy when asking for what you want as you are at a higher vibration. In other words, when you ask for something try to have peace and harmony when you are friendly with people they will be friendly back everybody needs a friend help those who seek answers. You never know who you will meet in your life and I feel that in life you have three real chances in life to succeed take advantage of the time now is a great time to become a millionaire.

I was adopted when I was a baby. I did not know until I was nineteen years old. I never met my real parents. Just think of the path I would be on if I was not adopted. I wouldn’t be on the same path and I would also be a totally different person. I am thankful that I had the parents I do have because everything happens for a reason and I have met a lot of great people in my life that teach me things everyday I want to learn something new everyday of my life because again like I said before knowledge is power. Dream about all the money you can make just know you can do it and you will because you have that mind set just stop talking about it and go out and do it. How you create wealth for yourself create it for somebody else watch what you want happen because you just want it to so bad it will because you didn’t give up you fight and fight everyday to keep your dream alive and you deserve everything you work for because you worked for it.

Sometimes people have ideas or something that they want to see happen but are not willing to try to do anything towards making those things become a reality. You never know until you try. Do what you love and do it with all of your heart while along the way trusting that your heart is your guide. Following your heart, desire and love for that in which you are wanting you if you can succeed you will achieve that is my thoughts on what does it take to succeed and that is will power not to give up the fight must go on. If you have the eye of the tiger or the sure will alone and the never die attitude you will do very well in life in general. Nobody wants to go to the grave forgotten we all want to be apart of history.

Having that “Do it now” feeling and that you know that you can make it work is the inner harmony of your heart and that it is in a pure state. Your guide is now ready for this and all you have to do is trust and have faith that it will come to you like your car getting you back and forth to work everyday. You can do anything you want to do if you just put your mind to it and just stop well I am going to do this and I am going to do that. As Nike would say just do it have fun with it watch you people grow and learn from the people you meet along the way it is a awesome ride. Others will help you out in your business by getting people they know and together we can change the world one person at a time.

When you have an awesome feeling about something or butterflies in your stomach you must act on that idea or thought. Follow the great thinkers in history they only wanted you to be happy nothing more, nothing less. When you are happy you find yourself in harmony which is good because who wouldn’t want to be around a upbeat positive person. When you are down I understand you have good days and bad days but I always can deal with the bad I will always welcome the good. Go within yourself on what you want, meditate on it and do things that make you happy. Focus on happiness and gradually more happiness will come to you. That’s why people who are positive maintain a flow of more good things that happen to them. When we give thanks along with gratitude more and more things to be grateful for will come to you. As I stated be fore earlier on in the book, say what you want over and over again, “what you think about, you bring about.”

No matter how bad things get in your circumstances, by a certain shift in your awareness by “changing” the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. For example, when a man thinks about, he brings about. Meaning all things can come to pass if you believe in that reality as I have stated before. The question is how do you want to live what do you want to do with your life how much money do you want to make where do you want to live is all about choice and wanting to have great relationships. Ray Crock was a genius he had the “Burger, Shakes, and Fries” for McDonalds and all every employee can go from store to store and run a McDonalds. Why you ask is because it is a simple system it is just like Mona vie they put a great system together “Health, Wealth, and Relationships”. If you keep a business plan simple or anything in life so others can do what you just did you will become a better leader than you could imagine.

You can touch so many lives the world needs love more than anything right now. Love will always overtake hate, because love is the good feeling that all people want to feel and light will always overshadow darkness. Have you ever tried turning a light on in a dark room? What happens is that darkness can not stay dark the light is dominant at a higher energy. Anything can change or shift. With your actions life is meant to be exciting and fun. Live your life with no expectations. Treat people in your business how you want to be treated and they will treat you back in turn. Help put a fire inside of them of the dreams and hopes that they can be successful and they will be successful it is all a matter of time and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Tell people you will help them but you won’t do the work for them, that is like you going to work 40 hours a week for a friend at his job why he was lazy and stayed at home but he got the pay check. You have to put the effort and the time in to make money in anything you do.

