Remember Yesterday - 2005

The sun goes low, and time has waned
Gone for now, but it comes again.
In this garden,
laughter once has chimed,
The flower sing their songs as mimes.

The fence stands still, the scars of memories
rest upon its scratched face
For sticks have come and sticks have gone
Picketing along, the children raced.
The children of long ago;
Whose faces time has erased.

The wind still blows.
The magic still grows,
Ev'ry waking hour.
The stream still swells.
The tinkling of bells.
The sun still shines with brilliant pow'r.

Laughter's ghost dances still.
And the flowers still nod their heads.
Though the children of long ago,
Have writ their wills,
And long ago gone to bed.


These are several shorter poems that I had to come up with for English Class in....I don't even remember which grade. I think I was 12, though, if that tells you anything.

Bloom Your Own Way

Winter, summer, day or night,
The garden ever a new delight.
The flowers bloom in their own way,
Summer, winter, night or day.

Wind in the Valley

Into the wind the dandelions send,
Their lofty little faeries.
And under the wind the grass does bend,
For the wind in the valley never wearies.


As the days fade away,
No longer in sight,
Keep the dear memories;
Do not allow them to take flight


The lion's pride you cannot hide,
As is evident by the way he strode;
'Tis just as the pride of the proud knight,
As, into his first battle he rode.

Second Section Introduction

These are simply some shorter poems that I have come up with during my life, not just for School.

Bashers, Crashers

(To Tune of Barney)

I bash you, you bash me
Though best friends we claim to be.
Now your heart feels cracked,
And you feel you've gotten smacked

Here we all go,
Ain't coming back.

Never Grow Older

Fairies dance,
and unicorns prance
A world gone away
Is here now today
Don't stash a world
Up on your shelf.
Bring it back from time,
and live it over
And don't grow older
Than your love
Of fairy tales.

Poem Intro...

This poem dedicated to my baby sister.
I saw her gazing up at my mother one day. If you could have seen it, could
have taken a picture of it, you would have entitled it, "Look of Admiration," too!

Look of Admiration

The adoration in a young one's eyes,
The smile like the sunrise,
Like the star's light in the skies.
Her happiness shines through sorrow,
I wish her well for all her tomorrows.


What I'm trying to say is that no matter what, love cannot be really shown by giving flowers, candy, etc. It cannot even be spoken. It's felt and shown by our actions and sacrifices, and yes, our feelings that sometimes even we cannot comprehend. When Jesus died for us on the Cross, He showed the ultimate sacrifice. And even then, we are not seeing all of His love for us because we cannot understand it. Even though this poem has virtually no rhythm, bear in mind that it was a quick work, made absentmindedly.


Love can move the mountains.
Love is like a fountain.
Though a heart can be broken;
"I'll never talk to you again!"
Love is still there,
Though harsh words were spoken.
Love when it is true, cannot be broken.
The depth, cannot be acted or spoken.
Love cannot ever, ever be understood.


Have you ever spun so fast, looking up? It's thrilling, unlike much else. Just lose yourself in the sky! This poem is a little dizzying in itself, though, so maybe that will do at least for now, haha!

Twirl, Spin, Faster!

No one can replace a departed friend.
No one can see until the very end.
No one can know what is coming.
No one can know why sometimes,
You just feel like running!

Burst forth and fly,
Reach up! Touch the sky!
Take a leap; jump!
Soar right over that stump!
Spin around, eyes upraised,
Until -in one place- nothing stays.

Until the clouds and sky mix together.
Until the world seems to spin forever.
Until not much matters anymore.
Until all you want to do is soar.


In Memory of Matthew Isaiah, my twin. People think I'm over-dramatic
to talk about him how I do. I didn't even know about him until 3 years
ago. We don't even know for sure if he was a he or a she! My mother
had thought earlier on that she had lost me. She didn't lose me but my
twin. Though we don't know much about him (or her) I *feel* like I know all about him!

I know what he looks like
I know what he acts like
I know just how his nose turns upward slightly
I know he's a boy, even if we don't know for sure what he was
I know that he'll always be with me.
I know that even if people look at me weird, like I'm imagining
and he's just my 'imaginary friend,' I don't care.

Matthew Isaiah

Though the sad and happy tears,
I will think of you, all the years.
If you were here with me,
To help ease the fears;
To wipe away the tears....
I would help you too.

O, how you went when your life was new!
Taken fast, taken at the start,
But, oh, oh-so-near to my heart!

I love you so,
Dear brother mine,
Though the sights of the world,
Were never thine.

