Kiara and Gerald wake up in the morning and are lying down naked and getting ready for some romance in bed. While Kiara climbs on top of Gerald, she starts kissing him with her juicy red lips. Gerald grabs Kiara's buttocks and kisses her smooth neck with his soft lips. Meanwhile, in the romantic moment, Kiara and Gerald hear a loud scream from downstairs. "Help!!!," a scream from April is heard downstairs. Kiara and Gerald run downstairs to find Lewis play fighting with April. Kiara opens the front door to go outside to water the colorful flowers in her garden and notices a purge notice on the door. She slams the door in fear and asks the entire family to pack their belongings and demands them to leave the house, because the purge is on its way to their town. Kiara, April, and Lewis immediately runs upstairs to their rooms to prepare to leave. Gerald in disbelief turns on the TV and notices a red line on the bottom of the screen warning everybody in their town that the purge is coming, but the date is unknown.

Gerald turns off the TV and said, "Kiara come here I have something to tell you." Kiara rushes downstairs, "So, the purge is really coming to town, I see it on breaking news, but the date is unknown."

Kiara starts to cry and hugs Gerald close, and replied, "The date doesn't matter, the notice asks us to leave our house now, and go find another house to live at, somewhere that is safe." The family decides to leave their unsafe home and go to their family cabin that is located in a secluded safe area in a forest.


Gerald kisses Kiara and gently takes off her shirt. Kiara unbuttons her pants while Gerald takes off his shirt and unbutton his blue jeans. He lifts her up with her legs wrapped around his waist and starts to pull on her hair while caressing her upper body. They both immediately start to put their clothes back on. Kiara goes to the kitchen to cook breakfast, while Gerald, April, and Lewis showers. She looks outside the window with the bright sun glazing inside the kitchen. She notices someone staring at her with a mask on their face. She closes the window curtains and breathes heavy. Meanwhile, Gerald is singing in the shower and bathing himself. When he steps out of the shower he dries off his body. He hears someone knocking on the bathroom door. Once he approaches the door, he sees nothing. He walks back to the bathroom and turns off the shower and brushes his teeth and wash his face. After he washes his face, he looks in the mirror and sees a reflection of himself, that looks like an unusual face. He closes his eyes tightly and opens them, and he sees his normal face. Ignoring the situation, Gerald puts on his black silky bathrobe and walks to his bedroom to put on his work clothes. While Lewis was in his bedroom getting dressed for school, he started to feel sick, so he stays in bed until breakfast is ready. April was in her bedroom talking to her boyfriend Danny on the phone. Kiara said, "Everybody come downstairs to eat, the food is ready." While the family sat at the table to eat, it began to rain. Gerald walks outside and sits in the car, while April walks upstairs to take a shower. Everybody food was cleared off of their plate except for Lewis'.

"Lewis why you didn't eat your food?" April asked.

 "I don't feel well, I am sick. I don't want to go to school today. Please don't tell mom and dad." Lewis replied. Lewis throws his food away in the wastebasket. While sitting in the car, Gerald began to see bloody rain and started screaming in distress. Lewis and April ran outside to the car and noticed their dad looking distraught.

"Get your asses in this car now, so I will not be late for work today," Gerald said. April and Lewis got in the car and was quiet the entire trip because their dad was yelling at them throughout the entire car ride. When they arrived at school, Lewis began to puke out the car door. Gerald starts to see bloody rain again, it blurred his vision. He drives the kids back home and  calls Kiara to let her know about his situation, but he received no answer.  "Kiara, I need help, I see bloody rain outside," Gerald said on the voice message. Kiara didn't hear the phone ringing because she left her cellphone in the kitchen. Once she got out of the shower and put on her clothes, she went to the kitchen to continue washing dishes. While she was washing dishes, she made a mistake and dropped a drinking glass and it broke into pieces. When she picked up the glass with her bare hands she cut her hand accidentally. At that moment the lights throughout her house blacked out. The bad storm caused the clouds to darken and she became dehydrated and collapsed on the floor.


