Chapter One


I toss my dagger at the taller and much more handsome man. He had that astonishing gorgeousness which was quite heavenly, his midnight hair and deep azure eyes, slender but powerful shoulders. He wasn’t alone though he was with another dark hair guy with blackish brown eyes from this angle in the moonlight.

          “Whoever it is dong that is truly putting me into a dire mood, the next one you throws will be the end of your life,” he said looking annoyed than scared.

             I threw another then one another and then he moved from that spot without making a sound, knowingly he is a vampire.

            “That’s it I’m going to kill you,” he said getting agitated now.

            I did something stupid, I laughed and clasp my hand over my mouth, but it was too late he was standing in front of me. Face to face with each other now. He was just a few feet away and I had another dagger ready for any sudden attack.

            “You little witch, wait you're only fifteen, you jus a kid,” he said confused looking at me.

            “I’m sixteen Vamp Boy get your facts straight, so we going to have a conversation or action,” I threw a dagger at his head and he lean left and it hit the tree ten feet away.   

            “Sure, I’ll enjoy killing you,” he said grabbing after me and I dodged it and aim my sword at his heart but he backed off.

            We were in the woods fighting dodging attacks from each other while the guy and the girl on the sideline watching us fighting.

            “Would you two stop it and talk it out, it doesn’t have to be solved by violence,” said the girl with fair hair and gray eyes and a round face.

            By looking at her I lost concentration and he got a grip on my throat and lifted me off the ground so my feet was swinging.

            “When you’re fighting never get distracted always stay focus, now say your prayers,” he smiled at me squeezing my throat even tighter.

            “Put her down Aaron,” said his brother probably.

            “Yah put me down, you are shutting off my windpipe,” I manage to say.

            “Right after I kill you,” he said. “Thanks a lot for giving her my name.”

            “You asked for it,” I said, but something happen before I made my next move.

I felt something stung my neck and knock us to the ground.

            “Ow!” I yelled holding my neck.

            “What did you do you little witch!” Aaron said holding his right hand.

            “How should I know, you think I would have hurt myself during the process,” I snapped at him.

            “Oh my gods are you okay?” the fair hair girl asked.

            “Yah, I’m sure that wasn’t my next move. I was about to kick him in the chest,  because I have a wooden knife in there then a blast happen out of nowhere,” I explained.

            “Just leave the brat and let’s go,” Aaron said.

            “Hey macho man where’s your girlfriend so I can stake her too,” I said to him.

            “It’s best if you don’t irritate him, baby girl,” the girl said. “What’s your name?”

            “Vivian Robert,” I answered. “You hanging out with vampires and you a human, why?”

            “I really don’t know, but my boyfriend Jason Savor and that’s his brother Aaron Savor,” she said with a smile.

            “You mean the famous Savor brothers who killed the evil bitch of a Vampire Rachel, who took all the witches into slavery to make herself invisible, but Jason stakes her and her authentic age revealed then she died. I would love to thank your boyfriend unlike the other one. He probably sat there and watch him did all the work,” I trying to piss him off.

            “Aren’t you a little young to be traveling by yourself?” she asked.

            “Aren’t you a human traveling with two vampires,” I pointed out to her.

            “True, wait aren’t you the witch that is wanted by Spyros the warlock mastered. Then you’re the world greatest teen witch,” she smiled so sweetly.

            “Well haven’t you done your paranormal homework,” I laughed standing up.

            “What the hell we waiting for let’s turn the witch in and get paid, we can use that money at this moment,” Aaron said.

            “You can’t even eat so why you being a dick?” I told him. “I can help you find Spyros I’m a witch I can locate him,” I said trying to be useful.

            “Oh I beg you Cindy don’t have a heart right now and let her tag along, we don’t like strays or need one,” Aaron her said with a smirk on his face. “She tried to kill me with some shock wave spell, doesn’t that count for something?”

            “Keep talking and I might just let you explode,” I said taking my daggers from the trees.

            “I’m hungry can we go before I drain the witch,” he said.

            “You know you have to ask a witch for consent before drinking their blood and she have to give it with a willing heart,” I told him. “Which one you’d think I would choose?” I asked him

            “Well she is smart, you have to give her credit for that,” Jason said. “Let’s go Cindy,” he said putting his hands around her shoulder.

            “So I can come, I know how to take care of myself that’s no problem,” I told them. “I just need a little company to tag along with.”

            “Yes, come on,” Jason said.

