A Question Mark In Time


D are to believe you are able to achieve
R est peacefully, all your doubts relieve
E very moment counts, not one is a waste
A rrive at each scene, yet without haste
M iracles do occur, living is never in vain
E veryone matters, despite all of our pain
R emember that a dreamer will always dream


If no one had compassion
If nobody cared anymore
What a sad world it
would be to live in


Sharp as a pricking thorn
words pierce like a sword
laying open all the wounds
venomous, poisonous darts
the critical, crushing blows
death to the wounded soul
that's the sting of rejection

"Put Your Hands On Me"

Here we are together, alone at last
it is time to forget about the past
from now on, only our future matters
just you and I in a honeymoon suite
with wonderful dreams to build upon

So, come here and put your hands on me
there is nowhere else I'd rather be
caress me gently, hold me so close
I promise you I will always be true
blessed by Father, Son and Holy Ghost
forever, I will need you the most

Earlier today we pledged our love
side-by-side we exchanged our vows
a precious kiss, two bands of gold
a lifetime journey, ours to unfold
the best years for us are yet to be

So, lie down and put your hands on me
our bodies move together, so free
your love crosses every inch of me
such pleasures, we have never known
ecstasy is sent down from up above
man and wife share life in God's love

"Turning Forty"

I suddenly feel so much older
wish I could learn to be bolder
time has escaped from my hands
through all of life's demands

People say I look twenty-five
as I try to keep my youth alive
it feels like it is fading fast
why didn't all those years last?

Look in the mirror, will I see
an old woman staring back at me
my own face, will I recognize?
peering from behind these eyes

So much time I have just wasted
so much life I have never tasted
many dreams have yet to come true
sweet dreams that are old and new

When I cry I will always remember
my hope was born in cold December
when I feel sad over many things
I'll embrace the joy Jesus brings

My heart may sometimes feel sad
yet my faith makes my soul glad
as I weep over life never lived
I'll reach out with love to give

Making the transition isn't easy
turning forty does not please me
soon, I'll laugh and smile again
learn to become my best friend

Until then, I will search within
give myself a little time to mend
I'll figure out where I do belong
the Lord above will keep me strong

"Just A Little Bit Longer"

I won't promise you I'm
the only woman for you
I won't promise I'll be
all that you want me to

All I can offer is a love
that would last forever
a dream that will not fade
whatever we may endeavor

So would you stay with me
just a little bit longer?
Please don't go away
give our love a chance
Will you choose to be
right here by my side?
Will you decide to do
what your heart tells you?

I won't promise to give you
this world near and far
I won't promise to give you
the biggest, brightest star

All I can offer is a life
so filled with happiness
a vision of our tomorrows
by God we will be blessed

So would you stay with me
just a little bit longer?
Please don't go away
give our love a chance
Will you choose to be
right here by my side?
Will you decide to do
what your heart tells you?

"He Loves Me"

He loves me, that's all I need to know
he loves me, he's unafraid to let it show
I feel as if my heart will overflow cause
I never dreamed love could be like this
he changed my mind with his tender kiss

Other guys have only made me cry but
he promised to never tell me good-bye
because this man really does love me

He says I'm the center of his universe
his words don't even sound rehearsed
he says with every fiber of his being
he offers me true emotion and meaning
I see the truth in his admiring eyes
he isn't just feeding me a pack of lies

He says that he thinks of me constantly
he fell deeply in love with me easily
he says within him burns a raging fire
building a future with me is his desire
his words are beautiful, his sexy look
provided a mesmerizing, special hook

He loves me, that's all I need to know
he loves me, he's unafraid to let it show
I feel as if my heart will overflow cause
I never dreamed love could be like this
he changed my mind with his tender kiss

Other guys have only made me cry but
he promised to never tell me good-bye
because this man really does love me

"Someone Else Instead (Infidelity)"

I don't understand, you shattered our plans
you've sacrificed hopes and destroyed dreams
all for the chance to be with another woman
am I nothing to you, is she your everything
Do you love her more than you ever loved me
or is she merely a mindless one-night-stand?

She's wrong for you and I am right
so where will you spend your nights?
Will it be with her, will it be with me
or will it be with someone else instead?

Tell me, do you have a heart for me anymore
cause you have carelessly ripped mine apart
you're cold and cruel, what else could I do
but chalk this nightmare up to an infidelity
Are you still mine or simply biding your time
how long will it be before you push me away?

She's wrong for you and I am right
so where will you spend your nights?
Will it be with her, will it be with me
or will it be with someone else instead?

