Let me completely honest with you. I don’t know why I’m writing this. Maybe it’s because of some deeply buried yearning for appreciation, or maybe I just want to get this stuff off of my chest. Either way it doesn't matter to you, by the time you read this I will already have been carried away in deaths arms, so it doesn’t matter what I tell you anymore.


The oath doesn't account for when there’s only one member left.


Now where to start. I suppose I should probably start with my friend and leader, Chad War.


He was living proof that you could walk through Hell and come out a decent person. Depression and social anxiety somehow molded him into a funny, charismatic, and sympathetic human being, who hated injustice of all forms.


Not only was he my leader and childhood friend but he was also my motivator, waking me up every morning, and helping me not feel guilty for killing people the night before.


Then there was Sunny Scirish. As smart as she was beautiful, and not the person you wanted to pick a fight with.


I often found myself watching Sunny during our weekly training sessions, not so much because she infatuated me, but because I was in awe of her and her accomplishments.


When she wasn't beating criminals to a pulp (which believe me she could), she would spend her time as a world famous singer and actress. The whole world found themselves attracted to her, weather it was because of her stunning body, or her amazing personality no one could be sure.


The only thing I knew for sure about Sunny, was that I was in love with her.


And then there was me. If you were born in the 2040’s you probably would have no idea who I was. They still talk about Chad and Sunny in school’s, but never me.

They had good reason though. If you were a parent would you want your child to be learning about the greatest serial killer in the world? Which I’ll have you know I actually was. Something I probably shouldn’t, but still pride myself on.


I just can’t help it.


Even know as an old, old man I still pride myself with the fact that I saved peoples lives. Sure you can say that I traumatized them by murdering a person right in front of them, but if I hadn’t they wouldn't be around to be traumatized in the first place. It was difficult to even go out on the streets and save them in the first place.


Being the Goblin, for me, was almost like a taboo pleasure. Something I shouldn't be doing, much less enjoying, but something that I needed.


The sword, the silencer pistol, and the dark green armor.


They were like drugs to me. Eventually though, as you probably already guessed, I took them off. The armor still sits in my home as a reminder of the past. A harsh reminder if nothing else.


Sometimes I sit down and stare at the glass case that holds my drug of choice. Sometimes I stand up to look at it and see my reflection in the visor of the helmet. Sometimes I think about putting it back on.


Of course it wouldn’t go very well for me. The suit was made for protection not to assist with agility, strength and stamina, and at 97 I don't have much of that anymore. What I do have however are stories.


Stories from what seemed like a completely different lifetime. I will tell you reader who ever you might be. I will tell you the story about the rise and fall of The Spider, The Goblin, and The Bat…













Chapter One

Chapter One

The tales of an artist, a goofball, and a pop singer


         My story, or should I say our story, begins in Miami Florida 2025, Chad had just graduated from college in Virginia with a major in story telling, and art. I on the other hand decided to go and take almost every class in my school, that I could. The biggest reason for that is because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I decided that I should just try a little bit of everything.


         A little advice from me to you, decide what you want to do before you start college.


         The work was overwhelming and I was spending every second I could finishing anything I could, from projects to papers to even just simple scribbles on a piece of paper, I was doing it all. I would have my roommate go and get me breakfast lunch and dinner so I didn't waist precious minutes walking down to the cafeteria.


         Needless to say it was a very stressful time in my life, but it did help me decide what I wanted to do, and it was one that I wouldn’t have chosen on my own ever.


         So I left with a major in Bio Mechanics, which helped me get one of the highest paying jobs that a human being could get at the time.


         A job at a multi-trillion dollar company simply called “Bio”. It was created owned and run by the richest and smartest man in the world at the time, Christopher Keems, who was only twenty-two when he started the company and twenty-five, happily married with an expectant child by the time I was a part of it.


         I absolutely loved working for Chris, he was one of the nicest people on the planet, and he loved and appreciated everyone who worked for him.


         It was such a shame to see him die like he did.


         Anyways I had ended up moving to Manhattan, not only for my job, but also to be closer to Chad, since it was always our dream to be roommates together.


         I hadn’t been at our apartment for more than a week with Chad, when he came home with bloody knuckles and a cloth sticking out of his pocket. When I asked him about he simply told me.


         “There was a man getting mugged. I stopped it.”


         This was the first of many times that he would do this.