            “Stay out my way,” Aaron told me. “I don’t want her around me,” he staidly looking at me with hatred.

Chapter Two

“Quit acting like a child Aaron,” Cindy called out to him.

            We were in Muir Woods in North California going to Oklahoma it would take a day if we had a car but since we are walking, it might take a while to get there. I took out a chocolate bar and gave one to Cindy.

            “I love sweets so I pack up my book bag with them and clothes too. I would offer you one but you’re dead so you can only drink blood to survive,” I mocked him.

            “Come on seriously let me kill her,” he said sounding provoked.

            “No!” I said hiding behind Cindy who was cursing at Aaron and I stick my tongue at him.

“You need to quit provoking him,” she said to me.

            “We are close to a town,” Jason said.

            “He just mad because he’s dead and only can drink blood,” I skipped in front of everybody heading for the town.

            Then something zings across my face and I pull out two daggers from my waist band ready for a fight.

            “They over here,” one of the attacker said.

            The guy that came out of the woods facing us. I recognize him immediately and so did he.

            “Vivi?” said the guy.

            “Dan?” I said running to hug him and he kissed me.

            “Whoa, I haven’t gotten one of those in two years and I clearly remembered I dump your ass for sleeping with my best friend,” I pull away from him.

            “Your uncle took your Mom after you ran away from here, who would have believe he would kill his own brother,” he said.

            “I know what went down, I was trying to get her back,” I told him sadly.

            “You're alone?” he asked.

            “Yea,” I answered. “He caught me but I escaped, my mom ensured it. Oh yea meet Jack, Mike, and Deb, this is a friend of mine, Dan, well use to anyway,” I said lying.

            “We can tell moron,” Aaron mumbled.

            We walked through the woods and seeing a little town; kids coming towards us giving out hugs. The girls were staring at the guys and Aaron was smiling because he sees dinner marked all over them.

            “Hey asshole don't kill anyone,” I warned him. “So where is Tasha your girlfriend you still together right?” I asked.

            “Oh we broke up after you left. You can stay as long as you want to. You’re always welcome,” he said looking at me from head to toe. I was wearing a leather shorts and a leather vest and high heels with a secret compartment in the mouth part and my hair was in a pony tail I must have looked exotic because he was about to drool.

            “We are spending the night here, we must get going in the morning,” I told him.

            “You having a relationship with the Mike guy?” he asked.

            “Heck no,” I look at back Aaron rolling my eyes. “Where can a girl get some food and a bath? I’m tired of bathing in rivers and ponds.”

            “I would have liked to see that,” he said looking at my boobs. “If you want I’ll make some space on my bed for you.”

            “No thanks I’m good, you can nuzzle with Tasha. If you wanted me you wouldn’t have done that to me,” I told him walking off.

            It was sunset and the guys were getting hungry and Cindy went in to the room with Jason most likely going to make him feed on her. Aaron took one of the girls to the room as well I was in the shower while they do their thing. After I was finished, I went outside, and I immediately saw a familiar face, she had shorter brown hair, it was Tasha my ex-best friend. I was turning away when she had called my name out grabbing my arm.

            “Vivian I’m so sorry for hurting you like I did. Yes, I did mean to because I was too jealous of you. That was the thought that came to mind, but I regret it right now. Knowing I lost my best friend. You are always were the pretty one, the sexy one, and the strongest one. Then I got so jealous when you started dating the hottest guy in town, you were always the perfect girl and the best at everything.  No matter what you think of yourself,” she said with a sad look.

            “I didn’t know my best friend of all people would turn out to envy me for stupid things, I breath, I walk, I talk, and I love like everybody else so that is no excuse for what you did, I would have never stoop that low to hurt you” I walked away.

            “But you are the strongest of witch who is a teenager alive, I knew someday you’ll get hard-hitting and reach your potential. Look at you right now you are there.”

            “Well look at me now I’m on the run for my life and to get my mother back from my uncle and dodging his assassins. I’m over Dan anyway, he’s not worth my time much less my love,” I told her.

            When I turn around I ran into Aaron.

            “Watch it brat, open your eyes,” he said.

            “Well my pupils doesn’t cover the white of my eyes so I wouldn’t see you, where is Cindy and Jason?” I asked.

            No answered from him but a frown and a frustrated look of jealousy came across his face.

            “No way Ron you like her too, no my correction, you love her oh my god this feel like vampire diary like Daman and Stephen with Elena all over again,” I laughed and he looked away from me then walked off.

