chapter 1

A restaurant near my house has become a regular haunt of mine. I go there three times a week. I sit in a corner, read a book or try to string my haphazard thoughts into meaningful sentences. A few hours of uninterrupted reading sets my soul soaring. I look forward to spending some quality time there. However, something unexpected happened during my last visit. I was busy poring over a book, the restaurant was almost full. I could hear the exchange of warm pleasantries, snappy back and forth conversations, people making small talk, and a group of giggly teenagers bursting out into loud guffaws. suddenly, I saw a couple having a blazing row. A heavyset man in his thirties was shouting at his wife, while his two children were crying uncontrollably. The brutal and coarse language he chose to attack his wife left me utterly shocked. By now the woman too was shouting. Insults were flying thick and fast. They were shredding each other's dignity in full public view. It didn't stop there, other members of their family also joined in and started shouting. The happy scene at the restaurant swiftly degenerated into a fracas. This incident made me sad. I understand that conflicts are unavoidable in a close relationship. There are days when we find ourselves out of tune with our family members. But why do we have to wash our dirty linen in


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Mohammad Ashraf Uddin, professionally known as a musical artist, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Writer, Influencer & internet personality. He was born in 2001 in, Dhaka, Bangladesh Aged 20, he was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Introduced to the music industry lunch the first album "Hip-hop Dreams" on different music platforms like Spotify, Google play music, Apple music, I-tunes,Amazon music, Jiosaavn, Deezer. Ashraf is a young talented Musician. At the age of 18, he showed his talent by his work and his music. Since childhood, he had trying to do new things in the musical industry. He also works at Ashraf Digital Media. He never frustrated in his work. At a very young age, he opened a band which name is Ashraf Digital Media. He always believes in his work and his main vision becoming the greatest artist and writer in Bangladesh

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