         After the first time, he started bring the mask with him wherever he went, “just in case”. Almost everyday he would come home with some bruises and bloody knuckles. Then he started going out at night.


         I heard him go out through the window, I knew what he was doing, but I never tried to stop him. One night though I followed him.


         Sometimes I wonder if it would’ve been better if I had just let him go, and not followed him. Carnage would have never been created, and thousands of people would have lived longer then they ended up living.


         Whatever I thought then doesn’t stop the fact that he almost died, and it was I who ended up saving his life. Something he repaid me a thousand times over in the next twenty years.


         The fight started in an alley.


         Some guys were bothering this girl, who was older than eighteen, about how she owed them money, and they kept pushing her around and messing with her. It was obvious what they wanted.


         Chad snuck up behind them and hit one of them in the back of the head with a board.


         It started to make the guy bleed, but it wasn't enough to knock him out, and Chad got an immediate sucker punch to the nose. The other guys noticed what was happening and turned their attention from the girl to Chad.


         To be fair, Chad put up a good fight in the beginning, especially since he was fighting six guys at a time and he had absolutely no fighting experience other than what he had been doing for the past month.


         He was able to keep them at bay for the most part until the leader came from behind and elbowed him in the back of his head. After that Chad seemed to lose all focus on the fight. All of the guys kind of passed him around, each taking a shot at him until the leader, pulled out a pocketknife, and stabbed Chad, slipping right in-between the ribs.


         That was when I jumped down to help. I wasn’t just going to let my best friend die.


         I think the only reason I won that fight was because they weren’t expecting me. I had the element of surprise. If I hadn’t surprised them, I imagine that I would have joined Chad bleeding out in a dark alleyway.


         But as you know already, that didn’t happen. I won. All six of them were either on the ground too hurt to get up, or running away. The leader was one of the people running away.


         I made sure to put that pocketknife in his calf.


         The adrenaline rush almost made completely forget about the two other people in the alley with me. The eighteen year old, and Chad laying on the concrete dying.


         I tore up a part of my shirt and wrapped it around the stab wound, desperately trying to slow the bleeding in anyway possible. After I had wrapped about three layer of my shirt around his body I finally picked him up and started to climb up the alley ladder while also trying to hold his body.




         I turned around to look back at the girl. She looked at me, desperately trying to find my eyes behind the mask I was wearing.


         “M-my mother was a nurse!” She said. “I still have some of her old medical supplies, I-if that could help.”


         I looked into her eyes for what seemed like years, but was actually just a couple seconds. After maybe about five seconds I nodded my head.

.      .      .


         Her apartment was bigger than Chad and I’s, but not by much. Still, It was a lot more luxurious than a normal apartment.


         A flat screen TV, what looked like a really nice couch, and other stuff that would be way too expensive for Chad and I, but that didn’t really matter right now.


         The girl brought me to the kitchen, where she told me to lay Chad on the Island. She told me to stay where I was while she got the medical supplies. Again I noticed how much more luxury she had than Chad and I had.


         A kitchen straight from the cooking channel, and top-level appliances. Hell, even the toaster looked like it could buy me out.


         Before I could admire the rest of this girl’s kitchen she came back with a small box of medical supplies. She pulled out a needle, some thread, alcohol, and cotton balls.

         She took off everything he was wearing above the waist including his mask, which for some reason didn't bother me as much as it probably should have. I trusted this girl even though I hadn’t even spoken a word to her.


         She got a cotton ball and put some of the alcohol on it. She then rubbed it inside and around the stab wound, causing him to wince and lash out a little in pain but that quickly subsided.


         “The stab shouldn’t have been this deep,” She said, her voice shaking. “He’s in a lot more danger than he should be.”


         I still said nothing.


         It took about an hour and a half to finish working on him. All the while I still said nothing.


         When the procedure was over I sat on the extremely comfy couch, waiting for her to come back to the main room, and tell me something.


         “Hey” She said softly as she sat next to me on the couch. “Um… Your friend, uh… he’s okay now but, uh… I think you and your friend should stay here tonight, or until he feels better.”


         I looked at her, then back at the black TV screen, then back at her. Then I took off my mask.


         “Okay” I croaked out of my soar throat.


         She smiled. “Okay, I’ll get the guest rooms ready.” She stood and started to walk away, but then she stopped. “Oh! Uh… I never got your name.”