"Beautiful Surrender"

When I remembered all the others
I never thought I'd find a lover
who would remain here by my side
my feelings, I'd learned to hide
romance had only brought me pain
there seemed no escape from rain

Until the day I heard your song play
whispering that you are here to stay
with hope and a sweet love so tender
I offer to you a beautiful surrender

When other lovers chose to leave
my heart was only made to grieve
dreams were buried deeply within
my belief in forever had worn thin
much easier to give up and not try
than to have another say good-bye

Until the day I heard your song play
whispering that you are here to stay
with hope and a sweet love so tender
I offer to you a beautiful surrender

Once I tried to be tough, in a world
that treats you so rough, as a girl
but I won't deal with sorrow anymore
since true love has walked in my door
I am giving you the rest of my life
now that we've become man and wife

"A Question Mark In Time"

A question mark in time
remains without answers
crossing over the lines
just like a necromancer
seeking out the spirits
through multiple visits

A question mark in time
swirling like a cyclone
invitation to the divine
finding galaxies unknown
spinning around like a top
likely nevermore to stop

Sonnet Poetry:

"The Bonnet Sonnet"

From the husband to his wife:

Shall I regard thy countenance today?
Thou art a vision of such loveliness.
Rough yet so gentle is the game we play
And thou carry thyself with much finesse.
Sometime upon thy head a bonnet rests
And thus reminds me of thy mother's face.
And how her life was filled with many tests
By standing tall she moved about with grace.
But thou art still so young and unafraid
Nor dost thou consider the consequence.
Nor refuse to lie in the bed thy made
When besought by any of life's events.
So wear thy blue bonnet with much delight
So remind me thou art my wife tonight.

5-7-5 Poem:

"The Reunion"

For ten years she grieved
waiting for their reunion
he welcomed her home

Free-form Haiku:

"Your Hands"

Your hands they heal me
and comfort my weary soul
while the storm's raging

Tanka Poem:

"The Lighthouse"

The beacon shines bright
from the tower where I stand
when your ship glides in
at last you've returned to me
the lighthouse welcomes you home

Faith Poem:

"Crying Out To You"

Father God, can you hear me
life is a difficult journey
I'm here, crying out to You
are my prayers getting through

All the things I've wanted
oh, I try to remain undaunted
seems impossible to achieve
to keep my faith and believe

My best friend is with child
a tiny baby so meek and mild
soon, her arms will be filled
yet my own womb is empty still

My brothers both wed this year
as I brush away a lonely tear
they have women of their dreams
my life is very empty, it seems

Forty is approaching me fast
I wish the moments would last
whatever happened to the time
it has gone and left me behind

Watching the successful people
distracted from the church steeple
it feels like I have done so little
snares entangle me in the middle

I yearn to be a mother and wife
not be alone for the rest of my life
please, answer my sincere prayer
oh, Holy One, Who is always there

Father God, can you hear me
life is a difficult journey
I'm here, crying out to you
are my prayers getting through

ABC Poem:

"Creating Life With Words"

Clickety-clack go those keys
Deftness of fingers is required
Evoking images with descriptions
Fleshing out a birthing of words
Zounds, what a new creation!

Acrostic Valentine's Poem:


Rosy are your cheeks like the rose in my hand
Ovation I'll give, when you sing I will stand
Merry is the feeling, my heart you are molding
Angel is the face of the beauty I'm beholding
Never will we part, your love I'd dearly miss
Tasty is sweet essence flowing from your kiss
Incredible sensations, always send me reeling
Cherish you I do, for God's gift I'm kneeling

Short Love Poem:

"Breathing New Life"

My heart feels overwhelmed
a beautiful blessing you are
breathing new life into my soul

Naani Poetry:

"Love And Kindness"

In order to nurture
a beautiful relationship
one must sow the seeds
of love and kindness


"Autumn Tapestry"

Brilliant color scheme
fills me with awe and wonder
collage of beauty

Free-form Haiku:

"Here There Be Ghosts"

In here there be ghosts
echoes from a distant past
haunting every room

Nonet Poetry:

"Of Peaceful Times"

Waves crashing up against the shoreline
reminding me of peaceful times
seagulls search about for food
as I explore my heart
find meaning in life
embrace the truth
joy I find
right here

Acrostic Poetry:


Melissa is a Greek name, meaning ‘honey bee’
Epitomizes her loving kindness and generosity
Literary interests are inherent within her mind
Invitations to the dream of success, yet to find
Stardom and fortune are her brightest pursuits
She was born a storyteller, genetic in her roots
After much labor, work will someday bear fruits