I know what you are thinking, that there isn’t always a time and place for everything. Like war, maybe it is to show us compassion instead of violence that is out there in the world today. All things, and I do mean all things, happen for a reason, a purpose. A purpose is for something to happen is what we want to see happen a reason to put our paints on everyday to get out of bed to make a difference that is a purpose we all fulfill. What good does it do to give up on something why waste your time giving up on something before you started it ? That doesn’t make any since to me maybe to some, but people in general it doesn’t if you divided all of the money up in the world we would all be rich companies like Mona vie or GDI and Direct Matches they all want you to go out and get your fair share of all the money you would every need. You’re a person just like all of the movie stars and NFL, NBA and MLB players that are making there millions you just find a way to do it in a different way and you will do it.

In life with all of the good and bad things that happen, make us who we are now and who we are going to be. In life time goes by fast, the older we are the faster life tends to go. Remember when you were a kid and you could play for hours and hours. That is because kids do not worry out time because it means nothing to them as long as they have fun. As adults we worry about time when we go to work, get off work, pick up our kids, it is all a rush to get things done based around time. In life we just forget how to have fun we want to have fun again life is meant to be fun and enjoy life not work two or three jobs if your that lucky if you want to call it that working 80-90 hours a week your killing yourself doing that I admire people who do that in a way because they are just trying to survive I have been there done that and I don’t wish to go back now what I know now.

Then what would be the challenge of learning and evolving to that of what you want? Have you ever played a game that you won all of the time until you got tired of playing the game? The challenge is within our selves to bring out the best from within. For example, if you keep winning at the same game sooner or later you have learned and experienced all you can until it is time to move on to another game. See, we learn when we fail or succeed but its all about evolving, learning and growing our soul with the knowledge that nobody will ever take that away from you. For example if you master a business in network marketing and you maxed out your pay why not since you have your team big and going strong stay with it but join or do something else fun and exciting keep it fun remember that. It is just like when you max out pay at your job what else having to prove yourself with no raise bills are going up pays not well time to look for a better paying job.

Mostly in life people do the same routine over and over again. Some people like change and some people do not. For me change is a good thing as long as it is in a positive way. We can always better ourselves if we just take the time to think things through. If you give things a chance it will be great for you and the situation because you are giving something new a chance which you can be great at doing. You never know till you try something and you could be better than the guy that got you in the first place. If you keep planting the seeds doing the work you will see results its just like working out if you keep working out and wanting to become in great shape you will get there just not overnight. Just like in a business it won’t grow over night bit it will go as fast or as slow as you want it to go it is your businesses build it as fast or as slow as you want to. That is what I love about network marketing if you are your own boss then that is a awesome feeling.

When we all just take time for ourselves and go with the flow, things just seem to go better. Fear is what keeps us from not completing our dreams. We lose focus on what we really want because we worry about how will I? Ever do this or how will I ever have that. Then you see your dreams that you once envisioned disappearing because of the fear that you had within yourself.

Ever think what it would be like to live in a world without fear or drama? Anyone can overcome fear and have faith that everything will be alright. Just tell yourself that it will be over and over again and believe that you can achieve anything you want to achieve if you just put your mind to it. You can accomplish anything. One person can make a difference in the world because he affects other people and they affect other people. Which turn causes a chain reaction If you have faith in a person that you come across and you say man this guy or girl is a go getter but they are slow to start doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be good in network marketing or good in your business weather it is direct sales or anything in general. It just means the time hasn’t come for them to learn how to do what you are doing as well as you are doing it.

The biggest thing I have found in my life is staying positive and focusing on the things I want to see happen. We all hold onto the images in our mind that we attract. Stay focused on what you want, not what you do not have. For example, if you focus on what you do not have, you will attract the things that you do not have. There are so many ways to achieve goals in your life. One way is to act like you already have what you want in your life. Remember, what you think about most, you attract into your life as I have said before. They say in life when someone gives you a lemon, make lemonade. If you have trouble getting fired up watch a good movie read a good book or go out and do something get out of that house and don’t worry about something you can’t control it doesn’t do any good. I understand if you are stressed out about loosing your house or car or your family but don’t focus on the problem focus on the solution.