            “I don’t have time for you brat,” he said walking back in the woods.

            I had to run to catch up with him he was sitting by a river throwing rocks so it bounces on top of the moonlit water. I joined him even he doesn’t want me to him.

            “I’m not lecturing you but this is how my best friend and I fall out, by a guy. The guy who kissed me that was the person who ruins our friendship even though she had a part to play as well. He ruins our friendship, but she still stayed with him because she wants to beat me at something. She still hasn’t let him go up to this day even though he treats her like crap. The day when we stop speaking my Uncle came and kill my dad in front of my mom and I. He dumps his body in the woods so the animals would feed on him. Did I move on? Yes, I did fell in love with the guy but as time passed my wounds are healed. Want to know why I threw the dagger at you?” I turn to him and his deep blue eyes shimmers in the moonlight.

            I lie down and put my hands behind my head and one knee up and he looked at me.

            “Yes I want to know why,” he said staring in my eyes.

            “I thought you were cute and have a sexy body and I wanted your attention,” I told him.

            “Oh really I thought you were just being an annoying brat who’s trying to piss off a vampire.”

            “Hey,” I bump him playfully with my foot.

            “Why did you shock me?” he asked.

            “I didn’t do that I swear, I though you did that and it hurts like hell,” I said feeling my neck.

            “I tried staying away but it’s the more I missed her, I will never do anything to betray my brother even though I’m tempted. All I want is to be next to her that’s all I want. She’s really fragile as you are. I tried staying away but it was no use I always find my way back to her,” he said shaking his head.

            “Dude you should see me in real action I kick ass like cat woman the only thing missing is my costume,” I said.

            “You already wearing one it got an edge to it. Which shows ‘kick ass and a sexy’ theme,” he said.

            “I still can’t stand you. I forgot what that feeling was when you have that harsh shock wave,” then it finally hit me when I remember. “No, oh no, oh no, oh no,” I said panicking.

            “What is it and calm down,” he gripped my hands and damn it’s another shock wave came at us it felt like some of my brain cells just then died from the blast.

            I struggle to stand up but I manage to sit up, but Aaron was still lying down still, of course he doesn’t breathe. I shook him gently.

            “Ron are you okay?” I asked him as his eyes opened also looked confused.

            “Wait, I love you,” he said standing up.

            Maybe I wasn’t hearing right did he said he loved me or maybe it’s the thing that knock his senses out of his hollow brain.

            “What were you going to say about this shock wave,” he said.

            “Nothing it’s not important,” I told him.

Chapter Three

“If it is something bad I want you to tell me,” he commands.

            “Fine, whatever, you asked for it. You are my life partner, my other half, and I’m your other half. Some people avoid it and live without theirs but they live with a big void in his or her life. It will reveal things deep within each of the individual it will disclose unseen power inside each other that only their partner will understand, you deny it that’s your busy and I don’t care,” I explain.

            “But you’re only sixteen,” he said with a confused look.

            “Well sorry you didn’t find the perfect woman you wanted and you end up with me instead. Some people stay together like your brother and Cindy and others avoid it,” I walked away. “I’m guessing we are avoiding it, fine by me.”

           “Stop walking away and talk to me, would you?” he said.

 Too late because I was running back to the town; Cindy was eating along Jason side, I skipped dinner and went right to bed to catch up on some sleep.

Around midnight I had this feeling Aaron was in a very bad mood so I got up. I walked to the outside bathroom half asleep and wake. I open the door to the locker kind of bathroom, the shower was running so I open stall and my eyes were now wide open. What I saw was Aaron and this girl having sex in the shower.

            “Oh my god!” I said covering my mouth from showing how surprise I was.

            Why seeing him like this hurting me in ways I can’t explain. I don’t want this I don’t want to feel like this ever again, take it away. I ran into the woods and climbing a tree and sitting down with my music player in my ears it’s a good thing I care it everywhere I go.

            When I woke up I was still in the tree so I jump down and went back into town hearing Cindy voice when she saw me she started yelling at me.

            “Where have you been you got me worried,” she said hugging me.

            “I was sleeping in a tree, because I saw something that I didn’t want to and lost track of time,” I told her.

            “I thought they took you,” she said.         

             “You think they could have taken me without a fight,” I said going back to the room to see Aaron sitting down on one of the beds looking at me.

I walked out going to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Came back and he's trying to talk to me.

            “Vivian can I talk to you for a sec?” he asked and I put my earphones in and walked away.


Publication Date: 03-29-2011

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