I'd love to hear,
The beat of your heart.
But somehow you are mine, me yours,
From my heart, you shall never depart.

I am yours, you are mine,
Though your life never got to shine.


The poem is self-explanatory and is about how, though we sin like crazy and sometimes don't even repent right away, though we do things that would drive humans to their wits ends...Unlike us, God and Jesus have offered us life. A more bountiful life on Earth, and everlasting life in the end! But...will we answer to the call?
Will you someday say, "Thank You, Lord! For giving me this chance"?

For This Chance

O, Lord!
From me, do not depart!
I want to keep You close to my heart.
Your love has not been hidden from me.
Lord! Thank You! For the chance,
To spend forever with You in eternity!
Then I can look upon Your face!
O, help me to look for You always.
I want so much more than just a glance!
Thank You, Lord! For giving me this chance.


This poem is also self-explanatory. It's about several things that I am thankful for!

The Thankful Prayer

Thank You for giving me eyes to see,
And for my friend and family.

Thank You for giving me ears to hear,
And for wiping away all the tears.

Thank You for giving me nerves to feel,
And for the conscience which warns me not to steal.

Thank You for a nose to smell,
And for letting my soul's sight be unveiled.

Thank You for saving my spirit,
And for the fact that, when I pray, You hear it.

Thank You, Jesus, for dying for the sake of love,
Thank You, Lord, for sending Your Son Jesus from above.


When I was 13-14 years old I went through a year-long or so depression in which nothing made sense. I wouldn't eat. I wouldn't drink. I hid food. I lost weight. I was so, so very convinced of my own filthiness, my own lack of worth. I was less than dirt. I deserved to die. I didn't know how not to deserve it. I couldn't do anything to deserve anything else but hell. I thought it would never end. I despaired of ever growing up and having children, even, because they wouldn't have a fit mother. You'd think, having God and all, I'd have avoided something like this. But, no, apparently one is never saved from doubts. What finally broke the cycle was realizing that no, I couldn't *be* enough on my own. But Jesus already WAS. It was DONE. And who was I to knock down a unique, one-of-a-kind treasure created specially, never to be created again? That treasure was ME. I was NOT dirt. It was my faulty understanding that was bringing me down. But here's the good part, and why I wouldn't have given up the depression, perhaps, even if I could have wiped it all away: I can now understand those who are depressed quite a bit better. I couldn't before. I had no idea what they were going through and now I do. So for that, I am truly thankful.

Lost Inside - Could be dated anywhere between 2006 to 2008, I forget

Screaming on the inside
Looking for an ear
Everyone's so blind
Just need someone to hear.
Need my heart not to fear.

I need you,
need you near.

Helpless groping, feeling blind
Wish I could leave it all behind.
Carrying this decay,
And trippin', stumblin' on 'til day.

Anywhere but here,
Don't you hear me?
I need you near,
Need you near me.
Take me out of the dark
Please help me restart
Take my hand, guide me.
Take me, keep me, hide me.
Run beside me.

Self-destructive thoughts.
What's real, what's not?
I'm shredded inside,
Wish you could read my mind.
Wish this was all behind.
Why am I so blind?

Anywhere but here,
Don't you hear me?
I need you near,
Need you near me.
Take me out of the dark
Please help me restart
Take my hand, guide me.
Take me, keep me, hide me.
Run beside me.

Hurt and pain, all around.
And yet I don't make a sound.
Because no one knows.
So I don't let it show.
And I don't make a sound
'Cause I know this will all drown
In the past
This won't last.

World turns and turns around,
Right-side, Upside down.
It can spin and go without me
Or it can spin and I will see
It's better with me.

I'll stop being so blind,
I'll leave it all behind.
I'll take the hand you've given me.
I'll learn that all along, you could see.
You saw inside of me.
When I couldn't breathe.
You ran beside me,
When I thought it was just me.
You've always been there,
And now I see.
Yeah, now I see.
It's never just me.


This is kind of like a song, more than a poem. I was kind of ranting, haha.

Better Start Livin' It

"Bottled up by my own self
Afraid to let it show
I hold on close,
Hold deep in side
The girl who's hard to know

Held up by insecurity
Afraid to let myself be free
Can I let go, truly be me
Or continue to hide...