Acrostic Poetry:


Saved me from a life of emptiness
Unearthed a gold mine from clay
Resurrected someone near death
Raised a person from the depths
Enriched a life that was so bleak
Nurtured one who felt all alone
Died in order to rescue my soul
Erased all my sins and mistakes
Revitalized my body, soul and spirit

Tanka Poem:

"One With God And Nature"

Dew drops in morning
Kissed by the rays of the sun
Flowers slowly bloom
Birds singing so happily
At one with God and nature

Christmas Poem:

"Christmas Candles"

Christmas candles are burning
beside the Christmas tree
Peace surrounds me this evening
because you're here with me

All is well in our humble abode
love surrounds and warms our souls
Both so thankful to be blessed
nothing could disrupt our happiness

But, I can remember a time
when I was single and all alone
sent up prayers all the time for
someone to share my home

Christmas candles are burning
beside the Christmas tree
The love of God has found us
and set our spirits free

Jesus filled up the void in our hearts
we are joined, never to part
Both filled with joy and wonder
nothing puts our union asunder

But, I can remember a time
when I was single and all alone
sent up prayers all the time for
someone to share my home

As I watch the lights on the tree
and admire candles glowing brightly
I'm so thankful for God's best gift
which He sent me in the form of you

Free-form Poetry:

"The Thought Of You"

Oh, the thought of you thrills me
when you're near I go weak in the knees
you send shivers of exquisite pleasure
up and down the length of my spine
and you make my heart skip a beat
every time I'm around you, my love

I just can't seem to catch my breath
when I feel your touch upon my skin
my body's burning with sweet ecstasy
my head's spinning with visions of delight
I just can't seem to get enough of you

You overwhelm my senses and
you overcome all my doubts
baby, you are so incredible
scintillating and titillating
captivating and mesmerizing
spellbinding and enchanting

I am melting from your kiss
I am warming to your smile
I am enamored of you
I am smitten with you
I am lovestruck for you
darling, I am in love with you

Share A Story In A Poem/Children's Poetry:

"Adventures In Animal Land"

I once had a doggie named Rover
he jumped in the air and fell over
landing upon the grass so green
because he drank a can of gasoline
the poor boy just ran out of steam
even though it was unleaded supreme

Rover soon met our new pet, Spot
immediate friendship, it was not
at first they growled and fought
our attentions, they both sought
then one day, wouldn't you know
Spot went off to play with Fido

The dogs met our new kitty, Misty
who was furry, squirmy and twisty
she meowed and purred for her food
but sometimes she behaved so rude
unless she wanted some affection
Misty gave us a hissing rejection

We brought in Taffy to be company
but she tried to catch Humphrey
the parrot flew, squawking loudly
he sidestepped her advances proudly
Taffy then focused on our goldfish
hoping they'd become a tasty dish

My spouse and I are grateful for
everything we have and even more
God has blessed us both with a lot
we don't think of what we have not
through the abundance of His hand
we enjoy adventures in animal land

"The Rays Of Morning"

I don't mean to bore you with my dreams
sorry I sometimes take things to extremes
It feels like my poor heart has broken apart
but no one cares what Hell I'm caught up in
they can only see Heaven inside of my eyes

As hopes shatter, they fall by the wayside
echoes of a haunting, resounding cry I hide
Will anyone spare even a moment to care
my family, they promised they'd be here
so, where are they when I need them near

What is the determining factor of this link
sometimes I feel as though I'm on the brink
I am a sinner and I don't claim to be a saint
to run from the truth would be just too late
covering it up would be my worst mistake

When the orange glow of the sun disappears
the full moon will help to disguise all my tears
time to face the music, be so brave and strong
a pair of rose-colored glasses I will be adorning
as I awaken refreshed in the rays of morning

"Hero Standing By"

Mary was driving through the pouring rain
desperately trying to escape all the pain
She was fleeing from her own husband
bravely escaping his cruel, abusive hand
The baby was strapped in back of the car
together, they were traveling very far

With swollen eyes, she could barely see
and narrowly missed ramming into a tree
She swerved in time, but then lost control
down the steep bank the car began to roll
As it plunged headlong into the icy depth
Mary prayed frantically to God and wept

Harry was sleeping underneath the bridge
nestled below a winding highway’s ridge
He was considered an outcast of society
the loss of a job reduced him to poverty
Just a gentle soul, well in his sixties now
yearning to find meaning in life somehow