         I looked at her and smiled. “Charlie Hunter”


         She smiled back. “Sunny Scirish”


Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Early beginnings


         Chad and I spent the night at Sunny’s apartment. By the time I had woken up it was already ten o’clock. I went into the kitchen and Chad wasn’t there, which was no surprise. He had been beaten and stabbed and Sunny had given him some sort of morphine so he wouldn’t hurt as much. The only problem was that Chad was usually the social guy. I dreaded talking to people I didn’t know and I was really not looking forward to talking to Sunny that morning. But I eventually did roll out of bed and see her in the kitchen.


         When I did walk into the kitchen/living room I saw her with a towel wrapped around her hair, a bathrobe, and sipping a cup of coffee while she watched some sitcom.


         She heard me walking and she turned around to see who it was. When she saw it was me, she smiled.


         “Did you want something to eat? I have a bunch of food in the fridge, you can help yourself to anything you want.”


         I nodded my head politely and headed to the kitchen. Again I noticed how furnished her kitchen looked. It was odd for this small of an apartment in this part of New York to have this much luxury. After a while of admiring the kitchen I finally went to the fridge and opened it. I’m pretty sure that I had the best meal in my life since college that morning.


         I was going to just eat in the kitchen but Sunny invited to sit and watch TV with her, so I did. I sat next to her and ate. I was dreading what came next but it was inevitable.


         “Why were you and your friend wearing masks?” She asked never taking her gaze away from television.


         “Umm…” I muttered not knowing where or how to start.


         She turned around and looked into my eyes. “It’s okay. You can tell me.”


         I told her. I told her everything. Sue me.


        When I finished she looked at me intently, her eyes piercing into my soul trying to find out of I had told her the truth or not. Suddenly she spoke.


         “I want to help.”


         “Wait, What!” I said, genuinely surprised.


         “You heard me.”


         “That was a one time thing. I am not letting Chad go do that again.”


         “If Chad hadn’t been there then I would’ve been seriously hurt or killed. And if you hadn’t been there Chad would’ve been killed. If Chad wants to help people, why not let him?”


         “Well… I… How would you help?”


         “By doing the same stuff Chad and you did.”


         “You’re like seventeen.” I knew she was older than that but I said it anyway.


         “I’m nineteen, and even if I was younger why would that stop me from trying to help people?”


          I didn't know what to say. I knew that I shouldn't agree to letting her help but something told me to let her.


         “It's not my decision to make. You have to ask Chad.”


         She smiled, knowing that when she asked Chad he was going to say yes.


         I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed.


         It would be another five hours before Chad would wake up, and when he finally did he was in a lot of pain. Sunny and I decided to go to the pharmacy and get some painkillers for Chad. Like most people in Manhattan, Sunny didn’t have a car, so we had walk the ten minutes to get there.


         As we walked down the busy New York streets she started to make small talk, which wasn’t and never has been one of my strong suits.


         “So, I guess we’ll be seeing each other a lot now.”


         “Oh, uh I guess… I just never thought that I would be doing… well whatever I signed up to do I guess.”


         “Yeah!” She turned to look at me. “Isn’t it exciting?”


         I just sighed and kept on walking.


         Soon we got the painkillers and walked back to her apartment. When she opened the door with her key, we saw Chad asleep on the couch, obviously in discomfort from the way he was laying down. We woke him up, gave him the painkillers and put him back in the guest bed so he could sleep better.


         It was late so I went to bed soon after Chad went to bed. That was one of the last nights of my life when I considered eleven forty five “late”.


         That night I was restless. I would sleep for about fifteen minutes at a time with about fifteen minute intervals. I never opened my eyes that night for the fear that I would open them and not be able to fall asleep again.


         During one of those fifteen-minute periods where I was awake I heard the door to the room I was in open. I pretended to be asleep keeping my eyes closed.


         I suspected that it was Sunny simply because I couldn’t imagine Chad would just be walking around but I still had no real confirmation. The person rolled me from my side to my back and I was able to confirm that it was Sunny judging by the size and shape of her hands.


         Sunny rolled me over on to my back and I could hear what sounded like she was tucking her hair back behind her ear. I still didn’t open my eyes.

         For a while everything was silent and then I felt Sunny’s warm lips against my own.


         For a whole five seconds she kissed me while she thought I was asleep. Then ever so slowly she pulled away. She walked away softly and I heard her close the door behind her.


         I still didn’t open my eyes.




Publication Date: 08-14-2016

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