They write in their journals to reshape themselves, but transformation won’t ever fulfill their craving. It gives them bliss to solve the puzzle of themselves: A New Being that is no longer recognizable by anyone in their past. The only books they read is their Journal Library that they’ve self-published for their self alone. Journaling would be the pinnacle of their work for they’ve done it for years.

Who are these people? They are hermits, neurotic writers and divinely inspired manic poets, artists who have gone on their own path, intellectuals who wish to isolate themselves, and philosophers who seek to be original and so don’t read others’ books for fear of losing their own creativity.

In the beginning they may have thought upon Love or Hope, but later they dream and idealize, “What am I to become?” or “What do I truly want?” When they dress up they want to show their worth and get things they want to be known for. Perhaps something so faint and subtle that can be worn with anything and never taken off. But then it would be hard to conceive them wouldn’t it? The others will think “necklace” when they want the others to think on nothing but their self. But who is that Self?

Should their money be spent on pampering and getting flowers for their self? Or how about clothes - both that they can afford and can’t afford. From Macy’s to Ambercrombie and Fitch or Hollister, Guess and Bebe to Neiman Marcus. Maybe a real jewel and designer bags and other things they can be proud of. Something showy and bold and attention-grabbing.

Overall they are a conservative in clothing and behavior but radical in ideas. How can they improve their life? It’s too bad that all they can think about is giving their self a dinner out in answer to the question, “What can I do to improve myself?” They’re trying to feel good about their self and expect a lot from life. They go on to say, “How about incense, art, fashion magazines to inspire, and nice clothes for the hotel? The glamour magazine is thought to inspire them to shop for nice things and have higher standards for life and their expectations; And their view of what’s out there, or is possible, will not be too under-developed. The models captured in fashion photography is the vision of the character they wish to be in New York and Paris. They plan to save money for the occasion which would take years of saving. What will they do with the freetime when in the meantime they have no money to spend?

When seeking to read and get a book from a bookstore, right when they open the book and start reading, they close it because they’re jealous and want to start writing their own book.


Publication Date: 10-26-2009

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