chapter 1

once uppon a time there was a green and brown bear that likes to dance and eat one day the green and brown bear wanted to dance but they complained about theyr'e dance steps so they kept on fighting on and on and on the whole day then the neighbors complained about them arguing so the neighbors rsng the doorbell of the green and brown bears house and then they told them to stop then the bears stop fighting about there dance steps and then they came up with an idea of practicing together  the the kept on practicng and practicing and practicing untill they became good at dancing then the next day they complained about the food they were going to eat the green bear wanted to eat food that was cake but the brown bear wanted to eat chocolate so they thaught about it first then the green bear thaught of a good idea he said why not eat chocolate cake then they lived happily ever after 



the end by cullen a. turla






Publication Date: 12-07-2015

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