Why shouldn’t you have the nice cars, your nice big home or your dream job that you always tried to get, nobody is better than anyone else its just that our egos tell us that we are or are not better than the other person. I know that you are probably wondering if I am not better than a murderer or someone that committed a serious crime. The answer is no because they haven’t learned from their mistakes of lies past and are stuck in the rabbit whole of life and can not get out, or are also into heavy drugs which cloud their judgment and one bad thing after another. It is very sad and they should and will be punished for what they have done. But I believe that we are all equal it is finding our calling in life and life is full of surprises.

One day, we the human race, will shine. There will be a better world for us to experience. Nothing happens over night and if everything we ever thought about having or wanted to happen actually happened happens in a blink of an eye would make. If you really want to change your life, you have to put thought and actions marry to make it work the way you want it to once you get the hang of being around a good bunch of people and leaders you will obtain there cartelistic of other people and just like them you will know what it takes to have everything you every wanted. We all want a piece of that pie and we will have it I am sure of it just keep trying do what you are doing and it will happen for you when the time is right. I had a friend came to me who is in my business and said I am having so much trouble I talked to 20 people and only five people joined what am I doing wrong? I told him nothing just keep doing that.

In my Mona vie business this is a amazing fact that if you lets say after in three months only got one person in your business that makes you and one other person. Then that person got one person every three months you have six people in your business in six months, and in nine months you have 12 people in your business and then you are thinking what am I doing wrong? The answer is nothing it is a slow growth but if you kept that up for two years one person every three months which is very doable you will have 254 people in your business and you will be making a extra $52,000 a year extra income. That is pretty good money for very little work you can work less than a hour to get one person every three months. We had a guy go black diamond in for months in CA and he is making $1.5 million dollars a year yes I am sure he is a walking talking good deal but again if you can just talk about how good a business is people will follow and want to get in your business it sells itself. Also the top earners in Mona vie is $6.8 million dollars right now that is amazing in itself and they are always raising the bar the sky is the limit.

If you can just imagine life without fear, worry, drama or what other people’s opinions are of you than you have mastered your life. We all want nice things, to have the beautiful husband or wife, children, lots of money and to live happily ever after. That is the American dream of success is to succeed we want what we don’t have because it is the challenge of having the money the freedom really more than the money the money will come it’s the dream that we want money is just a object but the dream is real. How bad do you want what you want to see happen is the question as I mentioned before in this book. Nice guys don’t have to finish last you can have what you want go out and get it whatever it is you can have it. It is right on the table for all of us to come together and help others and we are all helping gain knowledge and learning something new each and everyday.
We all dream and our dreams give us hope. Never give up on your goals and dreams. Do what you really desire and block everything else in your mind out and just focus on that one thing that you most desire. In everything there is a beginning, a start point when you want to finish is up to you the best you can be the best strive to be the best because that makes us better at what we want to see happen. I love a good challenge that drives me even more when we see something we can achieve we will achieve it because hey if it worked for him it will work for me. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional because you want to do the your very best day in and day out because we all can get better day by day learn the latest software promote your business in all levels of marketing. The internet is a awesome tool use it and it will work wonder for your business.

We all try to be the best people we can be as we are all in this together. We are all here for a reason. Life is taking experiences building on them and so on and so on. Everybody has always thought what if I made certain choices or done something a different way, but we make the choice to do certain things a certain way. In life there is free will to make various choices. Do not think that you made any wrong choices or bad mistakes I have always wondered why certain people come in and out of our lives and over the years I have realized there is a purpose for everything. Sometimes I wanted certain things to happen in my life but did not. In the beginning I wanted everything now. I wanted the relationship, the money, the car that I always wanted. I have a nice house I travel I enjoy what I do and I am happy that is the great thing about working for yourself you are always trading time for money working for somebody else its nice to not have to do that anymore. There are several books that I recommend that contain a lot of information for anybody studying positive thinking. They are listed at the end of this book for your reference. One thing I have learned is to trust and have faith and understand my mistakes.