When he saw the splash he didn’t hesitate
Harry swung into action before it was too late
A tired, old man swam like a youth of twenty
from somewhere within, he had energy plenty
A mother and baby boy were saved that day
rescued from a certain death within the bay

People driving by witnessed the daring caper
which landed Harry on the front page paper
Mary and her son found themselves a home
inviting Harry to stay, so he need not roam
The three of them lived together so happily
like a grandpa, grandson and daughter family

Mary’s husband never tracked them down
life was more peaceful without him around
The years flew by and as the little boy grew
Harry imparted the wisdom of life he knew
Mary praised the Lord for His speedy reply
on that day when He had a hero standing by

"Hospital Of Horror"

Hereupon lies within these walls
ghastly deeds, crime that appalls
corridors filled with dark and gloom
life no longer occupies the rooms

Once known as a sanctuary of grace
evil and destruction have replaced
formerly christened as Mercy Hope
until there was a hanging by rope

Soon, a respected doctor went mad
poisoned patients sleeping in beds
an escaped convict brandished a knife
and ended up claiming many lives

The illusion of safety was shattered
leaving behind the torn and tattered
true peace was erased, existed no more
crumpled like sawdust upon the floors

What once was Mercy Hope is now dead
love, life and joy have long since fled
scattered by the wayside, memories of old
emptiness is left, nothing which one can hold

Is there any hope for this fallen dwelling
grave secrets she keeps, no one is telling
Mercy Hope needs a hero for redemption
unravel the mystery, free the souls she holds
within her murky, imposing, darkened depths

"Edge Of Eternity"

Stumbling from her bed, wincing at the sun
Lisa nurses her head, runs for the bathroom
she takes no time to exchange pleasantries
as I quietly observe her from the couch

I choose not to tell my older sister
I know she was out all night again
and I'm worried because I can see
she's on the edge of eternity

She prepares for drinks with lonely men
as she powders her nose from the inside
Lisa paints a face that resembles a road map
she ignores the marks on her wrists
as she sprays them with perfume

She's talking, but no one's in the room
and it looks very clear to me
she's on the edge of eternity

Years ago, she was my role model
and she seemed destined for success
today, she's on a path of destruction
only God above can help her now

So, I reach out to her this time
before she can escape out the door
Lisa laughs, but then bursts into tears

Holding her, I plead with her to change
smiling through fear, she promises she will
then she slips outside into the darkness

Lord, please rescue her, my sister
I'm praying that you'll save her life
because she's on the edge of eternity

"Wish I Would've Known"

Once a young girl of 15, sitting in my room
in the suburbs of a small house in Georgia
writing in my diary and thinking of Bill
he was older than me but I didn't care

Because I had a terminal case of puppy love
I couldn't see that he was all wrong for me
wish I would've known then what I know now
what I know now, I wish I would've known then

Was a woman of 25, sitting in my church
in the sanctuary of an Alabama town
singing praises and worshipping the Lord
I recalled how Bill laughed at my beliefs

He said believing was just a waste of time
if only he could've been a believer, too
wish I would've known then what I know now
what I know now, I wish I would've known then

As a lady of 35, standing on my stage
in the arena of a city in California
singing for thousands who simply adored me
I recalled how Bill laughed at my dreams

He said dreaming was just a waste of time
if only he could've been a dreamer, too
wish I would've known then what I know now
what I know now, I wish I would've known then

Now I'm a grandma of 65, sitting on my porch
in the comforts of the Kentucky countryside
holding hands, laughing with my husband, Jim
while swimming in a sea of kids and grandkids

Well, old Bill has become an unpleasant memory
and despite all his doubts, I've done myself proud
wish I would've known then what I know now
what I know now, I wish I would've known then

"Look What I've Become"

Sitting here, thinking back on the events of yesterday
I haven't lived a perfect life, but I have done okay
when my daughter came home from school
she shared with me some troubling things
the other kids' parents told her about me

She said, "They called you a drunk and
a whore, Mommy, what does that mean?"
Before I could think of how to answer
or even manage a response, she said
"Poor Mommy, please don't cry
it doesn't matter what they say because
I love you so much and whatever
you are, I want to be that way, too
because I want to be just like you"

Glancing down at my precious, little girl
as she stared up at me adoringly
her eyes so full of innocent trust
I prayed silently to myself
"Dear God, what have I done
I'm supposed to set an example
instead look what I've become"

After I managed to compose myself
I gazed upward and made a vow
"For her sake, I will change
I promise you, Lord, I will

Help me to be the mommy she needs
help me to undo all the damage
it's time to erase the harm I've done
it's time to correct all my mistakes"

Her words, they hit me so hard
my breath caught in my throat
her words stabbed me to the core
and the tears began to pour

I pulled her protectively into my arms
wishing I could shield her from the truth
I said, "Mommy's been a bad girl, baby
but God will teach mommy how to be good"

My Best Fake Dating Ad:

I don't ask for much in a man...