Cuz life's worth livin'
So you better start doin' it,
Life's not stoppin',
So ya better start chasin' it
As the old words go,
Those who matter don't care
and those who do - don't - maaatter.
Life's worth livin'
So you'd better start livin' it
Life's not stoppin'
So you'd better start chasin' it
And let them hold close
The you
That's afraid to show

Ever cross your mind
Maybe they'd like to know
The you you hold in-side
Look out the win'dow
See the sun
See the friends
See the wind
It never ends
See the trees
See the seas
See the world
As you never knew it
Break away
From yourself
Get outta there
And take my dare
Meet some people, new
And most importantly...
Just be you.

Cuz life's worth livin'
So you better start doin' it,
Life's not stoppin',
So ya better start chasin' it
An' as the old words go
Those who matter don't care
and those who do - don't - maaatter.
Life's worth livin'
So you'd better start livin' it
Life's not stoppin'
So you'd better start chasin' it
Let them hold close
The you
That you're going to show."


This is a poem about pulling the little part of you that's afraid to show away from yourself, even if you've been hurt, or don't think you're good enough; but letting "it shine for all it is."

Don't Keep It

Look inside your heart
and be honest with me
Is it something that others can see?
Is there a place
Deep inside your heart
A place that you're afraid to part
From your self?

Can others see you -
Who you are?
Can they see you?
Forget your scars.

Live your life as if
tomorrow just may not come
For it's true,

Don't hide away the precious heart
Let it shine for all it is.
Don't keep that part -
Don't be afraid to start
Showing yourself.
Don't hide away,
For in the last of your days,
You'll find your capacity
By feeling the loss

If you keep that place inside of you,
You'll lose the love you never knew.


I was once told once that this one sounded like Dr. Seuss. Best compliment on writing I've ever had!

Hey, Is It Prose?

Something to do
Something to do
What shall I do?
Haven't a clue.
Something to do
Something to do
Something that's new...
I could go fishing,
Use my toe as bait!
But my foot may fall asleep
If I've too long a wait.
Something to do
Haven't a clue
Something that's new...
I could find a tall rock
And use a sock
To float me down...
But my mom might get mad,
And I wouldn't be glad
To make her frown.
I can't do that,
Nor this,
nor those.
So I'll just write this...
Poem? Essay?
Hey, is it prose?
Sure hope I've entertained you
While I've been deciding
Something to do
Something that's new
Still haven't a clue...
Of something to do....


These pieces are made to display how all of our needs are essentially the same - no matter what walk of life or gender or religion we are.

We Are One

How can you stop /our/ lives the aching?
How can you stop /our/ hearts from breaking?
We are not apart,
We are one
We share the moon,
We share the sun
We do not simply share the earth,
We do not only walk the turf
That others have tread.
We share the hearts
That need to be read
See the man,
See the woman,
See the child,
The rich, the poor
See the famous,
See those ignored
Though outward different be,
They all have the same
as me.

Hearts' Key

How can you spare a life the aching?
How can you stop the heart from breaking?
How can you stop the shadow's path?
How can you stop another's wrath?
How can you change dark to light?
How can you help to change one's sight?
How can you help fighters become friends?
How can you stop the cruelness end?

How can we help this cruel world
That turns its back on anything
Merely suggestive of faults...
How can you find the master key,
That opens every one heart's vaults?



I was trying to do my Math one day, and it was virtually impossible; I wanted to write so badly!


Concentration made nearly impossible for me
It's calling to me
The words on the page don't stay where they are
They fly off the page and turn into stars
Math concepts are restless
And decide instead to run
Turn into fairies under the sun
If only, if only, my mind could take flight!
The feeling is there, but no words in sight
To express this restless creativity
For it's there...
And it's calling for me...


This poem is about how people cast a mold to show us how we must be...and how, when we try to break out, people think we're crazy. But we don't have to be like everybody else! We just don't.

You'll Cause a Storm

Hey, who are you
Or is this me
Or is this just we.

Look all the same
Talk that way, too
Never do anything
Out of the blue

Never, ever be you

Never be free
You'll get a penalty

Of snide remarks,
Laughs and taunts
No cheers, just jeers
No one to be near
For you
To you
Just you

What's expected?
What's the norm?
Don't be yourself,

You'll cause a storm.
Don't be you,
They just might sue.

Cuz identity isn't the fashion,
Just gossipin' and bashin'

If you dare
To be,
To let show,

To let others know
You'll never live it down.
So just don't make a sound.

What's beyond these prison walls,
The ones that say I have to stay
And do what it says
And be what everyone is
And do what they do
And say what they say
And dress how they dress
And think how they think
And never go beyond the bars
Never go beyond the rink
That is this cage,
This shell,
This mold you've cast for us.


Publication Date: 04-01-2011

All Rights Reserved

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