I mean we are only human but we learn from our mistakes and it goes with us. I would not change anything in my life. I might think that I want to or simply think about it but I wouldn’t go with it because I know it is my path. I know that I try very hard at everything I do. I try to be happy and joyful but we all get upset sometimes and get off track. Life is not always easy and the reason why is because we have to learn from that experience. The more we experience the more we learn and the more we learn the more we gain out of life or any business that we are in we learn from experience. If you learn as you go in life you will make it in any business or if you are a writer a painter a police officer a you work at home whatever you do then do that with all of your heart.

So many people are lost and its sad, but we could help one another out by lending a hand to those in need. I have always wondered where I would end up in my life and try to rush everything. When you take things day by day things will work out by them selves, when you go to bed at night and wake up forget about the past think about the future how many people can you help today or meet or get on your time. The world is a very big place we always meet different kinds of people in different places and we never know who we will meet. I have a friend in Ohio she has 2200 people in her Mona vie business one guy alone put 1200 into her business alone. That is amazing it really is and I am so thankful to meet her and share experience with her and John and many others that I have build friendships with.

About Jim Schell he is a great teacher and he knows a lot because he has been around those kinds of people can help you out in many different ways. Jim has a lot of tools he uses knows a lot of people by putting his business out there and making contact after contact. People are hurting and he puts it out there if you want in and become successful he can help make it happen and will make it happen and is making it happen everyday. I was talking to him the other day and he told me oh it was a busy day we signed up 400 people today I was wow that is amazing. The more people who are loosing there job’s will have to find work somewhere and that somewhere is the people come to us no more cold calling all of the time leave your name and number in your e-mails or on your website.

In Creating success is one thing but when you can help others and they help others and you keep things flowing mange your team and teach them how to be success in all ways. Show them the latest tools that you have to market call and touch base with them on a weekly so that keeps you on a friendship level so you can show and teach and learn all at the same time. In anything you do make things simple not hard do what you want to do in life not what life wants you to do. Please whatever you do don’t give up in your life or oh I don’t have any money how can I succeed because it takes money to make money. But that isn’t always true because you can still get into the best businesses risk free trail and get people in test out the system. If it is as good system and good people in your up line you will make a lot of money do what they have done and if your having trouble give them a call they are willing to help you out in any way because the more people on your team the more money everybody makes it is a winning system.

Chapter 3
How to build your business

If you ever noticed that if there is a tragedy, the people on this planet for the most part become one again. Like peace and harmony, they forget about their individuality and come together as one caring for one another in sync with everyone else. Life is something wonderful. Life is one of the greatest gifts that you could possibly ask for. It is amazing how it all comes together. The biggest way to understand the gifts of like is to do everything you do with passion and care that you as a person try the very best you can be. From within you can do anything, be anything you wish to become through being determined. You see right now people need money more than ever and we all could use more money.

Most people know about 500 people that they can call or are friends with might not be close with I had 800 people in my graduation class of 2001 and I was friends with about 400 of them alone. I sometimes try and use the three foot rule if your within three feet of me I will walk up and talk to you just be friend or start of a conversation weather it be a coffee shop or where ever even in a store anywhere. Treat people with kindness and respect if you think a person that you meet might be interested in your business give him your car or exchange your phone numbers do follow up with that person show interests and always be willing to help. I remember all the help Jim has given me I can give to others.
When you can help others make money you tend to feel good about yourself because you are doing something good helping touch people’s lives but yet helping yourself in the same process it is amazing. The journey to get there isn’t something to worry about it is how far you will go in the business you can go as fast or as slow as you want its your business. The only bad thing is that when you do that you tend to not make as much money, but not always true I have a friend who is in Mona vie as well he only signed up four people in his business he has 50 to 60 right now and he isn’t even trying he is building his team on cruise control the business sales itself I enjoy all of the business I am in because they are good and one of the top businesses out there that is why I am in them.
I started a yahoo group up that I want one day to be the biggest yahoo group and that is what my book is called “How to make money in tough times.” Really how do you make money in tough times? How to you build your business if there is no money out there for them to spend to get into your business or they say well I can’t do that or I need money now not wait for it. You simply give them the facts I got three people in my business the first day I am making a contact list I am going through the contact list daily trying to find people to join my business.