Kiara became dehydrated and drank her own blood. She wanted to stop, but she liked the taste of her blood and began to cut her hand deeper to drink more blood. She ran upstairs, looked in the mirror, and saw her eyes turn red. She smiled, but her teeth were fangs. She couldn't control herself, all she could do was get naked and dance in a pool of blood. The lights switched back on and she fainted on the bathroom floor. While Gerald was in the car, he started to feel a spiritual force, while hearing voices in his head telling him to go home. He returned home and the blood on the bathroom floor disappeared. Kiara walked out of the bathroom, with her bath towel wrapped around her body, when she heard Gerald knocking on the front door. She ran downstairs, opened the door, and kissed him on his neck. He grabbed her face, kissed her back, and closed the front door, and left the kids sleeping in the car. She threw him on the sofa and he stripped himself naked and started to use a spiritual force to make her start screaming and moaning. Kiara started grinding all over Gerald and the lights went out again. Gerald rapes her with his spiritual forces, while she bites him with her vampire fangs. She bit him so hard that blood started dripping down his neck, then she sucked the blood out of his neck until he fainted. The lights came back on and Kiara screamed in distraught. She performed CPR on Gerald to reciprocate him. He was breathing so abnormal, that his rib cage began to show. Kiara left Gerald home so he could rest and walked to the car to pick up April and Lewis from boarding school. When she got inside of the car, she saw April and Lewis sleeping in the backseat through the rearview mirror, she wakes up April and Lewis, and everybody walks back inside the home.


"Mom, dad has been very angry and mean to Lewis and me for no apparent reason," April said.

"Everything will be okay, dad was just having a bad day," Kiara replied. Kiara goes to her bedroom and Lewis goes to sleep in his bedroom. April decides to go to her room and open a board game that she found in her dad's car. This board was the Ouija board. April was so excited to play this board game. While Lewis and April were in their rooms, Kiara decided to have a talk with Gerald and said, "Baby, what's going on? I heard that you have been acting strange lately towards the kids."

"Strange, Kiara, who told you this?" Gerald replied.

"April told me that you have been acting strange lately?" Kiara replies. "And, you left them sleeping in the car today." I thought they were at school."

Gerald asked, "Look, listen, lately, I have been hearing strange voices and seeing things, and I was wondering do you think I should go see a Psychiatrist?"

"Sure, for peace sake let's go," Kiara replied. "April and Lewis daddy and I are going to the doctor, we will be back later on tonight!"  While April and Lewis were still at home, they used the Ouiji board. They had no idea how to use it, so they played around with it until they heard loud footsteps. They were so scared they stared at each other until the noise stopped. They left the Ouiji board out and went to sleep downstairs on the sofa together. Another noise, which was in April room woke her up, she left Lewis on the sofa while she went to her bedroom to see what the noise was. She saw the spirit of a woman sitting on her bed, with its back turned towards her while, hitting its head on the headboard. All she could do was stare at the spirit. Lewis couldn't hear the spirit, he just woke up, but he started to feel so sick that he started to scream and cry for April. April run downstairs and hold Lewis in her arms. Lewis started to turn pale and he collapsed. April calls her mom on the phone. "Hello," Kiara said.

"Mom, Lewis is dead I see spirits too, please come back home, I am scared," April said.

"Calm down, Lewis is just sleeping and I know you haven't been talking to that crazy boy Danny again. He has you thinking you see spirits." Kiara said.

"Mom, listen, I found a Ouiji board in dad's car, and Lewis and I was playing with it, and now Lewis is dead!" April replied.

"Okay, baby lay down and get you some sleep, we will be home in the morning, dad has to stay in the hospital tonight, the Psychiatrist has to check him out, but currently the hospital is overcrowded. Bye." Kiara said.

"I am so scared, I don't know why mom doesn't believe me, she thinks I am crazy. I will just lay down and call my boyfriend Danny," April said.

"Hey, Danny can you walk to my house and help me out with my brother?" April asked.

"Yes, I will be there in the morning," Danny replied.

"Okay, hurry before mom and dad get back home," April said. April lays on the sofa downstairs and falls asleep on the sofa, while Lewis is still lying on the floor.


Lewis rises from the dead as a zombie and speaks to April. "April, I am Lewis, your brother," Lewis said.

April replied, "Lewis, I can't believe you are not dead, I thought you were dead, mom was right, I am just going crazy!" Lewis walked towards April and started play fighting with her and biting her repeatedly. April said, "Stop, Lewis you're hurting me!" Now, April and Lewis are both sick, with the zombie virus.

Danny appears at the front door, "Open the door, I am being chased by zombies!" Danny said.

"Lewis, open the door for Danny, I am not feeling too well," April said. Lewis opens the door and notices a shocking look on Danny's face. Danny runs inside the house and Lewis shuts the door.

"April, you are turning pale, and Lewis looks like a zombie," Danny says.

"Danny, what are you talking about, why do you think zombies are chasing you, and why do you think Lewis looks like a zombie?" April asked.

"Have you watched the news lately?" Danny asked.

"We never watch the news much, I believe dad watched the news on October 1st and heard about a purge warning, maybe the purge is here now," April answered. "No, I believe it is a zombie virus in town, because the purge warning is still in effect, and I watched the news today, and the zombie virus is happening right now. Okay, maybe Lewis is a zombie, but I don't want to hurt him." April said.