I don't ask for much in a man. I don't care if you're short, fat and bald. I don't mind if you're tall, skinny and bushy-headed. It doesn't bother me if you're a little rough around the edges, as long as you're gentle with me.

On a more personal note, I'm not looking for a big loggerhead. I'm not searching for a little peanut. I just want an average member of the club. To sum it up, I need a man who has a whole lot of B's. A bearded, burly, brawny, bald-headed, beer-drinking, big-bellied, bad boy. Need I say more?

And what will you be getting with me? Well, I'm a wannabe shrink and an aspiring nutritionist/fitness trainer. I'll explore your mind, ply you with pills and have you on the treadmill/racetrack every day.

I'll only let you eat tofu, hummus, tahini, alfalfa sprouts, edamame, soy and veggie burgers. Do I sound like a real winner of a mate? If so, then please contact me at: 1-800-IN-SHAPE.


Upon arriving at Yellow Mountain in Nebraska two weeks ago, Preston was filled with apprehension. He had come to satisfy his curiosity about Madeleine. Known as a legend in her own time, she was a scientist who’d been instrumental in some ground-breaking discoveries.

Rumor had it that she’d died last winter, during icy temperatures, yet no one had ever discovered her body. He was searching for explanations to her disappearance. While staying in her former cabin, he strongly sensed her presence. The hoot of an owl and the dark of the moon both bore the signs of her imminent return.

Widow on the Hill

High atop a mighty mountain, nestled in a canopy of trees and shrouded by darkness, stands an imposing yet stately mansion. Only one occupant remains within its haunted, shadowy walls, a lovely lady, Laura, who one had laughter and happiness in her life.

But, the illusions were shattered one night when death came to visit the glamorous manor, leaving only destruction in its wake. Scarred and crippled by an accident, she’s left to wander the spooky corridors alone. Unexpectedly, an investigative reporter, Tyler, appears attempting to solve the accusations and speculation surrounding her. Oh, she has waited for so long.

Sleeping for Two Decades

Years ago, they gave up on her when she was still in her prime. They spoke and behaved as if she’d run out of time. She allowed herself to believe them for a while, swallowing their negativity and lies for a season. Sometimes she even entertained thoughts of giving up her unproductive life.

But, there was always a force guiding her along, strengthening her for the journey she’d undertake. She held onto faith and belief in her own abilities. Suddenly, after sleeping for two decades, she finally awoke as forty loomed near. At last, she began pursuing her lifelong dreams.

Master Storyteller

Lozeffa Weatherford was my great-grandmother and the person I looked up to. She was affectionately called “Dodie”, by her husband Roy. She used to babysit me when my mother, Brenda, was working.

I would spend my days with her, following her around while she busied herself on their small makeshift farm. She showed me how to ‘slop the hogs’ and get eggs out from under angry, clucking hens, without getting pecked.

She and my great-grandfather always ‘went to bed with the chickens’ and ‘got up with the chickens’. This meant they went to bed early and got up early. I called them ‘Maw Maw’ and ‘Paw Paw’.

Sometimes Maw Maw would fix breakfast on an old wood cook stove and later prepare dinner in a regular oven. We would always have to be quiet whenever we ate because Paw Paw didn’t believe in speaking at the table.

During the afternoon, after chores were completed, we’d sit outside on the porch or in the house and watch the news. They didn’t watch regular television much.

I used to sit at Maw Maw’s feet and beg her to tell me her stories about the ‘olden days’. She was an excellent storyteller and could spin a good yearn effortlessly. I requested the same stories over and over and she never tired of telling them to me.

My favorite story she shared was about how she used to walk to and from school. She said a ghost light by the railroad tracks used to follow her. She believed it was a man’s ghost who’d been killed there. She said he was protecting her.

I also loved it when she talked to me about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She was a firm believer in Heaven and her faith made quite an impact on me.


Text: Cover Design by Crystal Clear
Publication Date: 08-25-2011

All Rights Reserved

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