Do you get your friends in your business or do you do you not ask them? Well the answer is you ask everybody who is anybody you want the big dreams and goals you want to get people as many people set goals. Don’t give up on them keep plugging away doing it day after day month after month you will see results I can promise you that it has worked for me and it can work for you. Once you can set your mind on something go after it will all of your heart know that you can achieve it what that is that you want, it is how bad do you want it? Do you want it more than the other person? It is all about mass marketing meeting the right people at the right time and this is a great time to get hooked up with the right people I have several friends that I have made that have taught me so much in so little time.

How bad do you want what it is that you are seeking? In order to get what it is you want ask yourself questions what would it feel like to have that right now Are you ready for it? What would your friends think? How would people look at you? Weather its wanting a certain someone in your life or a certain thing or an event you have to go within and you will get what you want you just will it to you. Now here is the tricking part about all this and that is you will get what you want, but it will not always be in the way you want it to be. When people say oh that is a pyramid scheme it just doesn’t work where here are the facts and facts don’t lie because it is a proven system with proven results.

Life is great if you really think about all that we do in our lives and the miracle of life in general. When you think about how thankful you are and you will let more good things into your life because you are thankful and that being thankful will open the door to what you want more. We control our faith we control what lies before us because we know deep down what we want but we have so much doubt oh we know we can’t have that. When you ask yourself why can’t you have something it is right there you don’t ask just go out and get it make something out of nothing I love a challenge on anything weather its network marketing or sports racing anything it is great to have a drive a challenge do things because you choose to do them not because you have to. You choose to work or you choose to sleep its freedom and I am here to show you that in this book.

When was growing up I remember dreaming of what I wanted at a young age, I always seen myself succeeding but at first I failed all of the time at everything I was doing. The reason being was to make me stronger from my mistakes and life’s struggle I was questioning myself in all areas. It was like I had faith in myself that I was going to do wonderful and great things I want everybody who is anybody to read this book get off that couch and join a business or network marketing or I would say go out and find a job but the market is down hey I know somebody who is hiring. Its called Network marketing we are always hiring we want people to and I will do as job as any to train you with everything I know put you in contacts with the best. I can’t thank Jim enough for all the help he has given me over the last two months alone I learned more from Jim then I ever did in school. We can always learn from each other because we all have different ideas and what you do is put them all together they can exploded your business.

Life is full of surprises but we roll with the punches if you get knocked down get up again that is where are strength comes from. You have to be a strong person carry yourself and show people you have done your homework and that you know your business inside and out. Also know your incomes what people can make and the benefits your business has to offer. When you do that you either will get them in your business are you won’t. The people will join because they want and right now are desperate times did you know 10% of the people that you ask to join your business will say yes, 10% of the people you ask to join your business will say no and 80% undecided. When you are honest with people tell them how they can follow how you market and do things and tell them you will show them how but you won’t build the business for them but you will help them at all costs.

We all dream about becoming wealthy who would just want to get by in life?. The best way to do it is the way we enjoy the most or are best suited for. Get prepared study what works and what doesn’t work you will figure it out in all do time. When you have all the tools together look for the best tools or talk to people to get meetings or conference calls to explain the latest promotions and what they can benefit from it. There are a lot of great programs out there that offer different things for different people and you will get a feel for what business this person will be the best in. The people want to find a place where they call home they don’t like changing job to job or business to business they want stability they want to be apart of a great business and you can share your business with thousands of people everyday just by sending it out there posting on websites writing articles.