"We don't have to hurt him, I say let's tie him up in the bedroom in a chair," Danny said.

"Bad idea," Lewis said in anger. Lewis starts to fight Danny and bites him on his arm. April runs upstairs to her bedroom and gets a rope, and comes back downstairs, and grabs a chair from the kitchen table. Danny throws Lewis off of him onto the chair, and Danny holds Lewis down onto the chair, while April ties the ropes around Lewis. Gerald and Kiara open the front door and notices Lewis acting strange inside of a chair wrapped with ropes.

"April and Danny, what the hell did you do to Lewis?" Gerald asks.

"Lewis is a zombie now, and April and I are feeling sick and turning pale because Lewis bit us and now, we have to hurry up and go to the hospital to see a doctor before we get the zombie virus," Danny replies.

"Are you insane, what are you talking about?" Kiara asks.

"Mom, Dad, Danny says that on the news, they say that the zombie virus is in town," April says.

"I believe that's the virus that a lot of those patients at the hospital are catching," Gerald says.

"Gerald, you're right, that's why it was overcrowded today," Kiara says.

"Everybody, let's go to the hospital, and get some medicine to cure this virus," Danny demands.

"Lewis we will come back for you, mommy and daddy loves you," April says.

"I want your flesh now!" Lewis screams. 


Everybody leaves Lewis at home and decides to go to the hospital for medical help. Dr. Vanessa says, "Gerald and Kiara your tests are back and this is good and bad news." Gerald walks into Vanessa's office and sees a lot of pictures of vampires and zombies on the wall. "Hey, Gerald, which news would you like to hear first?" Dr. Vanessa asks. "I will like to hear the good news first." Gerald answers. "Okay, well the good news is that you don't have the zombie virus, from being bit by April. The bad news is that you have partially turned into a vampire and you're at stage 1, there is no cure for this type of problem." Dr. Vannessa says. "Alright, thanks for everything, Dr. Vanessa," Gerald says. "Kiara, your tests are back, and you have already turned into a vampire, but you are only at stage 1 and stage 3 will appear in 26 days, like we told Gerald there is no cure for this type of problem," Dr. Vanessa says. "April and Danny come here, so I can run tests on both of you because you guys look sick." Dr. Vanessa says. Dr. Vanessa began to run tests on April and Danny and found out that, they didn't turn into vampires, but they had turned into zombies. "The zombie virus, is constantly spreading and it came into town yesterday, at the moment there is no cure for this virus either, sorry we cannot help you guys," Danny says. Kiara, Gerald, April, and Danny, are now sad because there is no help for them or Lewis. As soon as they decided to leave, an entire ambush of zombies and vampires began to destroy the hospital. The patients were angry and decided to riot the hospital. Some of the patients had fully turned into zombies and vampires. Kiara, Gerald, April, and Danny decides to take the first elevator they see to the next floor, to explore the entire hospital. Then, the lights in the hospital went out due to a terrible storm. This storm was different than any other storm. They began to see the zombies feeding upon each other in the elevator. The zombies needed human flesh, and the vampires needed human blood. The vampires began to chase the zombies that were at stage 1 since they weren't fully changed into zombies and still had blood inside of their bodies. The zombies that had fully changed were not beneficial to the vampires, because the zombies had no blood in their bodies to supply. The vampires are not beneficial to the zombies, because, they aren't normal humans, they have changed into vampires, so their flesh wouldn't be any good for the zombies. "Run! Run!," Danny yelled. They all began to run, now that they were being chased by zombies and vampires. Desks were flying in the air, people were screaming and crying, and bodies were everywhere. As people were constantly turning into zombies and vampires, Danny, Kiara, April, and Gerald were running for their lives. After a long night of being stuck in a haunted hospital, they ran upon an exit door and went outside to get into their car. While they were approaching the car, a horde of zombies and vampires ran outside and chased them to the car.


As the morning approached the vampires had turned back into normal humans due to the sunlight outside, which caused zombies to now chase the vampires around the hospital. While Gerald, Danny, Kiara, and April are driving away from the haunted hospital, they decide to go back home to check on Lewis. Once they open the front door, they realize Lewis is not sitting in the chair anymore and that the front door was unlocked. They knew there was no more help for Lewis he had reached stage three of the zombie virus and had completely turned into a zombie and was nowhere to be found. Now that Lewis is gone everybody feels incomplete without him. While they grieve over Lewis, they continue to live normally without him. 


Publication Date: 01-21-2018

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