When you first get into a business first off set some goals, and make a contact list and keep getting more and more contacts everyday and your business will succeed no matter what. Don’t overwhelm yourself when you first sign up with a business, but be ready and willing to make money once you get the hang of it after that it keeps getting easier after you have one got your first person in your business what a great feeling in network marketing helping others is key to unlike the success for your business. When you make new members feel welcome give them what it takes to believe that the people who are the top earners in network marketing had to start somewhere you have a beginning to have a end. With online businesses doing really well right now the industry couldn’t be better this is going to be a great year in network marketing because of all the job loss around the world.

The great thing about this industry is I have so many contacts I store that I get from people computer program I mean Direct Matches is great because so many e-mails get from that alone and also press release promote anything people are looking come to the people as much as people come to you. If they say no at least you gave them a chance to get in your business try getting your business known to everybody you are close with if you do that they will take you as a business man not just a friend.

Chapter 4
Obtaining leads and where to find the best leads

When joining a network marketing business, distributors become excited about the new business opportunity. After all, this type of business is an excellent way of acquiring a vehicle to reach financial goals. However, this business is network marketing and nearly everyone today seems to hate the thought of networking with people and the easiest way to approach this business is to talk to family and friends and any casual approach but this seems to be the downfall of many distributors. They do not seem to handle the humiliation and rejection when people close to them discover that they have joined one of those pyramid schemes. Selling to family and friends does not seem to work for most people.

There are two options which distributors to can carry out isn’t you can Buy Leads Lead brokers can provide telemarketing lists at quite a high price. Even though these leads are advertised as fresh, they might have been sold many times. On top of all this, it is unknown how these leads have been generated. There is also a skill in converting these leads by using conference and presentation calls. There is also such a thing as "closing the sale" skills. For the new network marketer, buying leads is good way of burning money. If you can create your own leads and get the fresh leads day after day you can really do very well in network marketing. If people see you successful they want to follow what you did how did you do it? And you tell them how to obtain wealth and it is repeat the system it is that simple. They are so many ways to obtain leads in network marketing and if you contact me at show you how and the best tools for free or contact my friend Jim

The internet has paved the way for this type of lead generation. It allows business owners to have a tool which attracts other people to them. People who want to find out about what the business owner has to offer. Some network marketers are building their down line organizations simply by using their own websites to attract their prospects. If you use the tools that are out there and free to try you can succeed in everything and anything out there the best business will take care of you if you treat it like a multi million dollar business it will treat you back the same way in turn. You will make things happen you will grow your business and become wealthy.

I want to share with you that even the most un-technical, un-savvy person can learn to use the Internet to build an Internet home based business and attract Network Marketing leads without having any technical degrees or computer knowledge....well almost any. If you can type and use email fairly well, then you can do this. If people so no network marketing isn’t for me then it is just not there time for it yet or to be introduced to network marketing, but it is for everybody and once you start seeing and if they don’t come around by then timing still isn’t right. You are at the right place at the right time the internet businesses are out there network marketing has never been better than ever you can really change your life and someone else’s life by showing them the plan your business and it is amazing the results you will get.

The Internet does not cater to beginners in any way. If you're like me, when you're researching information on the Internet you'll find a lot of information that you could use, just maybe, if you understood what they were talking about or could follow the jargon. The internet is very simple once a day on it if you don’t have it and you can master the internet and your business if I can do it you can do it. When you tell people that and how to build there business create leads your sharing information and as I said earlier in this book knowledge is power and if you put that knowledge to good use. Think of it like this don’t think about yourself for a min thing about creating wealth for someone else make someone else millions but guess what if you do that in turn you will create that money for them but it all started through you.

That is simply amazing on what we can do in network marketing find leads and not having to pay for it is great. The thing you have to realize if people don’t have a job and they think that there is nothing out there then you find them tell them you can help them offer help to those in need I remember when I first started talking to Jim he wanted to help me he put me in some free business GDI and Direct Matches and I got in for free he showed me how to get leads for free. Did you know that if you do a Google search on how to make money or jobs they are thousands of people looking everyday there is Craigslist and Back Page is amazing too you can really find these people thru ads click on them if they are looking to get into a business find them as well as they can find you.

When you try and find leads it is like dating your trying to find the right person to get into your business as if you are dating you are trying to find the right one for you. Different but yet similar it is no different than posting a singles ad then a business ad because you are still putting it out there wanting a response or meet people. If you go to Direct Matches you can find leads you wouldn’t believe I get a 100 e-mails a day it is great and it is a free site to try you have nothing to loose but everything to gain. You can make it and you will I believe in you because you are reading this book and with this book you have the information that has been told to me and with my researching.

If you can attract people to your business day in and day out you will make money and how big do you want your team of people to be? You make that choice and the choice is how hard do you want to work to obtain leads which turns into people joining your business.

Chapter 5
Setting Some Goals

If you don't have an Internet home-based business yet, then you can attract business leads to a list that can be used when you do is set up a business. When you start an internet home-based business seriously, this Internet business is growing all of the time and I will teach you how to make money to support your endeavor, or monetize, while you're learning. That's so important. Sometimes you need a little money coming in while you're working on making money. The old saying is it takes money to grow and make money but not true again if you can get into a business and start making money within your first day that is amazing.

You'll learn how to market an Internet home based business from scratch, by starting with the basics, so you can do it right the first time! All training is tailored to the non-technical mind. That would be me! The basics will begin by teaching you how to brand yourself, or start building a reputation for yourself on the Internet in order to attract people to you, and/or your Network Marketing business. If you set some goals and stick with them it is just all about doing what you say make a list of what goals you have and you can achieve them all step by step put people in your business and watch it grow. Your business will grow but the money will grow as well you will master network marketing and you will have everything you ever wanted to have in your life because you worked hard and it does pay off.

There are a lot of social rules to follow in order to produce Network Marketing leads effectively. You've got to start out by attracting people into your network marketing business without employing a lot of sales tactics. People like to get to know you first before they trust you enough to do business with you. Build a relationship with them be there friend hey I am here if you need me call me anytime show them you are for real successful and your goal is to help them get started in the best money making programs or businesses in the market today. You can and will succeed by just following steps that have been giving.

In any business that you look at look at what does it take to succeed? What does it cost to get in? Also when you look at the facts the facts don’t are true statements either the business is they say it is or its not. Not is the time to get into a good business and start making money and when you do that you will see what I am talking about here in this book because this book is to teach you even in a down time there is no recession in the business I am with because they are making money all of the time and also the number of people are making money everyday lots of money.

If you want to go out and look for a job I understand and respect that I worked very hard so far in my young life. They are jobs out there good ones to but far few in between and the economy will get better over time but wouldn’t you like to become one of the new millionaires of today and make your money when the time is right and the time is now! Over the next 10 years or more there will be 1,000’s of new millionaires because of the internet grow and how fast everything is moving in the industries. The wealthiest industry is booming right now more and more people wanting to make money in this run down economy it is a rat race that you can win. Help others succeed get goals for them follow the system follow the goals and you can create wealth out of nothing and you can master your life and get in the drivers seat again.

It doesn't seem possible does it....that you can attract leads into your Network Marketing business without selling to them? Does it seem a little crazy? Anything new can seem that way. Learning something new can be challenging, but it can certainly feel a whole lot better when you know that the training is catered to you and no detail is left out. Also not only that; you'll have a guide assigned to you to make sure you know what to do and how to do it. Follow your gut on things listen to teachers I listen to Jim when he talks because he has been around and in network marketing for 15 years he is my teacher and he is amazing in the things he has done and the goals he has set is really awesome.
I met a new friend Dan out of San Diego, CA he is amazing with the system he is putting together he is helping me learn how to network marketing as he is bring the tools myself and Jim are putting them motion and wanting to create wealth all over with the tools Dan is using he is awesome at advertising and if it wasn’t for Network Marking and finding him on you tube we would have never met. I enjoy meeting new people I am a people person and I would do anything for anybody and I want to see everybody as a whole succeed in network marketing all you have to do is apply yourself get your business out there and you can help so many lives it is a great to meet people.

I also meet a few friends that I have gotten close with one friend lives in KY he is going to college and he is in network marketing and he is only 21 years old and he has 5 different websites out there where he gets 30,000 hits per website just by setting goals knowing how to promote and using the best tools of marketing on the business today. He can create leads by searching in the right places and developing contacts thru contacts which produce more contacts more leads and more money! We all like money which money is freedom it is freedom of choice to go to work or stay home and play relax go on vacation.

You can make money in all areas of network marketing because there are so many people out there that are going hungry loosing there house there cars etc. Thankfully the government is helping with the four closures. You think if people go to a gas station they are feeling up there cars? No they are only putting a enough to get by because they can’t afford anymore because they simply don’t have it and they need money they need us to help them and with this book I want millions to read it share it with people because people need help and I want to help anyway that I can or you can share this information as you share this with people that you care about.

The Forty Five year plan talks about 95% of Americans are either employed or self employed and the other 5% are investors or a B type business. Wouldn’t that be awesome if you could switch that number around? We need change so let’s all focus on change lets all on helping America out the world or as much as you want to get it out there we can do it the ball is in our court. We make choices everyday I hope that you make the right ones and follow what you know to be true in business or about yourself go out and do something good for somebody share a business with them pass on a business card. Even help them set some goals and get them going to start making money today in any network marketing that would be perfect for that person.

My Goals are big but so are my dreams every since I was a little boy I have always wanted to be wealthy but I never was in till I got into network marketing and hooked up with Jim Schell, and Dan my friend Paul, and close friends in KY and CT. Without them I would have giving up on so many things and they showed me what it takes in life to make it to the top. We all try in life sometimes we fail sometimes we succeed but we aren’t giving up don’t every give up on your dreams because dreams do come true trust me they do come true.
My Friends to you all weather you are in Network Marketing or not or if you have a good job or not if you are struggling I want to help you in anyway and in always I can. I almost lost everything if it wasn’t for my close friend Jim helping me become a leader and to become great like he is. It is amazing what people we attract in life if we just keep putting it out there. This is a funny story I never told anybody this but when I had 500 numbers on direct matches website and I was going through to make some calls the first number I called as Jim’s. That was amazing out of all those numbers I called him up and he shared so much with me that others haven’t in recent past. I was so happy to talk with someone who shared the same dream and goals I have. Won’t you dream with me make it happen you can do it I believe in you all. Thank you for taking time to read this book good luck and don’t ever give up again just find a good business to get in and you will make it God Bless and I hope you attract love, wealth and happiness.


Crazy Kid sticks it to Wall Street

Hello gang Andy Davis here owner of Corner Stone finical firm in Terre Haute Indiana. One day I had this Crazy kid come into my office and start asking about options and wanting to start trading in BIDU and also Apple and I didn't know what to think at first I was like okay I will take a investment of $5,000 and we will see what happens I didn't think anything of it. He seemed like a nice guy and I thought I would take a chance on him, he told me how a year prior he turned $3,000 into $8,000 in the stock market in three days. I was impressed but maybe he just got lucky I mean it’s all about lucky from time to time maybe he was in the right place at the right time. So about a week later I called him and said he just touching base with you letting you no BIDU is the same and the Apple your down about $1,000 he exact words were its okay I have been reading every day and I know it will turn around lets hold out I said okay. A couple of days later Apple doubled and he was working at his Army Depot at the time when I called him he told me to sell and put everything into BIDU I was like are you sure the stock is down I said yes so after commissions he had $5,500 started with $5,000 he did loose $500.00 in another stock but had what he started with and he was so sure of BIDU I knew it was a good stock as well but options a 25 year old kid trading options and has been for a couple of years now I was like okay I hope you know what your doing. In exactly eight days I called him back and told him you just turned $5,500 into $25,000 he said okay sell it and we will do this. After we sold it he ended up re-investing in the same stock and doubled his money again later on in the following week ½ so in two ½ weeks he turned $5,500 into $50,000 I was very impressed young Crazy Kid knows how to invest money and in options as well just amazing.

Andy Davis


Publication Date: 11-06-2012

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